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Apr 4, 2021

Old Roses bring breathtaking beauty, scent, history - Bonner County Daily Bee

As previously mentioned, area nurseries (NOT superstores or big supply outlets) are the places to enquire about availability. You wouldn’t buy a toothbrush or a vacuum cleaner at a nursery; plants, flowers, gardens are their realm. Support them. In a couple of weeks, this column will offer planting and growing tips for your roses and other flowering shrubs. Meanwhile, Happy Easter and Happy Spring! ...

Apr 4, 2021

Wildflowers are starting to bloom. Here’s where to see them in the Bay Area and California - San Francisco Chronicle

California poppy, lupine, blue dicks, fiddleneck, Douglas iris and Indian paintbrush, but also wallflower, yellow rocket, sun cups and footsteps of spring. Edgewood County Park in Redwood City has also provided a good sprinkling of color, Schoof said. In the past week, rangers identified Henderson’s shooting star, California manroot, California poppy, Fremont’s death camas, Pacific hounds’ tongue, warrior’s plume and tomcat clover. Marin County In northwest Marin, the Douglas iris blooms can be a showstopper, and the best bets are around Limantour Beach at Point Reyes National Seashore and Tomales Bay State Park. “We’re currently enjoying the purple pops of Douglas iris,” State Park Ranger Nick Turner said. At Point Reyes, the Chimney Rock Headland can be legendary — 90 species of wildflowers can provide a coronation of spring. But winds out of the northwest and warm temperatures faded the bloom. Chimney Rock and the nearby Point Reyes Lighthouse are still enough of a draw that the Park Service is enforcing a visitor quota on weekends past the turnoff at Drakes Beach Road. At Marin County Parks, the best prospects are at Loma Alta, Baltimore Canyon, Ring Mountain and Mount Burdell, Passantino said. Ring Mountain Preserve, off Paradise Drive in Corte Madera overlooking the Tiburon shore, can be spectacular, she said. “Expanses of goldfields, tidy tips and other early bloomers make for a spring classic,” Passantino said. “The multicolored flowers provide a foreground for spectacular views of the bay.” East Bay hills Hikers at Mount Diablo State Park have been sharing their wildflower sightings through the Mount Diablo Interpretive Association. Pockets of California poppies are often sighted along North Gate Road and Summit Road. The vicinity of Murchio Gap, accessed from Eagle Peak Trail or Bald Ridge Trail, often has the widest variety. Blooms include poppies, silver lupine, Pacific pea, periwinkle and larkspur. Across the 75 parks in the East Bay Regional Park District, the best for wildflowers are Black Diamond, Anthony Chabot, Sunol and the Briones-to-Diablo Trail. Of these, Black Diamond Regional Preserve, south of Highway 4 near Pittsburg, ranks No. 1 — the Stewartville Trail can be one of the best shows around in early April. Lupine, paintbrush, Ithuriel’s spear, blue dicks and owl’s clover are among the sightings. “Wildflowers are out and seem to be close to normal, even with the dry year,” said Dave Mason at park headquarters. “April is the best time year to see wildflowers in regional parks.” Santa Clara County This has been a good spring for yellow mustard and California poppies across the foothills above Santa Clara Valley. At headquarters for Santa Clara County Parks, Tamara Clark suggested Calero, Santa Teresa, Coyote Lake and Grant County parks. Every April, a wild card is Almaden Quicksilver County Park, south of San Jose. The Mine Hill Trail can be a spectacular show, and early April can be best for monkey flower. Other common early arrivals can include lupine, poppies, buttercup and if you’re lucky, shooting stars.

