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Fleuriste Aux Quatre Saisons

40 Rue De L'eglise
Edmundston, NB E3V1J2

Les Fleurs Ma Passion

318 Main Street
Shediac, NB E4P2E3

Le Relais Fleuri

10528 Rue Principale
St Louis De Kent, NB E4X1G7

Sunflower Blooms

4 Bridge St
Sackville, NB E4L3N5

Trillium Flowers & Crafts & Treasures

342 Main Street
Doaktown, NB E3B7H4

New Brunswick Flowers News

Oct 12, 2018

Flower season comes to an end in Amherst

Lawrence Street and up LaPlanche, was really nice," said Martin. "Coming into town from New Brunswick it was nice to see the flower baskets lining up." Martin's favourite flower basket hung on Prince Arthur Street, a street that also had baskets for the first time this year. "The basket on the corner of Prince Arthur and Church Street at the Needs Convenience store was the one I liked best," said Martine. "I don't know what kind of special love it got but it really flourished for the first time being there." Martin says he has a great team helping with the flowers. "I had one fellow pass by and said, ‘the flowers look some good. I don't know if it's the weather or the care,'" said Martin. "Well, everybody had the same weather but not everybody had flowers like we did." He says his team works very efficiently. "We only have a few people, and for them to handle the parks and the plants the way they do is commendable," said Martin. "It takes an effort, and it's not by any other design. You have to be happy with what you do because, if you're not, it will reflect on the job you're doing." He also thanks the public for appreciating the flowers. "The accolades I've received from people personally, and the accolades town council and people like that have received about the flowers, is much appreciated," said Martin. "I appreciate the people who appreciate the work being done because, at the end of the day, the team that is here is very diligent and take pride in what they do." ...

Apr 6, 2018

Citywide litter remove, paint disposal, free flowers during Cleanup Week

NEW BRUNSWICK – Urban Cleanup Week will begin this April 14 and run through Earth Day, April 22.Urban Cleanup Week is a multilateral effort to spruce up city neighborhoods and yards, dispose of paints and computers and even plant some flowers. Volunteers will take to the streets April 14 and 15, and again April 21 to clean litter in different neighborhoods. Community service groups are being sought to help conduct the cleanups both during the week and beyond. People interested in helping can call the city Division of Clean Communities at (732) 745-5245. That Monday, April 16, will be “Make Your Storefront Look Great Day," with the city urging businesses to remove litter and graffiti on their properties and wash sidewalks and windows. The c...

Jan 26, 2017

J&J to spend $30 billion on Swiss drugmaker Actelion

The New Brunswick, New Jersey, company made several deals in 2016, including a $3.3 billion purchase of hair and personal products maker Vogue International LLC. The Actelion deal, approved unanimously by the boards of both companies, is to be completed in the second quarter, pending regulatory approvals. J&J said it expects the deal to immediately boost revenues and earnings per share. J&J will pay for the deal with cash held outside the United States. Many U.S. companies with international operations have built sizeable holdings of money overseas due to high tax rates they would pay to bring the cash to the United States. That's an issue new President Donald Trump has said he would like to address. Shares of J&J — a component of the Dow Jones industrial average — slipped 5 cents to $112.75 in midday trading Thursday, while broader indexes also were flat. ___ AP writer Jamey Keaten contributed to this report from Geneva. Business Briefing from St. Louis Post-Dispatch Make it your business. Get twice-daily updates on what the St. Louis business community is talking about. (

Jan 5, 2017

Meet WoW's biggest hippie, a panda who reached max level by picking thousands of flowers

