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Find local Anna, Illinois florists below that deliver beautiful flowers to residences, business, funeral homes and hospitals in Anna and surrounding areas. Choose from roses, lilies, tulips, orchids, carnations and more from the variety of flower arrangements in a vase, container or basket. Place your flower delivery order online of call.

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Enchanted Garden

106 E Davie St
Anna, IL 62906
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Jan's House Of Flowers Jan's House Of Flowers

215 West Vienna Street
Anna, IL 62906
(618) 833-7621

Anna IL News

Oct 26, 2018

Their Land Defiled, Forest People Swap Flower Worship for Quran and Concrete

Tija Sanggul, with their grandchildren, outside their concrete house in Jambi Province, Indonesia.CreditCreditKemal Jufri for The New York TimesBy Hannah BeechOct. 14, 2018JAMBI, Indonesia — When the flowers could no longer summon the gods, the healer knew it was time to leave the forest.As a traditional healer of the Orang Rimba, or forest people, here on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, Temenggung Tarip had long depended on jungle blooms to conjure the divine for his seminomadic indigenous community. An offering of colorful petals would bring the elephant god, skilled at curing toothaches, or the tiger god, helpful for those who had lost their way.But timber, rubber, paper and palm oil plantations have encroached on the forests of Indonesia. Since 2000, about 15 percent of the nation’s tree cover has disappeared. In Jambi, the central Sumatran province that is home to a few thousand Orang Rimba, the amount of deforestation is even higher, at 32 percent since the turn of the century, according to Global Forest Watch.figure class="css-12t3uda e1a8i6eb0" aria-label="media" role="group" itemProp="associatedMedia" itemscope itemID="

Oct 26, 2018

St. Paul paper artist crafts incredibly realistic flowers that last

St. Paul artist Anna Gaseitsiwe of A Paper Florist creates delicate handmade flowers, foliage and even vegetables using crêpe paper. Not the garishly colored spools you find at big-box party stores, but high-end German-made crêpe paper. “It stretches and bends and allows you to manipulate it,” she said of her chosen medium. Spices, bleach and pollen are used to create subtle hues that mimic nature. “I try to get as close to real life as possible,” she says. Gaseitsiwe, who formerly investigated money laundering, developed and honed her floral-crafting technique after taking time off from that career to spend more time with her children and moving to Minnesota. Now she creates custom arrangements for permanent home decor and special events — even wedding bouquets...

Oct 26, 2018

Plant Lovers' Almanac: Enjoy the leaves, flowers and fruits of fall

So, enjoy the spectacular fruits of magnolias, the gumdrop fruits of cannas, the pincushion fruits of dock, and the outsize pods of Kentucky coffeetree, all now on display.The kingdom fungiEver interested in the dark side, we have had a magnificent display of fungi this autumn, from poisonous destroying angel mushrooms to delicious edibles. We do not have enough room in 100 Almanacs to distinguish which are which, so remember the old maxim: There are old mushroom hunters. There are bold mushroom hunters. There are no old, bold mushroom hunters.Not only are there many clear-cut bad actors, but many mushrooms that are choice edibles for some are not a happy experience for others. So if you hope to eat any wild mushrooms, do your homework with guides such as the Audubon Field Guide and the many books and websites, seasoned by consulting with knowledgeable friends, experts, and your own physiology.Having said all that, I have seen a number of interesting fungi this fall, such as toothy coral mushrooms 20 feet up a tree rather than on the ground, to a convoluted puffball mushroom in my backyard, quickly itself rotting in a matter of a few days, and a carpet of another species of puffballs conveniently taking over the world at a fungal workshop I did at Morton Arboretum in Chicago with Davey Tree’s Chrissy Balk.Fungus finale: In New York City recently, I was impressed by the interplay of genetics relative to powdery mildew diseases. First, each powdery mildew fungus is specialized in its host range: the powdery mildew fungus on zinnia will not get on lilac, for example. Secondly, I was impressed while looking at a few examples in NYC of how intimate this susceptibility is: horse-chestnuts side by side, white with fungal growth on one right next to horse-chestnuts with no or very little powdery mildew, lilacs that looked whitewashed compared to lilacs next to them an unblemished green. Genetics, though not everything is a big player in disease.And now for something very different: I turn your attention to OSU’s Buckeye Yard and Garden Line ( Tune in to the wondrous story told by Joe Boggs of OSU, talking about what he thought was an eriophyid mite infestation on wild sweet potato. This was right up Joe’s alley since he is an entomologist, and though mites have eight or four legs instead of six, they are still part of his interest zone.Then he thought it might be a fungus, then learned it was white rust, caused by Albugo, once thought to be a fungus, but now classified as an oomycete organism. It is a great tale, really, about diagnosing plant problems — and most importantly about being curious, even about something you thought you knew. Life, and Joe as Alice might say, are curiouser and curiouser.And as Mark Twain noted: “What gets us into trouble is not what we don't know. It's what we know for sure that just ain't so.” Jim Chatfield is a horticultural educator with Ohio State University Extension. If you have questions about caring for your garden, write to or call 330-466-0270. Please include your phone number if you write. ...

