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Dec 8, 2017

Austria's Clone Kings: Legal to Clone; Illegal to Flower

Cannabis College and the Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Amsterdam. The Embassy has a wonderful showroom, beautifully kitted out with hexagonal display cases, each with an individual cannabis plant thriving inside. Information screens attached to the cases provide detail about the featured strain, its growth characteristics, and the breeder that created it.In addition to the showroom, the Embassy has a neat little shop selling high-quality hemp products, staffed by a friendly, enthusiastic team who will happily guide you around the plants and explain anything you’d like to know. Head honcho (or should that be Chief Diplomat?) at the Hemp Embassy is Gregor Fritz, a warm and affable man who clearly maintains great relationships with his staff. On first impression, the Embassy is wonderful, but so far, not massively different from many other hemp shops and museums in Europe. But it soon becomes apparent that there’s another service provided via the Embassy—one which certainly isn’t available in Amsterdam, or in most other European countries for that matter.Vienna, Austria Clone CannabisIn a handful of outlets in Vienna and elsewhere in Austria, it’s actually possible to purchase live, growing cannabis seedlings and clones. Here at the Embassy, a menu discreetly laid out on the counter lists t... (Dope Magazine)

Apr 27, 2017

In late April, Dutch tulip bulb farmers chop off the flowers' heads

Toby SterlingApr 25th 2017 4:29PMAMSTERDAM, April 24 (Reuters) - As the end of April approaches, Dutch tulip farmers prepare for "topping," when they run cutting machines through the fields across the north and west of the country, lopping off the colorful flower heads and leaving the stalks and plants to wither.Throughout the month, the tulip fields are in full bloom and tourists flock to attractions such as the Keukenhof flower garden in The Hague to see the year's designs and spectacular new strains.15PHOTOSNetherlands tulip fieldsSee GalleryAn aerial photo taken on April 19, 2017 in Lisse near shows the tulip fields of Keukenhof in full bloom.(JERRY LAMPEN/AFP/Getty Images)Farmer Piet Warmerdam picks up a yellow tulip from a red flower field as its growth could damage the rest, in Den Helderin, Netherlands April 22, 2017.(REUTERS/Cris Toala Olivares)div class="slide" data-slide-index="2" data-slide-id="5003838" data-slide-title="NETHERLANDS-TULIPS/" data-slide-slug="netherlands-tulips" data-slide-credits="Cris To...

Apr 7, 2017

'Showman' Jeff Leatham to bring his world-renowned flair to flower show

Ordre des Arts et des Lettres. As artistic director for the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris, he had 12,000 fresh flowers driven in from Amsterdam every week to create two dozen major arrangements along with 150 smaller table top bouquets.This go-big-or-go-home designer is the keynote speaker for L’Orangerie, a Garden Club of America flower show presented by The Garden Club of Palm Beach. He will offer a lecture and flower arranging demonstration on April 8, the first day of the weekend show at the Society of the Four Arts.“He is not only a floral designer, but he’s a showman of the first order,” said Mary Webster, graphic designer for this year’s show. “He’s actually exciting to watch. There are so many flowers on stage that he’s doing so much with, at such breakneck speed, that your jaw drops.”He’s bedazzled weddings guests with over-the-top flower designs for Chelsea Clinton, Tina Turner and Eva Longoria. His everyday clients range from Oprah and Celine Dion to the Dalai Lama.At home, however, he’s more likely to put simple white roses straight up in a vase.“I try to keep things in my house pretty simple, mostly white,” said Leatham, a native of Ogden, Utah.While his creations employ shape and color to produce bold effects, he main... (Palm Beach Daily News)

Mar 30, 2017

Philadelphia Flower Show blooms with colors and crowds

Deedie Gustavson recalls marveling at fields of red and yellow tulips, the view from her childhood bedroom window in a small Dutch town outside of Amsterdam.Though she spent most of her life as a resident of Doylestown Township, her first impression of tulips stayed with her. Bold colors. Spring. Resilient.“There is something amazing about seeing them come up, even through the snow," she said. "It’s a remarkable reminder of how amazing nature is. It does the same thing, it keeps going, no matter how many other changes there are in the world. It’s a reminder there is a bedrock of things that don’t change.”Two hours before Saturday’s Philadelphia Flower Show opening, Gustavson sat on a SEPTA Lansdale/Doylestown train, dressed in pants decorated with blue roses, eager to explore the tulips that have inspired her since she was 5.Awaiting her at the Pennsylvania Convention Center was a vision that many visitors called magical. At the entrance, a sea of onlookers inched their way under the arch of a replica of a stone bridge, covered in tulips and adorned with bikes.“The entrance makes you feel as if you've discovered a secret garden h... (Bucks County Courier Times)

