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Calla Flower Design

955 A St
Los Altos, CA 94024

Petals By Cary

960 Main St
Redwood City, CA 94063

Goleta Floral

5585 Hollister Ave
Goleta, CA 93117

Beach City Florist

1109 S El Camino Real
San Clemente, CA 92672

Lula Mae Flowers

771 Jamacha Rd #212
El Cajon, CA 92019

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Jan 25, 2019

What Marin’s landscape pros plan to do in their own gardens this year - Marin Independent Journal

Chameleum,’ salvia clevelandii ‘Winifed Gilman,’ orange hybrid monkey flowers ‘Jelly Bean' and California fuchsia ‘Everett's Choice,’" she says. "All are very low-water users once established. "On our hillside this year, we will cut the irrigation to all the established grasses, manzanitas, native hazelnut trees and California lilacs," she says. "With all this rain we expect a very colorful late winter, early spring of poppies, needle grasses and fescues that have been seeded during the fall over the years." And, in 2019 they'll continue working alongside their neighbors to clear any combustible debris, a project started last year, to reduce fire hazards. Scott Columbo, Kentfield Courtesy of Scott ColumboScott Columbo's New Year's resolution includes finishing the gardens of his new Kentfield home. Some years ago, when the San Francisco Flower Show was at its height at the Cow Palace, patrons were treated to the most wonderful and memorable display gardens on the main floor. One of my favorites was an Italian-style "villa courtyard" with giant pots of fragrant lemon trees, intricate stonework, a refreshing water feature and sensuous lighting. The garden was envisioned and executed by landscape designer Scott Columbo, the principal of Scott Columbo Designs (, a longtime design-build company in Marin. At the time, he had purchased, and was living in, his grandparents' former home in the West End of San Rafael. There, his large Mediterranean-style garden, which was featured in Metropolitan Home in the late 2000s, exhibited some of the lush aesthetics of his display garden - lots of substantial stonework, antique French limestone walls, multiple water features, large specimen citrus trees and boxwood hedges. Last year, he moved his family to a smaller property in Kentfield where both the home and garden will be renovated. While his San Rafael garden took years to complete before he was satisfied, he hopes to finish his Kentfield garden by the end of 2019. His front yard will feature a contemporary slant with lots of stonework, including a long "waterwall" feature, and a series of contemporary wooden arches to link the front space to the back garden, where he's planned a pool and spa. There wi... (Marin Independent Journal)

Jan 25, 2019

Toast flowers as local and fresh as your food: Field to Vase dinners (photos, video) - OregonLive Cut Flower Commission Diners take a get-to-know-the-growers tour through fragrant fields before sitting for a multi-course meal made with freshly harvested ingredients. This year, events are planned among ranunculus flowers at The Flower Fields overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Carlsbad, California, on April 18; Bloomia USA tulips in King George, Virginia, on June 1; Joselyn Peonies on Kachemak Bay in Homer, Alaska on Aug. 3; Ocean View Flowers in Lompoc, California, on Sept. 7 and Red Twig Farms in New Albany, Ohio, on Oct. 5. (OregonLive)

Dec 14, 2018

Cal Poly's Rose Parade Float Will Be “Far Out” | Pasadena California, Hotels,CA Real Estate,Restaurants,City Guide... - - Pasadena Now

Lathrop K. Leishman Trophy for most beautiful non-commercial entry. For seven years, Cal Poly's entry has also been awarded the "California Grown" distinction by the California Cut Flower Commission, which recognizes an entry decorated with at least 85 percent of cut flowers and plant materials from the Golden State. Many of the plants and flowers on the float are grown and harvested by students on the on-campus Rose Float flower fields. "Students from all walks of life and fields of study do all of the welding, metal shaping, machining, foam carving, woodworking, painting and flower harvesting in this one-of-a-kind experience," Novell said. "We compete with professional float builders to win prestigious awards and have our work showcased before hundreds of thousands of spectators and an international television audience in the millions." Until the day of the parade, the nearly 100 student team members from both campuses will work nonstop to create an entry that inspires, impresses and ultimately wows Rose Float members, Cal Poly alumni, the judges and millions more around the globe. ...

