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Jan 25, 2019

The best new perennial flowers of 2019 - PennLive

New in 2019 is another ornamental onion from Illinois' Intrinsic Perennial Gardens that Sinclair Adam, director of the Penn State Trial Gardens in Lancaster County, believes might be even better. Adam gave 'Windy City' a nearly perfect score in trials of it over the past three seasons at Penn State. "It blooms very well and maintains a compact, uniform habit," he says. "It's a strong mid-season bloomer, and the bloom color is a bit stronger than Millenium."</p> Like Millenium, Windy City blooms almost all summer long with golfball-sized blooms of violet-purple atop 15- to 18-inch stems. It's also attractive to butterflies but not very tasty to deer.

Nov 28, 2018

Endangered Brodiaea plant produces ‘super bloom’ in hills above Glendora - The San Gabriel Valley Tribune

California poppy, as seen in record numbers in Hemet, Lancaster and Chino Hills. Instead, the thread-leafed Brodiaea, as they are more commonly known, bunch in clusters of eight to 10, standing tall on thin, spindly, green stems, unfurling their star-like purple-striped flowers under the shade of an oak or amidst the shelter of the taller, beige-colored wild oat plants. On Thursday, Croissant walked the lower meadow, explaining how the unusual plant deposits its seeds, known as corms, in the volcanic, clay soil during the winter unique to the Glendora hills. A bounty of rainfall grew the green leaves and stems, producing flowers three days before Earth Day, on April 19, she said. “Here they come!” she exclaimed, pointing to a bunch in the middle of the tall wild oats. “They sneak up on you.” Toward the south end of the 4-acre meadow, the bunches appeared more frequently. “They look for a place to hide, like finding a companion plant,” she explained. That way they can be protected from ravenous deer. “They are survivors.” Even the Colby Fire of January 2014 did not stop them. In fact, the ash from the fire helped enhance the soil, which helped the Brodiaea to germinate. These Brodiaea filifolia in Glendora are the purest of the species, she said. They are pollinated by a bee fly, which keeps their DNA the same. About 20,000 plants are thriving along the ridgeline above the Colby Trail. In Bluebird Canyon exist another 5,000 and about another 10,000 in another hillside canyon, she said. The Colby Trail is open to the public during the daytime. Croissant reminds everyone to stay on the trails. “They are state and federally protected, so that means you could be arrested or cited for any kind of abuse to the plant,” she said. The Glendora Conservancy is hosting a Brodiaea Month and is offering a special program on the plant on May 20 at the Glendora Library, with a lecture by Croissant and a video on the plant’s history. The plant is the city’s official flower. Glendora is the only city in California with an endangered species as its city flower.

Apr 20, 2018

SingleCut Beersmiths flowers Kim with hibiscus calyces

While the harvested bits are used freshly when available, what we’re most likely going to use in Lancaster is the dried calyx. It can be stored for months, if not years, and can be used for making tea, sauce and even jam.Hibiscus contains high amounts of vitamin C. It also contains bioflavanoids, which pack an antioxidant punch and are are thought to be beneficial for heart health.Hibiscus-infused beers I’ve written about in this column include Jolly Pumpkin’s iO Saison, Sole Artisan Ales’ Gypsy Tears and Isla Brewing Co.’s Jamaica Mi Loco.SingleCut Beersmiths, of Queens, New York, also has dabbled with this floral beauty.The passion at SingleCut is dual: Its two loves are great music and great beer.Music + beer = loveIt has the music part right in its name. A singlecut refers to a style of guitar that has a portion of wood removed from the lower body, allowing for hand movement up the fretboard. The tap handles at SingleCut are variations of guitar necks and heads, and many of the names of beers have musical references.And the bottle of Kim Hibiscus Sour Lager that I’m sharing tasting notes for this week was a beautifully crafted beer brewed in the Berliner Weisse style. If you’ve not yet experienced a Berliner Weisse, find a short primer at are other iterations of Kim using adjuncts like tart cherry, red raspberry and Brettanomyces.Kim with hibiscus poured mostly orange with just a touch of pink when held to the light; the tiniest thread of a white head ringed its way around the edge of the glass and a generous, wheaten haze swelled in its body.The aroma was crisp with SweeTARTS and Nerds, a hibiscus floral tang and sour wineberries warming in late June sunshine.In flavor, tart, cranberrylike hibiscus added a bitter backbone while some brambleberry fruits swirled in with subtle sweetness. Other fruits, such as kiwi and lemon, teased and tickled my taste buds; the body had a wheat softness that faded at the end to a dry and supremely clean finish thanks to the lager yeast.Overall impression: Some Berliner Weisse beers are bracingly sour; not so with Kim. This was an enjoyable, balanced bottle to share, and one I’d buy again.Contact Amber DeGrace with comments and questions at and find her on Twitter at @amberdegrace. .lnp-adblade-wrapper { width: 100%; display: block; } @media (max-width: 600px){ .lnp-adblade-wrapper .adblade-dyna.container-34465 li { width: 50% !important; } } ...

