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Abbey's Flowers

5820 South Crestline Street
Spokane, WA 99223

Kay's Floral Design

886 N.E. Highland Orchard Rd
Bridgeport, WA 98813

Harts & Flowers

4101 State Highway 16 West
Bremerton, WA 98312

Hillyard Florist

4915 N. Market
Spokane, WA 99217

City Flowers, Inc.

10500 N.E. Eighth
Bellevue, WA 98004

Washington Flowers News

Feb 1, 2021

Give Eugene Goodman All His Damn Flowers - The Mary Sue

Trump. Video showed him purposely leading the mob away from Senate chambers, having them pursue him upstairs. Rebecca Tan of The Washington Post wrote about Goodman, the article showing an analysis of the encounter between Goodman and the mob. The analysis, conducted by Professor Kirk D. Burkhalter (a former officer for the NYPD) goes into detail about how badly things could’ve escalated had it not been for Goodman’s quick thinking. For 85 tense seconds on Jan. 6, Goodman tried to hold back dozens of rioters, according to the video, twice retreating up a flight of stairs. Police experts say he wasn’t fleeing, but luring the mob away from the Senate chambers, where lawmakers were sheltering and armed officers — including one with a semiautomatic weapon — were securing the doors. His actions likely preempted what could have been a violent confrontation, Kirk D. Burkhalter, a professor at New York Law School and a former New York City police officer, said in an interview. “These folks had zip ties,” he said, referencing images of the rioters holding zip-tie handcuffs that have emerged since the attack. “It’s not unreasonable to say that they were ready to take hostages. .?.?. Officer Goodman really helped to avoid a tremendous tragedy.” To praise him as a hero is an understatement, even if, according to the article, he’s not looking for any accolades. That’s not to say he hasn’t received any. Kamala Harris will be escorted to inauguration ceremony by Eugene...

Dec 10, 2020

Washington Liquors Closes + Florists' Telegraph Delivery Blooms: The Florist You May Have Missed -

Recently, Washington Liquors closed its doors after 27 years of service to Hoboken. A note taped on the glass door read, “Thank You for 27 years of loyalty.” Upon removing the signage, a new “discovery” was made. For the first time in almost 30 years, a florist’s sign has seen the light of day. Framed between two telegraph pole drawings, the sign reads: “Flowers telegraphed to all parts of the World.” On either side is a logo featuring the Greek God, Mercury, along with Florists’ Telegraph Delivery, Interflora. Onlookers will also notice an unintentional “H” design where the telegraph pole meets the sign’s divider. Whether this was done on purpose or coincidental is to be decided by the people walking by. Read More: How Hoboken Got Its Name A photo ...

Dec 10, 2020

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens Reopens With Lotus Flowers in Bloom - The Hyattsville Wire

Located at 1550 Anacostia Avenue NE on the border of Washington, D.C., and Maryland, just a short drive from the Route 1 corridor, the National Park Service site is home to an array of wetland plants, insects and animals. The current attraction are giant lotus flowers, which show their blooms in the morning. After being shut down due to the coronavirus, the gardens reopened last week. Paths around the garden are now clearly marked one-way, and on a recent weekday afternoon visitors were light enough that it was easy to idly walk while maintaining social distancing. There are also several large grassy and woodsy areas where kids can run around or you could spread a picnic blanket. The gardens are currently open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily, but all buildings — including restrooms, the visitors center and greenhouses — are closed to the public. Park rangers recommend you wear a mask, as it’s easy to round a corner and unexpectedly run into other visitors. You should also bring some bottled water to avoid dehydration. ...

Oct 15, 2020

Floral Entrepreneur Keeps Her Business Blooming - Spectrum News

I do?’ and I came and I got so obsessed with the flowers and here I am,” said Campbell’s friend Marie McDowell. McDowell helps out at the Washington Park flea market “This is my fun time on the weekend to be around the flowers,” McDowell said. While her best friend works the Guilderland Park flea market, sometimes they both work in tandem to keep the business flourishing. With the flea market season coming to a close, this is one of the last weekends they’ll be selling their bundles of blessings on the road — but not to worry: They say something else is blossoming. “I opened my shop now which is 811 Madison Avenue,” Campbell said. Campbell is excited to have her very own space in Albany and according to her, so is everyone else. “It’s amazing to see the response from my neighbors and community,” she said. “I just enjoy bringing love and joy and comfort to people.” ...

Oct 15, 2020

If a sunflower blooms in a city, does it make a difference? - Columbia Chronicle

When the sunflower heads turned downward for the first time in 2012, McHugh knew it was time to harvest them. But he found the residents of the Washington Park neighborhood wanted the sunflower patch to become a permanent fixture. “Over time, I realized that there was something more important than a technical-scientific research project,” McHugh said. “There was something that took precedence over that, and that was what can natural beauty do for neighborhoods.” In addition to being beneficial for wildlife, green spaces in urban areas are also important for “our own human benefit and emotional well-being” to break up what is otherwise a concrete jungle, said Michele Hoffman-Trotter, adjunct faculty member in the Science and Mathematics Department. In Chicago, groups such as Chicago Eco House, 6439 S. Peoria St., are using urban agriculture to beautify neighborhoods while educating residents. When living in an urban environment, it can be easy to disconnect from Mother Nature, said Quilen Blackwell, president of Chicago Eco House. Because of this, the group is there to establish a new connection between human beings and nature by turning vacant lots into 100% sustainable flower farms. “The industry in the United States is pretty small for flowers; about 80% of the flowers that you see at the market come from overseas,” Blackwell said. “Very few urban flower farmers are located within the city.” Despite this, McHugh believes Chicago is a great place for urban agriculture. “Unlike New York City or Los Angeles, we are situated in the middle of some of the most productive agriculture in the world, some of the finest soils, even though they have been degraded in the city,” McHugh said. This year a miscommunication between McHugh and an equipment operator who was taking care of the flowers resulted in the sunflowers accidentally being cut down before they had time to bloom in late August. Sunflowers are native to Chicago and able to endure rough conditions but can harm pollinators, such as bees and grasshoppers looking for nectar, when cut down before it is time to harvest them, Hoffman-Trotter said. “If you cut them down before they have the chance to go to flower, it is going to deprive all those pollinator species of the nectar that they depend on,” Hoffman-Trotter said. Even though it is only Sunflower City’s third year of operation and the sunflowers were cut earlier than expected, McHugh hopes these seasonal flowers will bloom again next year to bring joy and sustainability to the Washington Park area. “When something beautiful is wi...