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Mar 29, 2019

A helicopter landed in a California poppy field during the super bloom, and officials are furious - The Washington Post

Los Angeles for weeks. Golden poppies, which are the state’s official flower and have turned arid fields into brilliant orange carpets of flowers, have been a particularly popular draw. Officials recently had to close access to poppy fields in Lake Elsinore, Calif., an hour southeast of Los Angeles, after they were thronged with “Disneyland-sized crowds.” [‘Poppy Apocalypse’: Small California city overrun by thousands of tourists declares ‘public safety crisis’] “This is unlike anything we’ve ever seen,” the city’s mayor wrote in a post titled “POPPY PROBLEMS.” “We’re shorthanded. ... One of our employees was hit and run by a driver. A rattlesnake bit a visitor. Residents have been screaming at the people directing traffic.” Park officials in Antelope Valley did not respond to a request for comment. They note on their website that the poppies open in the morning and curl up in the afternoon. “Please remember, visitors must stay on OFFICIAL TRAILS only,” they write. “Photos in the flowers are not allowed in the park. Walking in the poppies creates dirt patches and may result in a ticket. DO NOT walk where others have already damaged the habitat; it will compound the damage and leave a scar for years to come.” Allyson Chiu contributed to this report. Read more: ‘This is not Mexico’: Texas official criticizes county judge for speaking Spanish GOP lawmaker prays to Jesus for forgiveness before state’s first Muslim woman swears in North Carolina’s 20-week abortion ban is unconstitutional, a federal judge rules ...

Mar 29, 2019

3/25, full issue: Environmental leadership, gun reform, spring flowers, more - Charleston Currents

Every plastic bottle dropped in a blue bin at the Memphis airport is thrown away. And in Charleston County, a month of recycling now sits under a tarp at the Bees Ferry Landfill. “There’s no place to send it,” Charleston County Councilman Vic Rawl told a local TV station. Last month, the county chose not to extend its contract with Horry County and truck recyclables north. An existing facility located on the peninsula is outdated and ill-equipped to manage our pace and volume. Plans to build a more modern facility are on-hold. So, a covered pile of about 3,000 tons of recycled paper, glass, aluminum and plastic sits and awaits its fate. If pieces of it get wet, they’ll be buried at the landfill just like trash. We need leadership. Charleston County should be transparent about the future of its recycling program and plans to build a new facility, and it should move quickly to address the mountain of recyclables that are piling up at Bees Ferry. And we can all recommit to reducing the amount of waste we produce individually. Established recycling programs have done much to keep plastic bottles, aluminum, and glass out of the environment, but they haven’t addressed single-use plastics — plastics that are typically used once and tossed like bags, straws, and Styrofoam. Single-use plastics are not easily recycled and are often scattered throughout the environment, impacting waterways and wildlife. But local communities along our coast have stepped up and done that themselves by putting in place bans on single-use plastics. That’s one of the strongest indicators I’ve observed so far about how important our work is in South Carolina. In fact, last night, Charleston County finalized its own single-use plastics ban for unincorporated parts of our community. Senate to take up big bill with local impacts Still, efforts to deny local progress and community-driven solutions are facing strong opposition. On Wednesday, several senators again considered a bill that would unravel existing bans and prevent future local action on plastic pollution. The executive director of a national special interests group representing big plastic manufacturers traveled from Washington to attend the hearing and snubbed local bans as ineffective and “emotions based.” Mayors and council members from Folly Beach, Isle of Palms,...

Mar 29, 2019

Not sick of the super bloom? Here's where you can still see wildflowers near Palm Springs - The Desert Sun

Walmart. And she was right! An astonishing carpet of purple and white with sprinkles of yellow. Best thing we saw all weekend." More: Here's the best way to reach the Lake Elsinore poppy super bloom on weekdays More: Poppy blooms aren't just in Lake Elsinore. You can see a marigold cousin near Joshua Tree More: Want to see the poppy super bloom at Lake Elsinore? Brace yourself for large crowds and long lines Respectful viewing includes not littering, staying on trails and leaving the flowers exactly the way you found them, i.e. DO NOT pick the poppies (or any others). With that in mind, here are a few spots around the Coachella Valley where you can still see the super bloom: East Sunny Dunes Road and South Gene Autry Trail, Palm Springs ...

Mar 29, 2019

In Bloom Festival of Flowers at the Springfield Museums - Afro American Point of View

April 5 Classical guitar by Chris Eriquezzo April 6 A cappella by The Cat’s Chorus from the Community Music School April 7 The Pied Harpist Family Day Saturday, April 6, 10 am-4 pm Children will explore the world of flowers through hands-on activities. Prepare wildflower seeds for planting, arrange your own bouquet, dissect a flower, explore printmaking with plants, touch flowers from around the world and learn the language of flowers. HIGHLIGHTSFlower Workshop, 11 am-4 pmBring Festival of Flowers home with you! Join Springfield Florists Supply staff and museum educators to learn about cut flowers and design your own bouquet or arrangement. Wildflower Pods, 11 am-3 pmUse wildflower seeds, clay, and soil to prepare seeds for planting almost anywhere! Ongoing Activities Family Science Adventures, 11 am-2 pmExplore the Science Museum and find the Roving Scientist. You never kno...

Mar 29, 2019

California’s super bloom is the best in years, so vibrant it can be seen from space - The Washington Post

Lake Elsinore, Calif., on March 19. (Digitalglobe/Reuters) The super bloom got its start several weeks ago in the deserts of California. A carpet of flowers has since progressed toward the shore and is traveling north. The hills of the Carrizo Plain National Monument in San Luis Obispo County appear as if they were painted by super bloom. (Mimi Ditchie Photography) A field of desert dandelions on Di Giorgio Road in Borrego Springs, Calif. (Bob Cates/Flickr) The desert super bloom in North Palm Springs, Calif. (Angela Kenny/Flickr) Massive new blooms are expected to continue over the next several weeks into Central and Northern California. Some coastal and mountain areas may keep the bloom going into summer. “[T]his is something unlike anything we have ever experienced . . . and may never again,” according to the Facebook page of the city of a href="

Mar 15, 2019

Guinea flowers are fierce and golden - The Conversation AU

Hibbertia banksii of the eastern Cape York area, others are needle-like with margins rolled towards the lower midrib, with a sharp, blood-drawing tip, as in Hibbertia ferox. A 1795 guinea coin from the reign of George III. Wikipedia The flowers are usually solitary and roughly 2cm in diameter, but in some of the northern species they grow in spikes roughly 4-5cm across. Five sepals surround the five petals, which are broadest towards the top. The flowers usually close at night and reopen the next day. A distinctive feature is the arrangement of the stamens (the male parts). These may be all on one side of the carpels (the structures containing the unfertilised seeds at the centre of the flower) or may form a form a ball in the centre. The number varies between species from fewer than 10 to more than 100. img alt src="" srcset=" 600w, 1200w, 1800w, 754w,