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Funeral Service Flowers for a well-lived life is the most cherished. Be that open heart for that special someone in grief.


Create that sense of peace and tranquility in their life with a gentle token of deepest affections.

Buds And Blossoms

Order flowers and gifts from Buds And Blossoms located in Ubly MI for a birthday, anniversary, graduation or a funeral service. The address of the flower shop is 2218 East Main Street, Ubly Michigan 48475 Zip. The phone number is (989) 658-8471. We are committed to offer the most accurate information about Buds And Blossoms in Ubly MI. Please contact us if this listing needs to be updated. Buds And Blossoms delivers fresh flowers – order today.

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Buds And Blossoms
2218 East Main Street
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(989) 658-8471
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Express you love, friendship, thanks, support - or all of the above - with beautiful flowers & gifts!

Find Buds And Blossoms directions to 2218 East Main Street in Ubly, MI (Zip 48475) on the Map. It's latitude and longitude coordinates are 43.710129, -82.931343 respectively.

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Mar 16, 2017

Feathery plant has strange family members

The entire bush glows when back-lit because of the hairs on the leaves, but this is doubly true of the paler and fuzzier bracts, which have an uncanny ability to catch light.The tiny white flowers themselves are lost amidst the feathery extravagance of the blooming plant, but they can be seen on close approach. Various bees, flies and beetles are attracted to the blossoms, and if successfully pollinated the plant forms hard, brown three-chambered capsules containing the dark brown seeds.In nature, Phylica pubescens is found in habitats with fynbos vegetation, which is roughly equivalent to California’s chaparral. Both of these fynbos and chaparral habitats are composed of fire-adapted shrubs that thrive on dry summers and mild wet winters, but the actual species present in each are completely different.Three plant groups are especially abundant in the fynbos areas: the Protea family, the Erica family (heaths and heathers), and the Restio family (rush-like plants used to thatch roofs in South Africa). But this is only the beginning of the story as there are thousands of species found there, including bulbs, pelargoniums, various succulents and Phylica pubescens.Like many other fynbos plants, P. pubescens dislikes alkaline conditions and is intolerant of high levels of phosphorus. These areas are naturally low in phosphorus, so plants there are hyper-efficient at extracting it and can overdose if given too much.To succeed with P. pubescens, give it plenty of sun, good drainage and only apply low-phosphorus fertilizers.Brian Kemble is curator at the Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek. His monthly column focuses on drought tolerant plants and dry gardens. Email questions to Learn more about the Ruth Bancroft Garden at (The Mercury News)

Feb 9, 2017

Get a whiff of some great romantic rose options | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

It’s a natural reaction when one sees a flower to lean over and sniff it. If there’s no fragrance you’re disappointed. I believe, however, this is doubly true of roses. With a rose the anticipation of fragrance is so strong. If a rose is not fragrant the disappointment is somehow deeper.” Do your research if you want roses with a strong fragrance. Many of the hybrid tea roses have had the scents knocked right out of them as breeders focused on flower size and color. The David Austin roses are modern English roses bred for fragrance and ease of care and these hardy plants do very well here in our cool Northwest climate. The most fragrant rose in my garden is the double pink beauty called “Olivia Rose Austin” and one whiff of this David Austin rose will turn anyone into a compulsive sniffer. Gardeners can order David Austin roses now from local nurseries (they come in a rainbow of colors), from the website at or just visit Amazon and click to have a dormant rose plant delivered to your doorstep. (Renton Reporter)

Feb 3, 2017

Mahonia shrub chases winter blues away with blooms

Gardeners are always looking for something interesting for their winter garden, and that is doubly true for shady locations. One tough customer that fits that bill is Mahonia, an evergreen shrub native to Japan, China and the western United States. One species in the latter locale, Mahonia aquifolium, is better known as Oregon grape. The common name isn’t entirely whimsical. Mahonia species produce vivid purplish-blue berries after flowering that are a favorite of birds and animals. Mahonia species are perhaps best known for their prickly pinnate leaves. These foot-long, bright green leaves are composed of as many as nine ovate, spiny-toothed leaflets, giving these shrubs a “briar patch” reputation. Don’t be deterred; these shrubs gradually sprout racemes of bright gold flowers that make for a spectacular winter show. And even if the birds don’t come calling for the vividly colored berries, you’ll get to enjoy the cornucopia for as long as a month. Mahonias come close to being one of our near-perfect plants. They are easy to grow and require only a small amount of water to establish; when fully established, they require almost no water at all. They resist d... (San Francisco Chronicle)

Dec 15, 2016

Giving the garden a winter glow

Sweet scents are doubly precious in winter when Goldspire Azara produces tiny, fluffy yellow flowers amid rounded, creamy-edged leaves. In a sheltered corner, this slim shrub can build into a small tree (to 15 feet) if winter blasts don’t cut it down. Hardier and more compact, Choisya ternata Sundance is chartreuse in shade and clean lemon in a sunnier spot, its tapered leaves forming little sunbursts at each branch tip. The small, white flowers exude a potent orange fragrance, appearing in flushes from spring into autumn, with a few random blooms even in deep winter. Daphne odora Maejima is a tidy, compact shrub (3-4 feet) with boldly striped evergreen leaves in olive and buttery yellow. Blooming through the winter, tightly clustered chalk pink flowers emerge from rose-red buds, scenting the garden or the house with their powerful perfume. Golden flowers also sparkle on gray winter days. Our native Oregon grapes often begin blooming in early winter, and several hybrid forms combine fragrant yellow flowers with highly dramatic form. Among the showiest is Mahonia x media Lionel Fortescue, a traffic stopper of an evergreen shrub with leathery, holly-like foliage and generous sprays of lemony, sweetly scented flowers on very long, slim spikes that keep overwintering Anna’s hummingbirds happy and nurture unseasonal bees. This upright shrub has a joyful, uplifting quality when blooming that makes it tempting for a frontline position. However, because it may achieve 10-15 feet in height over time, it needs careful placement so it can reach maturity without outgrowing its position. It does not take kindly to pruning, though elderly, spindly plants can be restored to fullness by making cuts just above any of the thickened rings on the main stems. Plenty of grasses and perennials can also bring a gleam of gold in the offseason. A gilded grass, Carex oshimensis Evergold, is striking any time of year, with arching, golden strands that look especially pretty emerging from gravel or rocky mulches. A lush coral bell, Heuchera Lime Marmelade, offers a... (Kitsap Sun)

Apr 1, 2016

Best plants for your 2016 yard? Try these award-winning all-stars...

Full sun to light shade.) Geranium Brocade Fire. This one has two-toned burgundy and lime leaves with orange flowers – doubly striking, especially if you like orange flowers. (Full sun to light shade.) Garden Club of America Plant of the Year This award is bestowed by the national organization of garden... (

Feb 2, 2016

Edgewater family pressured to take down roadside memorial after nine years

Sasowski said despite the heartache that has come from Chris’ death, she calls herself “doubly blessed.”</p><p>“I get to see Christopher every day in Kevin," Sasowski said. "They were so identical when they were born that I had to paint Christopher’s fingernail red.”</p><p>The Sasowski family will hold a memorial at the site on Williams Road on Monday, January 25, at 5 p.m. to mark the nine-year anniversary of Chris’ death. All are welcome to attend.</p><p> </p></p><!-- Nothing to do. The paragraph has already been output --><p></p><p></p><p></p>... (Daytona Beach News-Journal)


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