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Victoria Florist

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1910 Darby Smith Rd
Krum, TX 76249

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3615 9Th Ave
Port Arthur, TX 77642

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225 S Travis St
Sherman, TX 75090

Henderson Flower Shop

1416 S Main St
Henderson, TX 75654

Texas Flowers News

Jan 12, 2018

Texas' mark on the season's festive flower

Poinsettias have become a staple of the season, but did you know the Christmas flower has ties to the Texas border?In 1825, President John Quincy Adams appointed the first U.S. minister to Mexico: Joel Roberts Poinsett. Poinsett traveled south to Mexico with the task of renegotiating the U.S.-Mexico border and bringing Texas into the U.S. once and for all. At that time, the Southern border of the United States sat at the Red River, north of modern-day Texas. President Adams dreamed of the United States extending all the way south to the Rio Grande River, and he was willing to pay $1 million for that prize. Of course, Mexico saw great value in Texas and did not budge.Unfortunately for him, Poinsett never succeeded in his mission of purchasing Texas. However, during his failed attempt in moving the U.S.-Mexico border, the amateur botanist discovered a plant near Taxco de Alarcón so beautiful that he cut its stems and had them sent back home to the United States. He mailed the vibrant red blooms to friends, fellow botanists and botanical gardens across the country, and by 1836, — the very same year Texas won its independence from Mexico — the flowers had become widely known across the country not by their scientific name (Euphorbia pulcherrima), but by the name of the diplomat who brought them here: poinsettias.Today, Texas is a top poinsettia producer, though cultivating the red Christmas poinsettias is no easy feat. To...

Jan 12, 2018

Pursuit of these 'pass-along' plants likely will encourage friendships to bloom, too

Some of the best plants in North Texas gardens are almost never sold in area garden centers. For generations the only way you could get them was to ask for a “start” from a friend, relative or neighbor who had them. They came to be known as “pass-along plants” and they were some of our most prized possessions as gardeners.Nowadays that list is dominated by heirloom plants. Reseeding larkspurs are a great example. You’ll see them sprouting up in older neighborhoods amid reseeding petunias, old white flag iris, double Kwanso daylilies and other spring bloomers. Larkspurs’ ferny foliage shows up with the first warm days of February, and the plants are covered in full blue, lavender, pink or white flowers just a few weeks later. If you see these and like them, ask that the gar... (Fort Worth Star Telegram)

Jan 12, 2018

Freeze creates ice sculpture and brings on seldom-seen 'ice flowers'

Cold weather can be brutal, and this week's weather has even been deadly in Texas and across the U.S.But it also can lead to some rare and amazing sights. Among them are sculptures formed when automated sprinkler systems spray water that envelop lawns and shrubbery in sheets of ice, when fountains freeze into stalactites and, rarest of all, when ice flowers form on plants as temperatures plummet.All have been drawing oohs and aahs this week, including the heavy ice forming on the fountain at a busy crossroads near downtown, where passers-by were stopping for a closer look and to get photos. As the fountain outside the office of Dr. Kayvan Kamali, 920 Judson Road, Longview, continued to pump water, it grew more ice and drew more visitors.Less seen were "ice flowers" forming on frostweed as temperatures dipped early...

Dec 29, 2017

Late-blooming Bulls persevere

Flowers threw a 26-yard touchdown pass to Tyre McCants with 16 seconds left to give No. 23 South Florida a 38-34 victory over Texas Tech in the Birmingham Bowl on Saturday.Flowers led the Bulls (10-2) to a second straight dramatic victory in the bowl game at Legion Field, throwing for a pair of touchdowns in the final 4:26 after struggling in the first half. “I was telling myself, I’ve got to hit my guys in the chest,” Flowers said. “I’ve got to put the ball in their chest and just give them a chance. I just went out there and my coach called the play that I wanted and thank God Tyre did what he was supposed to do and I did what I was supposed to do and we came out with the victory.” The Bulls, who are 21-4 the past two seasons, won last year’s Birmingham Bowl on Flowers’ 25-yard touchdown pass in overtime against South Carolina.The Red Raiders (6-7) had taken the lead back with Nic Shimonek’s 25-yard touchdown pass to a wide-open T.J. Vasher in the end zone with 1:31 remaining. That left Flowers with plenty of time to work, it turns out. He ran 13 yards and 21 yards for first downs, the latter coming on a third-and-10 play. Then he found McCants on their second scoring connection. The senior passed for 311 yards and four touchdowns. He also ra... (The Register-Guard)

Nov 2, 2017

ECOVIEWS: State flowers and trees make statements

Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming perhaps because the choice of native trees that grow throughout each state is somewhat limited.The official tree of Texas is the pecan. (And, as of 2013, pecan is the official state pie.) For the folks in West Texas, the mesquite tree might have been a more suitable selection. Considering its size, perhaps Texas should have two state trees. The choice of the Texas bluebonnet as the state flower seems a reasonable one.Having a state legislator who is a botanist might be a good idea considering some choices that have been made. Georgia, Vermont and Alabama each picked a non-native species for their state flower. Georgia’s Cherokee rose is no more Cherokee than any other Asian plant that was introduced to the New World in the 1700s. They may be pretty, but they are not native. Cherokee rose is even considered an invasive species in some areas.Vermont, likewise, made the odd choice of red clover as its state flower. Where the first red clover plants introduced to the country came from may be debated, but the origin was certainly Europe, Asia or Africa, not Vermont.Alabama may hold the record for the most perplexing selection of a state flower. In 1959, the legislature replaced goldenrods, beautiful fall-blooming native plants, with camellias. Legend has it that the change was pushed through by garden club ladies who did not think a wild flower should have pride of place.In 1999, legislators specified Camellia japonica as the state flower, thus giving Alabama a pretty Asian bloom as its state symbol. Perhaps in an effort to counter that puzzling decision, at the same time, the oakleaf hydrangea was designated the “official state wildflower.” Goldenrod remains as the state flower of Kentucky and Nebraska. (Despite a widespread misperception, goldenrod does not cause hay fever. The real culprit is ragweed.)The cabbage palmetto, or sabal palm, would be a distinctive state tree if South Carolina, the Palmetto State, had exclusi... (The Star)