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Oct 15, 2020

The Artists Giving New Life to Fake Flowers - The New York Times

In the wake of World War I and Modernism, however, fake flowers were rendered gauche; women discarded their blossom-embellished gowns for Coco Chanel’s easy drop-waisted shifts, and stilted arrangements of artificial blooms suddenly seemed a poor substitute for the newly affordable tulips and daffodils imported from Holland. Faux flowers were pushed even further to the outskirts of taste by the tacky plastic versions that emerged by the late 1950s.IN RECENT YEARS, however, as paper has been increasingly embraced as an artistic medium representative of the era’s sense of impermanence, the artificial flower has been revived. The current crop of blooms acknowledge ancient techniques — the Chinese started making paper around A.D. 100 — but have taken those once-simple forms to extremes.A new generation of makers, many of them women deliberately reimagining crafts once dismissed as the idle work of stay-at-home ladies, have begun exploring the possibilities of flora made from all kinds of paper. Like lace-making, crochet and embroidery, handmade flowers — from the ultrarealistic to the wildly fantastical — are simultaneously ephemeral and weighty; they carry on their petals both a rich chapter in the history of craft and an inherent critique of social politics.For some, an obsession with paper flowers comes from the garden itself. The New York City artist Livia Cetti, 47, shapes tissue paper into spotted lilies, purple-black hollyhocks and sprays of clover under the name the Green Vase. She studied at the San Francisco Art Institute, working in flower shops along the way, and becoming a (live) floral stylist at Martha Stewart. Cetti sells her stems — made from a special crepe or tissue paper that she bleaches or dyes herself — at John Derian, the home décor shop in Manhattan’s East Village. The Berkeley, Calif., artist Anandamayi Arnold, 45, makes everything from pomegranates to irises (rhizome included) covered in richly hued crepe paper. Her decorative blooms also double as party favors: The hollow insides hold secret trinkets like friendship bracelets and stickers.Then there’s Sourabh Gupta, 30, who grew up in northern India, and who constructs his microscopically detailed blooms — Queen Anne’s lace, lady’s slippers and hellebore anchored in distressed terra-cotta or stone pots — in his Brooklyn studio, using everyday materials: Petals are made from paper towels hand-painted with food dye, coffee and tea; stamens are made from kitchen sponges. Boulder, Colo.-based Stephanie...

Oct 15, 2020

Fall hiking in Door County: See blooming flowers, animals preparing for winter - Green Bay Press Gazette

Ahnapee State Trail, offer hiking trails, according to the Door County Parks Department website: Ellison Bluff, Ahnapee State Trail, Cave Point, Door Bluff Headlands and Sugar Creek.Ellison Bluff County Park in the town of Liberty Grove offers both natural and accessible trails. One trail offer views of the bays of Green Bay and Ellison Bay, and a stairway climb provides more spectacular views.The Ahnapee State Trail is part of the state's Rails to Trails program. The former railroad bed covers more than 40 miles along the Ahnapee and Kewaunee rivers through woods and fields from Sturgeon Bay to Algoma, with another section heading to Casco and Luxemburg before finishing in Kewaunee. It can be accessed from parking lots (with restrooms) at the trailhead at 1820 S. Neenah Ave., Sturgeon Bay; or Forestville Dam County Park, 1613 State 423, Maplewood.Cave Point, off Door County WD in the town of Sevastopol, is best known for its spectacular views of the Lake Michigan shore that can be accessed on a narrow walk, although hikers should know that there is no fencing or other protection from the steep dr...

Aug 3, 2020

Storied Houston Hotel Adds its Own Showcase Flower Shop — Inside The Houstonian's New Floral Studio Wonderland - PaperCity Magazine

While the Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa is working feverishly to complete the revamping of its highly regarded Trellis Spa, the tree-shrouded resort in the midst of Houston is adding to its hospitality portfolio. With not only special events and weddings in mind, Sage ‘n’ Bloom floral design has also opened up shop as The Houstonian’s on-site floral studio.The exceptional work of floral designer Wendy Du can be seen in the massive and magnificent arrangements that welcome guests as they enter the hotel lobby. Likewise, her work is seen in Tribute, the hotel’s full-size restaurant.We can’t help be recall the floral extravaganzas of the Four Seasons George V in Paris, the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills and London’s Claridge’s where renowned floral design house McQueens has an on-site boutique. Flowers for an outdoor wedding at The Houstonian are created by Sage ‘n’ Bloom at The Houstonian. (Courtesy photo)Sage ‘n’ Bloom quietly opened in May and has provided flowers for several weddings. But with the COVID-19 situation, Houstonian waited until this past week to launch its official g...

