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Jul 5, 2019

This Week in the Garden | Add a water feature to your garden - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Monkeyflower). (Sharon Hull -- Sentinel correspondent)A Wilson's Warbler bathes in my fountain. (Sharon Hull -- Sentinel correspondent)Speckled canna. (Sharon Hull -- Sentinel correspondent) A big part of the appeal can be the specialty plant palette that a water garden provides. Water plants not only add beauty and texture, but they also play a vital role in keeping the water clear and the various elements of the pool in balance, adding oxygen and filtering impurities from the water. As they cover the water’s surface, they can also slow down evaporation. Find aquatic plants and expert assistance at local garden centers. Before you go plant shopping, know your water element’s size and depth, whether it is in sun or shade, and your approximate high and low temperatures (or Sunset zone.) These facts will determine which plants will thrive for you. Water plants are categorized according to how and where they grow. Some plants float on the water’s surface; many of these are excellent oxygenators. Others grow submerged, with only the tips protruding through the water’s surface; these can also be good oxygenators. Another group likes to grow in bogs or very wet soils and is suitable for the damp margins of a pond. Most of the bloomers require sun but you can choose from several with colorful foliage to substitute for flowers if your pool or bowl is in shade. Tolerating shade or partial shade are the following: floating Water Hyacinth with blue flower spikes (note: it may not bloom well unless in some sun), Parrot’s Feather with fluffy fern-like foliage and outstanding oxygenator qualities, Chameleon Plant with foliage that is mottled pink, cream and green, graceful Papyrus that comes in several mature sizes, Water Clover whose patterned leaves are good in shallow water, and Golden Sweet Flag that adds bright leaf color in a shaded area. For a decidedly tropical look, Black Taro happily grows in the damp soil along pool edges; create your own mucky soil conditions in a container if necessary. If your water garden is in sun, the plant choice is greater. Water Canna flowers offer an amazing range of colors and some have patterned flowers or foliage. Cardinal Flower and our native streamside Monkeyflower (Erythranthe cardinalis) produce bright red flowers beloved by hummingbirds. Pennywort creeps about with runners and is good in shallow ...

Jul 5, 2019

Budding hemp industry holds its breath over potential flower ban - Mountain Xpress

CBD, but they contain harmful Schedule I controlled substances, synthetic cannabinoids, ‘bath salts,’ and other adulterants such as rat poison.” The SBI also cited the possibility that an item sold as CBD might actually contain more THC than what the label showed — or could just be straight up marijuana in disguise. These assertions culminated in a bold, unexpected and italicized statement: “The unintended consequence upon passage of this bill is that marijuana will be legalized in NC because law enforcement cannot distinguish between hemp and marijuana and prosecutors could not prove the difference in court.” Where have they been? Under federal law, marijuana is still banned as a Schedule I controlled substance. Yet the federal Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 removed hemp, which is a variant form of the same plant, from that list. To resolve this quandary, the SBI proposed banning all smokable flower, in addition to more stringent regulation of hemp processing and a host of other precautions. But those suggestions didn’t sit well with Tar Heel farmers and others who have invested their livelihoods and resources in the industry. According to the minutes of the N.C. Industrial Hemp Commission’s most recent meeting, there are 1,017 licensed industrial hemp growers across the state — compared with just 306 a year ago. Those growers represent 12,600 acres of farmland and more than 4.9 million square feet of greenhouse space. There are also 601 registered processors. That’s why Asheville-based activists Blake Butler and Rod Kight are making their voices heard on behalf of the farmers, processors and consumers whom they maintain have greatly benefited from the state’s burgeoning hemp industry. Butler is executive director of the N.C. Industrial Hemp Association, a nonprofit trade group. He says he’s driven from Asheville to Raleigh at least eight times in June alone to meet with state legislators about the potential ban on smokable hemp. Kight, an attorney, runs a legal blog called Kight on Cannabis. “All we’re trying to do is help the North Carolina farmer,” says Butler. “We want that famer to be recognized for growing a crop. It’s been legal in the state for three years under the pilot program, and smokable flower makes up about one-third of that industry. For law enforcement to come in on the back end — our question is, where have they been?” Although a May 23 draft of the farm bill called for the SBI’s requested ban on smokable hemp to take effect as soon as Dec. 1, 2019, the version which was passed by the Senate delays the ban until Dec. 1, 2020. In addition, the bill instructs the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the Hemp Association, the Hemp Commission, the SBI and any other law enforcement agencies and district attorneys the SBI wishes to include, to “meet at least quarterly to discuss best practices for the hemp industry.” The last-minute shift, which buys critical time for the industry, seems to be due largely to Butler’s advocacy efforts since he was hired as the Hemp Association’s executive director in mid-January. During his frequent trips to Raleigh, Butler says he’s met one-on-one with the SBI, sheriffs, district attorneys and legislative leaders. All of them, he reports — including Sen. Brent Jackson, an author of the bill — have been receptive. “We know the technology is there for a reliable field test,” Butler maintains. “The DEA now has a list of vendors they could recommend. My goal is to get a reliable field test in the hands of the SBI within three months.” But for Butler, there’s a bigger issue at stake. “All the concerns the SBI brought up, we can address, but we definitely cannot be categorized as an industry that is going to break the law,” he cont...

