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Sep 10, 2018

Campbell Horticultural Society celebrates 90 years with annual flower show and tea

Camilla Finley of Sudbury was the first place winner in the Terry Fox Run, Youth Only, section of the floral specials at the 90th anniversary Campbell Horticultural Society flower show and tea. Miss Finley is a frequent Manitoulin visitor.MINDEMOYA-The Campbell Horticultural Society celebrated 90 years, complete with music by Jim Smith, with a flower show and tea at the Mindemoya Community Hall.The event was titled Decades of Flowers and began with the years 1928-1937 to showcase the Great Depression. This section specials featured displays that were miniature design, not to exceed five inches in any direction, and the first place award went to Penny Palonen. She also took first prize in the variegated leaf geranium section, small leaf begonia and zinnias.The next decade, Princess Elizabeth Marries Duke of Edinburgh, was small design, not to exceed 5.5 inches by 10 inches in any direction, and Beverly Webster took first place. She also won Best in Class for a red rose, single bloom, a...

Mar 16, 2017

Prince charming! Harry shares a sweet moment with a posy bearer handing flowers to the royals after the ...

This afternoon, the Queen was joined by Harry and her sons Edward and Charles - with his wife Camilla - for the annual service of Thanksgiving. Dapper in a navy suit and matching tie, Harry, 32, looked to be in good spirits despite his girlfriend, Suits actress Meghan Markle, currently on the other side of the world. The theme of the today's service was 'a Peace-building Commonwealth.''The cornerstones on which peace is founded are, quite simply, respect and understanding for one another,' the Queen wrote in her Commonwealth Day message.'Working together, we build peace by defending the dignity of every individual and community.' Harry later chatted to pupils from Francis Holland School in Regent's Park who had been invited to meet him following today's service.Just over 70 flag waving girls stood outside in Dean's Yard, lining the route that Harry, accompanied by his uncles Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. Was taking to a post-service reception. The royal, 32, looked to be in good spirits despite his girlfriend, Suits actress Meghan Markle, currently on the other side of the world in TorontoAs he approached the line the prince stopped to speak to 12-year-old Tiya, who told him that he looked like best-selling artist Sheeran, a fellow red-head but one with a slightly more rounded figure.Harry roared with laughter before gesticulating to The Dean of Westminster, the Very Reverend Dr John Hall, who was walking with him.'Did you hear what they just said?'' he told him incredulously and gesticulated towards the youngsters.p class="ima... (Daily Mail)

Aug 15, 2016

In San Francisco, a great urban park to plant your family in

On a Saturday afternoon in early June, my family went to the playground with friends Camilla Kendall and her 5-year-old daughter, Gia Nichols, of Rancho Cordova. Gia and my daughter, Prairie, made good use of the rock waves and two cement slides down which kids glide (pretty slowly; it’s not anywhere near bobsled-esque). They also took a couple of spins on the neighboring Herschell-Spillman Carousel, which was constructed in 1914 and operated in Los Angeles and Portland before being installed at Golden Gate Park in 1940.   Kendall, an animal rights activist, called the carousel incredible, pointing out it “had anything from a cat to a wild boar to ride. And after all, the only way to ride any animal is on a carousel!” Tracy resident Cindy Cornejo and her 7-year-old daughter, Ellyana, climbed to the top of a cone-shaped rope structure in the middle of the playground. “I used to come here when I was younger,” the mother told me after gingerly descending. “I really wanted to bring her here to experience this.” My daughter and her friend had a wonderful time in this big, amazing play land for children. Camilla Kendall of Rancho Cordova, talking about Koret Children’s Quarter A 20-minute walk away, the lush 5-acre Japanese Tea Garden and its striking five-story pagoda offered other serene delights. Gia and Prairie became fixated with what they referred to as the circular bridge (although it’s actually shaped more like half an oval, round side up, and some would call it a moon or drum bridge). Up and over they went, again and again, giggling, as did many older people who seemed to find the steep, wooden structure a perfect place to pose for photographs. Beneath the bridge, koi provided more photo ops, their bright-orange scales pairing nicely with all the surrounding deep-green foliage. Staring at the pond’s banks, they seemed to be waiting to be fed once the garden closed and the tourists had departed. Created in 1894, the tea garden is also the oldest such site in the United States. The pagoda dates from the Panama-Pacific International Exposition of 1915, and the bronze Buddha sculpture behind it was cast in Japan in 1790.   Closer to the playground, the Conservatory... (Sacramento Bee)

