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Nov 9, 2019

The Floral Tonics One Designer Relies on to Stay Balanced - The New York Times

Behnaz Sarafpour, the New York-based fashion designer and perfume maker. Instead, “they’re like produce,” she says: “You have your vegetable garden and your flower garden.” Growing up in Tehran, Sarafpour was raised on traditional Persian elixirs made with flower waters — floral infusions created by steam-distilling fresh petals — that are said to have medicinal properties: rosewater to settle a stomach, jasmine to relax and calm nerves, orange blossom for energy. These days, she whips up her own versions at her country home, an 18th-century Federal-style house in Pound Ridge, N.Y. Depending on her mood, she’ll mix jasmine with hydrating crushed cucumber, orange blossom with anti-inflammatory mint or rose with vitamin-C-packed melon. Served to guests and kept on hand as a healthier alternative to sodas, the tonics instantly bring Sarafpour back to her childhood and mornings spent in the greenhouse of her parents’ house in the northern suburbs of Tehran, where her mother grew citrus and jasmine trees. “I’d wake up early to pick the flowers, when they were the most fragrant,” she says.ImageSarafpour at her home in Pound Ridge, N.Y.Credit...Julie BidwellFlower waters, says Sarafpour, are similar to essential oils but far less concentrated and can impart not just nutrit...

Nov 9, 2019

Sunstone Spa Shows the Healing Power of the Rose - Palm Springs Life

Egyptian tombs. For the ancient Greeks and Romans, roses symbolized love and beauty; the Romans filled their cities with lush rose gardens, crowned newlyweds with roses, covered banquet tables with the petals, and used the flowers as currency. Rose petals, rose water, and rose extract were also active elements in early facial masks, eye shadows, and blush. It may come as a surprise to some that the rose is even a winter delicacy for wild birds and others animals. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, as the science of beauty grew more sophisticated and the benefits of rose oil extract became more known, the product became widely available in perfumes, lotions, soaps, and creams. Today, it remains one of the most treasured and effective natural ingredients in luxury skincare and spa treatments, with the Moroccan rose extract being one of the most sought-after throughout the world. • READ NEXT: Experience Treatments Infused With the Essential Oil of Pine and Other Tree Oils. Moroccan Rose Rosa damascena, the damask rose, originates from ancient Syria and is best known for its intense perfume. According to some legends, returning Crusaders brought the flower to Morocco from Damascus in the 13th century. It now grows wild in one valley in Morocco, yielding between 3,000 and 4,000 tons of blossoms each spring. The rose maroc extract, or essential oil, from these blooms possesses intense hydrating properties, with a sublime fragrance that helps calm and balance the mind and body. (You can experience its calming effects for yourself with Sunstone Spa’s Mommy-to-Be Massage, which incorporates a unique blend of rose maroc with ylang-ylang and other essential oils.) The blossoms are picked by hand at sunrise, when the oil yield is highest and the dew still settled on the flower. When the sunlight begins to intensify, the flowers are immediately transported to the distillery. It takes tens of thousands of petals to create one drop of rose extract; as a result, it remains one of the most expensive and sought-after ingredients in the beauty industry. A Powerhouse for All Skin Types Chemists have identified more than 440 different compounds in rose extract, making ...

Nov 9, 2019

Primavera Garden Club learns Williamsburg decorating - NWAOnline

Photo submitted The Primavera Garden Club met on Tuesday, Oct. 22. The meeting was hosted by Carolyn Robinson and the club enjoyed seeing her beautiful gardens around her yard. Janet Austin, who served as co-hostess, served fall goodies. The theme for the meeting was Williamsburg decorating, focusing on how to decorate with natural live items such as fresh cut branches, flowers and fall fruit. The main speaker was Marilyn Holliday assisted by Annetta Elgie.Photo submitted The Primavera Garden Club met on Tuesday, Oct. 22. The meeting was hosted by Carolyn Robinson and the club enjoyed seeing her beautiful gardens around her yard. Janet Austin, who served as co-hostess, served fall goodies. The theme for the meeting was Williamsburg decorating, focusing on how to decorate with natural live items such as fresh cut branches, flowers and fall fruit. The main speaker was Marilyn Holliday assisted by Annetta Elgie.Photo submitted The Primavera Garden Club met on Tuesday, Oct. 22. The meeting was hosted by Carolyn Robinson...

