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Oct 15, 2020

The Artists Giving New Life to Fake Flowers - The New York Times

By the end of the 19th century, they covered every surface imaginable. Silk violets, peonies and bluebells were sewn onto gowns and ladies’ hats; vases overflowed with pink cabbage roses and spiky orange fritillaria made from cotton and wire. The flowers used for apparel were made in vast workshops where men wielded mallets and cutting tools to stamp out the petals from yards of silk before handing them off to poorly paid women, who shaped them into blossoms. By the 1880s, flower-making had become a popular occupation in London; one famous workshop was John Groom’s Flower Girls Mission in Clerkenwell, a Dickensian workshop-cum-social-welfare agency staffed by scores of blind and disabled women. Meanwhile, middle- and upper-class wives — not allowed to work yet expected to keep busy — maintained elaborate craft kits from which they made paper nosegays. #g-video-tmag-scroll{ padding-bottom: 36.45% !important; background: transparent !important; } In the wake of World War I and Modernism, however, fake flowers were rendered gauche; women discarded their blossom-embellished gowns for Coco Chanel’s easy drop-waisted shifts, and stilted arrangements of artificial blooms suddenly seemed a poor substitute for the newly affordable tulips and daffodils imported from Holland. Faux flowers were pushed even further to the outskirts of taste by the tacky plastic versions that emerged by the late 1950s.IN RECENT YEARS, however, as paper has...

Sep 7, 2020

The Dual History of Poisonous Flowers - The New York Times

Turkish city of Bergama), who in his palace garden grew the likes of henbane, or stinking nightshade, with its purple-hearted yellow bells and gift of hallucinations and a rattling heart; delicate hellebore, which can sting the skin and twist the guts; and airy sprays of poison hemlock, a dupe for harmless Queen Anne’s lace that can bring the central nervous system to a halt. Attalus, who had a reputation for paranoia, tested extracts of these plants on convicts as a rehearsal for disposing of political rivals. (He is remembered as the Mad King.)BUT THESE POISONS were also balms, historically used as medicines, sickness and health coming from the same source, as with a virus weakened to create a vaccine. Hellebore was prescribed in ancient Greece and the Middle Ages alike for its purgative effects, to rid the body of excess “black bile,” the imagined cause of melancholy. Henbane — theorized to be the fuel of the Norse berserkers of the ninth through 12th centuries, who might have drunk it as a tea before battle and then torn off their chain mail and, naked and howling, slaughtered anyone in their path in an enraged trance — was paradoxically a sedative in smaller doses. The first botanical gardens, founded in the Italian cities of Pisa, Padua and Florence in the 16th century, included plots of toxic plants used by apothecaries as tools for preserving life or perhaps, clandestinely, induci...

Aug 3, 2020

Storied Houston Hotel Adds its Own Showcase Flower Shop — Inside The Houstonian's New Floral Studio Wonderland - PaperCity Magazine

The one that arrived at my home was delicious in its design reminiscent of an English Garden with roses, ranunculus, Canterbury bells, delphiniums and more.With blossoms sourced from around the world and from local merchants, the menu of possibilities ranges from show-stopping grand arrangements to mini floral confections perfect for a coffee table or accent piece.In addition to providing floral arrangements for a variety of occasions and customers, Sage ‘n’ Bloom offers floral design workshops where guests work along side Du for an afternoon of instruction in the flower-decked studio.Du’s background is rooted in art and design. She has worked with celebrity clientele, corporate gatherings and destination events.Sage ‘n’ Bloom provides free delivery within three miles of The Houstonian with purchases of more than $150.

Jun 19, 2020

Flowers and birds and squirrels and dads - Smithers Interior News

Saskatoon berries will soon begin to develop. The scent from wild chokecherries attract some bugs. Other trails have fireweed and wild bluebells. Not as many birds around now as they prepare for eggs to hatch. I did get to see an American redstart. This little warbler type bird makes a big show of catching bugs. The males fan their tails to expose a range of bright colours. These birds are down in numbers since they migrate at night and hit all manner of buildings etc. Nuthatches seem to have fledglings with them now. Chickadees, woodpeckers, hummingbirds should have young soon. Hummingbirds are feeding on the flowers now. They very much like lobelia and lipstick plants. They do eat bugs as well. The other day a visitor spotted a hummingbird moth. Not a bird but it is a bug-eating moth. Check your hummingbird feeders to make sure all the rain has not displaced the sugar water. Can we stop feeding the birds now I have been asked? I am sure there is enough wild food for the birds. I still feed them so I can watch everything they do. Squirrels? Did you ask about squirrels? I have too many of those critters. I have traps nearby. I will catch a few, drive them away after the young squirrels have tested their world. A few minutes ago I sat in my flower garden with the old dog and cat. Buster the crow came to see if I have a treat for him. As I sat there I was thinking I should have written about Father’s Day. As I contemplated the peace of this day I could remember my dad and all the lessons he wanted me to learn. He would say to me “if you think you are smarter than others you proba...