Jul 5, 2016

Today in History: Dec. 9

Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, after lawmakers approved a controversial hike in university tuition fees. Actor Wesley Snipes began serving a three-year sentence at a federal prison in Pennsylvania for failure to file income tax returns. Florida’s Clemency Board pardoned Jim Morrison for indecent exposure and profanity charges stemming from a Doors concert in 1969. John du Pont, the chemical fortune heir who killed Olympic gold medal wrestler David Schultz in 1996, died in prison at age 72. One year ago: U.S. Senate investigators concluded the United States had brutalized scores of terror suspects with interrogation tactics that turned secret CIA prisons into chambers of suffering and did nothing to make Americans safer after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. Britain’s Prince William and his wife, Kate, paid a solemn, rain-drenched visit to the National Sept. 11 Memorial and Museum as they wrapped up their first visit to New York. Mary Ann Mobley Collins, 77, a former Miss America and actress, died in Beverly Hills, California. Today’s Birthdays: Actor Kirk Douglas is 99. Actor-writer Buck Henry is 85. Actress Dame Judi Dench is 81. Actor Beau Bridges is 74. Jazz singer-musician Dan Hicks is 74. Football Hall-of-Famer Dick Butkus is 73. Comedian-songwriter Neil Innes is 71. Actor Michael Nouri is 70. Former Sen. Thomas Daschle, D-S.D., is 68. World Golf Hall of Famer Tom Kite is 66. Singer Joan Armatrading is 65. Actor Michael Dorn is 63. Actor John Malkovich is 62. Country singer Sylvia is 59. Singer Donny Osmond is 58. Rock musician Nick Seymour (Crowded House) is 57. Comedian Mario Cantone is 56. Actor David Anthony Higgins is 54. Actor Joe Lando is 54. Actress Felicity Huffman is 53. Crown Princess Masako of Japan is 52. Country musician Jerry Hughes (Yankee Grey) is 50. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., is 49. Rock singer-musician Thomas Flowers (Oleander) is 48. Rock musician Brian Bell (Weezer) is 47. Rock singer-musician Jakob Dylan (Wallflowers) is 46. Country musician Brian Hayes (Cole Deggs and the Lonesome) is 46. Actress Allison Smith is 46. Songwriter and former “American Idol” judge Kara DioGuardi (dee-oh-GWAHR’-dee) is 45. Country singer David Kersh is 45. Actress Reiko (RAY’-koh) Aylesworth is 43. Rock musician Tre Cool (Green Day) is 43. Rapper Canibus is 41. Actor Kevin Daniels (TV: “Sirens”) is 39. Actor/writer/director Mark Duplass is 39. Rock musician Eric Zamora (Save Ferris) is 39. Rock singer Imogen Heap is 38. Actor Jesse Metcalfe is 37. Actor Simon Helberg is 35. Actress Jolene Purdy is 32. Actor Joshua Sasse is 28. Olympic gold and silver medal gymnast McKayla Maroney is 20. Thought for Today: “The real question is not whether machines think but whether men do. The mystery which surrounds a thinking machine already surrounds a thinking man.” – B.F. Skinner, American behaviorist (1904-1990). © 2015 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. (WTOP)

