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Posno Flower Service

Order flowers and gifts from Posno Flower Service located in London ON for a birthday, anniversary, graduation or a funeral service. The address of the flower shop is 1 Cathcart St, London Ontario N6C3L5 Zip. The phone number is (519) 434-2132. We are committed to offer the most accurate information about Posno Flower Service in London ON. Please contact us if this listing needs to be updated. Posno Flower Service delivers fresh flowers – order today.

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Posno Flower Service
1 Cathcart St
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(519) 434-2132
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Express you love, friendship, thanks, support - or all of the above - with beautiful flowers & gifts!

Find Posno Flower Service directions to 1 Cathcart St in London, ON (Zip N6C3L5) on the Map. It's latitude and longitude coordinates are 42.972118, -81.254738 respectively.

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Aug 3, 2020

Storied Houston Hotel Adds its Own Showcase Flower Shop — Inside The Houstonian's New Floral Studio Wonderland - PaperCity Magazine

We can’t help be recall the floral extravaganzas of the Four Seasons George V in Paris, the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills and London’s Claridge’s where renowned floral design house McQueens has an on-site boutique. Flowers for an outdoor wedding at The Houstonian are created by Sage ‘n’ Bloom at The Houstonian. (Courtesy photo)Sage ‘n’ Bloom quietly opened in May and has provided flowers for several weddings. But with the COVID-19 situation, Houstonian waited until this past week to launch its official grand opening. With that, glorious bouquets were sent across Houston to a handful of influencers. The one that arrived at my home was delicious in its design reminiscent of an English Garden with roses, ranunculus, Canterbury bells, delphiniums and more.With blossoms sourced from around the world and from local merchants, the menu of possibilities ranges from show-stopping grand arrangements to mini floral confections perfect for a coffee table or accent piece.In addition to providing floral arrangements for a variety of occasions and customers, Sage ‘n’ Bloom offers floral design workshops where guests work along side Du for an afternoon of instruction in the flower-decked studio.Du’s background is rooted in art and design. She has worked with celebrity clientele, corporate gatherings and destination events.Sage ‘n’ Bloom provides free delivery within three miles of The Houstonian with purchases of more than $150.

May 1, 2020

The Power of Flowers: Tatler's favourite flowers still delivering under lockdown - Tatler

Quarantine won’t stop you getting a bunch of Pelaton’s rustic blooms. Although East London-based Petalon have made the decision to pause delivery by bicycle (the quirk we love them for); instead, for the duration of the lockdown, bouquets will be delivered by carbon-neutral courier, that is adhering to all safety demands. You can pick from two o...

May 1, 2020

A city's secret weapon: flowers - Kitsap Sun

Getting your hands dirty is a natural antidepressant -- researchers at Bristol University and University College London have found that a bacteria in soil, Mycobacterium, causes the brain to release the “happy hormone” serotonin when it comes into contact with skin. A study by Aarhus University found that people living in settings filled with greenery are less likely to develop many forms of mental illness. For me, gardening has opened up a process of observing more closely and taking less for granted.You might have everything you need to get started in your own cupboard. You can learn how to propagate onions, potatoes, and garlic on YouTube, and fruits like tomatoes and strawberries have seeds that can be planted. Common mosses can be scraped off and put in a blender with water and buttermilk (or some other nutrient base), and painted on a new surface to grow. If you’ve got the itch for more established plants, many local nurseries, like Bremerton City Nursery, Valley Nursery, and Rodgers Country Nursery are delivering. While I’m not a gardening guru by any means, here are some questions to ask to get started:Where’s the sun? This is the big question that dictates what goes where. Fruits and vegetables generally like hot evening sun from the west. I’ve had success growing tomatoes on the west side of a fence where they only get light for the hotter half of the day, and I’ve had success with strawberries and blueberries under a big tree where they only get direct sunlight for the coolest three hours and the hottest three hours of the day. What “rooms” do you want outside? Most gardens are broken into different area with different purposes by hedges, low walls, swales of groundcover, or different surfaces. Examples of outdoor “rooms” could include a purpose-built outdoor dining area, grill area, flower garden, vegetable garden, or lawn. Breaking up your yard gives more “destinations” within your own property - something suddenly very important.How do you feel about lawns? Is maintaining a lawn a labor of love for you, or just something you do by default? I think lawns have their place, it just isn’t every place: my yard has a dedicated grassy “play area” for picnics and pets, but it’s surrounded by low-maintenance shrubs that I find more rewarding. Slowly but surely, I’m replacing my front lawn entirely with strawberries. Personally, I much prefer pruning, mulching, and harvesting to mowing and fertilizing. That said, a well-manicured lawn can be glorious, so to each their own. Some people find mowing to be a really zen thing. If you hate mowing, now’s a good time to tear the grass up and replace it with a more rewarding, low-maintenance landscape. Whatever you do, do it on purpose. Do it because you want to do it, not because you assume it’s the only way.What do you eat? Victory Gardens are making a comeback. Probably more of a pleasant distraction than a necessary survival tactic, watching the progress of my vegetables every day gives me a reason to get out of the house. Perennial berry bushes like blueberries are generally pretty low-risk, high-reward, and I think our native Evergreen Huckleberry is one of the most underrated plants there is. If you’re unsure what kind of plants would actually be useful in your kitchen, try a salsa garden with tomatoes, peppers, and cilantro. Googling companion plants always helps.Japanese gardening principles can be applied to any kind of garden. A good Japanese garden feels ancient, with half-submerged rocks and moss everywhere. They also make good use of conifer textures, with maples providing a bright contrast to a muted evergreen backdrop. Many Pacific Northwest natives are mainstays of the Japanese garden, which uses plants and stone to create miniature landscapes -- perfect for a small city lot. In this incredibly weird time in human history, stopping to smell the roses takes our minds off worries and into the present -- things we can see, touch, taste, smell. Working in my garden -- my imperfect, messy garden -- has been good for me in a way few other things have. I love the random goodwill of complimenting strangers on their yards -- from a distance, of course, and not touching anything.Kevin Walthall is a Bremerton resident and a regular contributor to the Kitsap Sun. He also writes for the blog Urban Bremerton. Contact him at div class="asset...

