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Fletcher Heights Florist

8194 W. Deer Valley Rd#B100
Peoria, AZ 85382

Aj's Fine Foods

10105 E Via Linda
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Flora Unique

4032 N Miller Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Floral Arts Of Flagstaff

124 South Beaver
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Infinity Floral Design

12801 W Bell Rd Ste107
Surprise, AZ 85374

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Jun 14, 2018

Memorial Day 2018 Ceremonies in San Diego

On Monday, May 2811 a.m. US Coast Guard Auxiliary Band Arizona Performance (included with museum admission)12:30 p.m. Bonita Vista Music Machine Choir performs (included with museum admission)3 p.m. National Moment of Remembrance including a performance of Echo Taps.Find directions and parking information here.Also, the San Diego Veterans For Peace will set up "Hometown Arlington West Memorial" on the front lawn of the USS Midway Museum, to honor 300+ troops from Southern California who died in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.La Vista Memorial Park3191 Orange Street, National CityEvent at 1 p.m Monday, May 28thThe memorial park will host a free event with a presentation of the Navy's symbolic "Two-Bell Ceremony" as a way of honoring war dead by Pearl Harbor Survivor Carnation Chapter 3 & dating back to World War I. There will also be a Missing Man Memorial Fly-By provided by a group of pilots.The keynote speakers will be Rear Admiral Mark E. Bipes, Deputy Commander, Navy Medicine West, Deputy Director, Medical Service Corps, Command Master Chief Patrick Paul Carrillo Mangarn.In Chula Vista, you can pay your respects at Memorial Park on 373 Park Way where there is a monument in place to honor veterans. Also, Veterans Park at 785 East Palomar Street has a "Walk of Honor" with bricks inscribed with the names of veterans.These are just a few ways to honor our fallen U.S. military service members on Memorial Day in San Diego. If you're taking part in other ceremonies across the county, let us know in the comments section below.Let's block ads!/strong...

Jun 14, 2018

'Field Notes:' All About The Bitterroot, Montana's State Flower

Rockies, ranging from southern British Columbia and Alberta to the high-altitude deserts of New Mexico and Arizona. Dormant for nearly ten months of the year, the bitterroot flowers in May or June and blooms only briefly. The plant uses stored energy from nighttime moisture to open its flowers in the morning. The flowers close during the sunny afternoons and evenings to preserve their energy. Each brilliant blossom contains 60 to 70 tiny seeds, which are spread when the bloom dries and detaches from the plant and the wind blows the flowers across the plains. An enduring part of the culture and landscape of this region, the bitterroot was voted the Montana state flower in 1894. Anyone could vote, no matter age or gender. When the polls closed, 5,857 ballots were in. More than 32 separate flowers received votes. But the bitterroot was the clear winner with 3,621 votes, and has been our state flower ever since. Lewis And Clark are often credited with the discovery of the plant. In fact, its scientific name is Lewisia rediviva. But long before Lewis and Clark came along, the bitterroot was a staple in trade and cooking for several indigenous tribes, namely the Salish people who lived in the bitterroot's habitat. A sack full of the dried herb commanded a substantial price in trade. Documents show that a sack of the root could be traded for a horse. Salish women collected the root before the flowers of the plants bloomed, because that's ...

May 24, 2018

Three-star safety Thaiger Flowers inspired by late mentor

Central campus during the evaluation period to check on Flowers and more are expected throughout the spring. "We've had USC, Arizona, San Jose State, Arizona State, Colorado, BYU and Iowa State all come by this spring so far," said Flowers. Flowers is planning on a couple of in-state camps this summer. "I plan on going to a UCLA camp at the beginning of June and a Stanford camp mid-June," said Flowers. "I didn't make any trips to any schools for spring ball." Nevada was the first offer and there is a connection there for Flowers as Nevada cornerbacks coach Courtney Viney is a Fresno native himself and he too was trained and mentored by Perry. Viney played under Perry at Fresno (Calif.) Edison and with him at DB Guru before Viney entered the college coaching ranks. So naturally, Viney and Flowers have one of the best relationships, with Perry at the center of it and their Fresno connection also a part of it. "I have the best relationships with Coach Viney at Nevada and Coach (Sean) Saturnio at Army," said Flowers. And those schools are among the ones recruiting him the hardest. "I'd say Army, UC Davis and Nevada are recruiting me the hardest," said Flowers. Still, with just one option under his belt, he's a ways off from making a decision, let alone naming a favorite. "Right now, I don't have a time frame for my decision because I only have one offer and I don't have a favorite right now because I'm looking for more offers," said Flowers. A three-star on 247Sports, Flowers is ranked as the No. 126 safety nationally in the 2019 class. Thaiger Flowers (Photo: 247Sports) ...

