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Jan 4, 2020

Breaking ground: Warm winter has landscape plants confused - NWAOnline

Some that are usually readily available: • Females — 'Sparkleberry,' 'Red Sprite,' 'Winter Red' and 'Winter Gold.' • Male cultivars are 'Jim Dandy,' 'Apollo' and 'Southern Gentleman.' For the Ilex decidua plants, the most commonly sold variety is 'Warren's Red' for the female and 'Red Escort' for the male plant. Usually one male plant is all that is needed to pollinate four or five female plants. Deciduous hollies make excellent large bushes or small trees in the sunny landscape. They have nice green foliage during the growing season, but the females shine in the winter landscape when the leaves drop to allow the fruits to show their full glory. The berries are an important food source for many birds. Full sun is best, but with at least six hours of sun they can set fruit. They appreciate some added water during extended dry periods. Deciduous hollies are native to Arkansas. (Special to the Democrat-Gazette/Janet B. Carson) Read Janet Carson's blog at HomeStyle on 01/04/2020 ...

Nov 9, 2019

GARDENING REPORT: Flower Show - webcenter11

Fairbanks garden club, and the theme of this year's show is "gardening through the galaxy", in honor of the Apollo space program. The reason i am talking about it now is because you have got a little bit of time to spruce up your flowers. In addition to design positions, they have a horticulture division where you can enter flowers just from your garden like this or perhaps a container growing plant like this Alice. Which is a little uneven because I've been turning it to the sun. So what i am going to do is remove spent flowers or the leaves that are turning yellow. If there were any spent flowers but i would like to do is have you take a look at the entry forms that are at garden centers or at my office. Its the schedule actually, and see what the rules are ? And then you tidy up some of your plants.? Just go on over to pioneer park and enjoy the day. The dates are official July 19th and 20th.? Its gardening through the galaxy.? But then don't forget about entering the state fair too!? Wildflowers are one of the possible entries for the Tanana Valley State Fair. I'm Julie Riley, join me next week, in the garden.? ...

Jul 26, 2019

Retired Circuit Judge Clarence Johnson Jr. dies at age 89, left legacy in court system - Florida Today

Judicial Circuit that is centered in Orlando. More: Apollo 50: See the events honoring the anniversary of the moon landing One of Johnson's three sons, Jay Johnson, said his father lived a life full of adventure. "He had a bit of a Tom Sawyer type of existence" as a boy, Jay Johnson said, developing his love of fishing and the outdoors in general, growing up in the rural Florida communities of Trenton and Alachua. The late judge's daughter, Jan Hulse of Vermont, recalled that, throughout her father's life, "he just loved being on the water with his family and friends," especially fishing for trout and bass. Their father liked to tell the story of arguing his first legal case at age 6, when he came to the defense of a ice delivery man he knew whom he felt was wrongly jailed for being drunk. More: Possible tropical depression a rainmaker for Florida as models shift west WeatherTiger "I immediately went down and told the sheriff, whom I knew, that my friend did not deserve to be in jail, that he was a good man, had made a mistake, and that I knew he'd never do it again," Clarence Johnson wrote in his memoirs. "The sheriff released him." Johnson became a Florida House of Representatives page at age 13, after he went to Tallahassee to lobby legislators, asking them to select him from among 35 candidates for eight page positions. He became a messenger in the sergeant-at-arms office at age 15. Johnson was a four-sport athlete in high school (football, basketball, softball and track). He then attended the University of Florida, where he received a bachelor's degree in business administration in 1955 and a law degree in 1958. His undergraduate work was interrupted by four years of service in the Air Force during the Korean War era. More: Arrest of ex-Palm Bay official Isnardi could have political implications in city, county government Following law school, Johnson began work as a lawyer for a West Palm Beach law firm. In 1961, he opened a branch office of that firm in Rockledge. Jay Johnson said his father sought to become a judge not for the prestige of the post or the pay (especially since lawyers typically earned more than judges at the time), but because he would be able to spend more time with his family, since judges had more predictable hours than lawyers did. "My dad did not talk about cases at home," Jay Johnson said. "When he was home, he was full-time dad," focusing on his family. Clarence Johnson would talk about what was going on at his children's schools, as well as church and sports — especially UF Gators football and the sports activities in which his children were involved. Clarence and Shirley Johnson were married for 62 years, raising three sons and a daughter on Merritt Island. They also have nine grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. "My dad's main focus was to make my mom happy, and her main focus was to make my dad happy," Hulse said.

Jul 26, 2018

Gwen Stefani wears double denim as she takes son Kingston, 12, and his young gal pal to buy flowers

There was no sign of her other two boys - Zuma, nine, and Apollo, four - who she shares with her British ex-husband Gavin Rossdale, 52 frontman for Bush.And her current beau, country star Blake Shelton, 42, didn't seem to be around either.The couple met on talent show The Voice after Gwen split from Gavin following his affair with the family nanny. Blake subsequently divorced wife Miranda Lambert. Puckering up: Gwen kissed her country star beau Blake Shelton, 42, very carefully so that she didn't spoil her stage make-up at her Just A Girl show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas Advertisement ...

