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Oct 15, 2020

Fall hiking in Door County: See blooming flowers, animals preparing for winter - Green Bay Press Gazette

Coggin Heeringa, program director and naturalist at Crossroads at Big Creek in Sturgeon Bay, said this is the time summer wildflowers are fading out and fall wildflowers are blossoming. She said asters, which bloom in a wide variety of colors, and goldenrods especially have begun to flower.With the blooms come the bees, too, Heeringa said, as they go about gathering pollen before winter sets in and the flowers are dormant. The bees will be seen landing on wildflowers all over, but Heeringa noted they generally leave people alone when they're on the blooms because they're so busy. Wooly bear caterpillars also are abundant now."All pollinators, especially bees, are just desperate to get enough pollen to make it through the winter," Heeringa said.The same can be said for mammals, which are visibly ramping up their food gathering in anticipation of the coming cold and snow. Heeringa said at Crossroads, red squirrels have been especially active knocking down cones from the tops of spruce trees and grey squirrels are busily gathering acorns."Mammals are just frantic right now, preparing for winter," she said.Flocks of migratory birds are taking over the skies above the peninsula these days, Heeringa said, adding that she saw a flock of flickers flying over the preserve this past week."We're right in the middle of the migratory season now," she said. "You can look up and see nothing for 20, 30 minutes, then see a flock of 50 birds go through."Wildlife visible in the waters might depend on the water levels, Heeringa said. Frogs, turtles and waterbugs can be seen in and on inland waterways across the county, but she said Big Creek, which runs through Crossroads and plays home to a variety of fish, is rather low now. However, if the peninsula gets a healthy dose of rain, she expects the creek will get a salmon run, as it did last fall.Door County trails and nature preserves offer hiking possibilities for everyone from more experienced hikers or those in g...

Jun 19, 2020

New Hampshire florists see demand bloom despite event cancellations - New Hampshire Business Review

Despite the lack of special events, Bob Cote of wholesaler Baystate Farm Direct Flowers in Bedford says business has been brisk. However, the continued postponement of large gatherings for funerals and nuptials is not hardy news for florists powering through less than ideal conditions. “Weddings are our bread and butter for the summer,” Cote said. Floral shops, like other retailers, are adjusting their operations to address customers’ hesitancy to browse in their aisles. In addition to offering delivery and curbside pickup, Hewson encourages people to visit her open-air greenhouse where she transferred many of her ancillary gift items. She also posted that same inventory on a revamped website. “We’re still using that [the greenhouse and the website] for people who don’t feel comfortable coming into the store,” she said. “Being inventive is what got us through.” Catalysts for compassion ‘We have been crazy, crazy, crazy’ busy, says Shirley Wrenn of Shirley’s Flowers and Sweets in Nashua, who recently added a third vehicle to keep up with demand for flowers. (Photo by Sheryl Rich-Kern) Community well-wishers also helped merchants withstand the pandemic’s aftermath. One customer started what Hewson calls a “flower chain.” In April, Maryanne Jackson of North Conway purchased 20 table-sized bouquets of friezes, roses and greenery from Hewson with a note wishing people “joy and color,” asking them to support small businesses and consider paying forward the gift. Many of the recipients heeded the suggestion and called Hewson’s shop for more orders. “It was a real Easter bunny, Christmas elf, tooth fairy kind of opportunity for us,” said Jackson. That investment of kindness restored the dreariness of March, generating enough revenues to maintain Hewson’s cash flow. With the Mother’s Day rush behind them, florists are mixed on what the future will hold. Pandemics don’t have silver linings, but they’re catalysts for compassion. Aimee Godbout of the family-owned Jacques Flowers in Manchester, said she expects sales to drop off during summer, but she’s seen an uptick in customers placing orders outside of special occasions. “There’s the everyday ‘I miss you,’” as people choose flowers for parents they’re unable to visit, a neighbor who can’t get out of the house or the local nursing staff, she said. “Right now there’s a lot of ugliness happening in the world,” said Godbout. Working at a flower shop provides contrast. “Every time you pick up the phone, it’s someone calling to be nice.” Wrenn, of Shirley’s Flowers, has noticed that requests are grander and more intricate. Instead of ordering simple bouquets to honor birthdays, customers want floral cakes dotted with lavender blooms and candles. Or they request novelties: flower arrangements designed to resemble mermaids, unicorns or cats. Meanwhile, proms and graduations are canceled. Godbout said her company normally sets up the stages to honor these milestones, but “all that business is gone.” Offsetting a potential summer slump is Godbout’s garden shop. Springtime has pollinated a kinship for plants and with people spending more time at home, even those without a green thumb are taking up the horticulture hobby to cultivate a backyard escape. In the last week or so, Godbout has arranged phone or video consultations from brides who rescheduled or are starting to plan their ceremonies for 2021. Many of the more than 400,000 vendors tha...

