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Flowers By The Bay

14532 North Umberland Highway
Burgess, VA 22432

Flowers By Liz

183 Spring St
Bluefield, VA 24605

Arlington Florist

5815 Leesburg Pike
Falls Church, VA 22041

The Fl Gallery Harris Teeter

600 N Glebe Rd
Arlington, VA 22203

Florist By The Sea

7326 Lankford Hwy
Nassawadox, VA 23413

Virginia Flowers News

Dec 29, 2017

How an impoverished flower man inspired Richmonders to give back

For a half-century, John Gilbert Robertson was known for his kindness, his smile and his flowers at a busy corner across from the Virginia Historical Society.Grown-ups today remember going to see him with their parents to buy flowers for special occasions.John Gilbert Robertson“My Dad and I would by flowers from Gilbert when I was a little girl, May Ellen Tyler recalled. “We would take the flowers to my grandfather’s grave.  He was such a good kind man.”He had lost the use of his legs in childhood - early news reports said paralysis - and diabetes later claimed one of them.“He was such a nice gentleman and a beloved fixture on the Boulevard,” recalled Beth Fitzgerald. “He would always give me a flower and a smile as I headed to VCU.”Robertson and his wife, Virginia, were far from wealthy.“He used to be a shoemaker,” Virginia Robertson told me many years ago. She said he told her, “I want to be with you and sell flowers.”His popularity was such when the police had his metal flower shack removed as a nuisance in 1967, the public demanded the city return it. And it returned.When he died from diabetes and other health problems in the fall of 1988, Richmonders were shocked to learn (see story below) that Robertson died so poor, the city was arranging for an unmarked pauper’s grave. No flowers for him.No way was the Flower Man going out like that!Within days an anonymous donor - and there were several offers - paid for a flower-filled funeral and burial at Mount Calvary Cemetery.A fund was set up to help support his beloved wife.And, a little more than a year after his death, his little monument was in place.The day after its October 7, 1989 dedication, the following editorial about it appeared in the Richmond Times-Dispatch:“Monument Avenue, with its statues of heroes whose names children learn in school, runs only a block or two from Mr. Ro... (

Dec 29, 2017

UPDATE: Local flower shop owner speaks out after robbery, one arrested

Troopers said they are still looking for the other man involved.ORIGINAL STORY 11/6/2017 @ 10:30 amPRINCETON, W. Va (WVNS) — West Virginia State Police have arrested a man who allegedly robbed a flower shop in Princeton.  Eric Wayne Long is facing a number of criminal charges including battery, malicious assault, burglary, grand and petit larceny and conspiracy. According to court documents, troopers responded to a burglary call at Colonial Florist on Athens Road in Princeton around 1 in the afternoon on Tuesday, November 28. The owner told troopers he received a call from Eric Long requesting flowers for a funeral. In exchange for the flowers, Long would work at the store for a couple of hours. The owner told deputies Long had worked for him in the past doing jobs at the shop such as emptying the garbage and unloading deliveries. While Long was working, the owner said another man entered the store wearing a grey hoodie. The man then hit the owner from the back, knocking him to the ground, and stole his wallet which had several credit cards and $1,000 in cash. When the owner got up from the floor, he told troopers he saw Long running away from the store with the man in the grey hoodie. At this time, it’s unclear who the man in the grey hoodie is or if he has been arrested at this time. Long is being held in the Southern Regional Jail on a $50,000 cash bond. ... (WVNS-TV)

Dec 29, 2017

The Flower Shop Offers Gorgeous Bridal Bouquets

Charlottesville, Virginia - December 25, 2017 - The Flower Shop reveals that they offer bridal bouquets that are customized as per the requirements of their individual clients. They incorporate a range of colors, styles, flowers and textures that shall be carefully chosen and combined to create an exquisite, one-of-a-kind, bridal bouquet.A spokesperson for the company said, “Your wedding is one of the best and the most significant moments of your life and to make it memorable, we offer bright and cheerful bridal bouquets that are so you. When deciding on the style of bouquet to carry, you should always choose the style of design and flowers that will complement your gown.”The Flower Shop is recognized for its wide ranging catalog of flowers, bouquets and gifts that are perfect for any occasion. Located in Charlottesville, VA, The Flower Shop is a full service Floral Studio. Randall Cash, Lead Designer/Owner, has been bringing the world’s most exquisite flowers, beautiful floral design and exceptional customer service to Charlottesville for over 25 years. The C... (Digital Journal)

