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Dec 29, 2017

How an impoverished flower man inspired Richmonders to give back

Flower Man going out like that!Within days an anonymous donor - and there were several offers - paid for a flower-filled funeral and burial at Mount Calvary Cemetery.A fund was set up to help support his beloved wife.And, a little more than a year after his death, his little monument was in place.The day after its October 7, 1989 dedication, the following editorial about it appeared in the Richmond Times-Dispatch:“Monument Avenue, with its statues of heroes whose names children learn in school, runs only a block or two from Mr. Robertson’s stone. His monument is neither imposing nor large, but its humble simplicity raises it to a grandeur of its own -- for it is written that the meek shall inherit the earth.”The Times-Dispatch follow-up story about the reaction to Robertson’s death:CITY'S FLOWER VENDOR DIED POOR, BUT WAS RICH IN FRIENDS AND LOVERichmond Times-Dispatch (VA) (Published as Richmond Times-Dispatch) - September 29, 1988* Author/Byline: Mark Holmberg; Times-Dispatch staff writer"I ain't going to die rich," Gilbert Robertson, Richmond's most beloved flower vendor, predicted several years ago.But if love and caring can be measured, Robertson will go to his grave a wealthy man.When Richmonders learned yesterday that the body of the man who sold flowers at the corner of the Boulevard and Kensington Avenue for half a century was in a funeral home awaiting state funds for a pauper's funeral, the response was spectacular.Within hours after sunrise, an anonymous donor paid for a burial at the Mount Calvary Cemetery."There were a couple of people who were willing to pay for the whole thing," said Joseph Jenkins Jr., director of O.F. Howard Funeral Home, where Robertson's body has been since he was killed by a stroke Friday.That was only the beginning.Calls flooded the funeral home and The Times-Dispatch. Several of the callers were tearful. "We care!" one woman said.The early morning also found Claire Shaffner, vice president and general manager of WRXL-FM, trying to figure out how she could raise funds to bury Robertson, who was disabled, and help his widow, Virginia.Then Annette Dean, who owns a shop in Shockoe Slip, called the station with a $500 pledge to bury the flower man and aid his widow -- along with a challenge to other area merchants to match the amount.Before the sun went down, WRXL's impromptu appeal had collected more than $13,000 in pledges for the Robertson fund."They're wonderful," said Ms. Shaffner of her listeners. "I've always known they were wonderful."In another part of town, Kate Hansen, a longtime Robertson friend, started getting calls.On the advice of one of her first callers, a lawyer, she left her office at the Medical College of Virginia and opened a trust fund for Robertson's widow at a nearby bank.In a few hours, she had received more than 40 calls from area residents. Ms. Hansen said she had no idea how much money she will be able to place in the fund because many callers didn't specify how much money they would be sending."It feels good that everyone shares a common regret," said Ms. Hansen. "I just wish we had thought to do something sooner."Calls also came to The Times-Dispatch from all over the area. One woman recalled buying flowers from Robertson when... (

Dec 8, 2017

Arlington Holiday Tree Lighting, First Lights 2017: What To Know

Lanie the Jolly Elf does balloon magic at Artbeat. Kids can also make ornaments at Artbeat and make a holiday craft at the Fox Library.The Calvary Brass Band will play holiday favorites outside of Ristorante Olivio between 2 and 4 pm while the restaurant serves hot chocolate to passersby. Guests will also enjoy caroling by Hardy Daisy Troop 82543 near the Capitol Theatre and the Fox Library.Refreshments will be served, along with special sales, at 13FOREST Gallery, Derby Farm Flowers and Gardens, Maxima Gifts, and Artwear. Quebrada Baking Company will be giving away star cookies with a purchase. Treats will be handed out at the Little Fox Shop.5:30 p.m.:ACMi, the Arlington cable access station will host their annual First Lights and tree lighting. Arlington Heights businesses will offer special promotions as well. Head to 85 Park Avenue for a meet and greet with a special visitor from the North Pole and get serenaded by the Park Ave Youth Choir. Previously on Patch:Help Light Up Arlington: Chamber Wants To Expand HolidayPhotos by Jenna Fisher/Patch   Subscribe  ...

Nov 17, 2017

Argentina president places memorial flowers at NYC bike path

Zignago, a Rosario official. "The idea is to be with them until the very end and to give them the best farewell." —— Associated Press writers Hernan Alvarez and Paul Byrne in Rosario, Argentina, and Almudena Calatrava in Buenos Aires, contributed to this report. (ABC News)

Oct 19, 2017

Tears and Flowers, Barricades and Rubber Bullets: Catalans' Vote for Independence Divides a Nation

