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Find local Carefree, Arizona florists below that deliver beautiful flowers to residences, business, funeral homes and hospitals in Carefree and surrounding areas. Choose from roses, lilies, tulips, orchids, carnations and more from the variety of flower arrangements in a vase, container or basket. Place your flower delivery order online of call.

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Sep 7, 2020

View annual flowers now to get ideas for next year - Duluth News Tribune

But annual flowers are downright fun. They are bright, cheerful and bring a smile to any yard or landscape. Annual flowers can be whimsical and carefree, or featured in the stately gardens of a European palace. We’re living in good times, with vast improvements in annual flower cultivars. Viewing them now, while they’re still in gorgeous bloom, provides ideas for next year. RELATED COLUMNS: September checklist for a busy month of lawn and garden tasks Lawn weed killers can cause damage to gardens and trees It's time to dig, divide and plant iris To bag lawn clippings or not to bag, that is the question Revisiting a tree that was scarred by mowers and trimmers seven years ago Public gardens are great spots for inspiration. Research universities often maintain labeled display gardens, such as North Dakota State University’s, located on the west edge of campus near the intersection of 12th Avenue North and 18th Street in Fargo. The following are a few favorites, especially eye-catching this year: Carmine Velour Wave Petunia: A recent All-America Selections (AAS) winner, I’ve grown it several years and am impressed with its rich color and spreading, yet neat habit.Big Duck Yellow Marigold: Another AAS winner, it’s become my new favorite large-flowered marigold, blooming profusely on plants about 18 to 20 inches high.Cleome: Although it’s been around for ages, it’s unbeatable for a tall, background flower. The Sparkler series is shorter than the 3- to 4-feet Queen series.Blue salvia: The varieties Victoria and Bl...

Sep 7, 2020

These metro Phoenix florists offer no-contact flower delivery for Mother's Day 2020 - AZCentral

Five locations throughout the Valley in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Glendale, Carefree and Chandler will offer contactless delivery for Mother’s Day. The Scottsdale location will also offer curbside pickup. Details: 10822 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale. Wrapped flowers, gifts and wine starting at $20, delivery fee $17.99. 480-948-1130,

May 31, 2019

New shrub rose hybrids are easy to care for, easy to love - Texarkana Gazette

Some of the newer shrub rose hybrids, however, are disease-resistant, carefree and repeat-blooming—just the qualities novice gardeners love. "They are generally much healthier, more free-flowering, easier to prune and more winter-hardy" than some earlier generations of roses, said Michael Marriott, technical manager and senior rosarian for David Austin Limited of Albrighton, England, about the many emerging shrub rose varieties. Shrub roses, also labeled landscaping or groundcover roses, blend a diverse mix of old-rose varieties with modern roses to capture the best qualities of each, including fragrance, flowering styles, colors and growth habits. They're bred for garden performance rather than plant perfection, converting many rose contrarians into vocal rosarians, Marriott said. "There are certainly plenty of hesitant gardeners who mistakenly think all roses will be finicky and hard to grow—but I'd say they're decreasing in number," Marriott said. Early landscape designers frequently recommended that roses be concentrated only in rose gardens, in the process creating a monoculture conduc...

