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Apex NC News

May 24, 2018

Planting Flowers Has Limited Effect On Pollination

Bees are the apex of ecology. All our food is reliant on them, they began to claim.(4) Governments even began to give subsidies to farmers who implemented political beliefs about biodiversity, like planting flowers among their rows of food. Did any of it work? Sort of. Since there was no beepocalypse, bees were never dying off(5), they can claim credit for the "rebound" and move on to coffee or Scott Pruitt or whatever is selling among the anti-science crowd who read The Guardian this month. Scientific evidence takes a little while longer, and one thing that politicians advocated has been shown to be hype: filling in strips of land with flowers in order to keep bees alive and stop a foodpocalypse. A recent study using planted flower strips on farm land, the basis for doing it in cities, found that those flower strips actually reduced pollination of nearby plants. The scientists say that the increased flowers resulted in competition for pollinating insects. In cities, there are fewer bees, even if amateurs are throwing up hives on top of apartment buildings. Farms have pastures and meadows, and those are better for bees and plants, including the food kind. It's not that flowers are bad, but they should just say planting and maintaining them is a way to keep government employees busy and not pretend it is helping bees that aren't at risk. NOTES: (1) Ironically, this was a terrible idea, but if activists understood nature they'd accept more science. Bees die really easily, they are not in a Jerry Seinfeld movie and just rushing out into new places, they are confused and need to be manually fed. The amateurs who killed off bees with incompetence then claimed it must be pesticides. (2) Which would weirdly mean a return to mass spraying, obviously worse for the environment. (3) You, Cheerios. (4) Only if your diet is almonds. (5) Beyond the statistical blips - mass die-offs have been logged since the first domesticated hives were recorded, as far back as 950 AD. (detailed in Flemming G (1871) Animal plagues: Their history, nature and prevention. London: Chapman and Hall...

May 24, 2018

CM Edappadi K Palaniswami inaugurates Ooty flower show

AIADMK regime from MGR era fought for the rights on Cauvery river water and exuded confidence that when the Apex court pronounces  its final verdict on Cauvery row,  justice will be done to Tamil Nadu. On tea subsidy to small tea growers, he said that as of now it will be provided to those small growers who supply green tea leaf to cooperative tea factories in Nilgiris. S.P. Velumani, Municipal administration minister and R. Duraikannu, Agriculture minister, also spoke on the occasion.  ...

Apr 6, 2018

How do flowers know when it's time to bloom?

T in the plant’s vascular tissue, called the phloem, which carries sugars and nutrients from leaves to the rest of the plant. FT travels to the shoot apex, the highest point of new leaves and stems, where it promotes the formation of flowers.Flowering regulation is complex, with the release of FT controlled by more than 30 proteins in interacting cascades. “There’s a complicated network and you can’t unravel it until you realize what is going on with these particular cells, so the geography is very important,” says Turgeon.Because leaf veins are very small and covered by photosynthetic cells rich in green chlorophyll, identifying the FT-producing cells was difficult. In the study, Turgeon and colleagues used fluorescent proteins to identify the cells in the phloem (veins) where FT was produced.Finally, the mysterious first part of photosynthesis comes into viewThe researchers discovered that FT was also produced in the same type of companion cells in the phloem of Maryland Mammoth tobacco. Furthermore, when they killed these companion cells, it delayed flowering in both Arabidopisis and the tobacco plants.When they looked more closely at the pathways that lead to flowering, they found that killing these companion cells stopped the process downstream of FT, but not upstream, confirming that FT originates in these cells and that the synthesis of FT is regulated by an extensive intercellular signaling system.The findings appear in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.Funding for the study came from the National Science Foundation and Purdue University.Source: Cornell University...