Mar 23, 2017

Going Dutch: Philly Flower Show promises to teach and awe

Nico Wissing designed it as a showcase for green technologies during a gathering of European Union leaders in 2016 in Amsterdam, according to a flower show press release.Rene Hrescak, president of the Blair Garden Club, said she hasn’t missed a flower show since her first one in 2010, and many of her club’s members are going this year, as well.“The entrance to the flower show is always so large and so beautiful you just have to stand in wonder and take it all in for a moment,” she said.Hrescak said she also marvels at the talents of landscape designers in how they come up with the mechanics to make their displays work. But she said the show always presents ideas for plants and flowers that can be incorporated into home gardens.“The flower show opens your mind to new ideas for landscape design, for new flowers or native plants that you may want to grow,” she said.Hrescak said she discovered and “fell in love with” a Buckthorn shrub at an earlier show and incorporated it in her home’s landscape. She also learned about growing wild ginger under one of her shade trees.“The talent at the flower show with all the designs is only something that I could ever dream of doing on that scale,” she said. “But you learn something new and wonderful from each flower show and come home with inspiration for your own gardens. You have to understand a gardener is never done and you are always looking for that new plant or inspiration for the next gardening season.”Outside of simply awing visitors, the flower show is designed to provide ideas for use at home, Rader said.A number of presentations are scheduled on topics that include container gardening, attracting birds to the backyard, saving the bees, forcing bulbs and caring for orchids.Wissing, who designed the Ecodome, also will have an exhibit called “Reconnection” that will demonstrate how to create a landscape “that offers the ideal environment for plants, animals and people by using natural, local and sustainable materials, combined with already present factors such as rainwater,” he said in a statement.“The entire natural climate is positively influenced if we take account of biodiversity, climate adaptation, and the use of products and materials with a small ecological footprint in our own environment.”His garden will use dried grasses, along with formal lines of tulips and traditional bulbs, as well as a structure made of willow stems. He also will turn broken stones, gravel and other waste that often is removed from a landscape into something with function and beauty, according to his press release.Other leading designers from the Netherlands also will share their garden styles in major exhibits.About 250,000 visitors typically attend the flower show every year, and “we welcome some more,” Rader said. Last year, they came from 12 countries and more than 51 states and territories, he said.In addition to displays and presentations, special “experiences” are scheduled, including a butterfly room and a s... (Altoona Mirror)

Mar 16, 2017

Bucks County landscaper wins Best in Show at Philadelphia Flower Show

We found inspiration in some of the architecture of Amsterdam which is how we came up with the back wall of the exhibit which we designed into a green living wall and a sculpture of tulips that sits over reflective waters," said Mark."Some of the other architectural elements of the exhibit were inspired by things from Rotterdam, a little more of an industrial city, a more modern city," he added.Downcast lighting highlight the marbled foliage of the Heuchera Dale's Strain, otherwise known as Coral Bells, that adorn the 14-foot high green walls, framing around windows that offer a glimpse of the inkberry holly shamrocks and species tulips hidden around back.The green walls alternate between tulip sculptures crafted by Mark and Emily out of colorfully-painted rough sawn pine and corrugated aluminum panels. Together, the sculptures and walls create a towering backdrop that may be closely admired with a short stroll down the arbor walkway."It opens up and you have this wonderful entrance that invites you in and allows you to walk through the exhibit, as well as around the exhibit," said Mark.A large focus of the design centers around the diverse plantings, many of which are native to the area, to showcase the sustainability practices used widely in Holland, explained Mark."There's a lot of plants that can handle drought conditions, plants that give benefits back to the wildlife — whether it's butterflies, moths, being pollinators for bees and other insects. It gives back to the environment, as well as gives a really beautiful display," said Mark.Over 3,000 plants come together in a skillful transition of color as the changing elevation urges visitors to explore the 1,350-square foot garden from every angle.The spring symphonies' white foam flowers and the purple lacy flowers of the fern leaf phacelias are prevalent throughout. Native species grasses are interplanted with yellow spring green tulips, as a sprinkling of orange tulips flirt along the top of the hill, and boldly line the base of the back walls."I really just love the full, lush, complete look of the landscape," said Mark."It makes them find that spot where they almost forget about all the stuff they've been dealing with on a daily basis for a couple minutes."One such spot might be found among the cherry blossom trees, each standing tall in their own charred wooden planters seemingly resting atop calm pools of water. Meant to compel the viewer to lean in closer, the pools play on the mind as their combinations of glassy reflective waters and corrugated steel linings make it appear as if the pools start deep beneath the showroom floor."I hope people are really excited about it, it really draws their attention and they get joy and some peacefulness out of it," said Mark.In addition to Best in Show, Mark and Emily will take home two more awards in the landscape category—the PHS Gold Medal and the Philadelphia Trophy for best use of color, said Alan Jaffe, director of communications for the Pennsylvania Hortic... (Bucks County Courier Times)