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Find local Allen, Texas florists below that deliver beautiful flowers to residences, business, funeral homes and hospitals in Allen and surrounding areas. Choose from roses, lilies, tulips, orchids, carnations and more from the variety of flower arrangements in a vase, container or basket. Place your flower delivery order online of call.

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Carriage House Floral & Gift

410 N Greenville Ave Ste 106
Allen, TX 75002
(972) 396-8692

Dream Petals Floral.Com

201 W Main St Ste B
Allen, TX 75013
(972) 998-1889

The Flower Cottage

102 W Belmont Dr
Allen, TX 75013
(972) 727-4591

Allen TX News

Feb 8, 2018

Will British-grown cut flowers take more market this spring?

BBC Gardeners' World Live, the co-operative is now ready for the biggest stage, says Hodgson.The only challenge is the logistics of getting the flowers to Chelsea, it not being able to supply flowers in season. "We're going to show them all wrong," says Hodgson of an Interflora British-themed exhibit, also in Chelsea's pavilion (in 2015), that had only one out of 80 varieties from Britain, blaming unavailabity for having to import most of the blooms. In 2014, Interflora and the RHS said a bouquet was mainly British-grown but it turned out to be mainly imported.Up to 2015, the NFU's UK Horticulture exhibit appeared, showcasing British produce and flowers. But after sponsor Waitrose pulled out, the stand has not reappeared. Marks & Spencer has had exhibits for three years, with a British theme in 2015. M&S will have a "British Flower Festival" theme on its pavilion exhibit in 2018.Artisan growersThe Flowers from the Farm exhibit will be supplied by artisan growers who have on average less than an acre in cultivation, with a maximum of seven acres. Many are becoming more full-time businesses, helped by Flowers from the Farm courses in areas such as marketing. Hodgson says British-grown sales are booming with the help of "drip-drip" publicity and Instagram spreading the word.Flowers from the Farm, which won best environmental initiative award at the 2017 Grower of the Year Awards, also supplied flowers for the Chelsea 2018 press launch at M&G in January."People are getting the message," says Hodgson. "Seasonal and local won't be everything but we can make people aware there is that choice."She adds that British tulips and daffodils have ...

Feb 8, 2018

Farewell to Helen Eliason, who leaves a beautiful garden for us all to enjoy

Helen adopted the garden, not far from her home in Wawaset Park, as a personal challenge. A neglected gem, she undertook its restoration after a long business career and applied her intelligence, management skills and ability to attract like-minded people willing to work.DELAWARE SPACES: Farmhouse is core of Centerville estate.PAY UP:Delaware's biggest toll scofflaw owes $175,000.Goodstay Gardens, on the campus of the University of Delaware’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute in Wilmington, sits hidden from view. Surrounded by boxwood hedges  and the constant thrum of traffic along Pennsylvania Avenue, it hearkens to the time of the DuPont legacy gardens, the early 1900s, when Longwood, Winterthur and Nemours were springing to life under watchful eyes and hands.Likewise, the small garden at Goodstay was undergoing its own renewal in the 1920’s when Ellen Coleman du Pont Meeds hired landscape architect Robert Wheelwright, who designed Valley Garden Park, to update the garden. The two later married.Maintaining the characteristic Tudor style, they changed the focus from vegetables and flowers to a completely ornamental garden, with each of six geometric enclosures planted thematically. Helen Eliason and friends followed the original plans for Goodstay Gardens by landscape architect, Robert Wheelwright, for the garden owned by Ellen Coleman du Pont Meeds. It was planted in the early 1900s. (Photo: Courtesy of Moira Sheridan)The main attractions today are what they were in the Wheelwright’s time — a knot garden, rose, iris and peony gardens and the turkey rock garden, where turkeys used to roost. A more naturalistic area known as The Park abuts the formal gardens and the Magnolia Walk and fountain ...

