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Oct 15, 2020

How These Surprise Quarantine 'Flower Bombs' Are Helping Families in Need - Baltimore Magazine

Meagher says. “And we’re now finding that people who receive them are sending them, which has been cool to see.” The process of making the flowers proves to be just as fulfilling. Nine-year-old twins Ady and Callie are two of the many “flower ninjas” in charge of creating and planting the flower bombs. Their mom, Molly Seaborn, says the girls have enjoyed flower bombing teachers and friends, as well as creating how-to videos on the project’s Facebook page. Some of the many "Flower Ninjas" bombing yards with the DIY flowers. “My favorite part is getting to paint [the flowers] because you can paint them by hand all these different ways,” Ady says. Adds Callie, “We’re not supposed to get caught [when we plant them], but I like being caught, because then we get to have a conversation that’s not online and just say hi and that we miss you.” If interested in sending a flower bomb, visit the project’s Facebook pagefor pricing, payment and delivery details. To join the project and help create flowers, contact Meagher and other organizers via the Facebook page. “What’s been great is to see whole families making the flowers together, like a grandmother with her daughter and grandson,” Meagher says. “It’s a great activity. Anyone can do it.” Let's block ads! (Wh...

Oct 15, 2020

Fall hiking in Door County: See blooming flowers, animals preparing for winter - Green Bay Press Gazette

But, besides being able to enjoy the outdoors in cooler, more crisp air than the heat and humidity of summer, fall hikes also offer different types of flower blooms and animal activity to see than the rest of the year.Coggin Heeringa, program director and naturalist at Crossroads at Big Creek in Sturgeon Bay, said this is the time summer wildflowers are fading out and fall wildflowers are blossoming. She said asters, which bloom in a wide variety of colors, and goldenrods especially have begun to flower.With the blooms come the bees, too, Heeringa said, as they go about gathering pollen before winter sets in and the flowers are dormant. The bees will be seen landing on wildflowers all over, but Heeringa noted they generally leave people alone when they're on the blooms because they're so busy. Wooly bear caterpillars also are abundant now."All pollinators, especially bees, are just desperate to get enough pollen to make it through the winter," Heeringa said.The same can be said for mammals, which are visibly ramping up their food gathering in anticipation of the coming cold and snow. Heeringa said at Crossroads, red squirrels have been especially active knocking down cones from the tops of spruce trees and grey squirrels are busily gathering acorns."Mammals are just frantic right now, preparing for winter," she said.Flocks of migratory birds are taking over the skies above the peninsula these days, Heeringa said, adding that she saw a flock of flickers flying over the preserve this past week."We're right in the middle of the migratory season now," she said. "You can look up and see nothing for 20, 30 minutes, then see a flock of 50 birds go through."Wildl...

Oct 15, 2020

Don't let the name fool you—Floral Park Market is one of the best places to grocery shop - Atlanta Magazine

There are no big brands anywhere, and way out in the back is a cool room with fresh flowers and pristine produce.In 1997, James Olsen established a wholesale flower business, which he eventually moved into a former bakery on the Westside. Michelle, his wife of 22 years, grew up on a dairy farm in rural Connecticut; her passion for fresh, local food pushed the flower store to pivot to consumables in the fall of 2016. A vegetarian herself, she doesn’t mind selling fresh sausages, plump organic chicken leg quarters, and big crimson steaks cut from grass-fed local beef.The prepared food is indeed worth the trip alone, ranging from turmeric hummus and dehydrated basil crackers (from healthy-eating guru David Sweeney of the late, lamented Dynamic Dish) to beauteous cold cucumber soup (from Simply Fresh), delicate fresh macarons (from Deborah Johnson, who lived in Paris for more than 20 years and was schooled at Le Cordon Bleu) to frozen wood-fired pizza (from a Brooklyn outfit that got its start on Shark Tank).But that’s hardly the market’s sole selling point. There is a station for dispensing locally made Golda’s CBD kombucha on tap, shelves of local H+F breads next to two crockpots of boiled peanuts, and a large display of organic hand-milled grains. Floral Park Market doesn’t feel like a glorified convenience store. Everything from the spicy Portuguese tinned sardines to the roasted pecans whose proceeds benefit Meals on Wheels has been carefully sourced. If your ideal shopping list includes freshly baked banana bread, a bottle of elderberry syrup, high-quality CBD products, and in-house pickles, jams, and honey butter, there’s no better market in town. And as someone who has long been committed to the imperative to shop local, I’m kicking myself for not finding my way to Floral Park Market sooner.This article appears in our October 2020 issue.Advertisement...

