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Feb 28, 2019

The Central Coast was once the flower seed capitol of the world - San Luis Obispo Tribune

A document in the National Historical Archives in Madrid describes the supplies sent for the first Spanish settlements in Alta, California, including 4,700 pounds of chickpeas (garbanzo beans), 3,000 pounds of lentils and 3,000 pounds of beans! Fields of legumes were planted at each mission. They grew extraordinarily well at San Luis Obispo and San Miguel. Beans formed an important part of the diet before refrigeration because dried beans could be kept for long periods, were relatively light in weight and highly nutritious. The missions relied on their own seed farms. After secularization, this industry was lost, only to be reconstituted out of necessity in the early American period. Chinese merchant and labor contractor Ah Louis had a large seed farm in the Edna Valley along what is now Biddle Ranch Road. A mass of brush, fallen trees and reeds obstructed the Arroyo Grande Creek. As result, it overflowed and covered the entire valley in rainy years. The flooding left layers of loam and vegetation more than 20 feet thick, resulting in some of the richest soil in the world. Lompoc Valley fields of red bottle brush at their peak in 1965. Courtesy photo The narrow gage Pacific Coast Railway linked Arroyo Grande to what is now Port San Luis in 1881, making shipment of produce easier. It quickly became the second largest town in the county. W. Atlee Burpee's famed seed company grew Iceberg lettuce in Arroyo Grande, revolutionizing the salad industry. Henry Sperry turned his 1,400-acre ranch into a seed farm.

Nov 28, 2018

Tropical Gardening: Brighten fall gardening with flowering plants, trees - Hawaii Tribune Herald

Cortez took seeds with him back to Spain. There, marigolds became the favorite flower of the devout to place at the altar of the Virgin Mary. Because of that, they were called Mary's gold and then became known as marigolds. Seeds of marigolds were taken to every civilized country of the world. They were so easy to grow and so beautiful, they grew popular everywhere. In India, marigolds are the favorite flower to put in lei to place around a person's neck to indicate friendship, and because of that they have become known as friendship flowers. Marigolds, zinnias, petunias and many other annuals with bright blooms are natural for adding color. You might also expand the beauty and interest of your floral borders by including low-maintenance foliage plants. What are some of the best to add color and texture contrast? Coleus immediately comes to mind and is probably the most popular. Little wonder, it's so versatile and vivid. The plants, with their brilliantly patterned leaves, are flashy in sun or shade. You will especially appreciate how coleus can transform problem shady spots into a rainbow of color. Use it to beautify areas along the north or east sides of your house, or garage or in containers on shady porches or patios, even under trees. Coleus also can take direct sun in cooler gardens. Coleus is just as much a favorite houseplant as it is a garden subject. They thrive in pots and are easy to propagate by cuttings. Other favorites include the many varieties of begonia, canna, caladium and geranium. Check out the vast array of seeds and bulbs available at garden shops. Other interesting plants you will want to consider are Euphorbia leucocephala, or snow on the mountain, and the many colors of poinsettia. A close relative of the Euphorbias, the Christmas poinsettia will soon be on the market, and early purchase can add color from November-March. You can sow seeds of such annuals in boxes, pots or outdoors. If you use some sort of container, make certain that drainage is good. You can sow the seeds in vermiculite, peat moss, sand or mixtures of these. You also can buy plants already started at several garden stores and nurseries in the area. If you start your own plants, water them, when seeds are in place, cover containers with a piece of glass or plastic and place in a protected location away from direct sunlight. In a few days, the seeds will germinate and more light will be needed to prevent leggy and poorly colored seedlings. ADVERTISING When the first pair of true leaves develop, it is time for transplanting. Set the tiny plants in pots or plant bands. Later, plant them outdoors in their permanent location. Using your creativity, you can brighten your home and garden from fall until spring. Share this story ...

Nov 28, 2018

Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino's Wedding Included a Breathtaking Flower Wall - The Knot News

The college sweethearts got married at The Legacy Castle in New Jersey on Thursday, Nov. 1, before 205 of their closest family and friends. At the altar where they exchanged vows, the lovebirds had a giant flower wall made up of blush-colored roses propped up as an eye-popping backdrop for their first kiss and pronouncement as husband and wife. Several floor lights lit up the space, giving their stage an extra special glow. One day prior to the wedding, Pesce, 33, looked like she was trying out her look in front of a different piece, sharing a selfie with fans bearing the caption: "wedding ready.” This installation, however, boasted white flowers with golden centers. Pesce and Sorrentino, 36, are clearly fans of the floral wall trend. In September, the pair celebrated their upcoming nuptials with an Italian wedding shower, complete with a flower wall resplendent with white carnations and bright yellow lemons. "Big Daddy Sitch wants to thank Felicia from @rosieposiesmanalapannj in my hometown Manalapan, New Jersey!" the Jersey Shore star captioned a series of shots showing the couple and their friends posing in front of the wall. "She brought mine and Lauren's vision to life with her center pieces- not to mention, that flower wall is a good situation! " Pesce and Sorrentino's wedding was a fun fet...

Nov 15, 2018

Community members celebrate Day of the Dead at Rockford museum

Candles, food, pictures and many colorful flowers are just some of the items filling an altar. Every year, Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, is observed by Hispanics in remembrance of friends and family members who have died. Friday, the Ethnic Heritage Museum took part in the holiday by hosting dozens for a celebration to share the customs."We have a big celebration," said historian Elias Soria. "We have colors, lots of colors, music and food."Children dressed up as catrinas, or sugar skulls, to show off their day of the dead spirit. Ethnic Heritage Museum volunteer Sylvia Landreth says getting kids involved with the face painting is a great way to introduce them to the tradition."We hope that we are educating our younger generations about our culture," said Landreth.Landreth says making sure their loved ones have a presence at the altar is crucial to keeping their memory alive."As long as they are part of the altar, they are being remembered," explained Landreth. "Which means they will exist because they are remembered and we always want to remember those that we loved."The holiday begins on October 31st and lasts until November 2nd. Because of the timing, Landreth says many have a misconception it's connected to Halloween...

Nov 15, 2018

All Saints' Day customs in New Orleans are still a must, despite changes in the city

Dawson-Walker says. "I love the acknowledgment of All Souls' Day, the altars, the special prayers, the candles and lifting up those who have gone on." ...

Nov 15, 2018

Nine tonnes of flowers used in Pushpa Yagam

Sampangi prakaram inside the temple. The processional deity of Lord Malayappa swamy along with His two divine consorts, was seated atop a golden altar while the priests ceremoniously conducted the floral festival. In addition to the traditional flowers such as rose, sampangi, ganneri, mollalu, lillies and chamanti, conventional leaves like Tulasi, Bilwam, Maruvam and davanam were also used.In all, about nine tonnes of aromatic flowers of varied hues is estimated to have gone into the conduct of the yagam. The priests offered floral ‘Ahuitis' to the deities as a battery of Vedic scholars recited the extracts from sacred texts.Each time the floral mound that was formed in course of offering of flowers touched the divine chin of the deities, they were ceremoniously cleared by the temple priests and the spiritual exercise was repeated until the festival reached its crescendo. Earlier in the morning ‘Snapana Thirumanjanam' was conducted to the deities. The flowers were procured from various parts of the country under the Pushpa Kainkaryam scheme.The festival which also finds a reference in the famous keerthanas of the saint poet Tallapaka Annamacharya is believed to have been in vogue in the fifteenth century and was revived in the year 1980 after a brief disruption.Over 28 varieties of flowers mostly bright and a...