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Funeral Service Flowers for a well-lived life is the most cherished. Be that open heart for that special someone in grief.


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Melinda's Gifts & Florals

Order flowers and gifts from Melinda's Gifts & Florals located in Rosebud TX for a birthday, anniversary, graduation or a funeral service. The address of the flower shop is 308 S Fifth St, Rosebud Texas 76570 Zip. The phone number is (254) 583-4440. We are committed to offer the most accurate information about Melinda's Gifts & Florals in Rosebud TX. Please contact us if this listing needs to be updated. Melinda's Gifts & Florals delivers fresh flowers – order today.

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Melinda's Gifts & Florals
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(254) 583-4440
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Express you love, friendship, thanks, support - or all of the above - with beautiful flowers & gifts!

Find Melinda's Gifts & Florals directions to 308 S Fifth St in Rosebud, TX (Zip 76570) on the Map. It's latitude and longitude coordinates are 31.071001, -96.977316 respectively.

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Flowers and Gifts News

Sep 7, 2020

The Power of Flowers - North Forty News

Floral Gift,” published in 1846 — flowers not only are beautiful but also have meaning. Roses, both pink and red, mean “love, ardent and sincere,” a rosebud is a “confession of love” and a rose, “full-blown,” means “you are beautiful.” To make ends meet at our family greenhouse, my parents not only grew geraniums, but they also did custom floral arrangements for so many special occasions — they knew the meaning of flowers on an everyday basis. Their cooler was stocked with fresh-cut flowers and I can still smell the cold sweetness of the carnations that would waft up whenever the door was opened. PHOTO BY TIM VAN SCHMIDT; Annual Flower Trial Garden Flowers have also been closely connected to art — quite literally. I had the good fortune to view the Milwaukee Museum of Art’s special exhibit “Art in Bloom” one year. It’s a special event where floral designers are challenged to interpret choice artworks with flowers, then the exhibit places the originals and the arrangements together. The flowers don’t last long — and the exhibit lasts for only three days — but the artistic thought that goes into the presentation is ageless. Very recently, I was impressed with the thought, care, and scientific know-how that have gone into The Annual Flower Trial Garden at CSU. It’s a no-brainer stop in Fort Collins if you love flowers — located at 1401 Remington Street. This local garden is not so much about making the landscaping like a special environment. I saw that at the famous Butchart Gardens in British Columbia, where reality becomes a fairyland. img loading="lazy" class="size-large wp-image-115269" src="" alt width="1024" height="768" srcset=" 1024w, 600w, 768w,

Mar 29, 2019

Royal Wedding Flowers: the Kent brides - Royal Central

Hovingham Hall in Yorkshire, chose a posy full of the white rose of her home county. Her bridesmaids also carried arrangements of roses with rosebuds in their hair. And just to make this an even more perfect choice, in the language of flowers so beloved by Queen Victoria, a bridal rose means happy love. Princess Alexandra of Kent, April 1963, London Embed from Getty Images On 24th April 1963, Princess Alexandra of Kent married Angus Ogilvy at Westminster Abbey with a retinue of royal guests in attendance. The bride chose a small bouquet of spring flowers which included camellias and jasmine. In the language of flowers, camellias signify admiration while jasmine means contentment. Lady Helen Windsor, July 1992, Windsor Embed from Getty Images Lady Helen Windsor, who married Timothy Taylor on July 18th 1992 at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor, was an unusual royal bride. She opted for pastel shades for her flowers rather than the more traditional whites and creams. The end result was a pretty posy of pink roses, cornflowers and lavender. In the language of flowers, pink roses mean grace and joy while lavender symbolises devotion. Interestingly, Lady Gabriella Windsor was a bridesmaid at the wedding of her cousin, Lady Helen, and wore a garland of country garden flowers in white and blue in her hair and carried a posy in similar shades. Whether that, or any of the Kent wedding bouquets, will influence her own choice remains to be seen. All will be revealed in May when a new chapter in the history of Kent royal brides is written. Related Items ...

Mar 29, 2019

Spring blooms at Attleboro museum's flower show | Local News - The Sun Chronicle

Fountain of Youth” by Briggs Nursery, with an actual fountain in the center, and “Muir Woods” by Rosebud Florist, featuring several miniature gnomes.One of the gallery pieces sitting on the museum’s piano was “Fairy House” by Kathi Gariepy, crafted from pieces of real birch trees.The sculpture quickly caught the attention of Bill Clogher and Ellen Breen of Attleboro.Clogher was so impressed by the sculpture that he took a photo of it.“It’s great,” Breen said of the flower show.“We’ve been coming for years. It’s beautiful. I always think they do a nice job.” #inform-video-player-3 .inform-embed { margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 20px; } ...

