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Jul 26, 2018

Gwen Stefani wears double denim as she takes son Kingston, 12, and his young gal pal to buy flowers

There was no sign of her other two boys - Zuma, nine, and Apollo, four - who she shares with her British ex-husband Gavin Rossdale, 52 frontman for Bush.And her current beau, country star Blake Shelton, 42, didn't seem to be around either.The couple met on talent show The Voice after Gwen split from Gavin following his affair with the family nanny. Blake subsequently divorced wife Miranda Lambert. Puckering up: Gwen kissed her country star beau Blake Shelton, 42, very carefully so that she didn't spoil her stage make-up at her Just A Girl show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas Advertisement ...

Jul 27, 2017

Welcome to my world: Flowers do speak

A purple hyacinth means “I’m sorry” and white means “I’ll pray for you.” The legend tells us the name came from the Greek myth when Apollo’s beloved, Hyacinthus was killed accidentally. Apollo then changed the blood drops into a flower called hyacinth.Forget-me-not means friendship, loving remembrance and fidelity. They are often used in funeral flowers. One legend claims, after God named all the plants and was leaving, he heard a voice at his feet, “What about me?” He then picked the flower and said, “I shall never forget you again, because I forgot you once.” Hence its name. It is the state flower of Alaska.Lilac name comes from the Persian “lilac” for blue. The composer, Frederic Cowen, often wrote lyrics about flowers. One about the lilac is, “I dreamed that love should steal upon the heart like summer dawn on the awakening world, soft, gradual.” Lilacs are considered the first emotions of love and are often used for a love bouquet. Both Thomas Jefferson and George Washington grew lilacs in their gardens.Pansy comes from the French “pensee,” meaning “thought.” It was believed pansies could make your lover think of you. The faces on the pansy created names such as monkey face, peeping Tom, and three faces in a hood. The common pansy (or violet) is the state flower of Rhode Island, Illinois, and New York.Tulip name came from the Turkish hat called “tullbend,” a turban, which it resembles. Yellow ones are for cheerful thoughts, white for forgiveness, and purple for royalty. In Holland, during the 17th century, there was tulipmania -- everyone wanted tulips. It became the national emblem of Holland. Between 1703 and 1730, in Turkey, the Turks had 1,550 varieties of tulips. It is a symbol of perfect love.Lily-of-the-Valley means humility and purity. It was used extensively for medicines. There have been many recipes in using this flower for ailments. It was a popular flower for weddings. It was featured in the recent wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. Sunflower is emblematic of the soul turning to Christ, because the flower turns toward the sun. It symbolizes glory, gratitude, and remembrance. It takes its name from the resemblance of its broad golden disc and the surrounding petals to the sun. It can reach 20 feet in height and the seeds are edible.Violet is symbolic of faithfulness, purity, and a charm against evil. The Romans believed violets prevented drunkenness and relieved hangovers in the morning. Napoleon I, on his way to exile promised, “to return with the violets.” Due to this statement, he was nicknamed “Corporal Violet.” It is called the flower of modesty because it hides its flowers in heart- shaped leaves.Yes, flowers indeed express what we can’t seem to say ourselves. I’ll let Harriet Beecher say what I can’t seem to say: “Flowers are the sweetest things that God made and forgot to put a soul into.”... (Boyertown Berk Montgomery Newspapers)