Jul 27, 2017

Welcome to my world: Flowers do speak

A purple hyacinth means “I’m sorry” and white means “I’ll pray for you.” The legend tells us the name came from the Greek myth when Apollo’s beloved, Hyacinthus was killed accidentally. Apollo then changed the blood drops into a flower called hyacinth.Forget-me-not means friendship, loving remembrance and fidelity. They are often used in funeral flowers. One legend claims, after God named all the plants and was leaving, he heard a voice at his feet, “What about me?” He then picked the flower and said, “I shall never forget you again, because I forgot you once.” Hence its name. It is the state flower of Alaska.Lilac name comes from the Persian “lilac” for blue. The composer, Frederic Cowen, often wrote lyrics about flowers. One about the lilac is, “I dreamed that love should steal upon the heart like summer dawn on the awakening world, soft, gradual.” Lilacs are considered the first emotions of love and are often used for a love bouquet. Both Thomas Jefferson and George Washington grew lilacs in their gardens.Pansy comes from the French “pensee,” meaning “thought.” It was believed pansies could make your lover think of you. The faces on the pansy created names such as monkey face, peeping Tom, and three faces in a hood. The common pansy (or violet) is the state flower of Rhode Island, Illinois, and New York.Tulip name came from the Turkish hat called “tullbend,” a turban, which it resembles. Yellow ones are for cheerful thoughts, white for forgiveness, and purple for royalty. In Holland, during the 17th century, there was tulipmania -- everyone wanted tulips. It became the national emblem of Holland. Between 1703 and 1730, in Turkey, the Turks had 1,550 varieties of tulips. It is a symbol of perfect love.Lily-of-the-Valley means humility and purity. It was used extensively for medicines. There have been many recipes in using this flower for ailments. It was a popular flower for weddings. It was featured in the recent wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. Sunflower is emblematic of the soul turning to Christ, because the flower turns toward the sun. It symbolizes glory, gratitude, and remembrance. It takes its name from the resemblance of its broad golden disc and the surrounding petals to the sun. It can reach 20 feet in height and the seeds are edible.Violet is symbolic of faithfulness, purity, and a charm against evil. The Romans believed violets prevented drunkenness and relieved hangovers in the morning. Napoleon I, on his way to exile promised, “to return with the violets.” Due to this statement, he was nicknamed “Corporal Violet.” It is called the flower of modesty because it hides its flowers in heart- shaped leaves.Yes, flowers indeed express what we can’t seem to say ourselves. I’ll let Harriet Beecher say what I can’t seem to say: “Flowers are the sweetest things that God made and forgot to put a soul into.”... (Boyertown Berk Montgomery Newspapers)

Feb 3, 2017

Grow your own wedding bouquet

Outstanding varieties include the delightful Rosetta and the newly introduced Apollo White, which excelled in last year’s RHS trials. For a little drama, add some amaranthus, another half-hardy annual whose chenille-like dangling flower tassels combine well with almost all other blooms. Seed of green and red-flowering varieties are widely available, but I’m a big fan of the faded peach-rust tones of Amaranthus Coral Fountain. Finally, although they are not annuals but half-hardy perennials, dahlias are another must-grow late summer cut flower that can be raised from spring-planted tubers – see last week’s column for detailed advice on growing them as well as suggestions for the best varieties for cutting. Dahlias aside, all of the annuals I have mentioned are best sown with gentle heat (ideally an electric propagator) and under some sort of cover (glasshouse, polytunnel, sunny windowsill/porch/conservatory), making sure to use a good quality seed compost. Once they have produced their first set of true leaves, prick seedlings out into cell trays (24s) or root trainers (best for sweet pea and tap-rooted plants) to grow on under cover, before transplanting them into the garden/allotment as young plants. While hardy annuals will tolerate light frost, half-hardy annuals won’t. So as a rule, delay sowing the latter until later in the season (mid-March to early April) to avoid nursing the young plants under cover for too lengthy a period. To guarantee plenty of cutting material and ease of harvesting, grow your wedding flowers in much the same way as you would vegetables. So, in grid formation, in an open but sheltered, sunny site with weed-free, fertile, moisture-retentive (but free-draining) soil enriched with a little organic fertiliser and some seaweed powder. Make sure to leave enough space between the rows so that that you can pick with relative ease. For ease of maintenance, it is also well worth considering the use of a weed-suppressant fabric that you can peg down and cut/burn holes into at the recommended planting distances. Remember that taller varieties will need support in the shape of netting or staking while all will need regular deadheading and careful protection against slugs/snails. However the result of your labours will be seasonal, sustainable wedding flowers grown with your own fair hands. (Recommended seed suppliers include,,,, and   This Week In The Garden The unusually mild weather of recent months means that slugs are continuing to cause plenty of damage to garden plants (slugs typically become active at temperatures above 5 degrees). To reduce the risk of further damage this spring and help prevent an increase in your garden’s slug population, now is a good time to give beds and borders a gentle tidy-up by removing dead/rotting vegetation from around the base of plants and lightly hoeing any bare soil to expose any slugs or slug eggs for birds to eat. Tiny, spherical and grey/transparent, slug eggs are typically found in small clusters close to the soil surface and near the base of plants or the bottoms of plant pots. ADVERTISEMENT The milder than usual winter has also resulted in perennials beginning to show signs of early growth. Once this happens, it’s a good time to divide many species of late-summer flowering perennials, especially any well-established clumps that show signs of congestion and decreased vigour or which have become infested with weeds. Suitable species include Actaea, Japanese anemones, Crocosmia, Sedum, Aconitum and asters. Use a garden fork or spade to lift the entire clump place it on a sheet of strong plastic, and then use either two garden forks or a large, sharp knife (even a small saw if required) to gently prise/cut the clump in half. Divi... (Irish Times)