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Bloomer Floral And Gifts

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Apr 4, 2021

Wildflowers are starting to bloom. Here’s where to see them in the Bay Area and California - San Francisco Chronicle

Corte Madera overlooking the Tiburon shore, can be spectacular, she said. “Expanses of goldfields, tidy tips and other early bloomers make for a spring classic,” Passantino said. “The multicolored flowers provide a foreground for spectacular views of the bay.” East Bay hills Hikers at Mount Diablo State Park have been sharing their wildflower sightings through the Mount Diablo Interpretive Association. Pockets of California poppies are often sighted along North Gate Road and Summit Road. The vicinity of Murchio Gap, accessed from Eagle Peak Trail or Bald Ridge Trail, often has the widest variety. Blooms include poppies, silver lupine, Pacific pea, periwinkle and larkspur. Across the 75 parks in the East Bay Regional Park District, the best for wildflowers are Black Diamond, Anthony Chabot, Sunol and the Briones-to-Diablo Trail. Of these, Black Diamond Regional Preserve, south of Highway 4 near Pittsburg, ranks No. 1 — the Stewartville Trail can be one of the best shows around in early April. Lupine, paintbrush, Ithuriel’s spear, blue dicks and owl’s clover are among the sightings. “Wildflowers are out and seem to be close to normal, even with the dry year,” said Dave Mason at park headquarters. “April is the best time year to see wildflowers in regional parks.” Santa Clara County This has been a good spring for yellow mustard and California poppies across the foothills above Santa Clara Valley. At headquarters for Santa Clara County Parks, Tamara Clark suggested Calero, Santa Teresa, Coyote Lake and Grant County parks. Every April, a wild card is Almaden Quicksilver County Park, south of San Jose. The Mine Hill Trail can be a spectacular show, and early April can be best for monkey flower. Other common early arrivals can include lupine, poppies, buttercup and if you’re lucky, shooting stars.

Apr 4, 2021

Old Roses bring breathtaking beauty, scent, history - Bonner County Daily Bee

Century. Sports or Mutants of Centifolia, the twigs and sepals are covered with sweet-scented sticky glands. Multi-petaled, they are lavish bloomers, available in white or several shades of pink. Many Mosses are of mixed parentage, often Damask or Bourbon-Damask hybrids. All are beautiful, fragrant and hardy to -20F, best for zones 5-9. Noisettes – which combine the scent and late flowering of the Musk Rose, and the large flowers of the Chinas – also offer a gorgeous color choice; yellow. And a gamut of choices from pale yellow to yellow-orange, golden-yellow and creamy apricot, along with soft yellow to white. Tender and hardy only in US zones 7-10, their various growing habits – from shrub to rambler and/or climber – and sweet scent make them a treasure for greenhouse growers in colder climes. They are not truly Antique Roses, but their color – along with a prestigious heritage – decided me to include them. There are many more wondrous roses – Old Teas and many cultivars of Antiques, but today’s list gives fanciers a good selection and information to work with. As previously mentioned, area nurseries (NOT superstores or big supply outlets) are the places to enquire about availability. You wouldn’t buy a toothbrush or a vacuum cleaner at a nursery; plants, flowers, gardens are their realm. Support them. In a couple of weeks, this column will offer planting and growing tips for your roses and other flowering shrubs. Meanwhile, Happy Easter and Happy Spring! ...