Jun 10, 2016

Bring on the bees and flowers, food will blossom

They harm many more good bugs than bad. BTI is hard on mosquitoes, but safe for other pollinators Camilla in D.C. writes: “I’ve heard you mention BTI a few times as mosquito control. I work at a native plant nursery in Alexandria. My research suggests that BTI targets the entire diptera order, which also includes some pollinators. My co-workers believe this disqualifies it for mosquito control. Do you still believe BTI is appropriate for people for whom local ecology is very important?” Yes, I do because local people are also important, and BTI is a great common-sense way to protect those people from the nasty diseases spread by mosquitoes. And it has very little impact on pollinators. In fact, BTI — a naturally-occurring soil organism used for nontoxic mosquito control — actually affects very few members of the diptera genus, which includes all of the true flies. (Yes, mosquitoes are actually flies.) Added to water, BTI has been shown to affect only mosquitoes, blackflies and those annoying fungus gnats that people breed when they overwater their houseplants. It has no effect on important pollinators in the fly family like hoverflies and bee flies. (And those pollinators don’t breed in the standing water that we’d be treating with BTI — so they won’t even be exposed.) Let’s be real here. We are under ever-increasing danger from mosquitoes carrying really nasty diseases (zika, West Nile to name a few). Adding BTI in the form of granules or doughnut-shaped dunks to standing water is an excellent way to reduce their numbers while affecting only one important pollinator — the mosquitoes themselves. Yes, mosquitoes are pollinators. Male mosquitoes live on pollen alone, and female mosquitoes also consume a lot of pollen to keep their energy up in between blood meals. So, yes, using BTI effectively will limit that one source of pollination. But anything that would be used instead of BTI to control mosquitoes would carry a huge risk of wiping out large numbers of pollinators, including honeybees and hundreds of different species of native bees. Honey dos (and don’ts) this week Finish pruning azaleas, rhododendrons, lilacs and other spring bloomers. They’ll soon begin setting next year’s flowers. Be patient with hydrangeas. Many of them were damaged by a late frost this year. Wait to prune them until all of the flowers are obvious and open. Then you can remove dead wood and nonflowering branches. Prune off the hips that form after the each flush of roses has faded to encourage re-bloom. Mulch with compost (not composted manure) if you think they could use a little food. Stay away from chemical plant food and especially wood mulches. Gently remove browned out spring bulb leaves. The underground bulbs should be fully recharged with their flowers for next year. If you want to give your lawn a spring feeding and haven’t yet, do it soon — before the heat stress of summer hits hard. Cut flowers for indoor display and salad greens for good eating in the cool of the morning, never in the heat of the day. Don’t cut your lawn when it’s wet. And don’t handle the leaves of disease-prone plants like roses and tomatoes when they’re wet. Follow @WTOP on Twitter and WTOP on Facebook. © 2016 WTOP. All Rights Reserved. (WTOP)

Feb 3, 2016

Kate Middleton: England's Future Queen? Queen Elizabeth II Picks Duchess of Cambridge Over Camilla Parker-Bowles

There have been incessant reports about Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker-Bowles' power struggle. But now, it seems that the Duchess of Cambridge has gained the upper hand on the epic royal fight. Due to the nasty behavior of the Duchess of Cornwall, Queen Elizabeth II was reportedly contemplating if son Prince Charles is still fit to rule the kingdom. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, royal insiders revealed that Camilla's temper and verbal assault to the Prince of Wales have become much worse, making the Queen furious. "The Duchess of Cornwall supposedly gets raging drunk and screams at the Prince of Wales - once telling the heir-to-the-throne to 'grow a pair and demand his birthright' from Queen Elizabeth," the celebrity gossip site wrote. "To add insult to injury, Camilla allegedly told Charles she 'no use for his manly bits!'" While a divorce is not an option for Prince Charles since Camilla demanded a $175 million settlement, unnamed royal sources revealed the 67-year-old royal has been considering to send his wife off to rehab. However,... (Latin Post)