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Ajo AZ News

Oct 26, 2018

The real dirt: More composite flowers for Butte County gardens

Propagation is easiest from seed. Gumplant is a traditional Native American medicinal plant and a major bird and insect magnet. It tolerates deer. Helianthus Helianthus maximiliani is a sunflower. It is native to the central and southwestern United States, and is therefore well-suited to our dry climate. It is a persistent rhizome-forming perennial which forms clumps three-feet wide and can reach a height of up to ten feet in a garden. The yellow three-inch wide flowers appear in late summer and bloom until mid-autumn. It thrives in well-drained soil and bright sunshine. Apply one inch of water every week during spring and summer to the base of the plant. Pinch one inch from stem tips to promote bushy growth and flower production throughout the season. Stake tall plants to keep the clump upright. Cut back after flowering. Propagate from rhizomes or seeds. The flowers of Helianthus maximiliani can be cut to bring inside; they also dry well. Young growth on these plants is attractive to slugs, but rabbits and deer steer clear. Native Americans traditionally utilized these plants for food, dye, oil, thread and to repel mosquitoes. Butterflies and bees gather the pollen and songbirds love the abundant seeds. Plant sale The UC Master Gardeners of Butte County are holding a plant sale Oct. 27 at the Demonstration Garden at Patrick Ranch, 10381 Midway, between Chico and Durham. All plants have been propagated by UC Master Gardeners of Butte County and selected to thrive in our climate. Check or cash only — no credit cards. For more information on the plant sale, including workshops beginning that day at 9 a.m. and a list of plants for sale, go to Hotline Questions? Plant problems? Pest Issues? Contact the UC Master Gardeners of Butte County by phoning the hotline at 538-7201, or go to Interested in adding local news to your email inbox? Sign up for our Morning Report here ...

Oct 26, 2018

Pumpkins, flowers spread Fred Rogers' message of kindness

The pumpkins and the affixed messages are meant “for anyone to pick up and just feel good,” said Schmoyer, a senior psychology major at Seton Hill University, who also is active as a fashion and lifestyle blogger and social media consultant. They’re meant as “little acts of kindness for people to find all over, just anything that would brighten someone’s day,” she said. The trio are hoping that those who discover the pumpkins will post photos and comments at the project’s Instagram account to indicate how they may have decorated the autumn staples or put them to other constructive uses. For an initial Kindness Day, on July 15, they left flowers at sites in Greensburg, Murrysville and Pittsburgh, including at the statue of Rogers on North Shore Drive. “We just waited to see if anyone tagged us, to see where they ended up — if someone moved it or gave it to someone else, or if it impacted someone’s day,” Schmoyer said. The handful of responses they received inspired them to continue with the project. They were particularly touched by a post from a Pittsburgh artist who came upon the flower and note at the statue, describing it as one of “the lovely little things in life you may have missed before.” Schmoyer met the DeBiases through a mutual friend and helped them develop the kindness pop-up project as a outgrowth of another Rogers-related initiative Colton DeBiase founded this past summer. DeBiase, who is a freshman studying broadcast journalism at Point Park University, initiated a social media campaign, “Live Like Fred,” and, with advice from a former WQED staffer, has begun producing and posting “inspiring neighbor” online video segments. The featured interviewees are residents in the region who are helping others and “living out the philosophy of kindness and love, just like Mister Rogers did,” DeBiase said, referring to the moniker Roger used on his long-running PBS children’s show, produced and aired locally on WQED. “Hearing all the inspiring work they do in their communities, it just blows my mind,” DeBiase said. With a suggestion from his moth...

Oct 26, 2018

Flower One, Owner of Nevada's Largest Cannabis Cultivation and Production Facility, Acquires Key Retail Property

Company's retail strategy. The building is conveniently located within close proximity to the major retail corridor in North Las Vegas, the Cannery Hotel & Casino, the Company's 455,000 square foot flagship cultivation and production facility, which is the largest in Nevada, and NLV Organic Inc.'s fully operational 25,000 square foot cultivation and production facility. The Company has submitted applications for multiple Recreational Marijuana Establishment Licenses within the State of Nevada; an opportunity only available to existing operational cannabis license holders. The Nevada's Department of Taxation anticipates awarding dispensary licenses to successful applicants in December 2018. "Flower One's core business in Nevada will continue to focus on cannabis cultivation, processing and high-volume packaging," said Flower One's President and CEO, Ken Villazor. "However, we wanted to take full advantage of the rare opportunity to apply for these dispensary licenses given our eligibility. Should our applications prove successful, we view the opportunity to operate a state-licensed dispensary as an effective way to better understand the cannabis consumers' preferences in the highly evolving Las Vegas and Nevada market." The potential dispensary licenses would be in addition to the Company's four existing licenses and the five additional licenses it expects to obtain through the acquisition of NLV Organics Inc., as announced on October 9, 2018, which is expected to close by the end of the year. This acq...