Feb 1, 2021

Spread the love this Valentine’s Day with these gift ideas and fun activities - Greeley Tribune

Night Box Valentine’s Day Edition. The box contains a buffalo plaid throw blanket, two wine glasses, two blank wooden signs, white candles, paint brushes, acrylic paint colors and an instruction postcard that explains how to access a video tutorial for the painting project. This is a great gift to take along with you for an afternoon picnic or for sitting in front of the fireplace at home. The box is $45.99 and can be purchased on Etsy at KindNotes Glass Keepsake Gift Jar is a great way to send loving thoughts and messages of hope to friends and family members of all ages. The themed jars contain 31 blank notes with matching envelopes and coordinating filling. Notes can be read all at once or over time. Jars come in a die-cut window gift box accented with silver foil. KindNotes Glass Keepsake Gift Jars are $44.95 each and can be found at Make the most out of family time by reading little ones “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!” by Laura Numeroff. The book introduces youngsters to the holiday as they follow Mouse as he makes valentines for all of his friends. The book is available in paperback for $8.86 or sturdy board pages for $7.08. For more information, or to purchase the book, go to img class=" lazyautosizes lazyload" src="" width="266" data-sizes="auto" data-src="" data-srcset="

Sep 7, 2020

Edible Flowers: Put the Bloom on your Plate • Salt Lake Magazine - Salt Lake Magazine

Here are some wild and garden flowers you can harvest for the dinner table: Dandelion, Indian Paintbrush, Rose Petals (Great in spinach salads), Nasturtiums, Hibiscus, (Find dried hibiscus, or Jamaica, in Hispanic or Latino grocery stores), Violets and Pansies, Herb Flowers (basil, lavender, wild mustard.)Western Gardens, 1550 S. 600 East, SLC, 801-364-7871; 4050 W. 4100 South, 801-968-How to crystallize flowers: Wash flowers or petals and let them dry thoroughly on a paper towel. Beat one egg white with 1/4 teaspoon water. Pulverize granulated sugar in a blender or use super fine sugar. Place a rack over another paper towel and using a small new, clean paintbrush, carefully paint each flower or petal completely with egg white. Be sure there are no bare spots. Sprinkle the flower or petal with sugar to totally cover and place on rack until dry.

Sep 7, 2020

Bloom Watch Continues for 'Corpse Flower' at the Huntington - Pasadena Now

It lasts only a couple days. Once blooming begins, it usually takes several hours until the flowers fully open. To pollinate, staff then uses a paintbrush to dab up pollen from a male plant and applies it to the stigmas of the female flower. “The window of opportunity for this is roughly one day because on the first day after opening, the male flowers shed their pollen and the female flowers are no longer receptive,” according to The Huntington statement. “We do this to prevent autogamy, or self-pollination, so we can maximize the distribution of genes and maintain more adaptive genetic diversity.” The expected bloom will be the eighth at The Huntington since 1999. Most recently, people lined up to get a view, and a whiff, of the massive flower in July of 2019. The Huntington remains closed to the public to the pandemics, but a live stream of the flower can be viewed online at Get our daily Pasadena newspaper in your email box. Free. Get all the latest Pasadena news, more than 10 fresh stories daily, 7 days a week at 7 a.m. Top of the News ...

Aug 3, 2020

How to Make Paper Flowers - The New York Times

There is beauty in the handmade; Mother Nature takes care of perfection.What you needNewspaperAcrylic craft paint and paintbrush (optional)PencilScissorsToothpicksClear-drying glue (like Elmer’s)Heavy paper plate or similar-size piece of cardboard (optional, for wreath)Hot glue (optional, for wreath)Credit...Jodi Levine for The New York TimesHow to get startedIf you’d like, paint the newspaper. Water down the paint a bit first if you’d like to be able to see the newspaper print through it.Cut out the template here, or, even better, make a sturdy reusable template: Tape the paper to a piece of thin cardboard (like from a recycled cereal box) and cut through the template and cardboard at the same time. Trace the design onto a piece of newspaper and cut it out.Credit...Jodi Levine for The New York TimesCredit...Jodi Levine for The New York TimesRoll the end, starting at the outside, around a toothpick. Line up the straight bottom as you roll; the curved top will flare out a bit. You can add a few dots of glue inside the roll as you’re going if you’d like, or just glue the end closed. Gently slide the rolled-up paper off the toothpick and squeeze some glue into the roll and on the bottom.Curl the petals open and use a toothpick to curl the edges of petals.To make a wreath, cut a ring base out of a heavy paper plate (or trace a bowl). The one used to make our wreath is about a ½ inch thick and 6½ inches in diameter. Hot-glue the flowers to the ring. Cut out some almond-shaped leaves and fold them in half to give them some dimension. Glue a few leaves under t...