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Feb 1, 2020

Valentine's Day in the valley: Ways to celebrate romance, or not - Desert Sun

Palm Springs Michael Holmes' Purple Room The Purple Room, located within Club Trinidad Hotel will be hosting a Valentine's Day event with live jazz music and a three-course menu. The event is $79 a person with several food options. Reservations are recommended can be made online or by calling the restaurant at (760) 322-4422. As of press time, reservations were still available. 1900 E Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs Trio Starting at 3 p.m., Trio will have a three-course dinner menu available to guests. The dinner menu is $59 a person and will feature three starter options and four main course options. Trio will be open for lunch at 11 a.m. with their full menu. Reservations are recommended and can be made on their website or by calling the restaurant at (760) 864-8746. As of press time, reservations were still available. 707 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs Palm Desert Morton’s The Steakhouse From Feb. 9 to 15 Morton's The Steakhouse will be offering guests a $59, per person, steak and lobster dish topped with bearnaise sauce. They will also be offering a dessert and drink special from Feb. 10 to 16. The special will include the love candy dessert, a blend of rosé, liquor, syrup and lemon and grapefruit juice topped with Chandon Brut for $17 or a raspberry white chocolate mousse for $14. For more information and reservations call (760) 340-6865. As of press time reservations are still available. 74880 Country Club Dr, Palm Desert Indian Wells The Pink Cabana- Valentine's Day Prom The Pink Cabana is hosting their first ever Valentine's Day Prom. The event will feature a four-course tasting menu, cocktails, a photobooth and live music. Dinner will be available from 5:30 to 10 p.m. Tickets are $110 a person and prom attire from any decade is encouraged. For more information and tickets call (760) 770-9000. As of press time, reservations were still available. 44985 Province Way, Indian Wells La Quinta Cork and Fork The Cork and Fork is going to put on their annual Valentine's Day chef's table. Throughout the evening, guests will be able to taste seven small plates prepared by their house chef. The menu is $100 a person and will start at 6 p.m. Reservations can be made online or by calling the restaurant at (760) 777-7555. As of press time, reservations were still available. 47875 Caleo Bay, La Quinta Cooking With Class Saturday 18 Cooking with C...

Feb 9, 2017

Thursday Morning Weather

County, and Crowley County. This includes Colorado Springs, Fountain, Monument, Black Forest, Calhan, Pueblo, Pueblo West, Avondale, Walsenburg, Trinidad, Aguilar, La Junta, Rocky Ford, Olney Springs, and Ordway. A Red Flag Warning means weather conditions are favorable for fires to start and spread rapidly and uncont... A Red Flag Warning is in effect until 6 PM today for El Paso County, Pueblo County, Huerfano County east of the mountains, Las Animas County east of the mountains, Otero County, and Crowley County. This includes Colorado Springs, Fountain, Monument, Black Forest, Calhan, Pueblo, Pueblo West, Avondale, Walsenburg, Trinidad, Aguilar, La Junta, Rocky Ford, Olney Springs, and Ordway. A Red Flag Warning means weather conditions are favorable for fires to start and spread rapidly and uncont... ( | Continuous News | Colorado Springs and Pueblo - Colorado Springs and Pueblo News)

Jul 27, 2016

You can do way more than make agua fresca with jamaica, or hibiscus, flowers: Try making tacos or a pavlova

Strained, sweetened and spiked with rum, it’s used to make traditional holiday punch. In nearby Trinidad a popular shandy is blended from beer and hibiscus tea.Recipe: Rose-scented pavlovas with hibiscus and berriesPretty, blush-pink flowers bloom on red wine-stemmed bushes with trident leaves, but it’s not the delicate petals that you want, but the outer sepals that form the protective, pointy calyx around the flower bud. The succulent calyxes can be eaten fresh and the sensation is similar to munching on raw cranberries. In Mexico, I once had an avocado, orange and red onion salad garnished with thin slivers of fresh jamaica that had been freshly plucked from the garden.When shopping for jamaica, look for purplish-pink whole calyxes that are dry, and yet still slightly supple. Purchased in packages or in bulk from a Mexican market, jamaica tends to be a bit gritty. So it’s good practice to rinse the hibiscus under cool, running water just long enough to flush away any lingering dust, but not so long as to leech out flavor. Recipe: Hibiscus and goat cheese tacosDried hibiscus blossoms soften after a long steep. Slowly simmered in broth and chipotle chile, the calyxes develop a tender pleasant chew and a tangy, spicy quality. Combine them with goat cheese and crisp in a corn tortilla for a surprisingly hearty, deeply flavorful taco. I’m not sure if hibiscus tacos were ever a Mexican dish, but hibiscus blossoms are beginning to pop up on vegan and vegetarian menus as chefs are experimenting more and more with unusual ingredients in an effort to bring new flavors and plant-based “meatiness” to their dishes. I use a little chicken broth to add flavor to the reconstituted calyxes, but vegetable or mushroom broth would make a fine substitution for vegetarians.Recipe: Jamaica margaritaBoil hibiscus tea down to thick syrup and many more possibilities come to mind: Whisk a tablespoon into red wine vinaigrette for a color and verve, or make claret-colored margaritas — the sour-sweet mustiness plays well with tequila. Or drizzle atop rose-scented pavolas, where hibiscus adds not only great color, but brings earthy sweetness to mixed berries, and provides an acidic counterbalance to sugary meringues and billows of cream.Or just make yourself a cup of tea — which you can now happily pair with your tacos.  ... (Los Angeles Times)

