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Garden Path Floral

725 W Main St
Watertown, WI 53094

Buds 'n' Blum

8515 W Hampton Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53225


500 Alexander Rd
Phillips, WI 54555


520 George St
De Pere, WI 54115

The Station

721 Superior
Tomah, WI 54660

Wisconsin Flowers News

Aug 22, 2019

Visual Art: Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom - urbanmilwaukee

Urban Milwaukee Jackie Sciuti. Photos courtesy of MOWA. Since the 1960s, the Museum of Wisconsin Art’s annual Members’ Exhibit has showcased the diverse artwork of museum members aged 3 to 93. This year’s Members Exhibit, on display through September 8 at the MOWA, 205 Veterans Ave. in West Bend, features paintings, sculptures and mixed media works by 250 members of all skill levels, from hobbyists to professional artists. The exhibit “offers an invaluable look into the creative vision of contemporary Wisconsin art,” according to the MOWA website. Located in the museum’s State Gallery, the exhibit is divided into several media and subject categories, including sculpture, glassware and ceramics, landscapes, animals, figures and portraits, abstract art, fiber art and mixed media. From pre-kindergartners’ charming watercolors and colorful paper collage to a folk-art-inspired painting of a Wisconsin barn wedding to clay sculptures, Impressionist-influenced waterscapes and vibrant encaustic works, the community-minded Members show offers visitors a breadth of art not often seen in other exhibits. Barns, deer, pol...

Jul 26, 2019

Vandals damage flowers in Rhinelander - WJFW-TV

E. coli bacteria levels can result from increased water flow from heavy rainfall or from animal waste contamination.People swimming in Wisconsin waters are encouraged to not to ingest water or swim if they are sick. People should also wash their hands after swimming. Merrill's Park Place housing project ahead of schedule Submitted: 07/25/2019 -- MERRILL - At this pace, a major housing project in Merrill will be done ahead of schedule.The renovation of the Park Place Apartments is the final phase of a years-long project in the city.Renovations started after many tenants moved to the new Stonebridge Apartments public housing complex across the street. Park Place living spaces will become bigger, safer, and more accessible."It increases the apartment size in Park Place by 50 percent. It makes it more accessible for handicapped tenants. It has more safety features and common area amenities for the tenants," said Merrill Area Housing Authority Executive Director Paul Russell. table width="100%" cel...

Jun 22, 2019

Ruby red, tart and floral, dried hibiscus puts a tropical twist on drinks, desserts and more - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Wisconsin patios in summer. On top of all that, hibiscus flowers are edible. Dried and steeped, they add a splash of brilliant color and flavor to drinks, desserts and more. Dried hibiscus flower (technically the calyx, or part of the plant that protects the bloom before it opens) has a rich culinary history and has been used medicinally for centuries. The flowers are credited with improving blood pressure and respiratory health while being rich in vitamin C. Some food manufacturers are beginning to use hibiscus as a natural food coloring in place of artificial red dyes. Steeping the dried flowers as a tea is an easy place to start, allowing you to experience the flower’s tart, fruity flavor in the simplest way possible. Steep in boiling water using a tea steeper at a ratio of 2 tablespoons dried hibiscus for every 1 cup of water. Let steep 5 to 10 minutes and then enjoy hot or iced. A traditional Mexican drink, agua de Jamaica or hibiscus water, uses sugar to balance the tea’s natural tartness; the refreshing tea is served over ice with the midday meal. Hibiscus is a natural fit for sultry summer cocktails. Vodka, gin, rum and tequila all play well with hibiscus, along with ingredients like pineapple, lemon, lime, ginger and mint. An easy way to add a tropical touch to an everyday drink is to have hibiscus simple syrup at the ready. Using equal parts sugar and water, along with dried hibiscus in the ratio mentioned above, bring everything to a boil until the sugar is dissolved, then strain out the flowers and keep it in the fridge for whenever the mood strikes. The syrup is also great for splashing into sparkling water or freshly squeezed lemonade. Desserts are another place where hibiscus shines. The flower’s flavor is mild enough that it won’t dominate a recipe, but its magenta hue will turn heads, bringing a festive, feminine touch to the end of any meal.

Jun 22, 2019

Door to Nature: Thimbleberry Flowers and Fruit - Door County Pulse

Door County’s east side. Photo by Roy Lukes. Many wild, white-flowered plants reach center stage during the last week of June in northeastern Wisconsin. The Canada anemone, Canada dogwood, highbush cranberry, oxeye daisy, red dogwood and thimbleberry are all decked out in their immaculate white. The species that we will keep clearly in mind throughout July, patiently waiting for its delectable fruit to ripen, is the thimbleberry: Rubus (ROO-bus) parviflorus (par-vi-FLOR-us). Some people call the blackcap raspberry, Rubus occidentalis, the thimbleberry. Its leaflets are whitish and felty on the undersides. Far more people know the genuine thimbleberry to be the large, juicy, red raspberry, with tiny seeds and tart flesh born on smooth canes with huge, handsome, maple-like, textured leaves. Few areas within its entire range are more famous for this favorite wild berry than Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The red, ripe thimbleberry fruit is tart and has small seeds. Photo by Roy Lukes. Some years ago, a national TV weatherman held a jar of thimbleberry jam sent to him by people in the UP and said, “Nowhere else in the entire world does this marvelous berry plant grow!” It actually r...

Apr 27, 2019

Magnolias in bloom at Green Bay Botanical Gardens - WGBA-TV

Gardens.The garden has more than 140 magnolias. This is the coldest area for the plant. The garden's experts work to help the flowers withstand Wisconsin’s cold weather.“We really have a great diversity and variety of magnolias to show homeowners what they can incorporate into their own yard,” said Director of Horticulture Mark Konlock. “So, it's a huge amount of these flowers like these flowers are huge like it's a tree of flowers in the springtime The peak blooms are in the middle of May. Mothers get in free on Mother’s Day.