Feb 3, 2017

Grow your own wedding bouquet

Outstanding varieties include the delightful Rosetta and the newly introduced Apollo White, which excelled in last year’s RHS trials. For a little drama, add some amaranthus, another half-hardy annual whose chenille-like dangling flower tassels combine well with almost all other blooms. Seed of green and red-flowering varieties are widely available, but I’m a big fan of the faded peach-rust tones of Amaranthus Coral Fountain. Finally, although they are not annuals but half-hardy perennials, dahlias are another must-grow late summer cut flower that can be raised from spring-planted tubers – see last week’s column for detailed advice on growing them as well as suggestions for the best varieties for cutting. Dahlias aside, all of the annuals I have mentioned are best sown with gentle heat (ideally an electric propagator) and under some sort of cover (glasshouse, polytunnel, sunny windowsill/porch/conservatory), making sure to use a good quality seed compost. Once they have produced their first set of true leaves, prick seedlings out into cell trays (24s) or root trainers (best for sweet pea and tap-rooted plants) to grow on under cover, before transplanting them into the garden/allotment as young plants. While hardy annuals will tolerate light frost, half-hardy annuals won’t. So as a rule, delay sowing the latter until later in the season (mid-March to early April) to avoid nursing the young plants under cover for too lengthy a period. To guarantee plenty of cutting material and ease of harvesting, grow your wedding flowers in much the same way as you would vegetables. So, in grid formation, in an open but sheltered, sunny site with weed-free, fertile, moisture-retentive (but free-draining) soil enriched with a little organic fertiliser and some seaweed powder. Make sure to leave enough space between the rows so that that you can pick with relative ease. For ease of maintenance, it is also well worth considering the use of a weed-suppressant fabric that you can peg down and cut/burn holes into at the recommended planting distances. Remember that taller varieties will need support in the shape of netting or staking while all will need regular deadheading and careful protection against slugs/snails. However the result of your labours will be seasonal, sustainable wedding flowers grown with your own fair hands. (Recommended seed suppliers include,,,, and   This Week In The Garden The unusually mild weather of recent months means that slugs are continuing to cause plenty of damage to garden plants (slugs typically become active at temperatures above 5 degrees). To reduce the risk of further damage this spring and help prevent an increase in your garden’s slug population, now is a good time to give beds and borders a gentle tidy-up by removing dead/rotting vegetation from around the base of plants and lightly hoeing any bare soil to expose any slugs or slug eggs for birds to eat. Tiny, spherical and grey/transparent, slug eggs are typically found in small clusters close to the soil surface and near the base of plants or the bottoms of plant pots. ADVERTISEMENT The milder than usual winter has also resulted in perennials beginning to show signs of early growth. Once this happens, it’s a good time to divide many species of late-summer flowering perennials, especially any well-established clumps that show signs of congestion and decreased vigour or which have become infested with weeds. Suitable species include Actaea, Japanese anemones, Crocosmia, Sedum, Aconitum and asters. Use a garden fork or spade to lift the entire clump place it on a sheet of strong plastic, and then use either two garden forks or a large, sharp knife (even a small saw if required) to gently prise/cut the clump in half. Divi... (Irish Times)

Dec 2, 2016

Veterans Day across the US

SS Hornet Museum Friday, Nov. 11, 2016, in Alameda, Calif. The Essex-class carrier is known for its service in World War II and the recoveries of the Apollo 11 and 12 lunar capsules after astronauts walked on the moon. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg) A wreath is tossed off the fantail of the USS Hornet Museum during a Veterans Day ceremony Friday, Nov. 11, 2016, in Alameda, Calif. The Essex-class carrier is known for its service in World War II and the recoveries of the Apollo 11 and 12 lunar capsules after astronauts walked on the moon. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg) WWII veteran Wallace Higgins, 91, a recipien... (Baltimore Sun)

Jul 5, 2016

Twinkies maker Hostess set to go public

The owners of Hostess — private equity firm Apollo Global Management and billionaire investor C. Dean Metropoulos and his family — said Tuesday that they had reached a deal to turn the Twinkies maker into a publicly traded company with an enterprise value of about $2.3 billion. An affiliate of private-equity firm Gores Group has committed $375 million and a group of other investors including Gores Group CEO Alec Gores and others have invested $350 million to help fund the transaction, Hostess said in a statement. Following the deal, the current owners will hold about 42% of the Gores Group affiliate that is helping to fund the transaction. "Hostess presents a unique opportunity to invest in an iconic brand with strong fundamentals that is poised for continued growth," Alec Gores said in a statement. "We look forward to working with the team at Hostess as we collaborate to further capitalize on these attractive growth prospects.” Hostess nearly collapsed in 2012 after its bankruptcy filing devolved into a brawl with its unions over the company's distribution network and labor costs. The standoff ended in some 15,000 unionized work... (USA TODAY)

Jun 22, 2016

A $541 Million Loss Haunts Deutsche Bank And Former Trader Dixon

Troy Dixon had hit the big time: he’d gone, as they say in his old neighborhood, from “Hollis to Hollywood.” It was a June night last year at the Apollo Theater, the legendary Harlem spot that’s helped launch stars from Billie Holiday to Michael Jackson, and Dixon was back-slapping his way through the annual spring gala. Dixon, a member of the Apollo’s celebrity-studded board, is a star of a different sort. First at Deutsche Bank AG and now at his own hedge fund, he’s become one of the most powerful -- and controversial -- figures in the $6 trillion market for government-backed mortgage bonds. The story of his journey from Hollis, a working- and middle-class neighborhood in Queens, to the pinnacles of finance is a tale of outsize trades and power plays. In the arcane world of mortgage securities, no one was bigger, no one bolder. At one point, Dixon built up a $14 billion position, among the largest anywhere at the bank. Word spread that he effectively controlled a quarter of his target market, inspiring awe and ill-will among rivals, even within his own bank, and raising eyebrows at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Trad... (Bloomberg)