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Apr 27, 2019

Growth in gardening: The Wildflowers of Texas - San Marcos Daily Record

Texas Hill Country seemed like the verbena capital of Texas with pasture after pasture covered with carpets of purple. Verbena is an amazing native perennial. It is drought tolerant and highly deer resistant. This beautiful low growing trailing plant likes dry to medium moist sites. Verbena is among the state’s most abundant wildflowers. Pink evening primrose is another we see growing everywhere and I am so glad that it does. From April to June, across much of the state, you will find patches of pink on display as you drive the highways of Texas. It opens at dusk in northern portions of Texas; flowers wither each day, replaced by new blossoms each evening. In our part of the state, its blooms stay open all day for us to enjoy. The Texas Bluebell has all but disappeared because of indiscriminate picking. Next is the Bluebell – not the ice cream, although I love that too – I am talking about the Texas Bluebell which blooms from June to September in moist areas in fields and prairies, and in drainage areas, except in Big Bend Country. Please don’t pick them. Bluebells have virtually disappeared in many locations because of indiscriminate picking. With its tulip-shaped blooms and its rich color, bluebell is considered by many to be our state's most beautiful wildflower. After seeing an entire field of bluebells in their stunning glory, it is easy for me to see why that argument is a strong one. Flowers range from bluish-purple to white, or white with tinges of yellow or purple. Another favorite is Winecup. It is a lovely native groundcover that blooms in spring from March to April. They form a sprawling evergreen mat that explodes with vivid purple flowers, though you can also find varieties with white flowers. They bloom for weeks, opening in the morning and closing at night. These flowers tend to grow in sandy soils in open woods and scrublands. Mostly single flowers, on plants about six to eight inches high. A tall branched variety bears many blossoms on one plant. Spotted beebalm, also called lemon-mint, horsemint and wild bergamot, is one of those plants that you seem to never notice until you learn a bit about it. It is not as in-your-face as some of our more bedazzled wildflowers can be. It tends to grow in small colonies and near each other. If you find one, you will usually find another not too far away. They can vary in size from six inches to three feet but are always showy, in their way, with extroverted colors that can last for months. You can propagate it by seeds or cuttings. The creamy lilac-spotted flowers with pink bracts, attract honeybees, bumblebees, miner bees, plasterer bees, hummingbirds and the swallowtail butterfly. Gayfeather is another wildflower Texans look forward to each year. Gayfeather is among the most finely attired of our pageant of wildflowers. Standing taller than most, it draws your attention with its distinctive purple-pink spikes and tassels. This showy flower, that resembles a bottle-brush, makes its debut in pastures, prairies and roadways as early as July and hangs around until December. It is also called button snakeroot because roots and underground stems have been used to treat rattlesnake bites. Butterflies and hummingbirds are frequent visitors, and goldfinches and other songbirds eat the seeds. The last plant I want to mention is the Blackfoot daisy. It blooms in early spring and stays with us through fall, thriving on the calcareous soils we have here in Central Texas. A low-growing plant, this species often grows twice as wide as it is tall. This plant is very drought and heat tolerant. It is also a good source of nectar for many different insects and seeds for birds while still being highly deer resistant. Bluebonnets are the most popular Texas wildflowers in Central Texas and people come from hundreds of miles to view the Bluebonnets. The Bluebonnets started bloom in the middle of March and will usually peak about the second week of April. It is a beautiful sight and since by the end of April the Bluebonnets are usually fading away, I suggest you get out now and enjoy them, that is if you haven’t already. -- Joe Urbach is the publisher of

Apr 27, 2019

Give NJ florists a break — order Valentine's Day flowers now - New Jersey 101.5 FM Radio