Catalan pro independence flags stand in front a balcony while people protest with banner reading, ''Self determination'' in support of the CataloniAlvaro Barrientos/AP >>  From Catalonia to Kurdistan, referendums only bolster dictators’ power Analysis <<Keep updated: Sign up to our newsletterPlease wait…Thank you for signing up.We've got more newsletters we think you'll find interesting.Click hereOops. Something went wrong.Please try again later.Try againThank you,This email address has already registered for this newsletter.CloseThe Spanish government declared the referendum unconstitutional, due to a provision of the constitution which states that autonomous communities cannot hold referendums or otherwise decide on seceding from the country. It therefore authorized the Spanish police to do everything possible to prevent the referendum from being held.First came the Catalonian police. Normally, they operate under orders from the Catalonian Interior Ministry, but last week, they were subordinated to the Spanish government.People prepare to spend the night inside a school listed to be a polling station by the Catalan government in Barcelona, Spain, Saturday, Sept. 30 2017. Catalan pro-referendum residents vowed SaturdayFelipe Dana/AP A poll worker holds up a ballot box after polls closed at a polling station for the banned independence referendum, in Barcelona, Spain October 1, 2017. REUTERS/Eloy Alonso ELOY ALONSO/REUTERSThey arrived at the Pau Casals school on Providencia Street at 6 A.M. Under orders from the Catalonian police chief, Josep Trapero, they asked who was in charge there. Thousands of people chorused “We are!” and the confused policemen retreated.“It’s not easy, we’re Catalonians, and we also have relatives who want to vote,” said one policeman, speaking from the post where he and a colleague were observing the school. “We’re obeying the orders we received, due to the fact that what’s happening here is illegal.”The next sentence, uttered a moment before he received a wreath of flowers from the crowd, was delivered with a hint of a smile: “We’re only two people; we can’t deal with the thousands who are here.”>> a href="https://www.

Jul 27, 2017

Groomsmen die in wreck a day before wedding

Wiebe, a 2014 graduate of Berean Academy, was a gifted athlete, playing soccer, basketball, and track. He attended Calvary University, a Christian school in Kansas City, Missouri, and was scheduled to leave Monday on a mission trip to Mongolia.Neal was salutatorian of his 2014 graduating class at Waxahachie High School in Waxahachie, Texas, where he was drum major and received multiple all-state band recognitions. He was active as a leader and musican at Waxahachie Bible Church.A student at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Neal planned to go on to seminary to be a worship leader. Joyful pictures of the wedding of Tyler Busenitz and Shelby Mork were posted online Sunday by Newton photographer Paula Graves Unruh, who commented, “God indeed filled their hearts with joy even in the midst of intense sorrow.Sorrow and joy also were comingled in many tributes from family, friends, classmates, and others that acknowledged each victim’s Christian faith and leadership.A tribute written by Wiebe’s family and addressed to him described him as a “content young man” throughout his life and said he and his cousins were “inseparable best friends.”His two years at Calvary University were filled with personal growth, love, and a deepening of his faith, the tribute said. It ended with a final affirmation of the family’s faith:“God had the perfect plan for you, Kameron, and a future and hope far beyond anything we could have ever dreamed or desired for you. We know you are loving the plan God had in store for you. We love you, Kameron Dean, and we cannot wait to see you again! Until heaven… your loving family.”Visitation for Wiebe was Tuesday at Emmaus Mennonite Church in Whitewater, with services scheduled for 10:30 today, also at the church.Visitation and services for Neal will be Saturday and Sunday at Waxahachie Bible Church in Waxahachie. (Marion County Record)

Jun 22, 2017

Consumer Qs: Red flowers good choice for attracting hummingbirds

Clinopodium coccineum), spigelia, manfreda, fire pink (Silene virginica) and Turk’s cap mallow (Malvaviscus arboreus).Although they are not tubular, Mexican sunflower/tithonia and single varieties of red zinnia are frequented by hummers. Their flowers may act as billboards to lure hummers to other flowers or to your feeder.Hummingbirds love trumpet creeper (Campsis radicans). However, it sends up dozens of suckers that can cause havoc. If you plant it, put it where these can be kept under control such as on a fence bordering a lawn or pasture or at the edge of the woods where it can climb up a pine tree and its flowers can act like lighthouse beacons for hummers.Another vine that attracts hummers is cypress vine (Ipomoea quamoclit). It will take over and also invade your neighbors’ yards. Do not plant it.You may also want to consider some evergreen trees and shrubs to provide cover and protection. Do not use pesticides on hummingbird plants as hummers eat small insects, and the chemicals can also sicken or kill the birds.Q: Is it safe to use rusted canned foods?A: Heavily rusted cans should be discarded because they may have tiny holes in them that allow bacteria to enter. Surface rust that can be removed by rubbing or cleaning is not serious. If you open the can and there is rust inside, do not eat the food.Q: What are some good tomato varieties to plant for a late crop?A: Almost any variety will do. Varieties with disease resistance are a good idea if you have had problems in the past. Some people choose varieties that are good for storing through the winter such as Longkeeper or one of the plum tomatoes such as Roma or Viva Italia.If you have questions about agriculture, horticulture, food safety or services or products regulated by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, write to Arty Schronce at or visit the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s website at Stay Informed #block-500407 .card-panel { background-color: #d4d4d4; border-color: rgba(0,0,0,.08) } /* might want to put this in layout.css */ .block.light .card a.btn-default, .block.light .card a.btn-default:hover { color: #333; } Breaking News AlertsGet Breaking News alerts from the Jackson Progress Argus delivered to your email. Local NewsletterWeekly local news headlines from the Jackson Progress Argus. Sports NewsletterWeekly sports headlines from Jackson Progress Argus. (jacksonprogress-argus)