Dec 8, 2017

Flowers, Fine Dining, and a Champagne Lounge: Tulips Opens Dec. 26 in Dupont

It's feminine and approachable with floral prints and crystal chandeliers," Gardner says. Gardner, who is also behind Virginia's Copperwood Tavern and Quinn's on the Corner, went with the name Tulips for several reasons. It was his great grandmother's nickname and he wants to serve drinks in tulip glasses of varying sizes and shapes.  Patrons enter Tulips on the middle floor that has a bar for happy hour or for having a drink before heading downstairs to the dining room. Cocktails are named after varieties of tulips, like the "Orange Princess" with vodka, persimmon puree, brown sugar syrup, and lemon. The first floor also has a menu of fancy toasts including duck confit with kimchi, papaya and confit shallots; beef tartare with burnt yogurt, tamarind, and sawtooth; and avocado with lychee and peanut crumble. Prices are still being finalized.The 30-seat basement dining room is outfitted with two different floral patterns and will be available for reservations only. Executive Chef John Leavitt, who cooked most recently at Clarity and Water & Wall in Virginia (plus a short stint at minibar), will lead the kitchen with the help of Gardner's corporate chef, James Duke. The menu is simply divided into first and second courses. Sample dishes include Salt Spring mussels with preserved mango, kimchi consommé, and grilled herb salad ($18); lobster with roasted potato velouté, white ...

Nov 17, 2017

Miss Floribunda: When nice plants get a bad reputation

I surmise from the autumn-blooming time that your shrub is our own native Hamamelis virginiana, whose late-season berries are a boon to birds.Witch hazel is entirely benevolent.Your spiderwortis not the only plant to sound distasteful because the word “wort” gets confused with “wart.” Dr. Worterbuch would like for you to know that “wort” means “plant” in Middle English, derived from the Old English “wyrt” or herb. I can tell you that “spider” describes the plant’s sprawling habit rather than the flowers themselves. Once again, I find myself having to defend spiders — which rarely bite people and certainly don’t cause warts — but in any case, you can get around the negative associations the name has for you by calling it by another of its names. Although I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to choose it, another of its names is “cow slobber.” Then there’s “widow’s tears,” which may be lugubrious, but at least it’s poetic. The name “trinity flower” alludes to the three luminous petals that form the flower’s corolla. Or you could call it by its Latin name, tradescantia. Your spider wort is Tradescantia virginiana, a beneficial native plant that harbors many pollinators. By the way, there are many, many other plants with “wort” in their names, and I am particularly glad that the charming little forget-me-not  (myosotis) is rarely called “scorpionwort” any more. Harry Potter fans might be interested to know that Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was consciously named by J.K. Rowling after the plant known as “hogwort,” or croton. The kind of croton that grows in England produces a substance used in making blue dyes, and was among the ingredients in the paints that illuminated medieval manuscripts. The native American variety is called Croton alabamensis, and is an easy-to-grow ornamental shrub, with yellow flower clusters and bright orange leaves in autumn. It should not be confused with the toxic hogweed (heracleum) that causes blisters when touched.On the other hand, some plants get the names they deserve. Skunk cabbage (Lysichiton americanus) really does smell like an annoyed skunk. Very elegant with its furled yellow flower, it is related to the deliciously scented arum lily. (As we all know, family members can differ markedly in their characteristics and personalities.) Although skunk cabbage is a native plant, most would agree that it would be taking local pride too far to include it in any garden. Deadly  nightshade (Atropa belladon... (Hyattsville Life & Times)