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Jul 26, 2018

The Perimeter Is Dead. Send Flowers.

More often than naught this is done with no sense of malice but, the law of unintended consequences is always at the ready. The third point to consider is how are the users who have access to your network authenticated? In one company that I did work for years ago they had a default set of credentials on every single Windows system in the enterprise. This was a local administrator account that had a password that was shared liberally by and with the external third party who managed the help desk function. The win here would be to have an up to date device inventory, authentication controls to verify which devices are permitted access and a clearly defined authentication process for users. The point here is to remove the idea of trust. Verify everything. These are steps to move you towards the idea of the zero trust environment. Old thinking is the new thinking. We need to trust but verify. We need to have scalable networks. We need to be ready for the attackers who will be constantly working to best us and get over that wall, so that we can comfortably taunt them from the other side.

May 24, 2018

Royal Wedding facts – from the dress, flowers, cake and guests to the cost and Meghan Markle's bridesmaids

Bridesmaids Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, 3 Miss Florence van Cutsem, 3, goddaughter of Prince Harry, daughter of Mrs. Alice van Cutsem and Major Nicholas van Cutsem Miss Remi Litt, 6, goddaughter of Ms. Markle, daughter of Mrs. Benita Litt and Mr. Darren Litt Miss Rylan Litt, 4, goddaughter of Ms. Markle, daughter of Mrs. Benita Litt and Mr. Darren Litt Miss Ivy Mulroney, 4 , daughter of Mrs. Jessica Mulroney and Mr. Benedict Mulroney Miss Zalie Warren, 2, goddaughter of Prince Harry, daughter of Mrs. Zoe Warren and Mr. Jake Warren Page boys His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, 4 Master Jasper Dyer, 6, godson of Prince Harry, son of Mrs. Amanda Dyer and Mr. Mark Dyer M.V.O. Master Brian Mulroney, 7, son of Mrs. Jessica Mulroney and Mr. Benedict Mulroney Master John Mulroney, 7, son of Mrs. Jessica Mulroney and Mr. Benedict Mulroney Harry however will have a few of his buddies on deck during the big day ensuring everyone finds their seasts. The Prince's list of ushers includes: Prince William, 35, - Best man Tom "Skippy" Inskip, 31 Charlie Van Straubenzee, 29 Tom Van Straubenzee, 35 Adam Bidwell, 42 Arthur Landon, 37 William Van Cutsem, 38 Mark Dyer, 52 The newlyweds will take part in a procession around Windsor from the castle and back Who made the cake? East London pastry chef Claire Ptak has begun work on the cake for the big day. She excitedly posted a snap of three crates of lemons on the Violet Cakes Instagram page with the caption "And so it begins." PA:Press Association The happy couple's wedding cake will showcase the "flavours of Spring" with lemon and elderflower. With just four days to go until the big day work has started to bake the buttercream-covered masterpiece. Claire previously said: "I can't ...

Apr 20, 2018

Flower power: Bay Area chefs and farmers push petals into the mainstream

This is "Le Gargouillou" by chef Sebastien Bras, the son of Michel Bras.The use of edible flowers in dishes dates back centuries — long before Alice Waters and her cadre of chefs at Chez Panisse started tossing nasturtiums into pasta, soups and salads — but if there is a modern dish that captures the culinary creative potential of edible flowers, it has to be legendary French chef Michel Bras’ “gargouillou de jeunes légumes.”Considered one of the most iconic restaurant dishes ever created, Bras’ gargouillou has inspired an entire generation of cooks.The dish has been described as a deconstructed vegetable ragout, featuring a combination of warm, cooked vegetables along with uncooked fresh greens, herbs and flowers, each of which adds different flavor, textural and aromatic qualities to the dish.It’s one that Single Thread’s Kyle Connaughton knows all too well. During his three years working at Bras’ Toya Japon in Hokkaido, he ran the legumes section and made the dish daily.“It’s kind of like a snapshot of the season,” says Connaughton of Bras’ signature dish.The dish is infinitely complex in its simplicity, Connaughton says. It changed and evolved each day depending on available produce.At his own Healdsburg restaurant, Connaughton has continued this...

