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Lewes DE News

Apr 4, 2021

Lewes Tulip Celebration to bring spring cheer April 2-11 -

In partnership with Lewes in Bloom, the Lewes Chamber of Commerce will present the 12th annual Lewes Tulip Celebration from Friday, April 2 to Sunday, April 11.The broad-based chamber committee, chaired by event founder Mayor Ted Becker, includes Lewes in Bloom co-chairs and founder, along with representatives from City of Lewes Parks and Recreation Commission and the Zwaanendael Museum. This year, Lewes in Bloom funded the purchase of 24,210 tulip and 4,000 other spring bulbs that were planted in fall 2020 by 50 of its members over a period of 400 volunteer hours. The event plan was approved by Delaware Division of Public Health and follows the governor’s latest emergency order dated Feb. 19. Safety measures include mandatory face coverings and social distancing when visiting the public gardens where tulips are planted. Tiptoe To The Tulips Trolley Tours will not be available this year. The timing of the tulips’ appearance is an inexact science, and milder or colder weather swings can mean the celebratio...

Apr 4, 2021

A cool start to the Lewes Tulip Celebration -

I didn’t let the temperature stop me from going to the first day of the Lewes Tulip Celebration! My parents were kind enough to take me to the annual festival, as you may have seen me post at @AquariannArt on Instagram.We arrived at Citizens Bank on Second Street just in time for some snow flurries to fall. Hopefully these brave members of Lewes In Bloom get to enjoy warmer weather tomorrow, April 3 - they’re scheduled to be outside selling flowers again from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. My mom bought a purple hyacinth plant, her favorite. I look forward to returning next week to see more of the tulips in bloom. Go to for other activities that will be happening through April 11.

Aug 3, 2020

Lewes in Bloom brightens up Second Street -

Second Street may have been looking a bit brighter this summer due to the new planters around the area.From the Ryves Holt House to Touch of Italy, Lewes in Bloom has been busy planting more than 200 flowers in 32 pots. This project was a joint effort between the city and Lewes in Bloom. It began with the city removing the old plants in the bump-outs. This required careful digging so as not to disturb any electrical wiring in the ground. Then pea gravel was used to help make the bump outs more attractive and keep the weeds down. With no irrigation along Second Street, investing in self-watering planters like those used at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church gardens would be the only solution. A self-watering container doesn't actually water itself. It is a system using planters that contain a reservoir of water at the bottom which connects to the soil via a fabric wick. Water is drawn up the wick via capillary action into the soil. The city hired a dedicated person to refill the reservoirs as needed. Finally, on June 10, the Lewes in Bloom Second Street patrons planted the flowers, many of which were grown by volunteers at the Lewes in B...

Aug 3, 2020

Connections flower through Lewes woman's Facebook group -

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced a world of social distancing that has left many longing for social connection.Victoria Brown of Lewes recognized this need and started a Facebook group called Sisterhood of the Traveling Flowers & Plants - Delaware. Since the group started in May, it has quickly turned into a source of optimism for many and grown to include 750 local Delaware members. To participate in the Facebook group, members are tasked with safely delivering flowers or plants to the front doorstep of the home of other group members overnight. Once a plant is received, the recipient posts a photo online of their potted present so the rest of the online community knows they have been “planted.” “I thought it was great to get out of the house during the quarantine and make someone’s day,” said Brown. “One small gesture can change a person's outlook on life.” The group has brought her closer to people she would have otherwise never met to build this online community. She said, “I have received many messages from ladies who were going through depression or personal issues. Being planted made them feel so happ...

Feb 27, 2020

Ten Thousand Flowers Project creates mural in Lewes -

On Sept. 25, Gibson held his community painting event at Kaisy’s Delights in Lewes. Stretched along the back wall was the rough sketch of flowers, with Gibson and anyone who wanted to help filling them in. The Lewes edition of the Ten Thousand Flowers Project is the 22nd part of his East Coast tour, stretching across 15 states. Eventually, he plans on creating approximately 200 murals in the country, however many towns it takes to get to the 10,000 goal. The project is not for personal promotion, though. Gibson set up the idea for locals to get together and to spread creativity. He said, “The idea is to bring communities together and to bring art to people who usually don’t get to do it. To get people out here painting who say, ‘I’ve never done anything artistic in my life,’ that’s the best part.” As to why he chose flowers specifically, Gibson said “They’re simple, and anyone can help paint them, but it’s really that you can’t look at them and not smile.” Gibson has put all his energy into this project. He lives out of his bus, and raises funds through donations and merchandise sales. He travels to each town without a set place in mind, looks around, reaches out to contacts, and eventually finds a wall to paint. He didn’t have much trouble finding a willing place in Lewes, though. When he saw Kaisy’s Delights, he knew the color scheme and location were perfect. He reached out to Kaisy’s Delights co-owner Nathalie Langer, and she was excited to allow it. Langer spoke of meeting with Gib...

Feb 1, 2020

Flowers for Drew: Remembering the life of an editor, writer and friend - Delaware State News - Delaware State News

Not long after, we moved Drew to a role as a news editor for our sister paper, The Daily Whale, in his hometown of Lewes. It was there that Drew really started to shine, putting his knowledge and appreciation of the area into play. He appreciated the Sussex County landscape as much as its unique culture. Perhaps that made it easy for him to interview Dover International Speedway builder Melvin Joseph — a man who, despite having only a sixth-grade education, started his Georgetown construction business with just a dump truck and a shovel. Drew Ostroski “They had Sussex connections, they had common ground,” said Mr. Nardone. “You can’t write about someone unless you get to know them in some way. Drew always found common ground and found a way to relate to people. “He did that with Roy Klein, the ‘Duke of Kent.’ I think he appreciated what those people accomplished.” Drew spotted quirky stuff and found ways to work it into his stories. There was the story he did on mosquito control. “They had a young guy run across the marsh and then they would count the bites,” he remembered. In 1999, he did an amazing piece on “The Dual” – what Delaware old-timers used to call U.S. 13. It was then that he met James E. Clark, the proprietor of a service station in Dover. We found it odd that it remained opened, yet no longer had gas pumps thanks to an environmental regulation. His headline — “Running on fumes” — came naturally. “Clarkie” was still offering service to locals, though. He would check oil and inflate tires, and sometimes he would drive his old customers to a nearby station to fill up their tanks because that’s what he always did for them. After meeting him, Drew tucked away another idea after learning Clarkie had survived the Indian River Inlet bridge collapse in 1948. The man plunged into the icy waters and managed to swim to a bulkhead where he reached out for a tire that saved his life. The lede of the story: “James E. “Clarkie” Clark curls his left pinky finger toward his hand.“ “More than 50 years ago, it was the strength of that little finger that stood between life and death.“ Drew’s newspaper career took him from the Delaware State News to Delaware Today in the 1990s and then back to our newspaper. In 2005, he returned to the magazine so he could spend more quality time with his family and less time on the road and less time attached to a daily newspaper nights and weekends. Craig Horleman, our features editor, was alongside Drew for much of his career, dating back to work at The Review at the University of Delaware. They reunited at The Daily Whale and spent many evenings playing trivia and talking shop at Grotto’s Grand Slam. “We’d talk about the day’s events and discuss how we could make the paper better and brainstorm story ideas,” Craig said. “This turns out to be pretty common am...