Jun 22, 2019

AgraFlora Closes Acquisition of Organic Flower's Downstream and Product Formulation Asset Portfolio - Yahoo Finance

International Inc. ("AgraFlora" or the "Company") (CSE: AGRA) (PU31.F) (OTCPK: PUFXF), a growth oriented and diversified international cannabis company,  is pleased to announce it has completed a transaction relating to the acquisition of downstream and product formulation portfolio (the "Assets") from   Organic Flower Investments Group Inc. (SOW.CN) (2K6.F) (QILFF) ("Organic Flower" or "OFIG"). Pursuant to the terms of an executed Asset Purchase and Sale Agreement (the "Agreement"), this transaction reunites 70 percent of AgraFlora's joint venture entity, Propagation Services Canada's ("PSC¨) 2,200,000 square foot Delta Greenhouse Complex under a consolidated corporate umbrella. " data-reactid="11" VANCOUVER , June 7, 2019 /CNW/ - AgraFlora Organics International Inc. ("AgraFlora" or the "Company") (CSE: AGRA) (PU31.F) (OTCPK: PUFXF), a growth oriented and diversified international cannabis company, is pleased to announce it has completed a transaction relating to the acquisition of downstream and product formulation portfolio (the "Assets") from Organic Flower Investments Group Inc. (...

Jun 22, 2019

Ruby red, tart and floral, dried hibiscus puts a tropical twist on drinks, desserts and more - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Any dessert involving coconut could be made better by first steeping hibiscus into coconut milk. (Think panna cotta, flan, pudding or mousse.) Savory preparations for hibiscus are harder to come by, but I could see using it in a meat glaze along with cranberries or cherries or using its brilliant color to enhance a vinaigrette dressing. There’s also a recipe for enchiladas with hibiscus flower that’s popping up on vegan menus. To purchase dried hibiscus flowers for culinary use, look in the bulk spice section at natural food stores like Outpost, Mexican grocers (labeled as “flor de Jamaica”) or online. You can store the dried flowers in an airtight container for several months. RELATED: Hibiscus is the flower that's good enough to drink (and eat) RELATED: Alcoholic seltzer created in a Fox Point kitchen shares shelf space with White Claw, Truly Counter Culture zeroes in on a single food or ingredient (or sometimes, a technique) to help readers broaden their horizons in the kitchen. Ashleigh Spitza is a registered dietitian and freelance writer in Wauwatosa.

Jun 22, 2019

Flowers in the sky: These crops grow on a Berkeley rooftop - Berkeleyside

Ask Joanna Letz how she became a flower farmer and she finds it a little hard to answer. There wasn’t one particular aha moment, although farming does run in her family. Nevertheless, the 35-year-old, Berkeley-raised entrepreneur has cultivated flowers on a farm for several years. The latest iteration of her venture comes with a twist, however, as her crops are sown and bloom on top of a downtown apartment building that many Cal students call home. A few months ago, Letz’s business, Bluma Flower Farm, took over the rooftop plots in the Garden Village building on Dwight and Fulton that used to be home to Top Leaf Farms. At this time of year not much is in bloom, but there are snapdragons growing in one corner and lavender in another. In the ground are future dahlias, cosmos, lisianthus and zinnias. For the past four years, Letz has been commuting to Sunol, which is where she first started the farm. And, despite having expanded to Berkeley, she is not yet ready to give up the lease on the land...

Jun 22, 2019

Floral and lush, this $12 South African white wine blend blossoms in your glass - The Washington Post

Gaithersburg, Friendship Wine & Liquor in Abingdon, Goska’s Liquors in Severna Park, Snider’s Super Foods in Silver Spring, Wine Cellars of Annapolis. Available in Virginia at Classic Wines in Great Falls, Ellwood Thompson’s Natural Market in Richmond, Whole Foods Market in Vienna. GREAT VALUE Lini 910 Labrusca Rosé NV Lambrusco dell’Emilia, Italy, $16 Lambrusco, a light-bodied, sparkling red, is Italy’s surprise partner to pizza, barbecue and charcuterie. This is the first rosé Lambrusco I’ve tried, and it’s a delight. Flavors of watermelon, strawberry and wild herbs make for a refreshing patio pounder, and if you’re not careful, you may finish it before the food is ready. And there are bubbles! This wine is new to the market, but it should get wider availability, especially if customers aren’t skeptical about trying a pink lambrusco. ABV: 11 percent.Imported and distributed by Winebow: Available in the District at Rodman’s. Available in Maryland at Bradley Food & Beverage in Bethesda, the Perfect Pour in Elkridge. Domaine Naturaliste Rebus Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 Wilyabrup, Margaret River, Australia, $30 Winemaker Bruce Dukes has crafted an elegant, plush New World-style cabernet that explodes with ripe flavors of blackberries, currants and blueberries. Even with its fruit-forward flavors, it maintains an Old World sensibility — the oak is beautifully integrated to give structure and tannin to the wine, the alcohol is in check, and there’s a mineral undertone that suggests a fine bordeaux. Pair this with the next large hunk of beef you grill for a summer party. ABV: 14 percent.Imported by Artisans & Vines. Distributed in the District by Hop & Wine, in Maryland by Artisans & Vines, and in Virginia by Hop & Wine and LK Wine Tours & Sales. Available in the District at MacArthur Beverages, Rodman’s. Available in Maryland at Bethesda Co-Op in Cabin John, Bradley Food & Beverage and Georgetown Square Wine and Beer in Bethesda, and the Wine Harvest in Gaithersburg, Takoma Park-Silver Spring Co-Op in Takoma Park. Available in Virginia at Aldie Peddler in Aldie, Locke Store in Millwood, Murphy Beverage in Winchester, Vienna Vintner in Vienna. Gone Rogue Mish Mash White 2018 Great Southern, Australia, $23 This delicious riot of a wine — designed to appeal to iconoclasts of all ages — is a blend of riesling and pinot grigio, with a dash of viognier tossed in for good measure (and, well, aromas and body). That recipe corresponds to none of the paradigms of the wine world, but it succeeds with a frenzy of flavor, balance and fun. Both the nam...