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Aug 3, 2020

A pandemic garden of joy and happiness in just three months - Marin Independent Journal

The apricot tree has never produced any fruit. The lemon tree is from April and it’s in a container.” Then, there is the peach tree. It yields hundreds of peaches that she gives away to family and friends. Photo by Arianne MillerArianne Miller’s 400-square-foot Novato garden got its start in April and already provides flowers, fruits and vegetables. Of the plantings in the raised beds, most of them were grown from seed, while the remainder were starts from Armstrong Garden Centers in Novato. One of her strategies for success was to put plants together in certain beds for optimal growth, she says. “I also planted pollinators and native flowers.” In what was supposed to be a simple salsa garden is an exuberant display of vegetables, including tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, jalapeños, pumpkins, watermelon, lettuce, eggplant, basil, rosemary, cilantro, corn and cucumbers. There are also flowers, of course: sunflowers, marigolds, lavender, zinnias and dahlias. “Dahlias are my absolute favorite flower and my favorite variety is called ‘SB’s Sunny,’” Miller says. “There are so many varieties and each one is unique. I love the colors and the shape of the petals.” Miller wants to extend her garden in autumn and is planning her plantings for spring. “I can’t wait to add more fruit trees and try growing potatoes,” she says. This space has given her more than fruits and vegetables to eat and flowers to enjoy, it’s given her a great sense of accomplishment. “Creating something from nothing is amazing,” she says. It has also given her a new way to experience nature each day. Photo by Arianne MillerPollinator plants, such as zinnias and dahlias, mingle with fruits and vegetables in Arianne Miller’s Novato garden. “I love seeing the birds enjoying the garden,” she says. “I love the early morning light, picking the vegetables and watering everything by hand.” She has two tips to share with readers. “Plant what you love,” she says. “Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. If I can do it, so can you.” Miller can’t share her peaches with all of us, but s...

Jun 19, 2020

- Gardening: Painful memories of a rose garden - Chestnut Hill Local

It was a chore I was too lazy to undertake – thirty rose bushes and their hundreds of leafy canes. Spraying just the ones with an obvious infection will not do – you have to spray them all. After all, I had magazines and books to read. We’ve lived in Chestnut Hill for 20 years. Until a few years ago, memories of my Germantown failures were too painful. But, finally, the memories faded and I was willing to try again. I work from home now, so I might just find the time. We ordered four hybrid teas from the Fred Edmunds rose farm in Oregon, put one out front in the patch of dirt between the sidewalk and the house, and the other three in different locations in the back, hoping to inhibit the spread of disease by social distancing. Only one of them thrived. I’m uncertain why the other three sent out only a few blooms. Perhaps because they were crowded by other plants, perhaps it was because the soil was too alkaline, perhaps it was because I didn’t feed them. I don’t know. There is a 10-by-10 sunny patch at the back of the yard, overgrown by daylilies, where the one rose bush that thrived was located. Valerie was eager to find a better use for the patch and encouraged me to clear out the daylilies and try replanting the three pathetic survivors. And, since I was going to all of that trouble of clearing the patch, why not order a few more? By tradition, the roses are mine – everything else is Valerie’s. (She can’t look at a plant without wanting to care for it, so I knew that she would be willing to “help”.) Selection from the catalogs has always been a shared pleasure. So we now have a rose garden – again. I’ve moved the three survivors to the cleared patch and planted four new ones. To be continued Stan Cutler is a local novelist, gardener’s helper and volunteer for the Friends of the Chestnut Hill Library. ...

Jun 19, 2020

Soon there will be flowers - The Florentine

Santa Trinita to reveal Florence emerging out of the Middle Ages to become the economic and cultural center of the Renaissance: 500 hundred years of history in 500 meters. CROSSINGS / Other bridges are available. Moving on from the Ponte Vecchio, Harry Cochrane strolls over the bridges he prefers in Flor...

