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Jul 6, 2021

Supreme Court turns away florist who refused same-sex wedding job -

Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch said they would have agreed to hear the case and review the decision. Four justices are needed for the court to take a case. In 2018 the high court ordered Washington state courts to take a new look at the case involving florist Barronelle Stutzman and her Arlene’s Flowers business. That followed the justices’ decision in a different case involving a Colorado baker who declined to make a cake for a same-sex wedding. After that review, the Washington Supreme Court ruled unanimously that state courts did not act with animosity toward religion when they ruled Stutzman broke the state’s anti-discrimination laws by refusing on religious grounds to provide flowers for the wedding of Rob Ingersoll and Curt Freed. Stutzman had sold Ingersoll flowers for nearly a decade and knew he was gay. But she contended his marriage went against her religious beliefs and she felt she could not provide services for the event. Washington state law says businesses offering services to opposite-sex couples must provide the same service to same-sex couples. Invalid username/password. Please check your email to confirm and co...

Jul 6, 2021

Christine Flowers: Free speech extends to students, too -

Justice Clarence Thomas was the sole dissenter. He wrote that Levy’s speech was automatically treated as “off campus” by the majority when in fact that concept is a lot trickier in the social media age: “But where it is foreseeable and likely that speech will travel onto campus, a school has a stronger claim to treating the speech as on campus speech.” According to Thomas, technology that enables the transmission of messages from a mall to students who might be on campus, in their homes, at the doctor, at an extracurricular game or at that same mall muddies the waters. It’s a great point, and one that the majority should have looked at in more detail, particularly with the proliferation of social media these days that have basically placed everyone within a click of being “friends” with strangers, privy to their deepest “confidences” that can be preserved for posterity with the screen shot function. And it’s worth noting that we are of course talking about public schools, which are essentially an arm of the government, so the rules are somewhat different when dealing with a private institution. But ultimately, the court was right to rule activities which would otherwise be permissible for an adult should not be forbidden to a child when they involve pure speech and expression. If a student doesn’t lose her First Amendment rights when she walks into the classroom, she certainly shouldn’t lose them when walking into Starbucks. Those of us who spent the past year watching school districts draw up lesson plans that tell students what words they can use so as not to “trigger” their classmates, and who have used totalitarian tactics to erase mascots and traditions should rejoice in the fact that for a brief shining moment, the government was told to back off. Christine Flowers is an attorney and a columnist for the Delaware County Daily Times, and can be reached at [email protected] Comments are not available on this story. « Previous Letter: In CMP corridor debate, Mainers deserve facts, not propaganda. Next » Commentary: What today’s GOP demonstrates about the dangers of partisan conformity filed under: Related Stories Latest Articles Adblock test (Why?)...

Dec 10, 2020

Clarence Salzer Obituary - ND | The Bismarck Tribune -

Clarence Salzer Clarence Salzer, 94, Bismarck, passed away Dec. 5, 2020 at Sanford Health. A private family ceremony will be held 11:30 a.m. Friday, Dec. 11. The service will be livestreamed on the Bismarck Funeral Home Facebook page and will be available on the funeral home webpage at a later date. Clarence was born Feb. 26, 1926 to John and Christina Salzer on a farm near Danzig. He was raised and educated in Ashley. After graduating he attended Wahpeton School of Science. He served in the U.S. Navy aboard the USS Consolation during WWII. Clarence worked in partnership with his family in the plumbing, heating and excavating business until 1963. He then continued to operate his own excavating business until 1976. He and his wife moved to Lakota where they owned a Coast to Coast store. After selling the store Clarence and is wife moved to Bismarck where he worked at Sandvigs and several other businesses. Clarence married Bernice Klein on Sept. 4, 1949 at the Ashley Baptist Church. The...

Nov 9, 2019

Arlene's Flowers v. Washington - Cato Institute

Justice Clarence Thomas wrote a concurrence offering some guidance, but post-Masterpiece state and circuit courts have diverged. As it has in previous stages of this litigation, Cato has filed an amicus brief supporting Arlene’s Flowers—again joined by Reason Foundation and Individual Rights Foundation—urging the Supreme Court to take up the case and settle these issues and ambiguities after all. Cato is the only organization in the country to have filed briefs in support of both Jim Obergefell (lead plaintiff in the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage case) and Jack Phillips (owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop). It shouldn’t be so hard to see the difference between government action and individual conscience, to have official equality while letting a thousand flowers bloom.

Aug 22, 2019

Eugene Brock 'Gene' Maxey, 77, nothing made him happier than golfing with buddies at the Golden Horseshoe - Williamsburg Yorktown Daily

U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Eugene Brock “Gene” Maxey, 77, folded his wings Monday, Aug. 19, 2019, in Williamsburg. Born Nov. 11, 1941, in Norfolk to Clarence “Red” Maxey and Harriette Foster Maxey, Gene earned a B.S. in Business Administration from Virginia Tech, was a member of Cotillion Club, and as a member of the Corps of Cadets, received his Air Force commission. As a logistics officer, he served around the world from Thailand and Germany to England and Taiwan. His military career concluded at Langley Air Force Base, where he retired after 21 years of proud service. Gene then utilized his military expertise for 18 years as director of Materials Management for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Nothing made Gene happier than golfing at the Golden Horseshoe with his golf buddies. He loved spending time at the Kingsmill Yacht Club and Sports Club. A huge film buff, Gene enjoyed Fridays at the movies, cheering his beloved Hokies and spending time with family and friends. All will remember Gene as a fun-loving and considerate friend, father and husband. While serving at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany, Gene met his wife of 49 years, Jeanne Strassel Maxey.