Mar 19, 2020

A St. Pete Bakery Crafts The Cutest Mini Flower Garden Cupcakes That You Can Actually Eat - Narcity

Oh and when you cut into it, it's red and green because it's sleigh bells season, guys! 4?? Orange Cranberry Cake: Christmas gets a little taste of Florida with a double layer of a soft orange sponge with cranberry jam in the center, covered in buttercream and decorated with dried orange slices, rosemary sprigs and cranberries. #yulelog #yulelogcake #veganyulelog #buchedenoel #veganholidays #veganholiday #vegandesserts #veganfood #whatveganseat #vegancakes #vegancake #beautifulcakes #holidaycakes #holidaydesserts #christmascake #christmascakes #veganchristmas #tampavegan #tampavegans #stpetevegan #stpetevegans #tampabayvegan #veganbakery #tampaeats #tampabayeats #stpetebakery #tampabakery #holidaysinflorida A post shared by Curious Cat Bakery (@curiouscatbakery) on Dec 11, 2019 at 5:17am PST They even offer a special order system for peeps who want a giant plate of cupcakes for parties, events, or Sunday afternoons on the couch. Just be sure to give them 48-hours notice for small orders and up to three days to fill larger orders of 20+ items. Whether you've been searching your whole life for some gorgeous vegan food or just want to know what a frosting garden would even taste like, Curious Cat Bakery is a totally unique place to stop by and dig into something beautiful. Curious Cat Bakery Price: ?? Cuisine: Vegan baked goods Address: Three locations serve their products Why You Need To Go: Taste some delicious treats that will make you feel like you are digging into a garden and pop a work of art into your mouth. The biggest plus is that you'll be treating your body right with something vegan. Website...

Feb 1, 2020

Gardening: Perennials — Bleeding heart and coral bells - Saskatoon StarPhoenix

Valentine’ has bright red flowers and is 70 to 90 cm (30 to 36 in.) in height. ‘Northern Fire’ coral bells is long blooming, long lived and drought tolerant. (photo by Sara Williams) Saskatoon Coral bells, alumrootCoral bells (Heuchera spp.) describes the dainty, bell-like flowers in shades from pink to red. The older common name, seldom heard now, alumroot, refers to the high concentration of tannin in the roots, once used to stop bleeding.A myriad of tiny bell-shaped flowers are held on slender wiry stems of 50 to 60 cm (20 to 24 in.) high above a basal rosette of foliage. The dark green, semi-evergreen leaves are rounded to heart-shaped with scalloped margins and resemble a geranium leaf in outline and texture. The woody crown slowly increases to form larger clumps but is never invasive.Coral bells flourish in full sun to light shade (with less flowering in shade) in average, well-drained soil. Deadhead to prolong flowering. They are exceptionally drought-tolerant once established and lovely toward the front of a perennial border, as a ground cover or in rock gardens. Increase through division in early spring.An amazing number of coral bells, with unique leaf colours and patterns, many in alluring purples, bronzes and silvers, have recently flooded the prairie market. Most were developed elsewhere and few were tested for hardiness in northern zones prior to their release. Almost none of these has proved enduring, most lasting only two or three years. A new series, Northern Exposure, with genes from our native Heuchera richardsonii, hopefully will combine beautiful foliage with a tougher constitution. Place them in a protected location.For now, our best bet are the Morden hybrids, bred by Henry Marshall who crossed H. sanguinea with H. richardsionii beginning in the late 1950s.— ‘Brandon Pink’ (1957) has bright, coral-pink flowers in July. It is about 60 cm (2 ft) in height, with dense, almost evergreen, faintly mottled foliage. It flowers freely, is vigorous, and drought and wind tolerant.— ‘Brandon Glow’ (1967) has darker pink flowers in a more open panicle and is slightly shorter at 45 cm (20 in.) with distinctly mottled green and white foliage.— ‘Northern Fire’ (1979), a seedling of ‘Brandon Pink’, has dark red flowers and is about 60 cm (2 ft) in height. It blooms for six weeks in early summer.— ‘Ruby Mist’ has dark green, evergreen foliage and ruby red flowers on 45 cm (18 in.) stems. It has an even longer bloom period than ‘Northern Fire’.Sara Williams is the author of numerous books dealing with gardening in cold climate. Look for Perennials for Northern Gardens in fall, 2020. Retired as the Horticultural Specialist, Extension Division, University of Saskatchewan, she gives workshops on a wide range of gardening topics throughout the Canadian prairies.This column is provided courtesy of the Saskatchewan Perennial Society (SPS; ). Check our website or Facebook page for a list of upcoming gardening events. Up next: Boffins Garden by Rob Crosby – Jan. 29, 7:30 p.m., Emmanuel Anglican Church, 607 Dufferin Avenue. Free and open to the public. ? Bridges Events Jan. 17...