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Funeral Service Flowers for a well-lived life is the most cherished. Be that open heart for that special someone in grief.


Create that sense of peace and tranquility in their life with a gentle token of deepest affections in this time of need.


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Find local Alma, Georgia florists below that deliver beautiful flowers to residences, business, funeral homes and hospitals in Alma and surrounding areas. Choose from roses, lilies, tulips, orchids, carnations and more from the variety of flower arrangements in a vase, container or basket. Place your flower delivery order online of call.

Alma Flower Shops

C J's Flower Shoppe Inc

1075 Ga Highway 32 East
Alma, GA 31510
(912) 632-4842

Danny's Hair Palace & Florist Inc

301 North Dixon Street
Alma, GA 31510
(912) 632-8087

Johnson's Town & Country Florist

226 W 12Th St
Alma, GA 31510
(912) 632-5453

Alma GA News

Nov 28, 2018

Ford, Walmart test self-driving grocery delivery service - The Spokesman-Review

Ford Motor Co. is partnering with Walmart to test home delivery services early next year in an effort to learn consumer expectations that will shape development of driverless vehicle technology, the Dearborn-based automaker announced Wednesday. While the partnership between the companies has begun, delivery of Walmart customer goods in Florida's Miami-Dade County won't begin until next year. The two companies will test out the concept as part of an existing grocery-delivery partnership between Postmates and Walmart. Ford vehicles will eventually be mocked up to appear autonomous and simulate the process of consumers retrieving their groceries without the help of a human driver. Ford plans to use the drivers to deliver purchased goods to Walmart shoppers who will have no interaction with the drivers. The customer experiences will provide Ford a better understanding of what customers want as Ford technology teams develop robot cars to deliver goods. "When you order online or with the Walmart app, it will thank you for yo...

Nov 28, 2018

Cake and flowers: Rockcastle in Greece adds a bakery - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Call it serendipity. Tammy DiCecca of Special T Cakes was looking to move from her shop on Dewey Avenue near Walmart. Meanwhile, Wendy Rockcastle had extra space in her Long Pond Road shop after having opened a floral design center in Rochester where many of her floral designers now work. The spare retail space turned out to be perfect for a custom cake baker inside the floral shop. Special T specializes in cannoli cakes that start at $14. Seasonal fruit pies and cheesecakes are also customer favorites. DiCecca also takes custom orders for cake creations. Gates bakery Near the border of Greece at 1579 Spenceport Road in Gates is a new bakery. Debbie Fedele-DeCoste recently opened Debbie's Wedding Cakes, Sweets and Specialties. Debbie Fedele-DeCoste has been baking all her life and has been in retail in and out as she battled cancer twice. She was working out of a home bakery when she decided to open her bake shop. Debbie's is known for its Italian cookies. She also has a wide variety of cakes available and her cupcakes are bargain priced at $1.15 each.

Oct 26, 2018

Plant Lovers' Almanac: Enjoy the leaves, flowers and fruits of fall

We do not have enough room in 100 Almanacs to distinguish which are which, so remember the old maxim: There are old mushroom hunters. There are bold mushroom hunters. There are no old, bold mushroom hunters.Not only are there many clear-cut bad actors, but many mushrooms that are choice edibles for some are not a happy experience for others. So if you hope to eat any wild mushrooms, do your homework with guides such as the Audubon Field Guide and the many books and websites, seasoned by consulting with knowledgeable friends, experts, and your own physiology.Having said all that, I have seen a number of interesting fungi this fall, such as toothy coral mushrooms 20 feet up a tree rather than on the ground, to a convoluted puffball mushroom in my backyard, quickly itself rotting in a matter of a few days, and a carpet of another species of puffballs conveniently taking over the world at a fungal workshop I did at Morton Arboretum in Chicago with Davey Tree’s Chrissy Balk.Fungus finale: In New York City recently, I was impressed by the interplay of genetics relative to powdery mildew diseases. First, each powdery mildew fungus is specialized in its host range: the powdery mildew fungus on zinnia will not get on lilac, for example. Secondly, I was impressed while looking at a few examples in NYC of how intimate this susceptibility is: horse-chestnuts side by side, white with fungal growth on one right next to horse-chestnuts with no or very little powdery mildew, lilacs that looked whitewashed compared to lilacs next to them an unblemished green. Genetics, though not everything is a big player in disease.And now for something very different: I turn your attention to OSU’s Buckeye Yard and Garden Line ( Tune in to the wondrous story told by Joe Boggs of OSU, talking about what he thought was an eriophyid mite infestation on wild sweet potato. This was right up Joe’s alley since he is an entomologist, and though mites have eight or four legs instead of six, they are still part of his interest zone.Then he thought it might be a fungus, then learned it was white rust, caused by Albugo, once thought to be a fungus, but now classified as an oomycete organism. It is a great tale, really, about diagnosing plant problems — and most importantly about being curious, even about something you thought you knew. Life, and Joe as Alice might say, are curiouser and curiouser.And as Mark Twain noted: “What gets us into trouble is not what we don't know. It's what we know for sure that just ain't so.” Jim Chatfield is a horticultural educator with Ohio State University Extension. If you have questions about caring for your garden, write to or call 330-466-0270. Please include your phone number if you write. ...

Sep 10, 2018

Maui Obituary Notices: Week of August 12, 2018

Philippines at a later date. Norman's Mortuary is assisting with arrangements.Grace was a retired cashier at Walmart Kahului. She is survived by her loving husband, Palmarin Agres; son, Jan Marc Agres (Jessica Lorenzo); daughters, Danica Suerte Agres (Eric Lopez), Carmina Agres Lucas (Augie), Noelle Christianne Agres, Shaeanne Ocampo; sisters, Joybelle Agustin (Reynaldo), Leticia Rafada; nephew, Joel Anthony; sisters-in-law, Marina Pillos (Danilo), Aida Agres...

Aug 17, 2018

Gardening: These plants thrive in the dog days of summer

July 3 until today, officially come to an end, according to The Old Farmer's Almanac.These days are characterized by extreme heat along with the lassitude and indolence we experience when temperatures soar. They are called dog days since Sirius, the outstanding star in the Canis (dog) Major constellation (as well as the brightest star in the night sky), rises together with the sun during this period. Certain plants really come into their own during summer's dog days, and several, ironically enough, are members of the dogbane family (Apocynaceae), recognizable by their five-petaled, pinwheel flowers. Vinca, a popular bedding plant, is the most widely planted dogbane, flowering in white, pink, purple, apricot and red. Vinca is notoriously prone to fungus diseases that quickly spell its demise. You can minimize fungus issues by watering with drip irrigation, since overhead watering splashes fungal spores from the soil onto vinca leaves. Plants in the dogbane family are toxic to dogs. Dogs generally know instinctively which plants to avoid but, to err on the side of ...

Aug 17, 2018

U-pick flowers for a cause at Germantown Farms

The Secret Garden, 258 Church Avenue (one mile south of Main Street), Germantown; (518) 755-2086, Read more stories from Almanac Weekly. If you find what we're doing valuable, consider making a contribution. Your support ensures independent local journalism will thrive in the Hudson Valley for years to come. ...