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Flower Works

1350 S Ash St
Buffalo, MO 65622

Purdy Flowers And Gifts

100 Highway C
Purdy, MO 65734

Flower Garden

Highway 136 East
Memphis, MO 63555

Roses By The Village Gardens - Northland

Antioch Centre
Kansas City, MO 64119

Petals West Flower Shop

412 N Hickory St
Appleton City, MO 64724

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Dec 29, 2017

Alamosa Flowers: Berries for wildlife

Fruits are edible and often used to make jams and jellies – mine were rather bitter. According to the Missouri Botanical Garden (MBG) website, nanny goats apparently feed on the ripe berries – more so than billy goats – hence the common name.By the way, any of the plants I mentioned that I’ve grown are shown on the website.Holly (Ilex spp.) is probably the most celebrated of the winter berries – the vast majority have red berries. I would love to have some in my garden. Has anyone had luck growing any in the SLV? If so, please email me: [email protected]!Winterberry (Ilex verticillata) is rated down to zone 3 and is native to Eastern North America. I don’t know if would do well at our elevation, however. The MSB garden website says, “the species is infrequently sold in commerce because of the many excellent cultivars which generally produce showier flowers and larger, more abundant fruit.” It does have female and male reports that the Berry Magic Holly variety from Monrovia is self-pollinating. It is listed as zone 5, not hardy enough for the SLV. Another Monrovia variety is Winter Red rated down to zone 2. However, it needs male and female plants and consistently moist soil.Cotoneasters are often cited as berry-producing plants that attract birds. However, my Peking contoneaster (Cotoneaster acutifolia) is not attractive to any animals! It retains its berries year after year. I enjoy looking at them!“Did you know Santa is three times a gardener? He hoes, hoes, hoes.” My take on various Santa jokes.

Dec 8, 2017

There are metro-east roots for the Botanical Garden's holiday train show

And she was right.”Scace, 54, who now lives in Columbia, is chief designer for Gardenland Express Holiday Flower and Train Show at Missouri Botanical Garden. Each year, the 5,000-square-foot display attracts 40,000 visitors in six weeks.Some people go to see the 2,500 potted plants, known for their colorful, seemingly perfect leaves and blooms. Others enjoy the G-scale model trains that chug along 600 feet of track, past miniature homes and businesses.“It’s a long-time tradition for a lot of people,” said Katie O’Sullivan, MoBot’s senior public information officer.Mexican themeThis year’s show focuses on Mexico, where poinsettias are native. Scace’s merry band of volunteers built a courtyard with adobe-style facades and a fountain. Mexican music plays overhead.Roughly 2,000 poinsettias include red, pink, white, yellow, even orange and lime green. All were grown in greenhouses on site.If you can grow a poinsettia in St. Louis, you can grow anything. They’re known as a problem plant. Insects love them. Diseases love them. The right amount of light and water is crucial.Derek Lyle on the challenges of growing poinsettias“We have 15 different cultivars,” Scace said. “Some of them are grown as single stems (making them taller), and some are grown as pinch plants (making them fuller). When you pinch them, they create more bracts.”The daytime cost of Gardenlan... (Belleville News-Democrat)

Nov 17, 2017

Local businesses prepare for the holidays

Murphy is one of many businesses to see Christmas shoppers in November. The local art shop is quick to sell their handmade bowls, towels and Missouri-shaped cutting boards.Downtown businesses, including Allen’s Flowers Inc., are getting their hands dirty. Allen’s Flowers is preparing hundreds of bouquets for local banks and hospitals, saying red and white are the store’s most requested flowers.“There will be a lot of red and white roses and carnations,” Allen’s florist Kaycee Sims said. “We get a huge box of Christmas greenery — evergreen and juniper and white pine — all the Christmasy things that make your hands sappy.”For My Secret Garden, another floral shop, preparing for Christmas is a year-long process.“In the summer, we start looking for popular trends to come up with our themes,” My Secret Garden owner Ruth LaHue said.The shop is decorated with different themes, including an under-the-sea tree with mermaids and wooded corner of the store with sparkling gold owls.The floral shop becomes a whimsical wonderland for Christmas fanatics, especially for the Living Windows Festival.The festival is a local tradition where businesses swap out mannequins for real-life performers in their storefront windows. Last year, My Secret Garden won first place for its Pinocchio-themed display.LaHue said the community makes the holidays special for her each year.“Seeing the expression on the people’s ...

Oct 5, 2017

Florists talk designs, styles ahead of Homecoming events

All of us are pretty young so we know how to keep up to date.”According to the Mum Store, the University of Missouri is the birthplace of homecoming, something recognized by the NCAA, however, it was here in Texas where the tradition of the mum started. Boys would gift their dates a chrysanthemum to wear as a corsage. The chrysanthemums were dressed with only a few ribbons, but as time went on, the fresh flower turned into the elaborate artificial silk flower that is known today.“The homecoming mum is a long standing tradition in Texas,” Cheryl Kolbe of Kolbe’s Flower Shop, 753 N. Austin St., said. “Large white flowers and the smell of chrysanthemums were the norm in flower shops across Texas during high school football season.”While artificial mums are the typical decoration of choice now, from time to time some customers will request fresh ones, Thornton said.Aside from the style evolving so has the size of the mum, Lum said.“Everybody wants bigger and everybody wants to be unique,” she said. “When I first started everyone’s mum was kind of similar.”Kolbe said they once created a large Minnie Mouse mum out of four individual mums that were from the students freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year. Over time the male garters also have evolved, Lum said.“This year we’re starting to see the flowers in the garter and they want the ribbons longer,” she said. “They used to be to the elbow and now they want it further. They want the garters to have more ribbons and be fuller, too. They’re tired of all the girls getting all the fun.”Thornton added that, at some point, girls used to like to wear them on their legs.Additionally, mums have become other accessories such as hairpieces and rings.“A few years ago the ring mums were really popular and I’ve already had a lot of people asking for those again,” Thornton said. “We’ll take a little mum that has an elastic attached to them so it can go on your finger. Then we decorate it with glitter, tulle and netting. In the middle, we’ll put a little football or helmet and glitter it up. We do a lot of little mums for the kids and sometimes the moms will wear them.”While homecoming mums are to show school spirit, Kolbe said they also represent the individual wearing it. “It shows the persons accomplishments and dreams,” she said. “It shows who they are and I think that is the neatest part of a mum. It’s that school pride, but it’s a pride in the individual wearing it.”Navarro High School’s homecoming game is Oct. (Seguin Gazette-Enterprise)

Oct 5, 2017

Not much happens in runaway bride dramedy 'Different Flowers ...

Kansas City wedding to the earnest Charlie (Sterling Knight), she and Emma take off in Emma’s clunker jeep for the remote Missouri farm of their grandma (an underused Shelley Long).Mostly uneventful — and overly protracted — events follow including a showdown with a sluggish cashier. Some quick canoodling between Emma and a hunky convenience store clerk (Rob Mayes) will come back around, but in a contrived, predictable way.First-time feature writer-director Morgan Dameron attempts to craft a love letter to her native heartland and to sisterhood, but falls short on both fronts, rarely digging beneath the surface of small-town bonhomie and what makes Millie and Emma tick.Most importantly, why Millie waits until zero hour to jilt her dutiful groom is inadequately and unconvincingly handled.On the upside, the adorable Lauren proves a lively presence and a deft comedian. -------------‘Different Flowers’Not ratedRunning time: 1 hour, 39 minutesPlaying: AMC Burbank Town Center 8See the most-read stories in Entertainment this hour » (Los Angeles Times)