Johnnie doesn't strike me as one. Living along the Atlantic coast of New Brunswick, Canada, he is soft-spoken and reserved. Though his antics have garnered a lot of attention, Doubleagent's self-imposed exile isn't some abstract way of gaining attention. "I do it for myself," Johnnie says plainly. In that vein, Johnnie won't even reveal how many hours he's invested. To reach level 90 took him 175 days worth of play time, but beyond that he won't say—though it's easy to run the numbers and guess somewhere just under a year total. "I get a lot of negativity when I give that kind of information," he says, laughing awkwardly. "A lot of people view it as a waste of time, so I really don't want to say what my play time is beyond what I've already announced. The community has been mostly positive, but it's the negative that sticks with you more." For us it's entertainment. But for him to just sit there and do that stupid shit. I can't imagine how boring that must be. Look at any of the threads mentioning him on World of Warcraft's subreddit, and you'll find a load of bemused and often critical comments. "Gotta say, he was about as excited as I am," writes another. "I kinda feel like this whole gimmick has served its worth the last [expansion]." "This is one of the most weirdest things to me," writes one user. "For us it's entertainment. But for him to just sit there and do that stupid shit. I can't imagine how boring that must be." Calling it entertainment, however, is a bit of a stretch. Instead of celebrating each milestone, Johnnie typically sends out a simple tweet or uploads a rough, unedited video. In the video showing him reach 110, he sits for a few moments and then, seemingly unsure of what to do now, sets out to gather more ore. There's no fanfare and no excitement, just a man staring with a blank expression at his computer monitor. He tells me he got permission from work to come home to finish that last stretch of grinding. Once he reached 110, he uploaded the video and returned to work like nothing happened.  [embedded content] It's only natural that some would want to criticize, but Johnnie feels it isn't fair. While the amount of time he's spent in the last four years is staggering, it hasn't been spent wholly focused on watching Doubleagent running from one flower to the next. At this point, he says the routine is almost entirely muscle memory, so he spends that time catching up on Netflix shows and movies he'd be watching anyway. To him, it's no different than knitting or any other passive hobby people invest in. Except, instead of a closet full of wool hats and mittens, Johnnie has the only max-level neutral character in all of Warcraft. "I definitely don't regret it," he says. "It's something that I'm glad that I did. It was something different and it was a goal I set for myself and I went ahead and did it."  No right way to play  Still, the journey hasn't always been easy—and not just because of the massive grind. Early in his life, Doubleagent raised a lot of eyebrows from other players who saw his high level and thought he must've been hacking. Most players leave the island and never return after level 10. "People were putting in [support] tickets and reporting me," he says. "I think they assumed I had gotten to the island in some way. They probably didn't realize that I had actually leveled without hacking myself onto the island." It's nice that [Blizzard] showed that being neutral is a choice. It might not be the fastest way to level, but it's an option. Even Blizzard's moderators didn't know how to handle Doubleagent at first. One told him what he was doing was fine, while another told him... (PC Gamer)

Nov 3, 2016

Hundreds attend Vancouver funeral for slain Hells Angel Bob Green

There were Hells Angels from across Canada — some with New Brunswick, Montreal, Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba on their backs.There were others from biker gangs across B.C. that support the Hells Angels — the Jesters, the Horsemen, the Throttle Lockers, the Devil’s Army and more.Most refused to talk to reporters asking about Green, who was shot dead in Langley on Oct. 16. But some stopped briefly to describe the loss of the man they called “a legend.”Gary Cahill said Green was a good friend and a great poker player.“It is a huge loss for all of us. He is a long-time friend of mine, nearly 16 years. He was a very, very good man, a family man. Very respected,” Cahill said.A woman, who looked like she was in her 50s, pulled up on a Harley.“It’s a great turnout, especially with this weather,” she said. Green was murdered during an all-night party at the clubhouse of the 856 Gang in the 23700-block 72nd Avenue in Langley.Police were called to the property about 10:30 a.m. and found Green, 56, fatally wounded.856 Gang member Jason Wallace turned himself into police the next day and has been charged with second-degree murder. He is next due in court Nov. 3.Police are investigating whether a spate of gang violence in the Lower Mainland over the last week is linked to Green’s murder.856 associate Shaun Clary, 27, was found dismembered on a rural Langley road Oct. 26, while Hells Angel prospect Mohammed Rafiq, 43, was wounded in a targeted shooting in Burnaby the same day.Green, 56, was a giant in the Hells Angels — influential, powerful and charismatic.He started off as an East End Hells Angel more than 20 years ago, before joining the elite Nomads chapter when it formed and then more recently moving the Mission chapter.He lived in North Burnaby, was married and was the father of six children.Police who dealt with him said he was generally pleasant and easygoing, unless he was drinking.“He was always out on the town and maintained a very high profile. And for the most part, he was friendly to deal with, unless he got pissed,... (Saskatoon StarPhoenix)