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A heart-warming Birthday surprise for someone you truly care about!

Funeral Service

Funeral Service Flowers for a well-lived life is the most cherished. Be that open heart for that special someone in grief.


Create that sense of peace and tranquility in their life with a gentle token of deepest affections.

Mt. Lebanon Floral Shop

Order flowers and gifts from Mt. Lebanon Floral Shop located in Pittsburgh PA for a birthday, anniversary, graduation or a funeral service. The address of the flower shop is 725 Washington Rd, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15228 Zip. The phone number is (412) 561-2500. We are committed to offer the most accurate information about Mt. Lebanon Floral Shop in Pittsburgh PA. Please contact us if this listing needs to be updated. Mt. Lebanon Floral Shop delivers fresh flowers – order today.

Business name:
Mt. Lebanon Floral Shop
725 Washington Rd
Zip Code:
Phone number:
(412) 561-2500
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Express you love, friendship, thanks, support - or all of the above - with beautiful flowers & gifts!

Find Mt. Lebanon Floral Shop directions to 725 Washington Rd in Pittsburgh, PA (Zip 15228 ) on the Map. It's latitude and longitude coordinates are 40.37957, -80.045143 respectively.

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Dec 10, 2020

Rare, giant, smelly corpse flower about to bloom for 24-48 hours at Longwood Gardens -

Royal Botanic Gardens in London in 1889.The first flowering in the U.S. was at the New York Botanical Garden in 1937.Pittsburgh’s Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens had the plant in cultivation, where Romero bloomed in 2016 and Barbara bloomed in 2017. The plants are named for the late George Romero, a Pittsburgh filmmaker who created the modern zombie genre, and a central character in his “Night of the Living Dead” movie.The names are appropriate for plants that smell like rotting meat when in bloom. That smell attracts pollinators that would normally feed on dead animals.A rare, giant corpse flower is about to bloom for 24-28 hours at Longwood Gardens. Photo courtesy of Longwood Gardens.Longwood’s corpse flower began as a seed at the University of California Berkley in 2008, moved to the Chicago Botanic Garden, where it bloomed previously, and then to the Philadelphia-area gardens in 2018.After repotting in March of this year, Sprout began to exhibit new growth in May and was back into public display.After the flower blooms and dies back, a gigantic leaf, as large as 20 feet tall and 16 feet across, will grow from the underground corm, which is an underground energy-storage organ consisting of a swollen stem base covered with scale leaves.Thousand bloom Chrysanthemum, rare blue poppies and more: Here’s what’s in store for Longwood Gardens in 2020For those who won’t be able to visit Longwood Gardens during Sprout’s short bloom period, the gardens have set up a livestream of the corpse flower on its YouTube channel.[embedded content]Thanks for visiting PennLive. Quality local journalism has never been more important. We need your support. Not a subscriber yet? Please consider supporting our work.

Mar 19, 2020

Syngenta Flowers no longer exhibiting at CAST 2020 - Greenhouse Management

Professional and Landscape Industry Certified Technician. Prior to opening her own consulting firm in 2001, she worked for Plantscape, Inc. in Pittsburgh, PA and Natura in Texas. While a consultant, she also served as editor and publisher of I-Plants online magazine for nearly a decade, retiring in 2019. As an author, Fediw has written numerous articles for trade journals, association newsletters, training manuals and programs, and several books including “The Manual of Interior Plantscaping” and “Green Plant Care Tips for Techs”. She served on several boards including for OFA, now AmericanHort, Green Plants for Green Buildings, the Certification Council of the National Association of Landscape Professionals, and the USGBC Piney Woods branch.David Korstad has worked in the interior plantscape industry for more than 40 years. Having grown up working at the family nursery, he joined the family business, Sedgefield Landscape Nursery, which later became Sedgefield Interior Landscape, after studying at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The company got its start in interior plantscaping in 1969 after agreeing to its first job for a Westinghouse Corporation facility in Winston-Salem, NC. He moved to Georgia in 1976 to open the Sedgefield Interior Landscapes division where he worked his way up from general manager to president. Semi-retired today, Korstad has served in several industry board positions including as president of the Atlanta Interior Landscape Association (AILA), and held a ten year tenure on the board of directors of the Associated Landscape Contractors of America-Interior Landscape Division/Interior Plantscape Division (ALCA-ILD/IPD). He became chairman of ALCA-ILD in 1986 when the group merged with the Interior Plantscape Association (IPA) to form ALCA-IPD. Additionally, he served as chairman of the ALCA education committee. Korstad was instrumental in the creation of the Foliage Clean Air Council, the forerun...

Feb 27, 2020

Cosentino: On the phrase 'in lieu of flowers' - Auburn Citizen

In fact, with virtually all tragic events, the same script plays out. Think Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook Elementary School, Las Vegas, Parkland and the Pittsburgh Synagogue ... and the list of mass tragedies goes on. In all these cases, flowers served as the salve to soothe the collective souls of a grieving public.And it is not just tragedies on this scale, either. When dignitaries’ lives end, tragically or not, impromptu floral memorials appear as if from ether. John Lennon, Princess Diana and John McCain comprise a small part of the list that illustrates the point.Even in our local communities across the nation, unexpected deaths inspire floral tributes. Bouquets dot our highways where accidents claimed the lives of motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians. Just watch the news and see the piles of flowers laid in memoriam when, in this world of ours, a child or young person’s life is cut tragically short in the violence we see all too often.So, why is it that with the deaths of those we love the most — our wives, husbands, children and grandparents — today’s social norms insist on the phrase “in lieu of flowers.” { filter: alpha(opacity=90); opacity: .9; background-color: #fff; } #lee-services-modal .dismiss-paywall { font-size: 50px; margin-top: -10px; z-index: 1; color: #000; opacity: .3; float: right; font-weight: 300; text-decoration: none; display: inline-block; line-height: 1; } #lee-services-modal .dismiss-paywall:hover { opacity: .6; } #lee-services-modal .dismiss-paywall:hover { opacity: .6; } #lee-services-modal .modal-content { box-shadow: 0 5px 15px rgba(0,0,0,.1); border: 1px solid rgba(0,0,0,.1); border-radius: 3px; } #lee-services-modal { font-family: 'Lato', sans-serif; } #lee-services-modal .modal-body { min-height: 300px; } #lee-services-modal .close { font-size: 30px; margin-top: -8px; z-index:1; } #lee-services-modal .modal-top { margin: 0 -15px 20px -15px; padding: 15px; z-index:0; border-bottom: 3px double rgba(0,0,0,.1); } #lee-services-modal .title { font-size: 24px; line-height: 24px; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 700; } #lee-services-modal .logo img { max-height: 50px; max-width: 50%; margin-bottom: 15px; } #lee...

Sep 19, 2019

Delaware Valley Floral Group Opens Long Island Distribution Center and Acquires CP Flowers Direct, Inc - PerishableNews

New Jersey, the company also operates out of facilities in Jessup, Maryland; Richmond, Virginia; Edison, New Jersey; Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Erie, Pennsylvania, Hauppauge, New York; Syracuse, New York; Berlin, Connecticut; Shrewsbury, Massachusetts; Miami, Florida; and Oxnard, California. ...

Jun 22, 2019

Pop-up peonies: Mobile flower truck tries bringing bouquets to Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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