Aug 17, 2018

Let's All Give a Warm Welcome Back to the Flower Crown

They came in many different forms: elastic bands of faux flowers, head-perching wreaths, thin leather straps with tiny rosebuds dispersed frugally - no two flower garlands were the same, and yet...they all were. As chain stores caught onto the trend, the flower crown was swiftly directed to join its other previously-esteemed bohemian-chic sisters, the lace duster cardigan and the suede crop-vest, in fashion purgatory. While the flower crown once conjured images of woodland nymphs, 70s supermodels and general femininity at its purest, it soon became considered the least-imaginative of adornments.Related Finally, Your Stupid Coachella Flower Crown Can Get You HighThat is, until, this month. Perhaps unwittingly, British and American Vogue selected two of perhaps the most influential women on the planet on the most important issue of the year with flowers encircling their respective visages. In various garlands by Japanese floral sculptor Makoto Azuma, Rihanna's hair was completely obscured and woven with blooms in true 2012 Lady Gaga fashion. Similarly, Beyoncé was allowed only two escaping tendrils beneath a helmet of pink-hued flowers. The covers were revealed within days of each other, and carried with them one resounding declaration: like UGGs, ballet flats and Juicy Couture tracksuits, flower crowns have returned, and we must re-embrace them. But in what capacity? Should we simply re-weave the flower arrangements into our bridal mood board, or are Beyoncé and Rihanna ushering in something bigger, something much more sinister - the full-fledged return of Woodstock-inspired attire? Are only fresh flowers permitted, or can we once again incorporate imitations into our look? Perhaps the resurrection of the bright, carefree and counter-culture originated flower crown is exactly what we need to protest and alleviate us of some of the weight of today's ever-darkening political landscape, in which case, will Forever 21 catch on? One thing is for sure, prepare for Coachella 2019 to resemble that of yesteryear.Up next: fedoras. Photo via Vogue/British Vogue/Getty...

May 24, 2018

Downtown blooms early this year

Barney said. “This really shows pride in the community,” he said.— Reach reporter Greg Stiles at 541-776-4463 or Follow him on Twitter at or

Jan 26, 2017

From garden to kitchen — edible flowers | Garden Column

Don't forget dessert. A luscious rose geranium pound cake with creamy butter icing can be topped with small rosebuds, violets or pansies as well as scented geranium leaves.  List of edible blooms: Nasturtiums - Tropaeolum majus -- This annual is beautifully bright and peppery flavored bloom is so tasty. Plants love cool weather and look outstanding in fall. They like sun and bloom best if not over fed, which causes them to   produce too many leaves. Delicious in salads or filled with an herbal dip, avocado mix or cheese. Calendula - Calendula officinalis   -- Although an annual, this plant re-seeds and is a very dependable hardy resident of the herb garden. It is long lived most of the year in some climates. Scorching summer heat will render it weak, but a trimming and a little mulch will help keep it cool as it limps along until fall temperatures revive it. Seedlings will also bloom in fall, often until December. The golden blooms look great as a garnish in all types of desserts, but the sunny petals add color and flavor to many dishes. Used mostly in rice dishes this plant is sometimes called poor man's saffron. It colors butter and frostings and has long been used for a dye.  Allowed to reseed in an area along with other annuals it often becomes part of the "cottage look" of the herb garden. Sow both in spring and fall or allow plant to self-sow. Deadhead some of the blooms to ensure the plant will remain strong.   Bergamot   Monarda didyma -- A perennial member of the mint family that has a far more citrus like flavor. A wonderful hardy perennial its' colorful blooms are indeed like confetti when pulled apart and scattered with nasturtiums among lettuce or spinach in a salad. Its somewhat fruity taste makes it a natural also for fruit salads where the petals add flavor as well as a party like presence. . Pansies are a delightful bloom to float in punch or wine and to toss in salads. Full of vitamin C this tiny flower is cousin of the larger garden pansy. Marigolds are all edible, but some taste better than others. But be aware of taste, which can be a bit over powering when over done. Lemon gem (pictured here, right) petals in salads add zing and color. Lorraine Kiefer  Pansies - Viola tricolor -- A delightful bloom to float in punch or wine and to toss in salads. Full of vitamin C this tiny flower is cousin of the larger garden pansy, which is also edible, and a great bloom to top salads or cakes. Pansies are a good winter or early spring plant because they like a cool garden in which to grow. In some places they are almost year around if the climate is right.  Violets -Violet odorata  -- A pansy relative this wonderful flower is fragrant, but its wild cousins that grow most anywhere can also be used for all the wonderful salads, fruit soups and cookies. These fragrant violets grow well in a semi shaded, woodsy environment and are not as invasive as the "wild" ones. Try not to plant odorata where the common violets abound as they might mix watering down the fragrance.   Rose  - Rosa species - rosacae -- All roses are edible, but plant varieties that will do well without chemical if you plan to eat them. There is nothing more beautiful than a rose bud on top of a cake for pure elegance. But never discount that fact that ... (


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