Jun 19, 2020

Gardening: This botanical garden is a hidden gem with free admission - OCRegister

Fahrenheit. I have learned that this outstanding plant and other Quesnelias are available through vendors on eBay. Another way to procure uncommon bromeliads would be to make contact with members of the San Fernando Valley Bromeliad Society ( which meets once a month in Encino or with the La Ballona Valley Bromeliad Society ( that holds monthly meetings in West Los Angeles although such public meetings will probably be on hold for now. The Mildred Mathias Botanical Garden is famous for its dawn redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides), thought to be the tallest representative of its species in North America. It was only in 1944, in a remote part of south-central China, that the first living dawn redwoods were discove...

Jun 19, 2020

Butterflies and Blooms returns to Green Bay Botanical Garden - WBAY

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Butterflies and Blooms returns to the Green Bay Botanical Garden for a second year. WBAY Photo The exhibit opens Monday, June 8. It allows visitors to get an up close view of hundreds of butterflies at the 1,800 square-foot butterfly house. The exhibit features many butterflies native to Wisconsin, including the Monarch. This year, the garden has added 20 new species coming from Texas, Florida and Mexico. About 300 new butterflies arrive each week. By the end of summer, about 4,500 butterflies are fluttering about the garden. Visitors are allowed to feed the butterflies at any time. Outside the butterfly house is a garden and information on which plants attract butterflies. "Pollinators are important to the ecosyste...

May 1, 2020

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens delivers daffodils to community recipients - Wiscasset Newspaper

Gardens,” says Paxson. “Erika and I have been working together to reach out to local groups within our community here on the Boothbay peninsula and in Damariscotta. We find ourselves in such strange times, but luckily, Mother Nature seems immune.” Indeed, per all reports, the Gardens is bursting with color. “It saddens everyone at CMBG that we can’t invite our community to see this abundance, so the next best thing is to bring the abundance to the community,” continues Paxson. She and Huber have spent the last few days cutting hundreds of daffodils, filling buckets, and starting deliveries. “So far, we’ve been distributing them to senior living facilities such as Edgecomb Green and The Lincoln Home as well as to essential workers who are taking care of all of us.” Recent recipients include Hannaford and general stores, Pinkham’s Seafood, Lincoln Health, the Boothbay Region Health Center, and Boothbay Region Elementary and High School cafeteria employees. “We are also distributing daffodils to community members through the Boothbay Region Food Pantry, Meals on Wheels, school lunches, the weekend lunch distribution at the YMCA, and customers at Nathan’s Pharmacy,” continues Huber. Future plans include sharing tulips and other blooms. “We’re so grateful for the people on the front lines,” Paxson says. “And we’re grateful we can do something in return, dropping off these bright yellow thank-you blooms.” With so many worthy recipients, “the list seems to grow every day,” concludes Paxson. “This is such a challenging time for everybody, and we’re just so very happy to be able to bring in a little bit of brightness with some flowers.” The Gardens will remain closed, due to COVID-19 and out of concern for the safety of the community, until at least May 31. Working in accordance with Governor Janet Mills’ four-stage plan for restarting Maine’s economy, CMBG will reopen when it safely can. Until then, it continues its “CMBG at Home” initiative, a new online collection of classes, tours, blog posts, articles, photos, and Facebook groups, ensuring that garden lovers can grow their knowledge from home. Visit to explore all of CMBG’s online offerings. Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is a nationally recognized public garden loca...

May 1, 2020

Businesses During Coronavirus: Flower Truck Launches 2nd Season - Babylon Village, NY Patch

Coffee to offer a special bundle for Mother's Day. She also partnered with North Fork Doughnut Co, Bango Bowls and Coastal Kitchen and Cocktail in Bay Shore for a Mother's Day Brunch package. "There's strength in partnering with like-minded businesses," Rutigliano said. Rutigliano says she wants people to know they are still open and ready to serve the community. While weddings have been cancelled, Rutigliano said she still has delivered small bouquets and boutonniere for people who chose to have smaller "quarantine" or "social-distancing" weddings during this time. The business is also booking events for the fall and next year, with the hope that the flower truck season will start sooner rather than later. "Stay strong, hang in there, we're here for you to bring a little bit of joy during these times and we're all in this together and we all have to support each other and the more we can look after our small businesses and help out our community the better," she said.