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May 1, 2020

A city's secret weapon: flowers - Kitsap Sun

Kevin Walthall ColumnistPublished 1:30 PM EDT Apr 10, 2020My daughter just went down for a nap, so I started some water, grabbed my latest read, and angled a deck chair in the backyard so I could sit facing an explosion of bright yellow Forsythia flowers. I tossed some sage leaves into the hot water, and soaked up the resurgent sun. As I meandered distractedly from the book to the blooms, I reached into the pot next to me, snapped off some mint, and swirled it into my tea along with the sage. It struck me that in a time of such heightened sanitation, I just pulled something from the dirt and ingested it with hardly a second thought. I can think of nothing healthier.Our little Bremerton bungalow isn’t much to look at, so few people do. They’re distracted by the towering evergreen that I can’t wrap my arms around. It rises from a carpet of Periwinkle that assaults the sidewalk with sprays of flowers. Across the walkup is a chaotic mess of silvery-blue Mediterannean herbs, with spindly limbs coc...

Nov 15, 2018

Young RI organ donor's image will be part of Rose Parade float

New England Donor Services since the tragedy and the depth of Evan's gift to others, according to Kelly Green, manager of after-care services at the Waltham, Massachusetts-based organization. He is the first Rhode Island donor to be selected."A young boy who can give life to so many at such a young age," Green said.Two volunteer artists in California made Evan's image based on a photograph of him playing in the leaves. It was then flown to Rhode Island for Rogers and Brayden to complete. It will be returned to California, where it will be affixed to the 2019 Donate Life float, whose theme is Rhythm of the Heart. Living donors who have given organs will be seated on the float or walk alongside it during the parade.New England Donor Services will also pay to fly Rogers and Brayden to Pasadena, where they will help finish the float by adorning it with live flowers, Green said."The reason we do this is that it's another opportunity to spread the word about donations," Green said, adding, "I feel like donating gives a glimmer of hope in a very dark hour."Evan died at UMass Memorial Medical Center, in Worcester, of injuries he suffered in a crash on the Massachusetts Turnpike on Aug. 20, 2009. His father, Joseph E. Tellier, who was at the wheel and partially ejected, was also injured in the crash.Evan's heart went to an 8-year-old girl; one cornea went to a 16-year-old in California and the other to a 62-year-old Massachusetts man. His kidneys benefited two men, ages 23 and 47."It was a really important decision we made when he passed," she added. "Evan was a very caring and loving child. He'd be pleased."Rogersr described Evan as an "odd duck" with a taste for meatloaf as well as sushi."He was just, happy, fun-loving," she said, as Brayden listened. "He was a protective older brother. He never went anywhere without his little brother."Green encouraged people interested in becoming an organ or tissue donor to visit— 277-7417On Twitter: @kmulvane   ...

May 24, 2018

Chelsea Flower Show: Best floral afternoon teas in London you have to try this season

It starts from £32, and of course comes with a selection of sandwiches and scones. Balthazar (Picture: Paula Beetlestone)Balthazar in Covent Garden have teamed up with flower delivery service FLOWERBX to create cakes and pastries in the shape of different flowers for their afternoon tea. You'll have to fight over the likes of apple and blackberry tulip, coconut and yuzu hydrangea or the salted caramel anemone. It starts from £29.95 per person, and includes a selection of classic scones and sandwiches on the side. W London (Picture: W London)The W London in Soho has created a floral afternoon tea to behold. There are sandwiches and fancies of course – all inspired by plants – but they're also served with a cocktail shot to match. You get to taste things like bee pollen and Oreo and coffee soil, all for £37. Dominique Ansel Bakery (Picture: Dominique Ansel Bakery)Pastry legend Dominique Ansel has created an afternoon tea that's based on the whole plant rather than just the flowers. With each incrementing tier, you have a snack that represents a stage in a flowering plant's life cycle – the seed is wild mushrooms, confit garlic, pumpkin seed and squid ink choux, for example, and the full bloom is a brown butter financier, strawberry jam, rose ganache and rose petals. The whole ‘plant' with scones start from £42. Advertisement Advertisement Royal Garden Hotel img data-orig-id="7538430" data-orig-w="1024" data-orig-h="602" data-max-width="620" width="620" height="3...

Nov 17, 2017

Flower power: Waltham woman judging orchid event at Mahoneys Garden Center

By Abby Patkin Linda Abrams first saw an ad for an orchid show at her local market in 1984, and curiosity got the better of her.Now, 33 years later, what started out as an interest for the Waltham resident has bloomed into a full-fledged passion."That was the beginning," Abrams said of the 1984 show.She began attending Massachusetts Orchid Society meetings soon thereafter and found herself hooked."The flowers are just gorgeous," Abrams said. "They’re different, they’re different from each other. … They’re very appealing to look at — you know, the plants themselves, even without flowers."As a beginner, she began growing plants on her windowsills, moving to artificial lights when she ran out of space, according to a tribute to Abrams in a 2017 Massachusetts Orchid Society (MOS) newsletter.Like most enthusiasts, Abrams also has her favorites."I’m partial to cattleyas, which are … sort of corsage orchids, and a Japanese species called neofinetia falcata," she said, though she t... (Wicked Local Waltham)

Aug 25, 2017

Prehistoric petals: Scientists reveal what the first flower looked like

University of Vienna. "It has long been assumed that the ancestral flower had all organs arranged in a spiral." Study co-author Maria von Balthazar, another University of Vienna scientist, said "the results are really exciting! This is the first time that we have a clear vision for the early evolution of flowers." All living flowers ultimately derive from a single ancestor (pictured in the center) that lived about 140 million years ago. To find out what this ancestral flower may have looked like and trace back the evolution of flowers since then, a new study used the evolutionary tree (here simplified) that connects all living species of flowering plants. (Photo: Hervé Sauquet & Jürg Schönenberger)No flower fossils exist from 140 million years ago, though, Sauquet said. The fossil record of flowering plants is still very incomplete, he said, and scientists have not yet found fossil flowers as old as the group itself. The earliest flower fossil is "only" 130 million years old.As for where that original flower 140 million years ago came from, Sauquet said that "we're not sure, and that remains one of the biggest mysteries in plant science. We know it came deep down from a common ancestor with all gymnosperms (conifers, cycads, ginkgo), maybe 310 million years ago. "But we don't know yet what that ancestor looked like, nor what happened in between these two ancestors, a period of time some of us like to refer to as a 'dark tunnel,'" Sauquet said.William Crepet, a plant biologist at Cornell University who was not involved in the study, told The Guardian that while he had some reservations about the model used in the study, the results were interesting and rais...

Jun 16, 2017

A fair deal for flowers

Waltham Forest Business Network’s Jo Sealy meets a florist with a passion for fairnessMary Robertson with daughter Anna, after who her business Anna’s Fab Fair Flowers is namedWhen Chingford-based Mary Robertson followed her daughter into taking up a floristry course it opened up a whole new family business venture.Before her daughter Anna was born, Mary used to run a Fairtrade shop based on the importance of ethics in business. Contemplating what her daughter Anna would do when she completed college, she dreamed up the idea of ‘Anna’s Fab Fair Flowers’ and the business started trading last spring.The florist sells flowers from the Chingford site of local food producer Organiclea, ensuring the flowers are both local and organic.Mary says: “We sell cut flowers as bouquets tied with Fairtrade ribbon or in a selection of Fairtrade, upcycled or vintage containers. These can be bought at cost-price or returned each week at no cost.“There’s a Saturday stall outside the Hornbeam at Baker’s Arm... (Waltham Forest Echo)