Apr 6, 2018

Apex court's order to Mathura temples to donate flowers to shelter homes set to improve the livelihood of widows

AGRA: The apex court's directions to temples in Mathura and Vrindavan to donate all the flowers offered to them to the government run shelter homes is all set to improve the livelihood of 450 widows and destitute women living there. The apex court order, which was issued on Tuesday, complements the UP government's efforts, which had recently started training the widows by the staff of training division of Fragrance and Flavour Development Centre, Kannauj under ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises. Talking to TOI, district probation officer, Mathura, Anurag Shyam Rastogi said that there are five shelter homes, run by the UP government in Vrindavan and 90 widows have already been trained and training of 30 is underway. He said they are being trained to use flowers to make perfumes, incense sticks (agarbattis), gulal, hawan material etc. He said, a centre, “Braj Gandha Prasar Samiti”, will be established in Chaitanya Vihar, where all trained women will work. At present, there are five g...

Jul 27, 2017

Discover wildflowers in Jefferson County

Jeffco Open Space Ranger Shaun Howard suggests Apex Park’s Enchanted Forrest Trail for shade-loving Arnica and the nearby Lookout Mountain Nature Center for a diverse array of flowers on an easy rated trail.Here are some more tips to get on the trail and see some of the region’s wildflowers.Great wildflower hikes in JeffcoApex ParkEast trailhead:121 Heritage Road, GoldenWest trailhead:116 Lookout Mountain Road, GoldenTrail miles: 9.6About: Enchanted Forest trail has a great display of shade-loving Arnica. The diversity of terrain also provides a fabulous display of various sun-loving flowers and shrubs.Lookout Mountain Nature CenterAddress: 910 Colorow Road, GoldenTrail miles: 1.4 miles within preserve; hiker onlyHours: The Preserve is open daily from 8 a.m. to dusk.About: The nature center sits on a 134 acre Ponderosa Pine forest. In addition to the building, the preserve offers a half mile hiking loop and a 1.4 mile hiking loop that offers fantastic views of the city and a diverse array of flowers. Additionally, the nature center uses native plants in the landscaping around the building. Hikes on the preserve are great for kids and beginners. However, dogs, bikes and horses are not allowed.Reynolds ParkTrailhead: 13577 County Road 97, ConiferTrail miles: 17About: This park offers sweeping views and a fantastic flower display. In addit... (Englewood Herald)

Mar 23, 2017

Bernstein's genius flowers at Bard

Among Bernstein’s many notable compositions, his Candide stands near the apex.James Bagwell’s conducting of the chorus was magnificent. The large chorus added impressive impact to the libretto and offered wider social implications on how the central plot concerning the two star-plagued lovers carries wider social significance.  Tenor Eric Finbarr Carey, a Walter W. Naumburg International Vocal Competition 2014 winner, in the role of ever-optimistic Candide, was resonant, mellifluous, and deft with dramatic nuance. The famous “Glitter and Be Gay” solo (perhaps the most fiendishly difficult run in all of opera with its high E-flats) was nailed with exuberant aplomb by Danika Felty in a stunning tour-de-force performance. Nathaniel Sullivan as Voltaire/Pangloss/Martin supplied dramatic panache with his amusing and enthusiastic phrasing of the prose parts of the libretto. Luke Macmillan as Maximilian was suave, debonair, and convincing as a villain. Elaine Daiber as gypsy Paquette invigorated the role with zest as she sang in high gear, especially in her duo with dynamic Felty.The overall effect of hearing an operetta sung in such clear English was a special pleasure since each word was distinct in its musical adornment.Throughout this comic, synoptic version of Voltaire’s novella, the libretto’s self-conscious jokes highlight the wandering absurdity of Voltaire’s ridiculous plot, which satirized the then-popular picaresque form, as well as fundamentalist optimism, and Christian persecution of innocents over “heresy.”  Despite the brutal humor of Voltaire’s unrelenting cynicism, the final climatic chorus somehow conveyed a message of hope, which may be one of the few transformative, cathartic moments in operatic comedy. Despite the rampage of cynicism, one left the performance with lilting smile.I cannot recall such a long-standing audience ovation at the conclusion of a performance at Sosnoff Theater. (