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Franklin's Flowers

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Mckinney, TX 75069

Center Floral

333 Tenaha St
Center, TX 75935

Evergreen Florist

6449 Houston School Rd
Dallas, TX 75241

Serendipity Gifts -N- Blooms

116 S. Third St
Ganado, TX 77962

Brazoria Florist And Gifts

801 N Brooks #10
Brazoria, TX 77422

Texas Flowers News

Aug 17, 2018

Prayer Lavender Garden boasts breathtaking blooms and family fun

It's also known to do well in extreme heat, an attribute Kyle agrees is very beneficial during blistering Texas summers. From the entrance, the garden trail continues around a charming residence set at the center of the property. The garden's back half showcases the dark blue spikes of the Grosso lavender plant and the colorful Hidcote lavender variety. You'll also see a few rows of the farm's most recent addition, blueberry plants. There is also a playground area just for kids nestled amongst the beautiful scenery. The Daily Bread Café After taking in the sights, folks can unwind with delicious homemade eats and drinks at the Daily Bread Café. The Griffins incorporate much of the herbs and spices they grow on the farm into several of their menu items. They serve all their sandwiches on a Kaiser roll and season them with homegrown spice blends. The Blueberry Lavender Lemonade blends its two namesake flavors perfectly to make a refreshing and delicious beverage. The café offers some lighter options as well, such as hummus served with warm pitta bread and a Greek Salad made with a Spring lettuce mix, pickled onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, Kalamata olives, Feta cheese, banana peppers, and a Mediterra...

Aug 17, 2018

Happy birthday Boler: 100s of cute campers in Winnipeg for anniversary gathering

Saturday. Bolers have been about creating memories for the last 50 years, Giles said. That's why campers from as far away as Texas, California, Newfoundland, Yukon and Vancouver Island have made the journey for the party. "When you park in a campground, you have people coming up to you telling you stories about when they were youngsters and a relative or friend had a Boler," he said. "And they are still making memories today." ...

Aug 17, 2018

Growth in gardening: Growing cucumbers in the summer

The blistering summer sun, with little rain, provides a challenge that shows the metal of most gardeners, but even in our Central Texas summer you can still grow a wonderful cucumber. One of the best hints is remembering that water and mulch are the gardener's (and plants) best summer friends. In the heat of our summer, the real trick to getting great cucumbers is watering. My recommendation is to water once a day in the morning, if temperatures are in the high 90s or triple digits, or every other day if temperatures are in the low 90s. Cucumbers require watering on a regular basis, so stick carefully to a regular watering schedule. Never water less than every other day unless you can feel moisture a couple of inches deep when you stick your finger in the soil, in which case you can delay watering until the soil feels a bit dry. If the cucumber vines need a little help in grabbing the trellis, gently move the vine to sit over a rung in the trellis it will soon latch on. Before long, there will be flowers and fruit. Harvest each cucumber before it gets too fat and starts to yellow. For those who've noticed their cucumbers seem to deteriorate soon after refrigerating them, studies have found that, surprise, cucumbers maintain freshness longer when stored at room temperature. Cucumbers are also highly sensitive to ethylene, a natural plant hormone responsible for initiating the ripening process in several fruits and vegetables, so another recommendation is to store cucumbers away from bananas, melons, and tomatoes because of the natural ethylene they generate. Suyo Long Cucumber is one of the best varieties for our hot summers, or you might want to try the Lemon Cucumber that produces a round, yellow fruit filled with flavor. How to Protect Your Cucumbers in The Summer Heat: Cucumber plants, like most vegetables, become stressed at temperatures greater than 95 degrees for an extended period of time. The excessive heat can cause wilting, leaf drop and sunburned leaves. In some cases, the plant can stop growing completely. Some of the best ways to protect cucumber plants from excessive heat are to apply mulch to cool the soil and provide afternoon shade from direct sunlight. There are several simple and inexpensive fixes that can reduce the soil temperature by up to 10 degrees. First off, you can hammer four stakes into place around the cucumber plants. Place a dark-colored shade cloth over the stakes, angling the cloth to allow at least two feet of air flow around the cucumber plants. If the cloth is closer to the plant, use a light-colored cloth to reflect the sun. Or you might place muslin or cheesecloth directly onto the cucumber plant foliage to protect it from humidity and sunlight. You can also place paper bags over the cucumbers to protect them from the sun. But you might try placing a garden umbrella in a strategic spot to protect the cucumber plants from direct sunlight, moving it...

Jul 26, 2018

Visitors offer prayers, flowers after Branson duck boat tragedy

Instead, they took their granddaughters to an arcade. A softball team from Alvin, Texas, was staying nearby - in town for the Fastpitch America Softball Association 14U World Series - and considered riding one of the Ducks last night, said a parent of one of the girls on the team. It was only because of a timing mix-up that some of the players were on the diamond instead of the doomed Duck boat. "We just happened to be playing a game that was off-schedule," said Emily...

Jun 14, 2018


Native to Texas, it has purple or white racemes of sweetly scented flowers that hang down in clusters from the vines.You can't go wrong with a Cary Award winner. They have been fully vetted and chosen for their excellent performance in New England gardens. To see all the past winners, go to about vines don't overlook honeysuckle, annual sweet peas, sweet autumn clematis or the hyacinth-scented corkscrew vine (Vigna caracalla).If you can find the bulbs, you have to try Acidanthera. Also called Abyssinian glad or peacock orchid, it is in the gladiola family and is easily grown from bulbs each year. Other than its sword-like foliage, it doesn't look like a glad at all, but more like an exotic white orchid with a maroon throat. Tuck the bulbs into flower beds between other plants and when they blossom in late summer or early fall you will be surprised by how pretty and fragrant they are. Each bulb bears several flowers that are good for cutting.Become inspired to add plants for your other senses by reading Tovah Martin's new book The Garden in Every Sense and Season in which she encourages us to fully enjoy our gardens using all our senses – smell, taste, touch, sight and sound.