Oct 15, 2020

When to Plant and How to Treat Bulbous Flowers - About Manchester - About Manchester

Camassia, Allium, etc. In some cases, it is possible to plant species with a later flowering period in early spring, having previously organized a cooling period for them. However, you need to understand that in this case we are using forcing methods, which means that the flowering of tulips and hyacinths will be shorter, and the bulb will be weaker. 3) Non-hibernating bulbous flowers It should be said about the bulbous and corms that do not survive cold weather. These are such plants as Gladiolus, Tigridia, Ixia, and others. They are also planted in spring, and they bloom, as a rule, in late summer and autumn. This is because they need lots of sunny days to bloom. For this reason, some species may not have time to bloom in some areas until frost. The solution is early spring growing when the bulb is planted in a pot indoors, and when the threat of frost has passed, it is moved to the garden. In Conclusion After flowering, you need to take care of tulips. Bulbous plants need watering during the growing season and good drainage during the dormant period. Spring-blooming flowers can be additionally fertilized in autumn. However, you should be careful because bulbous plants also suffer from overfed. Good luck! ...

Sep 7, 2020

Holy zucchini and stuffed zucchini flowers, we have winners! - Pleasanton Express

Dip flowers in batter and immediately place in hot vegetable oil to fry until lightly golden brown. Remove and drain on paper towel lined pan. Let cool as cheese filling is very hot! Beef Pho Enjoy! **Early in the morning pick the flowers from the zucchini plant that are not attached to a growing zucchini fruit. They are the male flowers. Thank you, Misty Ramos & Jake Uribe You can find the majority of these ingredients at H-E-B, your homemade garden or, if you really want to get authentic, any of the Asian markets in San Antonio. Our favorite is called Vietnam Market off Wurzbach Rd. Here’s what you need for the broth: • 1 onion • 4 quarts of water (this amount can vary) • 1 tbsp. salt • 1 tbsp. sugar • 2 tbsp. fish sauce (We use the Lucky brand.) • 1 beef stock cube • 1 pk. of Pho seasoning • ¼ cup of Hoisin sauce • Beef soup bones Other ingredients you’ll need: • bean sprouts • steak of your choice (We used ribeye.) • Pho noodles • Lemon • Thai basil Pho seasoning and beef stock cubes • Cilantro (for spice) • Hoisin sauce (for sweetness) • Sriracha sauce (for spice) First, you bake the beef bone wrapped in onion for about 30 minutes to bring out the juices. Then you place it in a pot of water with all of your broth ingredients and let it boil for about 3 hours. You can boil your steak meat of choice in a strainer over the boiling broth or in a separate pot. Boil your noodles in a separate pot for 2-3 minutes. (You don’t want them too soft or the broth will make them mushy once you combine everything.) Once everything is cooked, place your noodles in a bowl with the meat on top.

Sep 7, 2020

Fall Home & Garden Directory 2020 - For all your home & garden improvements this fall. - Magazine of Santa Clarita

Crocker, Unit 100, Valencia661-295-0115 • gwrichardsonac.comCelebrating 28 years in business. Proud factory authorized dealer of Carrier heating and cooling products. Our installers and technicians provide quality professional service for your home and business. Visit our showroom and find out what is new in-home comfort systems and controls! Cleaning Services Maid for You661-255-2922info@maidforyou.orgwww.maidforyou.orgMaid for You is located in Santa Clarita, California it us a fully bonded, professional cleaning company. Our people will not smoke or eat in your home. The company has been around for 23 years. We normally work in teams of two. We provide our own supplies and equipment. We have very good references. Construction Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc.28348 Constellation Road, Unit 810, Santa Clarita661-799-8089 • Fax: 661-799-8015www.rgwinter.comWe strive to provide high-quality workmanship using skilled trades-people, up-to-date technology and superior products. Our company takes into account the needs of the customer, timeliness and designs, integrating those elements with our experience and knowledge of construction. ANCO Design Build28005 Smyth Drive, Valencia818-299-1188 www.ancodb.comThe main emphasis of the business is home remodeling and refurbishing the American way. Anco Design...