Aug 3, 2020

Daisies bring a sunny look to the garden - Sumter Item

There is no eye to these flowers. The original "daisy" of poetry and literature is the English daisy, Bellis perennis. These squat, cheerful flowers, with yellow discs surrounded by petals in shades from deep-rose to white, originated in the grassy fields of England. Now they are widespread in America, too. Cultivated forms have been bred to have so many rows of petals that their yellow eyes often are hidden. These plants self-sow readily to give seedlings that revert to the "wild" form with a single row of petals, in which case they sometimes are considered weeds as they invade lawns and gardens. SO MANY FLOWERS WITH "DAISY" IN THEIR NAMES Nowadays, we gardeners use the word "daisy" to represent many different flowers in the daisy family. In the chrysanthemum genus, for example, there's the ox-eye daisy (C. leucanthemum), its white petals encircling a clear yellow disc. It's a familiar roadside plant. This plant, like the English daisy, was a native of Europe, but has firmly established itself in America (many consider it a weed). Other perennial chrysanthemum daisies include the Nippon daisy (C. nipponicum), also with white petals, and the painted daisy (C. coccineum), whose red, pink or white flowers begin their show in early summer. The high, or giant daisy (C. uliginosum) is aptly named, because its white flowers tower 4 to 7 feet above the ground. The crown, or garland daisy (C. coronarium) is an annual species, with yellow or white flowers atop 3-foot stalks. The Erigeron genus and the aster genus also have some "daisies;" the former sometimes are called fleabanes, for their alleged ability to drive away fleas, and the latter sometimes are called Michaelmas daisies. Whereas the fleabanes generally bloom in spring and early summer, the asters bloom from late summer into fall. Two representatives of Erigeron that are good garden daisies are the orange daisy (E. aurantiacus) and the seaside, or double-orange daisy (E. glaucus). The list goes on, including the perennial globe daisy (Globularia trichosantha), a low-growing native of Asia producing a globular, blue flower; the Swan River daisy (Brachycome iberidifolia), a graceful little annual with blue, rose or white flowers; and the blue daisy (Agatheae coelestris), a plant best suited for greenhouse-growing, with sky-blue petals surrounding a yellow eye. Next spring, I will plant a sweep of pastel landscape with African daisies (Arctotis grandis), whose petals, white skyward over lavender undersides, surround steel-blue centers. In contrast, individual attention is demanded from each flower of Transvaal daisies (Gerbera jamesonii), which blosso...

Feb 27, 2020

What to Plant in April - Best Flowers and Vegetables to Plant in Spring -

April, depending on where you live; they don’t bear well in heat. Plant about an inch deep or spaced an inch apart on both sides of a trellis or pea netting because they need to climb. Try: Sugar Snap, Super Sugar SnapSHOP NOW 3 Radishes Radishes are an easy crop to grow, and they’re ready in about 30 days. Direct seed into the garden in early spring, planting short rows every two weeks for a continuous harvest. Thin the seedlings to about an inch apart once they pop through the earth because they need room to develop. Keep planting beds or containers moist so radishes don’t become woody and tough.Try: Easter Egg, Cherry BelleSHOP NOW ...

Feb 27, 2020

Foodie Guide to the 2020 EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival - The Kingdom Insider

In addition to the returning Outdoor Kitchens like The Honey Bee-stro, The Citrus Blossom, Trowel & Trellis, and Flavor Full Kitchen, there is a new kitchen in The American Adventure called Magnolia Terrace as well as a variety of new offerings, including a selection of plant-based offerings, throughout all of the menus. Check out all of these offerings and more for the 2020 EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival detailed below in my official Foodie Guide! The festival runs March 4–June 1, 2020. And while you’re snacking around World Showcase, be sure to pick up a souvenir Spike the Bee spork! He’s the cutest way to snack sustainably! This reusable utensil featuring this bee-loved pollinator is available for purchase at select Outdoor Kitchens while supplies last.For more information, visit the Walt Disney World Resort website or check out the My Disney Experience mobile app. Happy Snacking!(GF) Gluten/Wheat Friendly Menu Selections(PB) Plant-based Menu Selections(KA) Kid Approved Selections Flavor Full Kitchen Hosted by AdventHealth Food:Grilled Baby Vegetables with Hummus Cream and Red Pepper Coulis (PB)Seared Verlasso® Salmon with Farro Risotto and Micro-herbsStrawberry Mousse with Chocolate Crisp Pearls (KA) Beverage:Blood Orange Agua Fresca (Non-Alcoholic)Cookie Butter Worms and Dirt (Non-Alcoholic, KA) The Honey Bee-stro Hosted by National Honey BoardFood:Roasted Cauliflower with Buckwheat Honey Carrot Purée, Wild Rice Pilaf, Asparagus, Honey-blistered Grapes, Sunflower Brittle, and Coriander Flowers (GF, KA)Honey Tandoori Chicken Flatbread with White Cheddar Cheese, Charred Vegetables, Clover Honey Sour Cream, and Micro Citrus GreensLocal Wildflower Honey-Mascarpone Cheesecake with Orange Blossom Honey Ice Cream garnished with Fennel Pollen Meringue Kisses (KA)Beverage:Honey-Peach Freeze in a Souvenir Spike the Bee Sipper Cup (Non-Alcoholic, KA) (Novelty Sipper Only Available While Supplies Last)B. Nektar New Wave Lemonade Mead, Ferndale MIFlorida Orange Groves Winery Orange Blossom Honey Wine, St. Petersburg, FLHoney-Peach Freeze with Bl...