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Adel GA News

Oct 26, 2018

Narcotics professor, florist found faith

I waited a lifetime to get to where I am.” Sale grew up in Philadelphia and has one younger brother, Robbie. They were baptized in the Lutheran faith, but as she grew up, Sale said she never connected with one particular Christian denomination. She earned a degree in nursing in 1979 and started work at Prince George’s Hospital Center in Cheverly in the intensive care nursery, often caring for drug-addicted infants. She also cared for addicted mothers who were encouraged to abort. “I said, ‘Why are you making these women feel so bad?’ If we want them to stop using drugs, then don’t make them feel bad — lift them up.” Sale loved the work, but after a while was laid off. Her friend encouraged her to work with detoxing adults at Fairfax Hospital. She told her friend, “I work with babies; I don’t know how to work with adults.’ She said, ‘Same thing, they just talk.’ ” So Sale became licensed through the state as a substance abuse treatment provider. As her interests and career aspirations grew, her time in the classroom did, too. In 2000, she earned her bachelor’s in social work and a master’s in counseling education in 2005, both from George Mason University in Fairfax. Sale has worked in mental health, in a treatment center for youths and in an outpatient facility. One memorable job was working for the state with pregnant inmates in the five county jails of Northern Virginia. “I was doing social work and counseling groups and case management. The stories you heard were horrific,” she said. But she also witnessed amazing transformations — inmates who now are married with children or who own businesses. “I’ve run into multiple people that I’...

Oct 26, 2018

(Not necessarily) the last rose of summer

Emily Carr: Medium red.• Felix Leclerc: Medium pink.• Oscar Peterson: Large, semi-double white.• Adelaide Hoodless: Medium red.• Cuthbert Grant: Crimson red double.• Hope for Humanity: Double deep red.• Morden Blush: Pink, blushing to ivory.• Morden Centennial: Medium pink.• Morden Fireglow: Glowing red.• Morden Ruby: Ruby red.• Morden Snowbeauty: Very floriferous white.• Morden Sunrise: Vivid yellow-orange.• Prairie Joy: Medium pink. Good hedge rose.• Prairie Snowdrift: Creamy white.• Winnipeg Parks: Medium red.• Alexander Mackenzie: Deep red.• Champlain: Dark red.• J.P. Connell: Lemon yellow.• John Cabot: Medium red.• John Davis: Medium pink.• Quadra: Dark red.• Pavement series: Purple, scarlet, white types.• Henry Kelsey: Rosy-red. One of the best climbers.• William Baffin: Rose-pink. Excellent climber.• Ramblin' Red: Red climber.Fall pruning tipsMost rose authorities and research universities recommend against fall pruning of roses, as they tend to survive winter better with all canes intact. In spring, before new growth begins, prune vigorously, removing thin, weak canes and reducing height to 12 inches or less.Modern roses bloom best on vigorous new growth stimulated by pruning, rather than old, woody canes allowed to remain.

Oct 12, 2018

Flowers: When we officially abandon civil discourse

And not even the confirmation of a Supreme Court justice will make it better. Flowers is an attorney and a columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News, and can be reached at

Aug 17, 2018

Why does the Arlene's Flowers case affect Elfers' personally?

It is highly doubtful that Jesus would have excluded anyone from his circle. (If that's your thing.) Adele Aaron Maple Valley -- -- ...

Aug 17, 2018

Sunday Shift: What's It Gonna Take for the Patriots to Keep Trey Flowers and Shaq Mason?

Sometime in the next eight months, we will find out whether Flowers is considered in that same vein. Nick Foles of the Philadelphia Eagles throws against Trey Flowers during Super Bowl LII. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) Working against Flowers is that the Patriots' spending on the defensive line has been relatively paltry since the departure of Wilfork. They traded Chandler Jones, the only potential edge rusher since then who would get paid a big extension. The Patriots' cash spending on the defensive line is set to be $19.3 million in 2018, which would rank 23rd in the NFL. In 2019, it drops to $10.9 million, 25th in the league. So if they want to keep Flowers in the fold, they'll have to pay him almost 50 percent on top of their total cash spending in '19. Also not working in Flowers' favor is the depth the Patriots have along the D-line. They signed Adrian Clayborn in the offseason, and they have Lawrence Guy, Deatrich Wise, and Derek Rivers all signed through 2020. If one of these players, particularly the latter two, take a big step forward in 2018, that may make Flowers more expendable in Belichick's eyes. The last report on Flowers and his contract status came shortly after Super Bowl LII, when Jeff Howe reported in the Boston Herald that the Patriots would begin contract talks with him later in the offseason. Well, it's later. The fact that nothing else has come out could really mean anything. But if the Patriots can't lock him in to an extension before the 2018 season, it'll get a hell of a lot more expensive for them to make it happen after that. In that same light, NBC Sports Boston's Tom E. Curran noted earlier in the offseason that Flowers is far from a lock for an extension, considering how pricey he could get as a talented, versatile player at a premium position. To Pay Mason... Jan 21, 2018, Foxborough, MA: New England Patriots guard Shaq Mason against the Jacksonville Jaguars during the AFC Championship at Gillette Stadium. (Photo Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports) Mason's situation is far less complicated, but not much less expensive. Does Belichick hold Mason, who's ascended to become one of the better guards in the NFL in recent years, in the same high regard as he did Logan Mankins? Regardless of how Belichick values Mason as an asset, the reality is he could end up the best player available at his positi...

Jul 26, 2018

In the Dark's Madeleine Baran on the Curtis Flowers Investigation

APM Reports, published the final episode of its excellent second season on Tuesday. In its sophomore effort, Peabody-winning reporter Madeleine Baran and her team examined the troubling case of Curtis Flowers, a black man accused of murdering four people in Mississippi two decades ago, who has since been tried an astonishing six times — and, more astonishingly, all six times by the same white prosecutor, District Attorney Doug Evans. Over the course of ten episodes, Baran & Co. paint a picture of a nightmarish justice system infected with severe potential for abuse of power. Their reporting systematically lays out the myriad ways in which the prosecution’s case against Flowers didn’t quite hold up, or seemed outright manufactured. It also produced new information that may be pertinent to future considerations of the case, like how the prosecution’s sole piece of direct evidence — the testimony of a jailhouse informant named Odell Hallmon — turned out to be a lie, and how an alternate suspect named Willie James Hemphill was never directly put forth in any of the six trials. The season is over, but the cas...