Jun 10, 2016

Grow more plants, food

This year’s theme, she added, was Tropical Splendour. “There’s so much to celebrate here in Trinidad and Tobago, and in the Caribbean.In spite of the dry season, look how lush the place is with the crotons, the mangoes are baring, there is so much to see and enjoy,” she exclaimed.Also visiting the exhibit were six members of the Elk Grove Garden Club in California in the United States which was established in 1968. The club’s president, Vivian Sellers, noted that the show was very similar to their exhibits, with a few different plants. (Trinidad News)

Apr 22, 2016

Heartbeat of tradition; 53rd annual Merrie Monarch Festival kicks off today

Robert Uluwehi Cazimero — nor 2014’s overall winner — Ka Leo O Laka I Ka Hikina O Ka La, under the direction of kumu hula Kaleo Trinidad — entered this year. The last time a wahine halau took the overall title is in 2011, when Halau O Ke‘alaokamaile, a Maui halau under the direction of kumu hula Keali‘i Reichel, also took the wahine kahiko and wahine overall titles. They will not be in the competition this year. The only other wahine halau to win the overall competition title in the past decade is Hula Halau ‘O Kamuela, an Oahu halau under the direction of na kumu hula Kau‘ionalani Kamana‘o and Kunewa Mook that took the overall crown in 2008. Always strong, they won the wahine overall title and took first place in hula kahiko and fourth place in hula ‘auana last year. Jasmine Kaleihiwa Dunlap, representing Hula Halau ‘O Kamuela, also won last year’s Miss Aloha Hula title, although the prestigious solo hula award doesn’t count in the group competition. Even without Cazimero’s and Trinidad’s halau, the kane field is loaded, as usual. One contender is Hilo’s Halau Hula ‘O Kahikilaulani. Under the direction of kumu hula Nahoku Gaspang, the halau founded by the late kumu Rae Fonseca tied Trinidad’s halau for second place in overall and kane overall last year. The halau’s hula kahiko will be a mele “honoring the people of Waipio,” Gaspang said, and its hula ‘auana is the Mary Kawena Puku‘i and Maddy Lam cha-lang-a-lang classic, “Ku‘u Sweetie.” “I always tell my kids whatever we do, it’s not about winning,” Gaspang said. “It’s about keeping the culture alive. If you win, it’s a feather in your cap, but we just have to work harder again.” Other kane halau in the mix include Kawaili‘ula, under the direction of Chinky Mahoe, which won the overall title in 2013; Halau Na Mamo O Pu‘uanahulu, under the direction of Sonny Ching and Lopaka Igarta-De Vera; Ke Kai O Kahiki, under the direction of La‘akea Perry; and Maui’s Halau Kekuaokala‘au‘ala‘iliahi, under the direction of ‘Iliahi and Haunani Paredes. All performances will be judged by an entirely new panel this year. The seven stage-side arbiters are: Keith Awai, Ainsley Halemanu, Lahela Ka‘aihue, Etua Lopes, Pi‘ilani Lua and Holoua Stender. Casting a shadow over Merrie Monarch proceedings this year is ohia wilt. There is an informal, voluntary kapu on ohia lehua, one of hula’s prime adornments. The fungal disease has claimed an estimated 34,0... (Hawaii Tribune Herald)

Oct 12, 2015

It's not just a weed. Why some Caribbean immigrants seek out this wild plant ...

South Florida’s Caribbean community — Jamaicans, Bahamians, Trinidadians, Haitians — it’s the "it" plant for just about every ailment. Dayana St. Fort was born in Haiti. She lives in Pembroke Pines and she also grew up drinking asosi tea. “I don’t think there’s a place that you would go in Haiti and say, ‘I have a fever, I have a sickness,’ and one person won’t tell you, ‘Did you drink asosi?,’ she says. Cerasee or asosi is typically prepared as a tea: Wash the vine; throw it into a pot of water, leaves, stems and all. Boil and simmer until the water turns a murky greenish brown. That’s it. “It just doesn’t taste good,” says St. Fort. “It’s not even like cod liver oil. It’s worse than cod liver oil.” The tea is bitter. Very bitter. In North Miami Beach, Audrey Rowe stopped by her friend Cacheta Francis’ house to pick some cerasee growing in the backyard. “This is where I come when I’m sick and I really need some old-time herbs,” she says. Rowe and Francis are both Jamaican. Everyone calls Francis “Sister Francis” because, at age 81, she’s a respected elder.  Francis is a religious woman whose backyard is filled with the healing bushes she grew up using in Jamaica. "You know the herb is the healing of the nation," she says. "The Bible say so." She points to a green shrub with slightly oval leaves, “This is Jack in the Bush.” Across the yard is a towering shrub with yellow flower clusters shaped like a candle. “You can drink that one over there, named King of the Forest,” she says. When Rowe told Francis she'd been breaking out in small rashes, Francis said to come by for some cerasee leaves to use in a bush bath. “Before you rub yourself with it, you wash it and rub it all over where the itching is,” says Francis. Some ... (PRI)