Apr 20, 2018

A super bloom it's not, but wildflowers are popping up in Southern California

Santa Monica Mountains last year.Flowers blanketed the Channel Islands off Ventura. Huge crowds flooded a bright orange poppy preserve near Lancaster, and a San Diego County state park set up a wildflower hotline to field calls.After five years of drought, a wet December 2016 doused Southern California a storm or two at a time — ideal conditions for a super bloom.Super bloom takes over parks: Ventura County super bloom: ’Get out there soon’Rare flower discovered: Biologists find rare flower on Santa Barbara Island“This time last year, I was telling people to get out to see the flowers,” said Joey Algiers, a restoration ecologist with the National Park Service.But then the rain stopped. Ventura County and much of Southern California were on track for one of the driest years on record. That is, until a few weeks ago.March turned out to be much wetter than normal. While it wasn’t a drought-buster, it just might save wildflower season.Watch this 2017 video of the local "super bloom":CLOSE Joseph Algiers, restoration ecologist with the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, looks at wildflowers in bloom at La Jolla Canyon Trail at Point Mugu State Park. Algiers said he’s holding out hope for late bloomers and telling people to hang on a little bit longer.“What was looking like a bad year for wildflowers could turn around,” he said.A season of brightly colored fields might peak in ...

Apr 20, 2018

9 favorite new annual plants and flowers for 2018

Local garden centers also stock old favorites along with the new plants.We asked more than 20 garden retailers throughout Lancaster County to share their favorite new plants (new to the market or new to their stores). We’ll start with annuals and perennials. Upcoming stories will focus on vegetables, herbs, trees and shrubs.Senecio Angel WingsOne of the most anticipated annuals is a foliage plant with big, wooly silver-white leaves.The leaves of Senecio Angel Wings are softer than lambs’ ears, says Jennifer Hollenbaugh, greenhouse manager at Esbenshade’s Garden Centers’ Lititz location.“It’s almost irresistible to touch,” she says.This plant’s striking white color is unique, and growers at Newswanger’s Greenhouses, Lititz, and Country View Greenhouse in West Donegal Township say they’re looking forward to adding it to inside and outside containers. +6 Proven WinnersAngelonia Angelface Perfectly Pink and Super BlueAngelonia, or summer snapdragon, takes a little longer than some flowers to start blooming. But when these stalks (18- to 30-inches tall) start blooming, they don’t mind brutal heat or drought, says Jodie Morris, general manager at Stauffers of Kissel Hill Home & Garden. They’re also deer-resistant. Look for Angelface Perfectly Pink or Angelface Super Blue this spring, says Elizabeth Beiler, manager of Peach Lane Greenhouse, in Paradise ...

Sep 8, 2017

How to pick (and arrange) your own bouquet at Lancaster County's flower farms [photos & video]

Drive down a country road in Lancaster County and it’s not uncommon to see bright bouquets of flowers for sale next to fresh produce.At several of these farms, you can be the florist and pick your own bouquet. While some types of flowers already have bloomed and won’t be back until next year, many of these farms will have flowers through October.Old Homestead Farm in Ronks has long raised flowers for bouquets at its farm stand on Hartman Bridge Road and at markets in the Philadelphia suburbs.This year, Jenelle Peters, the farm’s director of sales, moved the flower patch closer to the farm stand and opened it up to the public, which can pick flowers for 50 cents a stem. Members of the Old Homestead Farm’s community-supported agriculture program can pick flowers for free.“I thought it would be cool for people who aren’t able to grow their own or just want to grab a couple of stems here and there for this and that to be able to come and grab something,” says Peters, who represents the fourth generation working at the... (LancasterOnline)