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Mar 16, 2017

Super Blooms, Desert and Death

Sunday evening to discover what had happened.  A couple traveling from Europe in August, 2011 had taken a rented Dodge Charger off Black Eagle Mine Road in Joshua Tree.  The soft sands had swallowed their tires, trapping them. The murderous heat rose and they panicked, going off on foot in different directions.  They made it about a mile before each collapsed dead from heatstroke.  Their bodies were later discovered by Sheriff’s deputies.Desert and death.I wanted to call my Dad and tell him the story about the Europeans, tell him how I had to get out of the house and see the desert, so different than Lake Michigan back home.  But he wouldn’t understand the cost of a trip to the Colorado Desert, or anywhere else.  And there was no service out there, anyhow.  It was only the stones and mountains and the wide empty sky.There are over 500 miles of roads in Anza Borrego and once you turn off the twisted mountain chokepoints you enter the land of eerie mountain towns, crowded diners, and the odd but frequent stance of a roadside piss.  Much of the state park is a hellscape, lands where a vast Imperial Sea vanished and seismic activity pieced new continents together.  Marshlands bubbled into tropical seas and as I walked the valleys, I saw million-year old shells baked into mountain walls and scattered among the stones.  Everywhere in Anza Borrego is the memory of water.  Even without a current drop, the visible geology of the desert are the scars of water—the harsh traces of erosion.  All of it prompted visions of long-vanished giants flicking their tails over smooth boulders in the ancestral Colorado River or stomping through marshy passes.The “super blooms” were fantastically alive in a landscape of so much death. At the dead-end of DiGiorgio Road, the traffic rose steadily after 9:30 a.m. When the pavement turned to dirt I panicked and rolled down the windows to look at the tires, trying to ensure I that wouldn’... (San Diego Free Press)

Dec 30, 2015

Rare butterfly sighted at Arippa forests

Travancore bambootail and jungle grass dart were observed by the team. Eighty bird species, which included the brown fish owl, grey headed bulbul, black Eagle, sparrow hawk, and great eared nightjar, were also observed. R. Jayaprakash, K.A. Kishore, B.V. Premkrishnan and Dr. Abhiram Chandran. (The Hindu)