Nov 9, 2019

Plant Party: Local Ithaca florist to host plant exchange - The Ithaca Voice

This week marks 32 years in business for Michaleen's, a florist and garden center with two greenhouses at their location at 2826 N. Triphammer Rd. in Ithaca. Owner Michaleen Herzog said they provide flowers for many local weddings and offer tropical plants in their greenhouses year-round. Herzog said a customer inspired her to host a local plant swap. YOUR LOCAL ARTS AND CULTURE NEWS IS MADE POSSIBLE WITH SUPPORT FROM: (Provided Photo) In the past year, Herzog said she has seen a surge in young people interested in buying plants. "People just love them - and the crazier plants they can find," she said. Herzog said when she first got into the business over 30 years ago, green plants "were huge," however people shifted to more fake, silk plants in the mid-80s. But now, she said she's seeing a resurgence of green plants. ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW If Instagram or Pinterest are any indicators, decorating with greenery and filling spaces with plants is a popular design trend right now. Pinterest has even noted a surge in people searching for gardening and indoor plant ideas. "People just love them," Herzog said. So, it seemed like a good time to bring people together and host a plant swap. To participate in the plant swap Nov. 16, people can bring a healthy plant or cutting they want to trade and find someone who is willing to swap. (To be clear, people can't trade with any of Herzog's inventory at the store). Michaleen's will be offering a 20% discount on plants at the ...

Nov 9, 2019

On Gardening: Hydrangea varieties add long-lasting color to the garden - Sarasota Herald-Tribune

By Norman WinterTribune News ServiceElectric blue and neon purple in The Garden Guy's hydrangeas made 2019 an unforgettable year in the garden. These colors came courtesy of Let's Dance Rave hydrangeas from Proven Winners. We've all seen those photos in catalogs and brochures making us wonder if those flowers really will look like that for me, and I can say, yes, they did!This was the Year of the Hydrangea at The Garden Guy's house. I planted 25 of them, best I can count, representing three species and seven varieties. They all performed very well, but I want to tout three in particular. Let's Dance Rave literally stole the show in the garden, which is hard to do when companion plants were Compact Electric Orange SunPatiens. You can immediately gather that this garden was a little on the gaudy side and perhaps perfect for garden party dance.Let's Dance Rave will get 36 inches tall and as wide, and it is a rebloomer. I suspect it may get a little taller in the deep South. It is recommended for zones 5-9, and as with other hydrangea macrophylla varieties the c...

Nov 9, 2019

MYSTERY PLANT: Mystery Plant closely resembles holly | Features - Aiken Standard

All that said, you might want to investigate this plant as a resident of your garden. (Remember that it is the female plants that make the red berries.)This species is related to a number of other aromatic plants, including sassafras, camphor tree and red bay. All of these plants are placed into the laurel family or "Lauraceae," which also includes the true laurel and avocado.One of the old-timey common names for this shrub is "Benjamin-bush." I've tried to figure out how it got that name, and here's my idea: The whole plant is aromatic and pleasantly fragrant. One of the compounds producing this fragrance is an organic substance referred to as "benzoin," which is found in a number of different plant groups. The name "benzoin" was also applied to a fragrant gum used medicinally. Now, since our Mystery Plant has a long history of folk use as a medicinal plant and is in fact a source of the compound benzoin, many people began calling this plant "Benzoin bush." But that got gradually corrupted into the name "Benjamin bush," which was perhaps a bit less clinical than using the chemical name. However that name became established, the plant has been used as a source of tea and for medicinal tonics. And for flavorful toothpicks.(NEWS FLASH: There is a relatively new plant disease out there now called “laurel wilt,” known now from the coastal counties of the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama and all of Florida. It kills members of the laurel family, including native species such as red bay. Our Mystery Plant is susceptible to this disease, as are other species in the same genus. This is a serious problem now for ecologists and forest managers. You will probably start hearing more about it, unfortunately.)[Answer: “Spice bush,” Lindera benzoin] .ctct-form-embed.form_7 .ctct-form-defaults {background-color: #f2f2f2;} div.ctct-form-embed div.ctct-form-defaults {font: 14px 'Open Sans', sans-serif; padding: 10px 20px; margin-bottom: 10px; border-radius:0px;} div.ctct-form-embed div.ctct-form-defaults h2.ctct-form-header {font: 18px 'clarendon_fsbold'; border-bottom: solid 1px #cccccc; padding-bottom: 8px;} div.ctct-form-embed div.ctct-form-defaults p.ctct-form-text {font: 14px 'Open Sans', sans-serif ;} div.ctct-form-embed form.ctct-form-custom div.ctct-form-field {margin: 0 0 12px 0;} div.ctct-form-embed form.ctct-form-custom label.ctct-form-label {margin-bottom: 5px;} div.ctct-form-embed form.ctct-form-custom input.ctct-form-element {height:30px;} div.ctct...