Jan 26, 2018

Lawyer-Richie Florist selected as small business of the year

Most of the time when we provide flowers to people, it is for a celebration or a recognition of a birthday,” he said. “But, there are also challenging times when our friends come in and are trying to take care of a loved one when they pass. That can be a struggle too.”Connie said the flower shop has been with some individuals from their birth until their death through the shop’s decades-long existence.Jeff noted that it was neat to think about how rare a fourth-generation business is, and the family attributed much of it to the Charleston community and family friends that have assisted them in the shop.“We wouldn't be here today without some really wonderful, wonderful customers,” Jeff said.“It was daddy’s dream to keep going,” Lawyer-Richie added.The business will be honored at the Chamber dinner scheduled for this Saturday. (Journal Gazette and Times-Courier)

Jan 26, 2018

Gardening with Allen: Flowers get nod as year's winners

Allen Wilson is a Vancouver gardening specialist. Email Allen Wilson at new flowers have been given All-America awards for 2018.The most interesting is a new Cuphea, commonly known as Mexican Heather.FloriGlory Diana is propagated from cuttings instead of seed. It is the most likely to be available as plants this year. FloriGlory Diana has larger flowers and more flowers than other cupheas available. Compact 10 to 14 inch plants are excellent for borders or containers.Canna ‘South Pacific Orange’ is more compact and uniform than other cannas. Plants have more branches, resulting in more flowers. Plants are grown from seed rather than tubers so they are less likely to be bothered by diseases. Cannas are attractive to butterflies and humming birds.Marigold ‘Super Hero Spry’ is a compact French marigold with dark maroon lower petals and golden yellow upper petals. It is more uniform than other Spry varieties, including a more stable color pattern. It is earlier t... (The Columbian)

Jan 26, 2018

Flowers ready to bloom at Oxford

I looked up to, were basketball players. I had posters all over my walls — Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki ... I loved Allen Iverson." … Flowers was an immediate hit on the hardcourts, becoming a starter early in his freshman season and helping Lincoln to the state championship game. He played his first three seasons for David Adelman and his senior season for Sean Christensen, earning first-team all-state honors during his final campaign in 2011-12. Flowers also was a two-time second-team all-state tournament selection. That freshman success, though, didn't come without some self doubts. Soon after he became a starter, Flowers stewed over a poor performance. "I felt like there was a tremendous amount of pressure on me to be something I didn't quite know if I could be," he says. "I texted Coach Adelman, 'You gotta take me out of the starting lineup. I don't deserve a spot. I'm more than happy to come off the bench.' He texted me back: 'Not only are you a varsity basketball player, you are a starter for this team. Go out there and play your game, and you'll be fine.' "That was a shot of confidence that radically transformed not only the way I fit into that team, but the way I looked at basketball in general. It made Lincoln feel more like a home. I felt like I had somebody in my corner." Says Adelman: "JT was ready to play from the beginning." Adelman says his work ethic helped get Flowers to the top. "I gave him a key to the gym," says Adelman, now an assistant coach for the Denver Nuggets. "He'd get there early and shoot by himself. He'd practice with the freshman team in the morning. He had such a desire to get better." A D V E R T I S I N G Continue reading belowBy the time Flowers was a senior, "he was our most valuable player," says Christensen, now head coach at La Salle Prep. "He was a wing with guard skills. He could do everything — shoot, defend, rebound. He carried our team." Flowers' coaches appreciated him as a person, too. "Very likable," Christensen says. "Has a great smile. Charismatic. Well-liked by everybody. The kids liked him, teachers liked him, administrators liked him." "He's an eclectic kid, unique, involved in a lot of different parts of life," says Adelman, now an assistant coach with the Denver Nuggets. "One of the best kids I ever coached. Really motivated, an inspirational guy to coach. He was very smart. When he struggled with classes, it was because he was bored by them. The stuff that interested him, he'd knock out of the park. It's cool years later to see what he's turned into. Just a complete person." Flowers says he feels fortunate to have played for Adelman and Christensen. "It was an absolute joy to learn from Coach Adelman," he says. "He...

Jan 12, 2018

GREEN THUMBS UP: Yuletide plants brighten winter days

The members of the shooting star or cyclamen family offer charming, butterfly-like blossoms, but I find them more challenging to maintain. They grow from a rounded corm and require cool environments shaded from sun; avoid pouring water directly on the corm to prevent rot. The distinctive single or double blooms range in color from white through shades of pink, salmon, scarlet, and lavender, and may appear for up to 4 months. Their heart-shaped leaves are equally attractive, having silver and white mottling on a dark green background. Once blooming ceases, the plant should be allowed to rest by gradually withholding water until the foliage dies back. Store in a cool basement or move the plants outdoors in summer to a shady locale keeping the soil nearly dry and the pot resting on its side. Repot in September placing the top of the tuber level with the surface of the soil.Deck the halls with holiday plants for a cheerful, colorful, Yuletide display.Suzanne Mahler is an avid gardener, photographer and lecturer. She is a member of a local garden club, past president of the New England Daylily Society, an overseer for the Massachusetts Horticultural Society and is employed at a garden center. (Wicked Local Kingston)