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Funeral Service Flowers for a well-lived life is the most cherished. Be that open heart for that special someone in grief.


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Find florist in Georgia state that deliver flowers for any occasion including Birthdays, Anniversaries, Funerals as well as Valentines Day and Mother's Day. Select a Georgia city below to find local flower shops contact information, address and more.

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Atlanta's Finest Flowers

5979 Buford Hwy Ne Ste B3
Atlanta, GA 30340

Gail's Flowers & Gifts

101 North Omega Street
Dexter, GA 31019

Johnson Aaa Towing

306 Carter Street
Soperton, GA 30457

Flowers By Rose

3766 Us Highway 17
Richmond Hill, GA 31324

Hometown Flowers

2335 Highway 42 N
Jenkinsburg, GA 30234

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Oct 12, 2018

Three wines to stock up on for Thanksgiving, plus 2 more to sip on warm days

Macedonia, $13 This is an unusual wine, not just because we don't see many from Macedonia. It is a blend of the white rkatsiteli grape (native to Georgia) and the native Balkan red vranec. The mash-up is delicious, a basketful of fresh-picked berries with a squirt of citrus. ABV: 12 percent.Imported by Winebow, distributed by Winebow in the District, Country Vintner in Maryland and Virginia: Available in the District at Rodman's, Town & Country Market, U Street Wine & Beer; on the list at Ambar, Bistro Boheme, Hank's Oyster Bar (Pennsylvania Avenue), Sospeso. Available in Virginia at Dominion Wine and Beer in Falls Church, Euro Foods in Alexandria; on the list at Ambar in Arlington, Bastille, Cosmopolitan Grill, Old House Cosmopolitan and Society Fair in Alexandria. Availability information is based on distributor records. Wines might not be in stock at every listed store and might be sold at additional stores. Prices are approximate. Check to verify availability, or ask a favorite wine store to order through a distributor. More from Food: Wine ...

Aug 17, 2018

Pollinator gardens increase interest in insects

Becky Griffin, an educational program specialist with the University of Georgia Extension in Cobb County. "Gardeners enjoy seeing insects visit their gardens. Learning about the types of the bees and the wing colors of migrating butterflies can enrich the pollinator experience in the home garden," Griffin said. To get the best view of insect activity, Griffin suggested monitoring them on a warm, sunny day. "Insects fly more readily when the sun is shining," she said. "Place a chair near the garden, grab a cool drink and enjoy the show." She noted the zoom feature on many cellular telephones can also be used as a magnifier. "Zooming in on small wings or compound eyes," Griffin said, "can be fascinating." A pollinator habitat full of different types of flowers of varying shapes, colors and heights will attract a wide variety of insects. Carpenter bees have shiny abdomens, and southern carpenter bees can be spotted because of their wings that appear to be metallic blue, Griffin said. Honeybees will fly miles from their hive looking for flowers. Griffin said there are smaller bees in many pollinator gardens. "Some native bees, like orchard bees, are metallic in color and are fun to spot," Griffin said. "Leafcutter bees gather pollen using hairs on the undersides of their abdomens. They are the bees with a bright orange, white or even green undercoat." Fuzzy bumblebees extract pollen from the flower through what's called "buzz pollination" - they vibrate their bodies to get the most pollen from each bloom. "Bee mimics, or flower flies, are often found in pollinator habitats. These are actually flies with coloring that resembles the coloring of bees. The flies have little antennae and their eyes are often larger and closer together than a bee's eyes," Griffin said. For simple reference, flies only have one pair of wings while bees have two pairs. "This is hard to notice when the insects are darting about," Griffin said. Pollinator habitats also attract predators looking to eat a pollinator for dinner. "Praying mantis and ambush bugs often hang out in the flowers looking to capture an insect or two. Parasitic wasps also visit flowers, so you mi...

Aug 17, 2018

Liz Cooper & The Stampede Debut Album 'Window Flowers' Receiving Rave Reviews

MO-Fortune FestAugust 24-Fishers, IN-Nickel Plate Amphitheater*August 26-Evanston, IL-Out of SPACE: Big Evanston Block Party August 28-Athens, GA-Georgia Theatre† August 29-Savannah, GA-B&D Beer Garden† August 30-Asheville, NC-The Orange Peel† August 31-Charlotte, NC-Neighborhood Theatre† September 1-Charleston, SC-Charleston Music Hall† September 9-St. Louis, MO-LouFest September 20-Nashville, TN-Musician's CornerNovember 8-New Orleans, LA-One Eyed Jacks‡ November 9-Austin, TX-Emo's‡ ...

Aug 17, 2018

Illinois woman chooses Taco Bell for 101st birthday, is 'hooked' on Nacho Fries

GEORGIA WOMAN GIVES BIRTH IN CHICK-FIL-A PARKING LOT: 'IT WAS INTENSE' Parker said when she moved back to southern Illinois, she wanted to find a place where she could enjoy some coffee and read the newspaper. At the time, Taco Bell didn't offer a cup of joe on its menu but an employee made a cup of instant coffee for her instead - making Parker a regular customer. "No matter what, we all know Miss Ruth, and we all made her a part of our lives, and we've talked to her, and we just love her to death," Rebecca Gefro, the Taco Bell manager, told KFVS. 'JEOPARDY!' CONTESTANT HOPED TO USE $100K PRIZE MONEY FOR LIFETIME SUPPLY OF TACO BELL "We'll see her at 102 next year, and we'll make it even bigger," Gefro said. Over the years, Parker speculates that she's tried everything offered on the menu. But now, Parker says she's "hooked" on the Nacho Fries, a limited-time menu item Taco Bell reintroduced in July. She's also free to order coffee now, as the Carbondale location has started offering the item on its menu now that Taco Bell ...

Jul 6, 2018

Teacher's dying wish: Backpacks full of supplies instead of flowers

A teacher in Georgia got her dying wish granted at her funeral after losing her fight to cancer. The teacher, Tammy Waddell, efforts touched hearts across the world. On her deathbed, family said Waddell asked loved ones to bring backpacks full of supplies, instead of flowers to her funeral for students in need, her cousin Dr. Brad Johnson tweeted. "My cousin's final request at her funeral was Backpacks full of supplies for needy students instead of flowers. A teacher to the end," he tweeted, along with a moving photo from the funeral that showed backpacks lining the aisle. ...