Apr 4, 2021

No 'super bloom' but wildflowers still coming to Anza-Borrego - Los Angeles Times

Baja fairy dust. Desert sunflowers were some of the early bloomers at the Arroyo Salada in the Anza-Borrego desert in 2019. (John Gibbins / San Diego Union-Tribune) Those rain-fueled super blooms occurred in 2017 and 2019, and they each drew an estimated 250,000 to 500,000 visitors during peak season. The 2017 bloom, nicknamed “flowermageddon” by some, was such a legendary tourist magnet that weekend traffic backed up 20 miles on Montezuma Valley Road (County Highway S-22), the road that leads into the 630,000-acre state park in east San Diego County. Knaak said visitors arriving this month won’t see fields of color, but they will spot pockets of flowers and annual blooming shrubs, especially if they venture to the shadier areas that retain some moisture, such as Box Canyon, Rainbow Canyon and Hornblend Canyon. “We don’t want people to get their hopes up too high,” she said. “Right now people are reporting patches here and there, especially in the area we call south of Scissors Crossing. They’re seeing some nice blooms. Not big fields or anything, but people who are into botany are finding them.” An Ocotillo plant with some red flowers sits on the western edge of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in 2013. (Charlie Neuman / San Diego Union-Tribune) In a phone interview last week, Knaak said the forecast for the rest of the peak season wasn’t looking great. Then she called back 20 minutes later with joy and excitement in her voice. “Do you hear that?” she asked, holding the phone to the window at the history association’s office, where a roar of rain was coming down. “It’s pouring. This is a game-changer.”According to the National Weather Service, a little under a quarter-inch of rain fell in the Borrego desert Wednesday afternoon. That may not sound like much, but the Borrego region averages only 5.3 inches a year, and more rain is in the forecast this week. Knaak said it takes from three to six weeks for flowers to emerge after a good rainfall like last week’s. The flowers now blooming in the park were germinated in a late January storm, so Knaak said the soonest these new flowers wil...

Apr 4, 2021

Marin hike: Welcoming the flowers that bloom in the spring - Marin Independent Journal

I am even happier to greet these old friends since I missed many of them during the lockdown last spring. By now, I’ve welcomed the early bloomers such as shooting stars, milkmaids, buttercups, hound’s tongue and laceleaf sanicle, and I’m on the lookout for the March bloomers.Photo by Wilma FolletteStriped coral roots begin blooming in March. Many people associate orchids with the tropics, but they actually grow on all continents except Antarctica. California has about 70 native species, including the striped coral roots that begin blooming in March. Native orchids are not as showy as the species marketed in grocery stores and florist shops, but they have a delicate beauty all their own that I find even more enticing. In Marin, we have two species of coral roots, striped coral root and spotted or summer coral root. Coral roots are mycotrophic, meaning that instead of doing photosynthesis, they parasitize mycorrhizal fungi under the ground to get food, water and nutrients. The mycorrhizal fungi, in turn, are getting nutrients from a plant that can photosynthesize, but this is not a parasitic relationship since the fungi help the plant to obtain minerals and water. Pollination of coral root...

Feb 1, 2021

The best new perennial flowers of 2021 -

Ironweed is a late-summer to early-fall purple bloomer that doesn’t show up in many gardens, mainly because it’s so tall (five feet and up), prone to leaning, and susceptible to rust and mildew leaf diseases.Dr. Jim Ault at the Chicago Botanic Garden came up with this new hybrid that solves all three of those issues.‘Summer’s Swan Song’ earned the highest five-star rating in the Garden’s three-year trial of ironweeds, the results of which came out last year.This variety grows only three feet tall, has interlocking branches that help hold it into a compact bush shape, and tested out with no disease despite other infected ironweed varieties around it.‘Summer’s Swan Song’ blooms heavily in purple from September into October and has narrow, olive-green leaves and red-purple stems.“A diversity of butterflies, moths, and bees are attracted to the flowers,” the Chicago Botanic Garden’s evaluation noted.'Drops of Jupiter' is a good-looking version of a common edible herb.Ornamental oregano ‘Drops of Jupiter’Most people think of oregano as a cooking herb. But this winter-hardy perennial also makes a good-looking sunny trailer – especially when breeding highlights the flowers as in the new ‘Drops of Jupiter’ variety.“Although it’s related to the oregano commonly used in cooking, this herb is meant to show off in the garden, similar to the ornamental onion ‘Serendipity,’” says Karin Walters, a vice president at Michigan’s Walters Gardens, whic...