Oct 26, 2018

Newly Public Flower One to Buy Nevada Cannabis Cultivator for $27.2 Million

Cultivator and Producer Flower One will leverage newly acquired assets to support its rapid market entry into Nevada and will now own 9 Nevada Cannabis Licenses TORONTO, Oct. 9, 2018 /CNW/ – Flower One Holdings Inc. (“Flower One” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce it has entered into agreements with NLV Organics, Inc. and related parties (“NLVO”), to purchase a 100% interest in a property in North Las Vegas, Nevada, and all of the business’ tangible and intangible assets. The acquisition of NLVO’s assets also brings to Flower One a team of experienced cultivators and producers and therefore immediate understanding of post-harvest production techniques and supply relationships to over 30 operating dispensaries in the state. NLVO is a fully operational 25,000 square foot cultivation and production facility located in the City of North Las Vegas. It is fully licensed to grow and process cannabis for both the medical and recreational markets in Nevada. NLVO has nine grow rooms capable of cultivating a total of 4,500 plants per cycle. This transaction is more than an acquisition, it is a true partnership that strengthens Flower One’s business model and o...

Oct 26, 2018

Flower One, Owner of Nevada's Largest Cannabis Cultivation and Production Facility, Acquires Key Retail Property

Flower One has applied for multiple Nevada based dispensary licenses as an effective way to better understand the cannabis consumers' preferences TORONTO, Oct. 23, 2018 /CNW/ - Flower One Holdings Inc. (CSE: FONE) ("Flower One" or the "Company") is pleased to announce a property acquisition in North Las Vegas from an arm's length third party for total cash consideration of $1.15 million to support its future retail presence. The property is a freestanding former bank building offering important security attributes beneficial to the Company's retail strategy. The building is conveniently located within close proximity to the major retail corridor in North Las Vegas, the Cannery Hotel & Casino, the Company's 455,000 square foot flagship cultivation and production facility, which is the largest in Nevada, and NLV Organic Inc.'s fully operational 25,000 square foot cultivation and production facility. The Company has submitted applications for multiple Recreationa...

Oct 12, 2018

"Flowers on the Lake" honors domestic violence victims in Gibson County

Or that a victim of bank fraud was probably looking for attention? You don't," said Albion Crisis Intervention Specialist Hannah Brewer.In the last year in Gibson County, there have been 370 calls to law enforcement for domestic disturbances.In the last year, 72 people in Gibson County have been charged with domestic battery.Almost 250 people applied for some type of no contact or protective order.In Lafayette Park, people gathered for "Flowers on the Lake" to remember those affected by domestic violence, and the victims who did not survive."Anytime we release any of our statistics, people seem to be a little alarmed...and appalled," said Albion Crisis Intervention Specialist Becky Sawyer."If you've met at least 11 people over the span of your life, domestic violence has affected you," Brewer said during her remarks.After a performance by Gibson Southern's choir and remarks by community officials, people came together to release flower petals to honor victims."I will speak up for those victims and survivors seeking help."Albion Fellows Bacon Center says they usually receive calls after an event like this. They encourage anyone who needs help to reach out."It's easy to kind of put blinders on and pretend this isn't happening in our communities, when it actually is," said Sawyer. ALBION DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE:(812) 422-5622Or visit their website here.Octob...