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May 1, 2020

Coronavirus hit California's cut-flower industry at the worst time - Los Angeles Times

Among the victims are the ranunculus that carpet the Flower Fields near the San Diego Freeway in Carlsbad — a working farm that also is an important agritourism destination. It closed on March 17, two weeks into its season. Advertisement “We are absolutely dependent on the partnership between both tourists and cut flowers in order to make that work,” Mellano said of the Carlsbad farm. “And this year, all of our orders for the ranunculus got canceled by the supermarkets. And the tourism was shut down due to social distancing requirements.”Only a small portion of the fields will survive in hopes that social distancing rules will relax before summer. Then, people might again be able...

May 1, 2020

A city's secret weapon: flowers - Kitsap Sun

They’re distracted by the towering evergreen that I can’t wrap my arms around. It rises from a carpet of Periwinkle that assaults the sidewalk with sprays of flowers. Across the walkup is a chaotic mess of silvery-blue Mediterannean herbs, with spindly limbs cocked like the arms of old-timey boxers. Pedestrians might identify the spreading strawberries, or notice the small mounds of thyme, oregano, and sage pressed between Rock Rose, lavender, rosemary, and Lamb’s Ear. The plant selection is equal parts nostalgia for a flowering, sun-drenched Old World, and the practical production of fresh berries and herbs for my kitchen. With such emphasis on Turkish flora, I was surprised one day to realize that I’ve grown a very American garden: informal, naturalistic, and pragmatic. Like all gardens, it’s a function of its gardener.We find ourselves in a strange situation where streets and sidewalks are about the only places we can go, but this time of year our humble yards put on a show that’s hard to match. They aren’t usually formal gardens containing frilly things. They’re weird and interesting. They’re full of personality and individualism. Where much of modernity seems robotic, mass-produced, and lacking in the personality and imperfections that make us beautiful, “Old” Kitsap in the spring is chaotic and expressive.So go for a walk, if possible. Stretch your legs. Get some fresh air. When I lived in Turkey, people often took to the streets in the cool of the evening to see and be seen. There’s a Turkish word I particularly love: gezinmek. It means something like “meandering for pleasure” or “strolling for entertainment and socializing.” Sometimes, a journey can be a destination in its own right, which sounds very esoteric - but sometimes we also just need to get out of...

Mar 19, 2020

Philadelphia florists give away 2,000 flowers from events canceled due to coronavirus - The Philadelphia Inquirer

Bouquets of free flowers for passersby were placed in buckets just outside of the square, while Fabrizio and Robinson laid out a tarp inside the park, where they set up the flowers for decorating. Everyone did their best to practice social distancing. Steve Pepper, 66, a resident of the neighborhood, was on a video call with his daughter when he stumbled upon the giveaway. He turned his phone to the flowers for her to see. “This is a beautiful gesture and a pleasant surprise," he said. “I might as well indulge.” Kayleigh O’Keeffe, 29, who lives near the square, picked up a bouquet of magenta flowers. She wasn’t sure what kind they were, but it didn’t really matter. Amid a dark news cycle, she found light in those flowers. Still, she couldn’t help but think of whom they were originally intended for. “These are the most bittersweet flowers,” O’Keeffe said. Postal worker Dee Burney of Southwest Philly was walking her route when som...

Mar 19, 2020

LETTER: Spring flowers along the Kent are sight for sore eyes - The Westmorland Gazette

AFTER all the heavy rain in the last few weeks, what a sight for sore eyes this lovely carpet of purple crocuses and yellow daffodils is on Aynam Road in Kendal by the river. A sure sign that spring is on the way, and it won't be long before the trees along this stretch of the river have their spring blossom coming through. Ruth Southall Kendal ...

Mar 19, 2020

Flower farms send 30,000 workers home on corona lockdown - Business Daily

Officer Clement Tulezi said.“If things do not improve then we project employee head counts to drop to 20,000.” advertisement The sharp decline in revenues has crippled an industry which was already on the back foot as flowers fetched low prices at auctions last year.According to the regulator, the Agriculture and Food Authority, Kenya’s earnings from horticulture exports including flowers, fruits and vegetable, fell 7 percent in 2019 to Sh142.72 from Sh154.7 billion, mainly due to lower prices of flowers at the auction in the Netherlands.“We have seen a drop in demand for flowers in Europe and the rest of the world,” Mr Tulezi said, adding that they have witnessed little disruption in markets such as United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Japan.He said revenues were also affected by the extended rains late last year and early this year.

Mar 19, 2020

Eight places to see wildflowers in Southern California - Los Angeles Times

Also lupine, cream cups, goldfields, owl’s clover and yellow daisy-like coreopsis. This year, you’ll see patchy areas of blooms, not a carpet like last year. Visitors now can see “belly flowers” such as pygmy-leaved lupine, red maids and tiny white forget-me-nots.Watch out for: Dehydration. It’s high-desert grassland, so drink plenty of water. Give rattlesnakes space. Carpool if possible. Watch for visitors who may be photo-focused and oblivious to cars. Info: California Poppy Reserve, (661) 724-1180. $10 per vehicle; $9 with a senior (62 years and older) in vehicle; $5 with Disabled Discount Pass. Open sunrise to sunset. Wildflower season through May. No drones and no dogs (other than trained service animals). Advertisement Walker Canyon, Lake Elsinore The superbloom in 2019 brought many visitors to Walker Canyon.(Los Angeles Times) What needs to happen for a good bloom: Lots of rain, sunshine and some wind. This year poppies are germinating slowly, so a super bloom is unlikely.If the best happens: You may see hills blanketed with California poppies covering acres of desert chaparral. Blue dicks, yellow-petaled monolopias, beavertail cactus, wishbone bush, Coulter’s matilija poppies andspineflowers also grow here.Watch out for: Crowds. Last year’s superbloom drew so many visitors — about 150,000 on a mid-March weekend — that the trails looked like lines outside big-box stores on Black Friday. Carry plenty of water and stay on the trail to avoid rattlesnakes.Info: Walker Canyon; (951) 674-3124, Free public trails. No dogs except registered service animals. Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area What needs to happen for a good bloom: Above-average rainfall is essential. Fire is part of the natural ecosystem here, and the Woolsey fire in 2018 burned 88% of the recreation area. Wildflowers usually do well after a fire so this could be a good — but not spectacular — year. The peak occurs in April and May, with various species appearing until the end of June.If the best happens: You may see ceanothus, lupine, poppies, California encelia, sticky monkey flower, many species of phacelia, California goldfields, blue dick, matilija poppies and possibly rare chocolate lilies and bush poppies. Wildflowers line a trail in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.(Jason Armond / Los Angeles Times) Advertisement Watch out for: Rattlesnakes.Info: Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area; (805) 370-2301. Free guided wildflower hikes. Parts of the park are still closed because of the fire. Griffith Park What needs to happen for a good bloom: Lot...