Apr 20, 2018

Queen Victoria and the Orange Blossom Flower

The Times.Her second daughter, Princess Alice, also wore a little bonnet trimmed with orange blossoms for her ‘going away’ outfit at Osborne, following her marriage to Prince Ludwig of Hesse in 1862. Princess Beatrice, the Queen’s youngest daughter, wore orange blossom as a trimming on her bridal gown, on her wedding to Prince Henry of Battenberg in 1885. This was completed by white heather, presumably from the Scottish Highlands, and of course, the by now obligatory myrtle. Waxen, orange flowers featured in the bridal wreath worn by Princess Alexandra of Denmark in 1863, a cutting of which was preserved by Queen Victoria in an envelope, which she autographed. Nor was this limited to Queen Victoria’s family of course – the bridal dress of Queen Marie Christine of Spain, also featured artificial orange blossoms, a sprig of which have been preserved in a gold box from her wedding day in 1879.Queen Victoria, wearing her simple wreath of orange blossom, and Prince Albert on their Wedding Day, 1840 (By Engraved by S Reynolds after F Lock [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)Orange blossom, like the myrtle, grew at Osborne House, the Royal Family’s private retreat on the Isle of Wight. The flowers, which Queen Victoria loved, were at their most fragrant in summer when the Royal Family preferred to stay there; the inner terrace where the Queen liked to breakfast, contained a pergola, heavy with orange blossoms and roses. Osborne’s rooms themselves included fresh bunches of the garden flowers, such as chrysanthemums, myrtle, veronica, daphnes and Malmaison roses (HRH The Duchess of York & Benita Stoney: Victoria & Albert, A Family Life at Osborne House, Pg 67, 1991). Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll – Queen Victoria’s fourth daughter and an exceptionally gifted artist – painted orange blossoms in watercolour for one of her albums; the subject appears to have appealed to Princess Louise, who painted them several times over.The orange blossom flower, was, howev... (Royal Central (blog))

Mar 23, 2018

Stories will bloom at Chicago Flower & Garden Show

The Wizard of Oz,” “Harry Potter” and “Alice in Wonderland.”“Of all the themes we have ever done I feel like the builders have gotten more involved with this one than ever before,” added Abruscato, of the show, which will run five days this year and feature gardens created by additional garden builders such as Lizzette Medina Landscape Management, Aquascape and Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences. “Every garden will tell a story, which we hope will hit a nerve with everyone, including our young visitors. We want to cultivate that next generation of gardeners and we want then to be excited as everyone else.”That excitement certainly has been felt by a number of landscape companies, who have already spent much time creating a garden that figuratively tells a story.“We did not make this garden easy on ourselves,” says Phil Rosborough, president, and co-founder of Rosborough Partners, who will present the “Garden Trilogy” garden. “Not only did we want to promote everything we could surrounding Benny’s Book Bank, but we also wanted to include everything we could into the garden itself, including flowers and retaining walls. We are hoping that it not only elicits an emotional response, but that people actually are able to engage in it.”And not only engage, but become informed on topics such as organ donation, which serves as the backbone of the “Sights and Sounds to Delight Your Senses: Leap Into Spring” garden vignette, based on the children’s book, “The Frog and the Toad are Friends,” and supported by organizations such as Donate Life and Eversight.“There will be signs throughout the garden that will have a story or a picture of a person that has been involved with or has been touched by organ donation in some way,” explains Steve Shapiro, director of philanthropy at Eversight. “I think the images and all the gardens themselves will be more powerful than the words.”Tricia Despres is a local freelance writer.

Jul 14, 2017

Gardening: When flowers overstay their welcome

It sends roots up to a couple of feet, and because it is tall, it can shade-out and out-compete other flowers. As the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland pronounce, “Off with her head!”For removing any plant with extended roots, I like the CobraHead weeder. It is curved like a single steel finger, and can be used to loosen the soil under and around weed (or thug-like flower) roots. I gently tug on the flower stem, while loosening the roots. Beebalm, like most plants with long roots, has nodules in the roots. If you break the root, new plant stems will grow from a nodule.Another difficult plant is Obedient Plant (Physostegia virginiana). What a funny name for a plant that is not the slightest bit obedient. Its roots are problematic because they break so easily, more so than any other plant I know. They send down a tap root that breaks off, even if you have loosened the soil. And it can take over a garden in just a season! I no longer allow it in any of my garden beds, but have moved some to the edge of the woods where deep shade on one side, and lawn on the other, can control it.All that said, Obedient Plant is a lovely cut flower. It has strong square stems (like mints), and for me it grows up to 5 or 6 feet tall. It lasts well in a vase, with pink or white spikes of many small flowers. I had it in full sun in rich, moist soil, and it ran like crazy!There is a form of Obedient Plant that has green and white leaves, and it is much more obedient! Like any variegated-leafed plant, this one has less vigor because it has less green chlorophyll to make the food that feeds the roots and flowers. I grow this one, though I find I often need to stake it to keep the flower stems from flopping over.Another potential thug that I allow in my garden is common teasel (Dipsacus fullonum). Hated by corn farmers in the Midwest as an invasive weed, it spreads by seed, not root. It’s a biennial. The first year of its life it does not flower, but produces distinctive long, light-green leaves (often with little wart-like bumps) in a low rosette. The second year it sends up a flower stalk up to 6 or 7 feet tall, and produces a seed head that is like a piece of sculpture.Individual teasel flowers are ver... (The Providence Journal)