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A heart-warming Birthday surprise for someone you truly care about!

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Funeral Service Flowers for a well-lived life is the most cherished. Be that open heart for that special someone in grief.


Create that sense of peace and tranquility in their life with a gentle token of deepest affections.


Order flowers and gifts from Pickets located in Golden CO for a birthday, anniversary, graduation or a funeral service. The address of the flower shop is 1118 Washington Avenue, Golden Colorado 80401 Zip. The phone number is (303) 278-1601. We are committed to offer the most accurate information about Pickets in Golden CO. Please contact us if this listing needs to be updated. Pickets delivers fresh flowers – order today.

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1118 Washington Avenue
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(303) 278-1601
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Express you love, friendship, thanks, support - or all of the above - with beautiful flowers & gifts!

Find Pickets directions to 1118 Washington Avenue in Golden, CO (Zip 80401) on the Map. It's latitude and longitude coordinates are 39.7556, -105.221527 respectively.

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Flowers and Gifts News

Jul 6, 2021

The irresistible rise of the rose - Financial Times

We are still learning,” says Cholmeley of her rose meadow, where in midsummer fountains of roses float above vetches, orchids and golden grasses. “The roses need to be vigorous and the stems need to be lax enough for training, and some are not hardy enough – there’s a ferocious frost pocket on the meadow.”Her favourites include the ramblers, the blush white “Adélaïde d’Orléans” and magenta “Veilchenblau”, as well as David Austin’s “Lady of Shalott” and “The Lark Ascending”, as she finds peach-coloured blooms are beautiful against the grasses. She also cites the wild rose “Stanwell Perpetual” with its soft pink flowers; in meadow settings, the wild roses (including rugosa, spinosa, moyesii and dog roses) tend to fare better – and they are often better for pollinators too with their simple, open flowers followed by juicy hips for the birds.Elsewhere, maximising flower production via intricate rose training has turned the dormant winter plants into works of art. Jenny Barnes, head gardener at Cottesbrooke Hall in Northamptonshire, has become known for her magnificent, sculptural trained roses that spiral across mellow old walls or are woven into latticed domes that will be smothered in flowers by summer. Later this year she will be teaching courses in her pruning methods.Nick Knight, meanwhile, has been fascinated by roses for decades – his only tattoo from “a misspent youth” depicts a single rose. He first began photographing them for the Natural History Museum’s Plant Power installation in 1993. “I thought there was a real beauty – and a changing beauty – even in a single bloom of this flower,” he says. Almost a decade ago the photographer started taking pictures of roses cut from his garden that were simply arranged using only daylight at his...

Apr 4, 2021

COLUMN: The golden flowers of the trumpet tree -

They are one or more species of trumpet tree with names such as the Golden Trumpet tree, the Yellow Trumpet tree, and the Silver Trumpet tree. These trees are small to medium in height and put on quite a show in season.Trumpet trees are native to tropical America and are valued landscape ornamentals seen throughout South and Central Florida. The identity of these trees can get a bit confusing due to their common names, so let’s stick to Latin for a moment. The genus of these flowering trees has changed, so instead of the well-known Tabebuia, they are now Handroanthus.Handroanthus chrysanthus (sometimes called the golden trumpet tree) is a bit cold tender and better adapted to the warmer parts (and microclimates) of Charlotte County and southward. Handroanthus umbellatus (sometimes called the yellow trumpet tree) is better able to tolerate low winter temperatures here and further north.One last species seen in our area is silver trumpet tree. Noted for silvery foliage, contorted trunk and silvery gnarled bark, Handroanthus caraiba, is a little frost sensitive, so plant it in protected area. The huge yellow blossoms of each type are over 3-inches long and about 1-inch wide. These flowers are funnel-like in shape and are arranged in clusters for maximum showiness.Trumpet trees are deciduous to semi-deciduous trees in nature making the late winter/early spring flo...