Feb 27, 2020

The meaning of different flowers - The Concord Insider

Of life and joy, to those who seek For Love Divine and sunny hours In the language of the flowers. The Language of Flowers, London, 1875 Related Posts Related Posts ...

Feb 27, 2020

Kirsten Gillibrand campaign spent $57,000 on flowers - New York Post

Jonathan Gillibrand, is originally from England and his family still lives there. “Her husband’s parents, who are loaded, live in London and they go there to spend the holidays, Kirsten and her family,” one former Gillibrand staffer told The Post. “They always go at least at Christmas and maybe more. I actively recall British Airways. I know that because I dropped her off there. I was in the car when she was dropped off there a couple of times early on.” The senator recorded 12 payments for travel-related expenses to British Airways. International flights charged to the campaign were recorded in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2016 and 2018. During one such visit in April 2018, Gillibrand also retained the services of a chauffeur — a $219 charge she also billed to her Senate campaign. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, her husband Jonathan and son Theo celebrate during her victory speech in 2010.AP Gillibrand reps said the foreign travel was for overseas fundraisers with the American ex-pat community. In addition to commercial air travel, Gillibrand also has a taste for private planes, spending $462,900 on flights provided by boutique charter service Zen Air. Over the years, there have also been other splurges. In December 2011, the senator dropped $390 on an unknown item from Hermès of Paris. The filing earmarked the purchase as “office expenses.” An additional $435 went to the luxury retailer to buy gifts for supporters. There was also $500 for fine art photography from the Virgin Islands, and a $300 charge to New York’s Playwrights Horizon Theater for “research.” Gillibrand reps said the Broadway charge was to send a staffer to watch “The True” — a play about Gillibrand’s grandmother. “These are routine campaign expenses compiled over a decade: campaign staff parking tickets, office supplies, thank you gifts for fundraising hosts, and travel costs associated with fundraising overseas,” Gillibrand spokesman Evan Lukaske told The Post. But a source close to the legislator said, “It doesn’t exactly look good.” The spending is in stark contrast to Gillibrand’s senior, and apparently more austere, colleague, Sen. Chuck Schumer. A review of FEC filings from the same time period shows the minority leader never reached into his Senate fund for unpaid parking tickets, spent a mere $1,350 on flowers and generally eschewed the finer things. Supporter gifts were more modest, such as cheesecakes from Junior’s. Schumer also has a taste for private air travel, but his bills to Air Charter Express were less than a third of Gillbrand’s — $125,000. Even if the expenditures pass legal muster, pros said they still didn’t pass the smell test. “Why visit her husband’s family? What does that have to do with campaigning? If I was a donor to Sen. Gillibrand, I would want more information,” said Larry Sabato, a politica...

Feb 1, 2020

Winter collection brought to life with floral work at London gallery - The London Free Press

Collection, on at Westland Gallery in Wortley Village until Feb. 15. Works by several of London best-known artists and others from the region are featured in a new exhibition at a city gallery.The artwork of Dana Cowie, Geoff Farnsworth, Angie Quick, Maryann Hendriks, Curtis Doherty and Sam Chilvers are included in the Winter Collection show that continues until Feb. 15 at Westland Gallery in Wortley Village.An opening reception is planned for Saturday at 2 p.m., and an artists’ talk with Cowie, Quick and Hendriks will be held Sunday at 11 am.The gallery’s Danielle Hoevenaars said the exhibition “is diverse, encompassing figurative, floral, landscape and architecture.”Cowie a Hamilton native now living in Owen Sound has a series of works that “studies the barns and rolling hills of her new rural environment in a cubist style.” Hendriks large-scale abstract florals uses “bright spring-like colours.” Quick’s paintings in earth tones of wildflowers includes flowers that are wilting and “the resulting work is both beautiful and a reflection on loss.” Farnsworth and Doherty, both from the Niagara region, offer “an intriguing combination of figure and abstraction, real and imaginary,” said Hoevenaars, Chilve...


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