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Color Dimensions Florist

211 Atlantic Avenue
Rocky Mount, NC 27801

Babe's Boutique

26225 Us 264 Hwy E
Pantego, NC 27860

B Bj's Floral & Wedding Design

2321 Beaman Woods Road
Clinton, NC 28328

Loretta's Flowers Inc

15905 Brookway Dr Ste 4108
Huntersville, NC 28078

Island Florals By Roxanne

250 Racine Dr Ste 10
Wilmington, NC 28403

North Carolina Flowers News

Nov 9, 2019

Flowers looking tired? How to extend their vase life - New Haven Register

Conditioning needs vary, said John Dole, an associate dean and floriculture specialist at North Carolina State University. Some varieties require more managing than others, but all cut flowers should be fed. "Use the flower food packets that most likely came with the bouquet," Dole said. "Mix according to directions and position the flowers into the vase. After they've had their first big drink, take them out, put in fresh water and cut the stems again. "By doing that your flowers will last longer and the sugars in the flower food will enhance their colors — particularly the purples," he said. By wary of homemade floral preservatives, Dole said. "We've tried a wide mixture including aspirin, pennies and vinegar," he said. "The only one that seems to have any validity is a clear soda (like 7-Up or Sprite) mixed 50-50 with water. It has to be the regular stuff with sugar." Additional tips for extending the vase life of cut flowers: -- Give stems a nice flat cut if the flowers are going into a vase where the stems will be resting against the bottom, Dole said. "If you're placing stems into a foam, a pointed cut will be better." -- Remove any leaves below the water line. "They'll decompose and either get sucked up into the stems or stimulate bacteria growth," Dole said. -- Choose flowers that are well colored and not fully open. That will add a few days to their vase life, Dole said. --Ethylene gas, produced by fresh fruits and vegetables, is a naturally occurring ripening agent that can drastically shorten the life of many cut flowers. "Put your fruit in the kitchen and keep the flowers in the dining room," Ziegler said. -- Location is important. "The cooler the area the better," Ziegler said. "Cut flowers last longer if kept out of direct sunlight. Refrigerating them overnight is good but it doesn't work for all flowers. Dahlias love it; zinnias will turn black." ___ Online: For more about increasing the vase life of cut flowers, see this fact sheet from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln: You can contact Dean Fosdick at dean...

Aug 22, 2019

Sunflowers in October? Breeders are racing to develop plants that flower again and again. - The Washington Post

Spring Meadow Nursery in Grand Haven, Mich., under the Proven Winners brand, produces a re-blooming azalea developed by North Carolina State University breeder Thomas Ranney and named Perfecto Mundo. It was selected for its compact size, hardiness and resistance to lacebug, said Stacey Hirvela, horticulture marketing specialist at Spring Meadow. A second will be available to consumers in 2021, she said.Monrovia has five varieties under its Double Shot series. The energy the plant puts into the flowers helps to keep it compact, Pedersen said. Hydrangeas We speak here of the eternally popular hortensia hydrangea that blooms in June (in the Mid-Atlantic) known botanically as Hydrangea macrophylla. Its flowering on the previous year’s wood led to three basic problems: In northern states, it could be counted on to survive but not bloom after a harsh winter, especially without a protective snow cover. In the South, it was prone to sprout in early spring and then get damaged by a late frost. The third calamity came at the hands of the neatnik gardener, who cut it back in March and removed most of its flowering wood.The first re-bloomer, Endless Summer, was launched 15 years ago. The range extends to five varieties, including a lacecap named Twist-n-Shout. The latest was introduced this year as a compact red-purple mophead variety named Summer Crush. Endless Summer Hydrangeas Summer Crush is the latest in the series of Endless Summer hydrangeas. It was bred to speed up the flowering cycle — an issue in northern gardens. Endless Summer Hydrangeas BloomStruck is one of five varieties in Endless Summer’s collection of re-blooming hydrangeas. Hydrangea breeders have been focusing on such smaller varieties, which cycle into repeat bloom faster than larger ones. One criticism of re-bloomers in northern states has been the endless wait for Endless Summer. In addition, breeders are seeking to reduce the wilting that besets hydrangeas in hot climates, Roberts said.Spring Meadow and Proven Winners have released their own line, under the a data-xslt="_http"...

Jul 26, 2019

Fig Mountain's Jim Dietenhofer Dies - Santa Barbara Independent

Dietenhofer was a Vietnam vet, who came to California from North Carolina, his short bio at the company’s website states. Jim founded the company with Jaime in 2010 in Buellton, a successful business that has taprooms that now extend from Arroyo Grande to Westlake Village. They won multiple top awards for their beers, which run the craft-beer gamut from a Mexican-style “Agua Santa” to the German lager-style “You’re Such a Dort.” A service for Dietenhofer will be held on July 27 at 2 p.m. at St. Mark’s Church in Los Olivos, to be followed by a reception at the Buellton taproom at 4:30 p.m. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society are kindly requested. Add to Favorites ...

Jul 26, 2019

Retired Circuit Judge Clarence Johnson Jr. dies at age 89, left legacy in court system - Florida Today

Dale Johnson of Merritt Island — one of the judge's three sons, along with Jay Johnson of North Carolina and Doug Johnson of Texas — said his father was "a good storyteller, and also told a lot of good jokes." Clarence Johnson also very involved in his church, Faith Lutheran Church on Merritt Island, where he served as congregational president. "He had a love of life," Dale Johnson said. Jay Johnson said, as a judge, his father preferred the more complex civil cases over criminal cases. He noted that his father presided over "tons of divorce cases, and that is tough." In the criminal arena, his father had a preference for juvenile cases, hoping to help youths who ran afoul of the law turn their lives around. "He tried to help young people by convi...

Jul 5, 2019

Budding hemp industry holds its breath over potential flower ban - Mountain Xpress

As state lawmakers and law enforcement agencies debate the fate of smokable hemp flower in the North Carolina marketplace, the industry is holding its breath. To many growers, the legalization of hemp offers hope, healing and numerous business opportunities. It’s also invited a new generation of licensed farmers into the fold who are passionate about the plant’s potential to underpin everything from biofuel to green packaging to soil remediation. And while data remains limited concerning the health benefits of products such as CBD oil, edibles and smokable flower, anecdotal evidence suggests that hemp is helping consumers manage everything from anxiety to depression to various physical ailments. Epidiolex, a treatment for certain types of epileptic seizures, recently became the first FDA-approved CBD drug. And on April 2, Commissione...