Apr 4, 2021

Oscars business blooming for Sherman Oaks florist - LA Daily News

At one table, a chunk of floral foam is dropped into vases and filled with water. At another, • RELATED STORY: Oscars stage gets its golden look from Sherman Oaks set builders Pablo Hernandez peels the outer petals off burgundy roses to reveal their velvety virgin centers. “This is my first Oscars. I’m super-thrilled to be part of it,” he says. Hernandez wears rubber gloves to protect his fingers from thorns. “I still get pricked. There’s no way around that,” he said. It’s crunch time for the Mark’s Garden crew. “We install a lot of the bulb flowers on Saturday,” Held explains. “And then we send a crew to refresh them and just make sure everything’s perfect on Sunday.” ” On Sunday night, as Hollywood’s movers and shakers hit the Governors Ball and admire the décor, the man who designed the floral arrangements won’t be there to hear the kudos. “I’m going to probably go to bed early,” he admits. “But I love what I do. I’m the luckiest guy.” ...

Apr 4, 2021

Old Roses bring breathtaking beauty, scent, history - Bonner County Daily Bee

Rose, and the large flowers of the Chinas – also offer a gorgeous color choice; yellow. And a gamut of choices from pale yellow to yellow-orange, golden-yellow and creamy apricot, along with soft yellow to white. Tender and hardy only in US zones 7-10, their various growing habits – from shrub to rambler and/or climber – and sweet scent make them a treasure for greenhouse growers in colder climes. They are not truly Antique Roses, but their color – along with a prestigious heritage – decided me to include them. There are many more wondrous roses – Old Teas and many cultivars of Antiques, but today’s list gives fanciers a good selection and information to work with. As previously mentioned, area nurseries (NOT superstores or big supply outlets) are the places to enquire about availability. You wouldn’t buy a toothbrush or a vacuum cleaner at a nursery; plants, flowers, gardens are their realm. Support them. In a couple of weeks, this column will offer planting and growing tips for your roses and other flowering shrubs. Meanwhile, Happy Easter and Happy Spring! ...

Dec 10, 2020

Win Curse of the Golden Flower and Dragon on Blu-ray - HeyUGuys

To mark the release of Curse of the Golden Flower and Dragon, both out on 14th December, we’ve been given 2 bundles of both movies to give away on Blu-ray. Curse of the Golden Flower On the eve of the Chong Yong Festival, golden flowers fill the Imperial Palace and when the Emperor (Chow Yun Fat) unexpectedly returns to his Empress (Gong Li) and two sons, the tension is clear in his lavish kingdom. His absence has given rise to illicit love affairs, dangerous alliances, and malicious conspiracies; all of which threaten to overthrow his power. However, it may well be the Emperor’s own dark secret that threatens him most of all. As the secrets of the Imperial family unravel against this backdrop of breathtaking opulence & grandeur, an attack on the Palace by myriad armoured warriors results in a spectacular climax wrought with thrilling action and epic tragedy. Dragon From a childhood of rigorous martial arts training, Bruce Lee (Jason Scott Lee – no relation) realises his dream of opening his own kung-fu school i...

Dec 10, 2020

Sharon Hull, This Week in the Garden | Thankful for gardening on Central Coast - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Birds, butterflies, insects, salamanders, even our native Banana Slugs, add their own beauty and movement to enrich our gardens. Watching the tiny golden Lesser Goldfinches flitting from my feeder to my fountain where they enthusiastically bathe, hearing their musical calls to each other, fills me with thanks that such beauty comes to my garden. And watching the butterflies, most often the brilliant orange and black of the Monarch and Gulf Fritillary adults, never fails to delight my senses and remind me to be grateful that I can grow the flowers that they need. May you too find this kind of contentment and satisfaction as you ponder the gardening joys of this Thanksgiving season. Garden tips are provided courtesy of horticulturist Sharon Hull of the San Lorenzo Garden Center. Contact her at 831 423-0223.


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