Oct 26, 2018

The real dirt: More composite flowers for Butte County gardens

Coneflowers make good cut flowers and can be dried and preserved. Mexican marigold Tagetes lucida are carefree and easy to grow perennials, reaching three feet tall by one and one-half feet wide in full sun or partial shade. Mexican marigold needs well-drained soil and is fairly drought tolerant. The yellow flowers provide color in the late summer garden, blooming from August into September. Bloom time can be extended by deadheading. A hard freeze will kill Mexican marigold to the ground, but it will come back in spring. Propagate from stem cuttings or root divisions. The edible flowers of Mexican marigold can be added to salads; the narrow, dark-green leaves have a strong scent and can be used as a substitute for tarragon; the dried leaves and flower heads can be used to brew a pleasant anise-flavored tea. This plant attracts butterflies, bees and birds to the garden, and it is generally not bothered by pests. Gumweed Grindelia camporum is a yellow-flowering native known as Great Valley gumplant or gumweed because the flower heads and leaves are coated with a sticky residue created by the plant. It is a gangly perennial up to six feet tall, but dies back in the winter to a basal rosette of leaves. It flowers from May to late October or early November, providing color and wildlife food through the summer and autumn months. It likes full sun, and will grow in salty, alkaline, or clay soil. Gumplant is great for a dry border, or to create meadow-like drifts in an informal (wild) garden. Propagation is easiest from seed. Gumplant is a traditional Native American medicinal plant and a major bird and insect magnet. It tolerates deer. Helianthus Helianthus maximiliani is a sunflower. It is native to the central and southwestern United States, and is therefore well-suited to our dry climate. It is a persistent rhizome-forming perennial which forms clumps three-feet wide and can reach a height of up to ten feet in a garden. The yellow three-inch wide flowers appear in late summer and bloom until mid-autumn. It thrives in well-drained soil and bright sunshine. Apply one inch of water every week during spring and summer to the base of the plant. Pinch one inch from stem tips to promote bushy growth and flower production throughout the season. Stake tall plants to keep the clump upright. Cut back after flowering. Propagate from rhizomes or seeds. The flowers of Helianthus maximiliani can be cut...

Oct 26, 2018

(Not necessarily) the last rose of summer

They're best planted in a protected microclimate with fall mulch and good snow cover.Included are the Knockout series, Meidiland series, Carefree Beauty, Flower Carpet, David Austin English Roses, Robin Hood, Simplicity and Freedom series. Rated zones 4 to 5, they're borderline for most of North Dakota and Minnesota's upper two-thirds.The Easy Elegance series is slightly hardier, but still requires protection.Winter-hardy rosesThe following varieties, developed in Canada, are good repeat-blooming choices for the Upper Midwest, with hardiness ratings of zones 2 and 3:• Canada Blooms: Fragrant pink flowers with hybrid tea-like form.• Never Alone: Vivid blossoms with deep red edges and vibrant white center.• Olds College Centennial: Apricot double flowers.• Bill Reid: Yellow.• Campfire: Indescribable tricolor of reddish-pink, yellow and white.• Emily Carr: Medium red.• Felix Leclerc: Medium pink.• Oscar Peterson: Large, semi-double white.• Adelaide Hoodless: Medium red.• Cuthbert Grant: Crimson red double.• Hope for Humanity: Double deep red.• Morden Blush: Pink, blushing to ivory.• Morden Centennial: Medium pink.• Morden Fireglow: Glowing red.• Morden Ruby: Ruby red.• Morden Snowbeauty: Very floriferous white.• Morden Sunrise: Vivid yellow-orange.• Prairie Joy: Medium pink. Good hedge rose.• Prairie Snowdrift: Creamy white.• Winnipeg Parks: Medium red.• Alexander Mackenzie: Deep red.• Champlain: Dark red.• J.P. Connell: Lemon yellow.• John Cabot: Medium red.• John Davis: Medium pink.• Quadra: Dark red.• Pavement series: Purple, scarlet, white types.• Henry Kelsey: Rosy-red. One of the best climbers.• William Baffin: Rose-pink. Excellent climber.• Ramblin' Red: Red climber.Fall pruning tipsMost rose authorities and research universities recommend against fall pruning of roses, as they tend to survive winter better with all canes intact. In spring, before new growth begins, prune vigorously, removing thin, weak canes and reducing height to 12 inches or less.Modern roses bloom best on vigorous new growth stimulated by pruning, rather than old, woody canes allowed to remain.

Aug 17, 2018

Let's All Give a Warm Welcome Back to the Flower Crown

Are only fresh flowers permitted, or can we once again incorporate imitations into our look? Perhaps the resurrection of the bright, carefree and counter-culture originated flower crown is exactly what we need to protest and alleviate us of some of the weight of today's ever-darkening political landscape, in which case, will Forever 21 catch on? One thing is for sure, prepare for Coachella 2019 to resemble that of yesteryear.Up next: fedoras. Photo via Vogue/British Vogue/Getty...