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Comer Funeral Home

1103 Ee Wallace Boulevard North
Ferriday, LA 71334

Flowers By Linda

390 E Pine St
Ponchatoula, LA 70454

Jojo's Flowers

400 Southwest Main Street
Bunkie, LA 71322

Jolie Fleur By Meg

238 Arthur Ave
Lake Arthur, LA 70549

Rouse's Fresh Creations

6403 Highway 182 E
Morgan City, LA 70380

Louisiana Flowers News

Apr 6, 2018

Down To Earth: Spectacular Colors And Winter Flowers Make Witch Hazel A Garden Delight

Hamamelis vernalis is a native species that is quite hardy (zone 4) and can be found along streams from Missouri to Louisiana. Finally, the species Hamamelis virginiana, another native, can grow quite large—to 18 to 20 feet. It’s also found throughout much of the eastern US.Most of these plants grow to 5 to 6 feet in the average landscape, although they have the potential to get larger, depending on the cultivar chosen. Their broadly upright habit makes them ideal for use in most gardens and they work well even in a small space. They respond well to pruning and can be kept to 4 to 5 feet easily. They also add spectacular fall color, as do many plants in their family (Hamamelidaceae). Leaf colors in the fall can range from yellow to orange, gold and bright red. Fall color alone makes these plants worthy of use. They have spectacular foliage during the summer months as well, with rounded, slightly wavy leaf margins and a nice, clear green color.If you’re looking for a good resource for this genus, try Michael Dirr’s “Manual of Woody Landscape Plants.” He has a great chart listing all the relevant cultivars of each species. Arnold Arboretum in Boston has a wonderful collection and they should be in flower now, if you can make the trip.There are 33 cultivars listed in Michael Dirr’s manual. In searching through nursery catalogues, typically you’ll be hard-pressed to find more than two to three listed. However, during a quick online search of Broken Arrow Nursery in Hamden, Connecticut, I found they list 38 cultivars and many are quite spectacular. I may have to make a trip this spring!...

Apr 6, 2018

Out of flowers? Flour? Businesses contend with supply crises

We are constantly having to network to find new suppliers that may have quality wood," says Woods, whose company is located in Tickfaw, Louisiana. His suppliers are demolition companies, and most sites with the wood he needs are in industrial revolution-era towns in New England and along the Mississippi River. "We go wherever we have to," Woods says.At Widespread Electrical Sales, owner Scott Vaughn also travels the country in search of equipment that may be decades old."We rely on big industrial plants that are closing, buy the right to their power distribution systems, and rip them down," says Vaughn, whose company is based in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. He also gets obsolete equipment from decommissioned call centers and data centers.Widespread Electric sells about half a million breakers a year, with some costing as much as $25,000. The cost is worth it for a business that otherwise would have to retrofit its power systems.Supply shortages are an inherent part of the electrical business, Vaughn says."It's directed by the manufacturers themselves," he says. "They put out a product line and sell it with a planned obsolescence program behind it."_____Follow Joyce Rosenberg at . Her work can be found here:

Mar 23, 2018

Hodges Gardens rose bushes moved to Cypress Bend Park

Sabine Parish.The Friends of Hodges Gardens will dissolve once it spends all of its funds. But the group has nominated Hodges Gardens to the Louisiana Trust for Historic Preservation’s Most Endangered Places List.“If accepted, this nomination will provide a platform for state and national recognition of the plight of Hodges Gardens. It is our hope that such recognition might bring the financial support and professional expertise needed to save and restore the Gardens for future generations,” Friends of Hodges Gardens posted on Facebook.div id="fixed-big-ad-bottom-asset" class="tnt-ads dfp-ad" da...

Jan 26, 2018

Local resident helps to create Rose Parade float

Christmas with her family; and she said she’d go with me,” Bull said. “So I replied and told them we would come.”Brinkley teaches school in Louisiana and had a Christmas break, so they were visiting in Kerrville.The two of them packed suitcases and left Bill at home with their son, two 16-year-olds and a 12-year-old.Bull said they arrived in Pasadena the Wednesday after Christmas to find all the hotels booked full beginning Saturday, Dec. 30, when people with parade tickets were going to arrive. But they found a hotel room for the three nights before that.The next day they took a hotel shuttle to the “Rose Pavilion,” giant warehouses where the floats were being constructed.“Where are your parade tickets?” they were asked; and they had to say they didn’t have any. They were only going to be there three days, to work.They asked directions to the specific warehouse for the UPS float, and, at the booth outside the doors, got red t-shirts with their first names on the back, so the directors could yell instructions at the approximately 120 volunteers.The shirts were printed on the front with a graphic of the head of the sea monster float, nicknamed Bessie by the creators.‘Books Bring Dreams to Life’Watching the Rose Parade on television is one thing. That doesn’t convey the size of the float designs like being there to help glue on the flowers, Bull said.Here’s how the finished float, encouraging literacy, was described by UPS and the parade broadcasters.The main feature was a sea monster that appeared to swim down the parade route, surrounded by books. Each of its body segments were linked mechanically to allow them to sway side to side, the ears to wiggle, the eyes to look right and left, and to blow smoke from her nostrils. Her neck and head animated beyond the standard 55-foot length, while her tail swayed beyond the standard 18-foot width.Angelfish surrounding “Bessie” ... (Community journal)

Nov 2, 2017

ECOVIEWS: State flowers and trees make statements

Some states have made excellent choices. The redwood of California, saguaro cactus of Arizona and bald cypress of Louisiana are iconic representatives with which people are familiar. The choices for California and Louisiana are even within the botanical guidelines for having both a state tree and flower because redwoods and cypress are conifers.The state flowers of California and Louisiana are the golden poppy and the magnolia blossom, respectively. The cottonwood is the state tree of Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming perhaps because the choice of native trees that grow throughout each state is somewhat limited.The official tree of Texas is the pecan. (And, as of 2013, pecan is the official state pie.) For the folks in West Texas, the mesquite tree might have been a more suitable selection. Considering its size, perhaps Texas should have two state trees. The choice of the Texas bluebonnet as the state flower seems a reasonable one.Having a state legislator who is a botanist might be a good idea considering some choices that have been made. Georgia, Vermont and Alabama each picked a non-native species for their state flower. Georgia’s Cherokee rose is no more Cherokee than any other Asian plant that was introduced to the New World in the 1700s. They may be pretty, but they are not native. Cherokee rose is even considered an invasive species in some areas.Vermont, likewise, made the odd choice of red clover as it... (The Star)