Jun 19, 2020

Local florists and restaurants work against shortages for Mother's Day - Desert Sun

Phelps said. "We're looking at 20%-25% of what we order showing up. The distributors are looking for hundreds of cases and getting less than 100 to meet a Tuesday delivery." LG's has relationships with other distributors, but Phelps said it remains more of a challenge than back in February. Prices of beef have also gone up in an uncertain economy. "As a prime steak restaurant our prices are higher anyway and we're exploring ways to bring our prices down during this time to make ourselves open to the family consumer," Phelps said. "It's definitely a struggle and we entered into this with having a lower price menu, and inventory and pricing makes it difficult." TRIO in Palm Springs is offering a choice of chicken marsala, prime rib or wild mushroom linguini that includes the house salad and the TRIO brownie for Mother's Day. Owner Tony Marchese said the restaurant is receiving orders but is usually busier during Mother's Day. "We're getting a good response, but nothing like it was Mother's Day. We usually serve over 500 people," Marchese said. Marchese said that the prime rib specials the restaurant offers are popular year round and it would hurt his business if it wasn't on the menu. He has 150 orders for the entree this weekend. "Those (prime rib specials) have been really successful for me," Marchese said. "Today was the first time I've heard there might be an issue, but (the supplier) assured me it's coming." But despite shortages of specific items, Hall said that customers have been "insanely understanding" when it comes to the global situation businesses face. "The customers we've talked to, we've had to make a lot of date changes on deliveries because we've had a reduced staff based on (social distancing) rules," Hall said. "Everyone has been understanding, whereas in the past we have had customers call after we've sent out pictures of what their arrangement looks like beforehand, and they might call and say 'The flowers are orange and not yellow.' We're not getting any of that. I think people are happy we're open and doing our best." Desert Sun reporter Brian Blueskye covers arts and entertainment. He can be reached at or on Twitter at @bblueskye. Support local news, subscribe to The Desert Sun.*A previously published version of this article said florists are essential. Cities and counties in California have differing rules in place.

Jun 19, 2020

Evening Primroses: Watch the Magic - Columbia Star

Hundreds of flowers can open in a 30-minute period. Each flower lasts only one night and closes by mid-morning the next day. The 4-H Children’s Garden at the Michigan State University in Lansing, Michigan has featured a program called “Moonlight Magic’ where guests gather to watch the primroses bloom. Children can be heard making testable inferences like “the smaller flowers seem to open first” and “the flowers higher on the stem are slower to open.” Adults start counting blossoms and predicting which will open next. Swedish University in Uppsala is studying the evolution of Oenothera biennis defense in response to herbivory from deer and insects. The gardens at the John C. Campbell Folk School in the mountains of North Carolina have a population of ‘Tina James’ to tantalize students, teachers, and visitors. Several private home gardens in the midlands invite family and neighbors to view the evening primrose magic over the garden gate while practicing social distancing and wearing masks. Some gardeners cut the flowers before they open and bring them into a dimly lit house in the evening to encourage opening indoors. Now is the time to order evening primrose seeds for your garden. Both biennials are easy to grow in South Carolina. Direct sow seed in fall for the development of a basal rosette of leaves and strong root system. Plants thrive in full sun in well-drained sandy or loamy soil where they will reach 3-5’ tall. They do self-seed. Evening primroses have few pests or disease problems with good cultural practices. Evening pr imrose ‘Tina James’ has 4? wide fragrant flowers. The evening primrose clan has both day and night-blooming me...

Jun 19, 2020

Butterflies and Blooms returns to Green Bay Botanical Garden - WBAY

WBAY Photo The exhibit opens Monday, June 8. It allows visitors to get an up close view of hundreds of butterflies at the 1,800 square-foot butterfly house. The exhibit features many butterflies native to Wisconsin, including the Monarch. This year, the garden has added 20 new species coming from Texas, Florida and Mexico. About 300 new butterflies arrive each week. By the end of summer, about 4,500 butterflies are fluttering about the garden. Visitors are allowed to feed the butterflies at any time. Outside the butterfly house is a garden and information on which plants attract butterflies. "Pollinators are important to the ecosystem because they help flowers to make new seeds. That of course helps new plants. But also think about all the foods that we eat that have seeds in them. Our tomatoes, our apples, our peppers. New seeds also grow new seeds for us, too. It's said that one in every three bites of food comes from a pollinator," says Linda Gustke, Education Manager. ...