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Funeral Service Flowers for a well-lived life is the most cherished. Be that open heart for that special someone in grief.


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Find local Converse, Louisiana florists below that deliver beautiful flowers to residences, business, funeral homes and hospitals in Converse and surrounding areas. Choose from roses, lilies, tulips, orchids, carnations and more from the variety of flower arrangements in a vase, container or basket. Place your flower delivery order online of call.

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Nov 9, 2019

Microscopic Images Reveal the Most Potent Cannabis Flowers in Incredible Detail - Newsweek

The result was that under ultraviolet light, the stalked trichomes possessed blue autofluorescence, reflecting the plant's higher cannabinoid levels. Conversely, the sessile trichomes possessed a red autofluorescence, signaling lower levels of the metabolite.The technique also revealed the stalked trichomes contained clusters of 12 to 16 secretory disc cells. Those in the sessile trichomes were smaller and fewer in number (8), while those in the bulbous trichomes were indistinguishable and, as such, could not be included in the analysis."We saw that stalked glandular trichomes have expanded "cellular factories" to make more cannabinoids and fragrant terpenes," said co-lead author Sam Livingston, a Ph.D. candidate at UBC botany."We also found that they grow from sessile-like precursors and undergo a dramatic shift during development that can be visualized using new microscopy tools." img class="mapping-embed lazysize lazyload imgPhoto" id="i1540749" data-src="" alt="can...

Apr 6, 2018

Love and flowers; perfect match for Hill urban pioneer

FTD bouquet could generate enough rubbish to fill a curbside trash can! That’s trash that stays in our landfills for decades to come.”Conversely, flowers grown locally “are usually grown organically or with very minimal chemicals. They grow in a field where the natural rain and sun support their growth, instead of in a hot house under plastic, being fed a slurry of synthetic fertilizers under artificial light. Locally grown flowers only require a bucket … and maybe a bit of paper for wrapping a bouquet.”Her own paper-wrapped bouquets can be bought in season at Weavers Way in Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill. Love says she is enormously grateful for the support she receives from Chestnut Hill specifically and Philadelphia as a whole. “Chestnut... (Chestnut Hill Local)

Nov 17, 2017

Marin Master Gardener: Reseeding, a blessing and a curse

Conversely, I planted Geranium pyrenaicum ‘Bill Wallis’ from one 4-inch pot a long time ago, but, while it readily reseeds, it is difficult to dig up and control. I live next to an open space. The weed grass seeds that blow or are personally delivered by birds into my yard are a constant headache.The real problems come with non-native species that readily reseed and invade our waterways, valleys and hillsides with reckless abandon. They inhibit native species of flora and fauna with their rampant spread. They can lead to a reduction in the diversity of desirable plants and change the relationships between plants and the organisms of the area that depend on them.One glaring example is Scotch broom (Cytisus scoparius). Broom was introduced to California as an ornamental plant. We recognize it all over Marin in spring when it is covered in bright yellow flowers. Now it has become a widespread naturalized invasive weed. Because of its aggressive seed dispersal, broom removal has become extremely difficult. It crowds out the native vegetation and grows most prolifically in some of the least accessible areas. Mechanical removal (by hand or machine) is costly and prohibitive. The use of chemical removal with glyphosate is an issue that inflames the community with concerns about its safety to the environment.Other plants ubiquitous to our area and destructively invasive are pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana), thistle and giant reeds (Arundo donax). It is important to note that a species that is invasive in one part of the state may not be a problem somewhere else. For example, the cold of the mountains takes care of plants that are invasive on the beach. It is important to know what is growing around you and what you introduce... (Marin Independent Journal)

Jul 14, 2017

Flowers are only the beginning

Rhododendrons do not benefit directly from deadheading, but look better without old floral trusses. Conversely, the potentially picturesque dead flowers of sea holly might be left intact. (Santa Maria Times (subscription))

Jun 8, 2017

Flowers for home and garden

Floribunda, polyantha and climbing roses are more of a compromise with less ideal (perhaps) flowers on friendlier plants.Conversely, bearded iris are spectacular while blooming out in the garden, but do not last so well as cut flowers. As colorful as they are, they perform best while still attached to the plants that produced them. Fading flowers might be groomed away from flowers that continue to bloom later, but are not a serious problem if allowed to linger. The garden is more forgiving than the home.Where space allows, rose gardens or cutting gardens are areas devoted to the production of flowers for cutting and bringing into the home. Like vegetable gardens, cutting gardens might be hedged, fenced or partly concealed from the rest of the landscape. No one minds if the utilitarian plants within get deprived of their flowers, or need to be staked or caged like big tomato plants. Get tips on free stuff and fun ideas delivered weekly to your inbox .whatcounts-form-container.well { padding-bottom: 5px; } .whatcounts-form-container .left-col, .whatcounts-form-container .right-col{ float: left; width: 100%; max-width: 345px; } .whatcounts-form-container .left-col{ margin-right: 20px; } .whatcounts-form-container .whatcounts-min .left-col{ max-width: none; margi... (Santa Maria Times (subscription))

Aug 29, 2016

Ohana Fest Day 2 By The Minute

Cat Power! The smell of marijuana begins to fill the air and she sings "Don't Explain”.  5:50 A girl wearing black high-top converse walks by me with Lana del Rey on the ankle of her shoes. Cat Power tells the crowd "Im very honored to be invited here," while placing her hand over her heart.  6:00 "Thank you so much for your patience and open hearts" she says. "I can feel it," she includes with a quivering voice. But as the lyrics begin to roll off her tongue she is at ease. Several Lana del Rey fans are just now arriving with flowers in their hair and denim layered on denim. Cat Power let's out her signature howl as she sings into two microphones and shakes her hips.  6:20 I was going to do one more song. What do you guys think about acapella? The crowd yells, agreeing. She leaves the stage for a moment and returns with Eddie Vedder. They begin to sing "Tonight You Belong to Me", an Eddie Vedder song featuring Cat Power. (The two have been known to perform at one another's shows.)  6:30 The Palms are at the Tiki stage with a Jamaican sound and hipster outfits. The lead singer, Johnny Zambetti looks like Adam DeVine from Workaholics.  6:45 Kelly Slater in VIP shaking hands and taking pictures. The legend in the flesh after just winning Teahupo'o.  6:40 City and Colour come out with the words "beauty" in black and white behind them. Sexy guitar riffs in full effect as the sun begins to set to the left of the stage, behind eucalyptus trees. They perform "Woman”.  7:00 "How about a round of applause for all the music you've seen and heard today," Dallas Green says. A chill starts to set in from the water, while purple lighting highlights the band like a effervescent aura.  7:10 "This one is in honor of playing in such a beautiful place" Green says. "A long long time ago I heard a band called Pearl Jam and it made my life take a different path. That's one of the main reasons I started writing my own songs. So to be up here is a huge honor. Thank you to Eddie. On that note this is a song about dying..." he laughs. They perform "Waiting”.  7:25 He sings "Lover Come Ba... (OC Weekly)