Apr 6, 2018

Get the professional look for your flower planters

Noelle Johnson, who runs AZ Plant Lady landscape consulting in Chandler, Arizona.“When it comes to pots . most people like to do that themselves,” she says. “That’s very personal.”A nursery worker can look at the image (probably on your phone) and find those plants or ones with the same look or colors.Some nurseries, including Gulley, offer guides on winning plant combinations by hue or growing condition. Simply pick up the suggested plants and pot them according to the diagrams.Jan Gulley suggests limiting colors and plant varieties to two or three. If the planter’s too busy, the eye doesn’t know where to focus: “We call them circus pots,” she says.PICK A PLANTING STRATEGYOne strategy is to pack the pot for a full look right away, removing plants later to avoid overcrowding, or pruning hard around July Fourth. For example, an inexpensive six-pack of pansies could supplement featured plants early in the season and be removed later.“We want a planter to be beautiful immediately,” says Richard Hentschel, a horticulture educator with the University of Illinois Extension in St. Charles. If you space plants with room to fill in, the arrangement “just looks weak. It doesn’t look like the store-bought version.”Or you could be patient, planting with expansion space. Decorative rocks or attractive mulch can cover temporarily exposed dirt patches.You might mimic the gardening industry’s planting strategy of using “thrillers, fillers and spillers,” Hentschel says. Use a tall plant, often a grass or other spikey shape, in the middle as a thriller. Softer, mid-height fillers surround it, and a trailing plant or vine spills out for drama.For any strategy, pinch off or trim unsightly, dead flowers (“deadheading”). That encourages further blooming.

Apr 6, 2018

Growing Better Peony Plants

As is often the case with anglicized versions of Latin words, rulings on what should be the standard pronunciation are rather arbitrary. In Arizona it's safest to stick with the standard pronunciation: pee'-uh-nee.Sun and Soil Requirements:These fragrant flowers prefer full sun. An exception to this rule applies to gardens below the 4500-foot elevation where, due to the summer's intense heat, peonies benefit from shade through mid-day. Grow peony plants in a soil that is fertile and well-drained, with a pH of 6.0 – 7.0, or as acidic a possible in the Arizona mountains.Planting Peony Plants:Through March, all you'll see is the rebirth of the crown popping through the soil. Each plant is actively growing in April with flower buds soon to follow. Dig a shallow, yet wide hole and set the peony plant in the hole. I cannot stress enough the importance of drainage for peonies. Amend the soil heavily with Premium Mulch and water well with Root & Grow that stimulates new root growth, best for transplanting flowers.Uses in Landscaping:Peonies often are planted individually. When sharing perennial beds with other flowers, due to their sizable maturity, they should be planted towards the back row. More often, peonies are planted in groups, side by side, to form a row. They make a bold statement in the garden when planted in this traditional style of English formal gardens.Care for Peony Plants:Support peony plants with stakes or hoops, just as you would tomatoes. The large blooms get heavy, especially after rain. Trimming back and disposing of the foliage in autumn helps prevent disease. Other conditions may cause a gradual decline in your peony plants. If you see one specimen is stunted while the peony plants around it are doing fine, remove and destroy that plant before it infects the others around it. Peonies like to be mulched heavily through winter. Apply a 2-3" layer of shredded cedar bark over your plants after the foliage has died back in fall.More on Peony Plants:Often, when we see pictures of huge, beautiful flowers in books, we assume they come from the tropics. Mother Nature made an excep...