Between Wednesday and Thursday we sell 5,000 roses," she said, adding there are sharp customers who pick up on the difference in quality between flowers purchased at a store like hers and flowers purchased at a supermarket.Flower shops across New Jersey are bracing for "48 hours of complete chaos" leading up to and including Valentine's Day. They've spent this past weekend getting a head-start on orders that have already been placed."The people who are ordering now, thank you," said Michelle Jones, owner of Flower Bar in Brick.She's grateful some customers have asked for delivery on Wednesday, but the lion's share of deliveries will, as always, land on the big day. So it's all hands on deck ... or wheel."I actually have my regular drivers and then I recruit my mother, my husband, my son is staying home from college that day," Jones said.Jones said the shop will be staffed until past 6:00 Thursday night for last-minute lovers."I'll have something for them, even if it's the cactus in the corner with a red heart on it," she said.On Valentine's Day, phone orders won't be an option at Jersey Shore Florist in Neptune, according to co-owner Chris Donofrio.Jersey Shore Florist, Neptune City"We take the phones off the hook on the day of," he said. "That started about five years ago. We just can't get to everybody."Donofrio said the staff is comprised only of himself, his father and two other employees. The shop prepared about 150 arrangements over the weekend — some are spoken for, most are not.Valentine's Day i...

Apr 27, 2019

Best California wildflower spots: Shell Creek, Carrizo Plain - Modesto Bee

It’s all but impossible not to step on a flower somewhere. You’d have as much luck walking into your house trying not to step on the carpet. The blooms are that thick. Fields of yellow blend into blue then into orange, in a scene dotted with oak trees and the namesake creek that gurgles through the middle. It’s a floral Shangri-la. I defy you to find a more peaceful or picturesque wildflower spot anywhere in the state. Once...

Mar 29, 2019

Not sick of the super bloom? Here's where you can still see wildflowers near Palm Springs - The Desert Sun

Walmart. And she was right! An astonishing carpet of purple and white with sprinkles of yellow. Best thing we saw all weekend." More: Here's the best way to reach the Lake Elsinore poppy super bloom on weekdays More: Poppy blooms aren't just in Lake Elsinore. You can see a marigold cousin near Joshua Tree More: Want to see the poppy super bloom at Lake Elsinore? Brace yourself for large crowds and long lines Respectful viewing includes not littering, staying on trails and leaving the flowers exactly the way you found them, i.e. DO NOT pick the poppies (or any others). With that in mind, here are a few spots around the Coachella Valley where you can still see the super bloom: East Sunny Dunes Road and South Gene Autry Trail, Palm Springs ...

Mar 29, 2019

In Bloom Festival of Flowers at the Springfield Museums - Afro American Point of View

April 5 Classical guitar by Chris Eriquezzo April 6 A cappella by The Cat’s Chorus from the Community Music School April 7 The Pied Harpist Family Day Saturday, April 6, 10 am-4 pm Children will explore the world of flowers through hands-on activities. Prepare wildflower seeds for planting, arrange your own bouquet, dissect a flower, explore printmaking with plants, touch flowers from around the world and learn the language of flowers. HIGHLIGHTSFlower Workshop, 11 am-4 pmBring Festival of Flowers home with you! Join Springfield Florists Supply staff and museum educators to learn about cut flowers and design your own bouquet or arrangement. Wildflower Pods, 11 am-3 pmUse wildflower seeds, clay, and soil to prepare seeds for planting almost anywhere! Ongoing Activities Family Science Adventures, 11 am-2 pmExplore the Science Museum and find the Roving Scientist. You never kno...

Mar 29, 2019

California’s super bloom is the best in years, so vibrant it can be seen from space - The Washington Post

Lake Elsinore, Calif., on March 19. (Digitalglobe/Reuters) The super bloom got its start several weeks ago in the deserts of California. A carpet of flowers has since progressed toward the shore and is traveling north. The hills of the Carrizo Plain National Monument in San Luis Obispo County appear as if they were painted by super bloom. (Mimi Ditchie Photography) A field of desert dandelions on Di Giorgio Road in Borrego Springs, Calif. (Bob Cates/Flickr) The desert super bloom in North Palm Springs, Calif. (Angela Kenny/Flickr) Massive new blooms are expected to continue over the next several weeks into Central and Northern California. Some coastal and mountain areas may keep the bloom going into summer. “[T]his is something unlike anything we have ever experienced . . . and may never again,” according to the Facebook page of the city of a href="