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Dec 14, 2018

This Week in the Garden | Winter bloomers can bring holiday cheer - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Editor’s note: This column originally appeared in the Sentinel on Dec. 9, 2016.Like many gardeners, I enjoy decorating my home for the winter holidays using items that come from nature. Especially if the decorations are living, they bring the great outdoors inside where we can enjoy them no matter what the weather is like. If they also provide color, they can be spots of cheer on chilly winter days. So what can be found in local shops that provide colorful flowers now in the shortest days of the year? Poinsettias, of course, are available everywhere and are relatively inexpensive. As well as the traditional red, the growers have created an array of colors and patterns. They now include various pinks, creamy white and cranberry, many with swirls, splashes and dots of contrasting hues. Most of us think of poinsettias as plants to enjoy through the holidays and then as flowering time ends, to discard. However, in southern California, the plants are often planted outdoors and can become enormous hedges. If you are in a warmer location, you could try planting out-of-bloom poinse...

Dec 14, 2018

Macadamia flourishes in Hawaii, but not native - West Hawaii Today

America and Australia as well. Besides macadamias, let's consider some of the other nuts with potential here. Cashews fit well in the home garden. The nut or seed develops at the bottom of the cashew fruit. It is easily grown from seed and grows to be a small round headed tree. Cashew trees are related to mango trees and have irritating sap so the seed must be handled carefully when processing. The juicy fruit is edible fresh or made into juice or even an alcoholic beverage. At higher elevations above 4,000 feet, pistachios and almonds may possibly be grown, but are not readily available at local nurseries. They may be specially ordered from California, however. Growing conditions that are cool and dry are best. Getting back to the coconut palm, it makes a great tree for the Hawaiian garden. The dwarf Samoan form is the best and available at some local nurseries. The tree will start producing fruit when young and may be easily harvested at near ground level for years. Another advantage is that it is resistant to lethal yellowing disease that killed millions of trees in Florida and the Caribbean. When was the last time you had pili nut pie, pili nut brittle or pili nut cookies? Unless you have lived in the Philippine Islands, it is probably never. How about tropical almond cookies? Again, we don't see them here but tropical almond confections are popular in Haiti and other parts of the Caribbean. The tropical almond, or false kamani, taxonomically Terminalia catappa, is originally from the East Indies but now found all over coastal regions of the tropical Pacific. The Philippine Islands are a fascinating and beautiful part of the world. They are rich in plant and animal life and are populated by many interesting indigenous people with diverse cultures. We are fortunate here in Hawaii to have a large Filipino population that has brought a lot of flavor to our multicultural mix. It is surprising that more of the fruits and nuts that are popular there are not mainstream here. For example, one of the tastiest nuts found in Manila is the pili. The pili nut, Canarium ovatum, is native to the Philippines and is the most important of about 10 nut bearing species. The tree reaches an ultimate height of about 60 feet. Leaves are compound like the African tulip. Flowers are yellow, fragrant and form in terminal clusters. Male and female flowers are born on separate trees, so two trees of opposite sexes are required to produce nuts on the female tree. The oblong greenish fruits are black when ripe and are almost 2.5 to 3 inches long. The nut can be eaten raw or roasted and some consider it superior to the almond. My favor...

Dec 14, 2018

Gardening With Allen Wilson: Brighten your home with holiday flowers - The Columbian

Allen Wilson is a Vancouver gardening specialist. Email Allen Wilson at I would like to add more color to my home for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Could you give suggestions for decorating with long lasting holiday flowers and greens? It is a good idea to get started on holiday decorating before the rush of other holiday activities. This includes outside as well as inside. It will be much more comfortable to install Christmas decorations before it gets too cold. And if you want some professional help, now is the time to book ahead. Many landscape contractors are now installing Christmas decorations and lighting professionally. The chrysanthemum is the favorite for Thanksgiving with its range of fall colors. There are many other potted flowers including orchids, azaleas, kalanchoes and cyclamen. Poinsettias will be available before Thanksgiving. They now come in...

Dec 14, 2018

Garden Guru: Choosing Your Holiday Poinsettias - Foothills Sun Gazette

By Anne Skinner, UCCE Master Gardener Poinsettias, the classic holiday flower, are popping up in stores and nurseries. Here's what you need to know to get the healthiest plant to last the whole holiday season. Poinsettias are a tropical plant, native to southern Mexico and Central America. They were discovered by Dr Joel Robert Poinsett, a botanist and the first United States Ambassador to Mexico. Poinsettia, in honor of Poinsett's discovery, was designated as the plant's popular name by Col. Robert Carr, a gardening friend. The exotic plant naturally turns red at a time of year when most flowering plants are dormant. The red color on the plant is actually a large bract, which are modified leaves. In 1833, the plant was formally named, Euphorbia pulcherrima (meaning most beautiful euphorbia). Euphorbias have a structure unique to the genus called a cyathium, which consists of fused bracts that form a cup around the very small true flowers. In the poinsettia, these are the yellow areas at the center of the groups of...

Dec 14, 2018

Chico Horticultural Society hosts workshop for holiday decorations - Chico Enterprise-Record

The registration form can be downloaded from the Horticultural Society website at For questions, contact M. Rader at or J. Skeen at

Dec 14, 2018

Bachman's and Galleria stage a reincarnation of Macy's Flower Show in Edina - Star Tribune

The oversize pompon flowers - in shades ranging from electric blue to pale pink - accent many of the colorful garden beds laid out inside Edina's Galleria. And the beachball-sized blue orb suspended from a wrought iron gazebo? Yup. That's made of hydrangeas, too. But the indoor flower show, which explodes with color from one end of the shopping mall to the other, also boasts plenty of supporting players that shine. Take the blazing red tropical bromeliads, the Crayola-colored gerbera daisies and the freesia and jasmine that perfume the air. For the first time, Bachman's and the Galleria have teamed up...