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A heart-warming Birthday surprise for someone you truly care about!

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Funeral Service Flowers for a well-lived life is the most cherished. Be that open heart for that special someone in grief.


Create that sense of peace and tranquility in their life with a gentle token of deepest affections in this time of need.

You See Flowers At U C Medical Center

Order flowers and gifts from You See Flowers At U C Medical Center located in San Francisco CA for a birthday, anniversary, graduation or a funeral service. The address of the flower shop is 500 Parnassus Ave #0234, San Francisco California 94143 Zip. The phone number is (415) 476-2898. We are committed to offer the most accurate information about You See Flowers At U C Medical Center in San Francisco CA. Please contact us if this listing needs to be updated. You See Flowers At U C Medical Center delivers fresh flowers – order today.

Business name:
You See Flowers At U C Medical Center
500 Parnassus Ave #0234
San Francisco
Zip Code:
Phone number:
(415) 476-2898
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Express you love, friendship, thanks, support - or all of the above - with beautiful flowers & gifts!

Find You See Flowers At U C Medical Center directions to 500 Parnassus Ave #0234 in San Francisco, CA (Zip 94143 ) on the Map. It's latitude and longitude coordinates are 37.763451, -122.458078 respectively.

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She made sure I wrapped it well, first in burlap and then a sheet of plastic, so it would weather the flight back to San Francisco.A couple of months later, my mother died. She collapsed while pruning her roses, red-handled secateurs in her hands.For the past seven years, I have tended to her rose in my garden. But it’s not just hers.This rose — which began its life under my immigrant grandparents in Chicago’s Greek community — has lived through three generations of women in our family, in a half-dozen gardens. And it’s about to bloom another year in mine. Every Easter as the rose comes back to life, I think about the hands of those who have tended it.America has a long tradition of heirloom plants kept alive and passed through generations.“In pioneer families moving to the West, and families that came to the early colonies, the things they brought with them are roses that now go back 100 to 150 years that have been maintained in a family,” Gregg Lowery, curator of the Friends of Vintage Roses, told me.While roses are not listed on the Mayflower bill of lading, as early as 1621, the pilgrims planted roses at Plymouth Plantation. Among these were “reds, whites and damasks,” as John Carver, their first governor, wrote in his journal. Some of these were found in the wild, others possibly brought as slips, cuttings and even roots from England. Wyck, a historic house in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia, has what some consider to be “the oldest rose garden in original plan in America,” as its website describes it. Jane Bowne Haines, who lived at Wyck, introduced roses to the garden in 1824. The “Bella Donna” and “Beautiful Woman” roses were among those passed on through generations.Later immigrants who flooded into our country brought the roses they treasured along with them.Our rose started here. The patriarch of my family, Papou, came from Greece around 1910 as a boy with nothing — certainly not a flower. For work, he shined...

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Reyes Peninsula. Pussy ears, a lily that lives up to its name, are a favorite there, along with lots of Douglas irises and goldfields. Just south of San Francisco, San Bruno Mountain offers several unique plants and insects. Mitchell Canyon on the northeast lower side of Mount Diablo has fantastic displays of mariposa lilies. Edgewood Park in Redwood City is a small refuge with an abundant display of native flowers, including many adapted to the park’s rocky serpentine grasslands. Among these flowers are a few serpentine endemics—plants that can only grow on serpentine soil. Henry Coe State Park south of San Jose is HUGE!! But the rangers recommend Manzanita Point Road for the best display. Hiking here anytime is great, but the chance to see the gorgeous wildflowers of spring is dessert.

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Bouskila was 6-months pregnant when she opened her Petaluma flower shop in the fall of 2015."My brother and I had an events company doing weddings in San Francisco, but I had always wanted a brick and mortar retail flower shop," she says. "I knew Petaluma pretty well, and we have several friends who live here. So we found this little spot in the theater district across from the candy shop, and it's perfect."Originally called 2nd Street Flowers, that name proved to be a little problematic since the shop is actually located in the pedestrian courtyard that runs between 2nd Street and Petaluma Boulevard. It sits under a striped awning, with a painted sign saying "Flowers," and with succulents and cut blossoms on shelves outside. Using the size of the shop as a talisman, the store's new name is Flower Casita (Spanish for "little flower shop"). As Bouskila points out, the compact inside space is well used."We have a designer's studio, and retail display space, as well as room to support the preparations for events and celebrations, to hold workshops and educations, and meet and serve the community," she says.One surprise this close to Valentine's Day is the limited number of red roses that are visible in the shop."We've learned that our clientele doesn't want a ton of roses," Bouskila says. "They are very appreciative of the locally-sourced flowers and buds provided by our neighboring farms - some from growers who only use an acre or less to focus on specific species and colors. We in the business know that there are flower people and not-flower people. As a rule, men want to take home something showy, while women often have a color palette or fragrance in mind. For people who aren't sure what they want, we work with them or suggest our ‘Designer's Choice' arrangeme...


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