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Arden NC News

Oct 15, 2020

Middletown cops: Woman stole health center flowers to ‘spread love’ - Middletown Press

Community Health Center on Grand Street about someone stealing a number of chrysanthemums from the garden over the weekend. When authorities examined surveillance video, they identified Moebius-Fitzpatrick, the report indicated. CHC personnel told officers that it would cost $600 for landscapers to replace the flowers, because they would not survive replanting, according to the report. When an officer arrived at the suspect’s home, he allegedly found a yellow mum plant in the backyard, and fresh flower-type soil and pieces of the plant on the dashboard and in the center console area of her car. !-...

Oct 15, 2020

Frost doesn't mean the gardening season's over - Fairfield Citizen

I thought of a weather report I heard recently on the radio. The announcer stated: “Freezing temperatures are predicted for tonight, thus ending the gardening season.” His deadpan delivery of this dramatic -- for gardeners -- statement, as well as what he said, tells me that he was no gardener. Freezing temperatures do not end the gardening season. Despite that frost, aren’t there still leaves on trees, some of them still to turn spectacular, fiery colors? If I can’t consider trees part of my “garden,” how about some shrubs in the flower beds? Butterfly bush is still coughing out a few fragrant blossoms. Rhododendrons and heaths look as spry the morning after the freeze as they did during the warm day before it. HARDIER VEGETABLES AND FLOWERS Okay, so maybe the guy on the radio meant vegetables and herbaceous flowers when he was talking about gardening. Yes, bean and marigold plants definitely froze to death as recent night temperatures plummeted to 29 degrees Fahrenheit at my upstate New York home, as did zinnias, corn, peppers, cosmos and bachelor’s buttons.

Oct 15, 2020

Detailed Floral Design rebrands, expands to offer wedding flowers in Fallbrook and Bonsall - Valley News

Detailed Floral Design offers expertise in both wedding flower design and garden design to the many brides in Temecula, Fallbrook and the surrounding areas. Courtesy photo TEMECULA – Detailed Plant Design of Temecula is now Detailed Floral Design. The local florist has rebranded to emphasize their passion for uniquely personal floral creations. Now with the updated name, they are expanding from offering wedding flowers in the Temecula area to also include Fallbrook and Bonsall. “We are very excited to share our new name and begin designing wedding flowers for brides in Fallbrook and Bonsall as well as the Temecula area,” Karese DeHaan, owner and lead designer of Detailed Floral Design, said. Detailed Floral Design offers expertise in both wedding flower design and garden design to the many brides in Temecula, Fallbrook and the surrounding areas. The woman-owned business offers award-winning wedding florists who create uniquely personalized flower arrangements and support the community. After covering basic business costs, all proceeds from Detaile...

Oct 15, 2020

A ‘cottage garden’ blooms at Harveys Lake - Wilkes Barre Times-Leader

Those are just a few of the bright spots you’ll find if you visit Sorber’s garden at the Harveys Lake home she shares with her husband, Ned Hosey — and we haven’t even mentioned the birds yet. Sorber, who is a former president of the Back Mountain Bloomers Garden Club and a retired teacher, works part-time at Wild Birds Unlimited in Dallas. The ardent bird lover has filled her yard with several feeders — and she is regularly rewarded by visits from cardinals, woodpeckers, catbirds, blue jays and many other feathered friends. “The catbirds love jelly,” she said with a laugh, explaining how a sweet little spoonful helps attract them. “Grape jelly. It doesn’t have to be Smuckers.” She’ll often cut an apple or orange in half and set it out for the birds, who also can find nuts and suet in her feeders. “I call it a cottage garden,” she said of her array, which includes brown-eyed susans, ornamental grass, hibiscus, sunflowers, mums and more. She’s placed pumpkins on a staircase, hung cobalt blue bottles from a leafy tree and adorned two small fir trees with lights. Frog statues preside over a tiny pond, an old-fashioned metal minnow bucket lends interest to another corner of the yard, and if you keep your eyes open you’ll spot vintage gardening implements such as a watering can and rake. It doesn’t take a lot of money to create a fascinating garden, Sorber said, pointing ou...

Oct 15, 2020

When to Plant and How to Treat Bulbous Flowers - About Manchester - About Manchester

These are the plants that can be recommended even to a novice gardener. If you know several simple rules and tips, most types of bulbous flowers are very easy to grow. Although they require some care, they will please you with a variety of shapes and colours. So, what is important to know to grow bulbous flowers — read below. When to plant bulbous flowers? There is no certain answer because it depends on the time of their flowering. On this basis, all bulbous flowers are divided into spring and summer flowering types. 1) Spring-blooming bulb flowers This group includes many flowers that are called “snowdrops”, since they bloom very early, as soon as the snow melts. These are spring-flowering Crocuses, Scilla, Chionodoxa, Puschkinia, Muscari, Leucojum, and other small-bulbous plants. Also, the spring-flowering group includes species that bloom a little later, when the sun begins to actively warm up — these are Tulips of all their varieties, Daffodils, Hyacinthus, or bulbous Irises, and decorative Alliums. You can easily find these flower bulbs and plants online on dutch-bulbs. Planting of spring-flowering spe...

Oct 15, 2020

The Artists Giving New Life to Fake Flowers - The New York Times

For some, an obsession with paper flowers comes from the garden itself. The New York City artist Livia Cetti, 47, shapes tissue paper into spotted lilies, purple-black hollyhocks and sprays of clover under the name the Green Vase. She studied at the San Francisco Art Institute, working in flower shops along the way, and becoming a (live) floral stylist at Martha Stewart. Cetti sells her stems — made from a special crepe or tissue paper that she bleaches or dyes herself — at John Derian, the home décor shop in Manhattan’s East Village. The Berkeley, Calif., artist Anandamayi Arnold, 45, makes everything from pomegranates to irises (rhizome included) covered in richly hued crepe paper. Her decorative blooms also double as party favors: The hollow insides hold secret trinkets like friendship bracelets and stickers.Then there’s Sourabh Gupta, 30, who grew up in northern India, and who constructs his microscopically detailed blooms — Queen Anne’s lace, lady’s slippers and hellebore anchored in distressed terra-cotta or stone pots — in his Brooklyn studio, using everyday materials: Petals are made from paper towels hand-painted with food dye, coffee and tea; stamens are made from kitchen sponges. Boulder, Colo.-based Stephanie Redlinger, 39, a former graphic designer who launched her paper botanical atelier, the Florasmith, in San Francisco in 2015, considers her flowers and the mushrooms she has perfected, made primarily from crepe paper embellished with materials like sand, “as botanical portrait or homage” — realistic but with an emphasis on each creation’s essential quirks, such as a poppy’s wrinkles. The paper artist Zoe Bradley, 47, whose studio is in Cowbridge, near Cardiff, Wales, takes a more abstract, performative approach to her flowers. She began her career at the fashion house Alexander McQueen, where she built wooden legs and fan-shaped corsets for one of the designer’s elaborate runway shows, and her psychedelic-meets-origami blossoms, which she creates from stiff metallic paper, have been displayed in the windows of London stores including Liberty and Harrods.And then there’s Tiffanie Turner, based in Fairfax, Calif., who is widely acknowledged as the progenitor and doyenne of the new generation of paper-flower makers, teaching popular workshops on the subject. She shows her work in galleries and museums, like the a...