Oct 12, 2018

Horticulture expert brings floral design class to ASU

The Bachelor's Portal. As a result, aspiring floral designers often select horticulture as a major. However, Anderson said an arts background is more valuable for entering the floral design field and modified her horticulture research accordingly. "When I was managing studios in San Diego and Los Angeles, the owners of the studios kept asking me to find florists that had an art background, not a plant science or horticulture background," Anderson said. "That's when I got the idea that we need (to) advocate floral design as an art form in order to have a more educated work force." Anderson also has her own business, The Flori.Culture, in which she teaches floral art classes and creates arrangements for clients. She said she has created arrangements for events hosted by large companies including Cisco and Walgreens. On the website, Anderson runs a blog called The Chlorophyll Chronicle where she discusses "flowers. food. fashion." She also has a YouTube channel, The Flori.Culture, where she shows off arrangements and gives tutorials on how to make them. "If you are interested in floral design, in the aesthetics, then you are probably also interested in food and fashion and even interior design, so I think it all goes hand-in-hand," Anderson said. [embedded content] Katherine Merveille, the owner of Merveille Floral and Design Atelier and a colleague of Anderson, said that Anderson's extensive knowledge and creative flair positions her to be a strong professor. "She has extensive knowledge about what each variety can do and can't do, meaning longevity and what kind of floral is going to hold up or not," Merveille said. "She's one of the rare gems that has an all-around knowledge, whereas some people bring to the table a lot of floral knowledge, but no design skill." Morgan Anderson's husband, Chase Anderson, said that she wants to encourage and inspire others who love flowers to start a career with floral art through teaching and her business. "She loves to learn and loves to engage," he said. "I think people see that, and that's really helped her business succeed, with the hardworking mentality but also being very approachable and understanding." Reach the reporter at or follow @Jess_Ferrigno on Twitter. Like The State Press on Facebook and follow @statepress on Twitter. di...

Oct 12, 2018

Deliverable "gift meals" from Instead of Flowers arrive in St. Petersburg

Serwitz did.Within nine months, he'd bought out the former owner. He hasn't looked back since.After researching the demographics of several major cities around Atlanta to no avail, Serwitz's longtime friend of 15 years, Tom Unverferth, convinced him to head south. Unverferth, who was the business development manager of Sysco for 31 years in ATL, vowed to help grow the company. Being that Serwitz is partial to the sun and sand - as well as the promise of having a professional in his corner while embarking on a second Instead of Flowers outpost - Unverferth was met with little resistance.The partners found a commercial kitchen along 94th Avenue North, and they now service Pinellas, Hillsborough, Sarasota, Manatee and Hernando with their wide array of made-to-order gift meals. Orders headed outside of the surrounding counties are sent through UPS state- and nationwide - meaning Instead of Flowers personally delivers the local requests that come in to each receipt's doorstep.Not sure how your pal who just had a baby likes filet mignon cooked? Or if your cousin is still on that vegan diet? Instead of Flowers offers the option of "Recipient's Choice." Here's how it works: Customers pay for the number of people they'd like to feed by ordering online. Next, a redemption code is sent to the email of the designated recipient, who then gets to choose what's on the menu.Gluten-free alternatives are available, as are selections for kids. Each meal arrives 90 percent cooked, and handy heating instructions are listed on the company's website.Those looking for guidance from a seasoned vet can simply give the St. Pete kitchen a ring."Customers are able to call the 727 number to get all questions answered and even put in an order [with office manager Renee Johnson]... All they have to do is the heatin' and eatin'," said Serwitz, as if he's explained it a million times.In the near future, Serwitz plans to acquire a third kitchen in the Midwest to ship orders to recipients on the West Coast at a more reasonable price. Expanding to the Northeast is also a possibility, but for now, Tampa Bay residents can reap the benefits of having Instead of Flowers in their own backyard.

Oct 12, 2018

CARSON ARTHUR: Grow a beautiful, weed-free garden

If you can create a barrier under the soil that is at least 10 inches down, you will effectively stop a majority of these weeds from getting into your space. In Linda's case, given that she wants to remove everything and start over, this might be the perfect time to trench along the property line and put in a vertical piece of solid black plastic sheeting or even landscape fabric to create that barrier. My other solution is one I have talked about a few times when it comes to weed prevention and control - newspaper or cardboard between the plants. All plants in the yard need three things to successfully grow. They need soil (or a growing medium), water, and some form of light. If you can remove one of these from the equation, you will stop plants from growing ... even the invasive ones. My simple solution is to create a mat of either seven layers of newspaper or one layer of tape/staple-free cardboard around all the plants you want to preserve. Bury the barrier with three inches of mulch and spray the area with a hose to soak it all down. I do this every few years in my garden whether I have invasive weeds or not because it eliminates the competition for my perennials, which grow bigger and healthier as a result. Linda, I hope this helps. I know firsthand the frustration you are going through. Don't give up though. It is possible to have a beautiful, weed-free garden despite your neighbours! Once you've buried the barrier with three inches of mulch, spray the area with a hose to soak it all down.