Dec 14, 2018

This Week in the Garden | Winter bloomers can bring holiday cheer - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Most of us think of poinsettias as plants to enjoy through the holidays and then as flowering time ends, to discard. However, in southern California, the plants are often planted outdoors and can become enormous hedges. If you are in a warmer location, you could try planting out-of-bloom poinsettias outdoors and see what happens. Orchids have also become widely available and inexpensive, and they offer a vast array of colors. Flowers of purple and violet, yellow and orange shades as well as reds, pinks and whites fill the shelves of any shop that sells these exotic plants, and many of the flowers have intricate patterning and form. Some are even fragrant, and many bloom throughout the winter months and are well-adapted to home interiors. If you do select one or more of these plants to take home with you, ask the shop for care sheets since the needs of different species can vary quite a bit. You will have healthier longer-lived orchids if you meet their preferences for temperature range, light exposure, watering and drainage. Another exotic winter-flowering plant, the so-called zygocactus, comes from the mountains of South and Central America where it grows, like many orchids, in the crotches of trees where debris collects. This tells us that it likes a humus-rich but well-draining soil. There are actually several species from which to choose. Usually blooming first is the Thanksgiving Cactus or Schlumbergera truncate. These blossoming jewels produce complicated flowers in red, pink, magenta or white and the tips of each "leaf" have two or three jagged points. Less common and with flowering usually beginning in December is the Christmas Cactus or S. bridgesii; to identify this species, look for smooth rounded or scalloped edges on the leaves. The two species are often mislabeled but all bloom prolifically if their needs are met. As with poinsettias, flowering is triggered by shortening day-length...

Dec 14, 2018

Macadamia flourishes in Hawaii, but not native - West Hawaii Today

They may be specially ordered from California, however. Growing conditions that are cool and dry are best. Getting back to the coconut palm, it makes a great tree for the Hawaiian garden. The dwarf Samoan form is the best and available at some local nurseries. The tree will start producing fruit when young and may be easily harvested at near ground level for years. Another advantage is that it is resistant to lethal yellowing disease that killed millions of trees in Florida and the Caribbean. When was the last time you had pili nut pie, pili nut brittle or pili nut cookies? Unless you have lived in the Philippine Islands, it is probably never. How about tropical almond cookies? Again, we don't see them here but tropical almond confections are popular in Haiti and other parts of the Caribbean. The tropical almond, or false kamani, taxonomically Terminalia catappa, is originally from the East Indies but now found all over coastal regions of the tropical Pacific. The Philippine Islands are a fascinating and beautiful part of the world. They are rich in plant and animal life and are populated by many interesting indigenous people with diverse cultures. We are fortunate here in Hawaii to have a large Filipino population that has brought a lot of flavor to our multicultural mix. It is surprising that more of the fruits and nuts that are popular there are not mainstream here. For example, one of the tastiest nuts found in Manila is the pili. The pili nut, Canarium ovatum, is native to the Philippines and is the most important of about 10 nut bearing species. The tree reaches an ultimate height of about 60 feet. Leaves are compound like the African tulip. Flowers are yellow, fragrant and form in terminal clusters. Male and female flowers are born on separate trees, so two trees of opposite sexes are required to produce nuts on the female tree. The oblong greenish fruits are black when ripe and are almost 2.5 to 3 inches long. The nut can be eaten raw or roasted and some consider it superior to the almond. My favorite recipe is the same as making peanut brittle, substituting pili nuts for peanuts. In the Philippines, the kernel is made into several products, including plain roasted nuts, sugar coated nuts, pudding and pili nut butter. They are great in nut chocolates and are a source of good cooking oil. The shell is an excellent source of fuel and is also used as a planting medium. In Indonesia the shells are also made into ornaments. Resin may be tapped from the tree as with the rubber tree. It is used in perfumes, adhesives, plastics, printing inks, paint, varnish and many other products. ADVERTISING The University of Hawaii College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources has studied pili production for years and found it to grow very well at lower elevations. It is a beautiful tropical tree that should be protected from strong winds and given irrigation where rainfall is below 50 inches of well distributed rain per year. The limiting factor in growing pili trees is availability of plants. Most ...