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Jul 26, 2018

Ciaran: How to Water Your Plants During a Heatwave, or Not

Forty Shades of Green” while on tour in Ireland in 1959 and released it as a B-side single in 1961 with “The Rebel-Johnny Yuma”.Speaking of shorter showers, I have long been tempted to save the water used in my shower by standing in a bucket. I have never thought I'd get the approval. My time might have come and it could be an opportune moment to suggest it.An interesting fact about water is that chemically, it's unusual. It goes into a dog as H2O and comes out as K9P.Photo by Ciaran O'ByrneSome houseplants don’t appreciate chemicals in their water. Among them: the carnivorous Venus flytrap. The fluoride and chlorine in tap water is bad for it. So, I usually set mine up to its neck in rainwater.Of course, I've run out of rainwater at the moment. So I had to make an emergency dash to the canal. Fingers-crossed it survives. And thanks also to the local chipper for the new tray.A stretch of Rialto, where I’m from and live, got a recent upgrade by Dublin City Council. That meant reducing the South Circular Road to one lane, putting in some parking, and a painted cycle lane.The most pleasing thing for me was the 15 ginkgo biloba trees, also know as the Maidenhair tree. It's the best-known example of a living fossil. The leaves of the plant today exactly resemble fossilised leaves that are 270 million years old.The trees planted in the commercial part of the village’s centre are young. You might call them saplings still.It’s been dry these past three weeks, and I’ve been worried about them drying out. Normally, their roots would get some rain as it runs down from the road to drain away. But there’s been none of that.Photo by Ciaran O'ByrneThus, the value of skip scavenging. I rescued two water-cooler bottles recently and put them to good use ferrying water from the canal nearby. The nearest access point is between Suir Bridge and Ann Devlin Bridge at the junction of the Grand Canal and the Circular Line.I filled each bottle with two watering cans worth of water. Then I filled my eight-litre watering can too, and drenched the five trees in...

Jul 14, 2017

Hints From Heloise: Dust in the flowers

I don’t want drapes or shutters on the window, so what can I do to keep the light but obscure the view into my home?Patsy D., Yuma, Ariz.Patsy D.: Yes, there are products online you might want to take a look at. Just type in “window film coverings,” and you’ll find a whole range of manufacturers and various film styles to give you the privacy you want and yet let in the light. Dear Heloise: My brother-in-law made us a wedding gift of a wine rack that he crafted himself, and while it’s lovely, it’s really too big to use in our kitchen or dining room. I finally put it in the den, but instead of using it for wine storage, I roll up magazines and place them in the round holes where the bottles would normally have gone. Now my husband is thinking of taking it to work with him to store blueprints. Judy L., Casper, Wyo.Judy L.: What a great idea! I love to see people think up clever ways to use everyday objects or repurpose something and give it new life. Readers, do you have new uses for different items, or clever ideas for things that might otherwise wind up in a landfill?Heloise’s column appears six days a week at Send a hint to Heloise, P.O. Box 795000, San Antonio, Tex. 78279-5000, or email it to 2017, King Features Syndicate ...

Jan 8, 2016

John Joseph Loomis

Carol, who passed in 2012, and his parents. He is survived by his sister, Peggy Chappell of Redlands, California; brother Walt Loomis of Yuma, Arizona; son Michael Bootsma of San Jacinto, California; daughter Tammy Webber of San Jacinto, California; stepson Cris Hanna of Albany; and six grandchildren. A celebration of life will be from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 17,  in Albany at the Holiday Inn Express (located next to the Linn County Fairgrounds) in the Oregon State Room. In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to Samaritan Evergreen Hospice as we are very grateful for the service they provide our community. Sweet Home Funeral Chapel is handling arrangements ( (Albany Democrat Herald)

Dec 4, 2015

Master Gardener Mary Thode presents “Flower Gardening in a Desert Landscape"

Yuma, Arizona - On Tuesday, December 15th, Master Gardener Mary Thode will present “Flower Gardening in a Desert Landscape” at 4:00 p.m. at the Main Library. Learn about annuals vs. perennials, and how to choose flowers for your garden. There is no charge to attend.Upcoming topics in the Yuma Gardening Series include “Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening” in January and “Backyard Chickens” in February. Meet fellow gardening enthusiasts and learn how to make things grow in Arizona!The Main Library is located at 2951 S 21st Drive. For more information, call (928) 782-1871. (Yumanewsnow)

Nov 27, 2015

In Dangwa, student musicians turn the popular flower market into their stage

October 22, 2015. Photo by Bernard Testa, “Lahi ng maharlika, magpakilala. Pilipino ka! Lahi ng bayani, kulay ay kayumanggi. Ipagbunyi. Pilipino ka!” (“Noble blood, make it known. You are a Filipino! Descendants of heroes, brown skin. Celebrate! You are a Filipino!”) An undergraduate of the Cavite State University, it is his first time to perform “Pili Na, Pino Pa” outside a bar. He has introduced his music to a new audience.  Flower vendors, students, children. Cats, even. “Meow, meow, meow,” another performer wails, wearing shades in the fading light of the afternoon. In the corner of the street, a mother cat feeds her kittens under the shelter of a chair. A performer is his own cheerleader at the ‘Tayo na sa Dangwa’ street concert at Dangwa flower market in Sampaloc, Manila on October 22, 2015. Photo by Bernard Testa, The performer ends his song and thanks the small crowd gaping at him. “Thank you very much! Whoo!” He is his own cheerleader, although some of his friends have joined in the adulation. Idling by his motorcycle, a man in a basketball jersey captures everything on his mobile phone. Another spectator can’t help echoing the singer: “Meow, meow, meow.” An onlooker pipes in. “’Yung kanta ng Aldub, wala kayoing alam (How about a song from Aldub, do you know any)?” There is no escaping the hottest love team on Philippine television here in Dangwa. Jessy Justo is all smiles in the middle of a set at the ‘Tayo na sa Dangwa’ street concert at the Dangwa flower market on Dimasalang Street in Sampaloc, Manila on October 22, 2015. Photo by Bernard Testa, From San Beda College, Jessy Justo is the pride of the group. To get the audience going, she starts off with Taylor ... (InterAksyon)